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Motorola i1Q is a poor man’s Droid Pro headed to Sprint Nextel

Sprint Nextel is slated to release a follow-up to the rugged Motorola i1, according to some leaked pictures posted on Spanish blog GrupoAndroid. The sequel, named the Motorola i1Q, looks like the Droid Pro merged with the Motorola Charm. Few details are available at this point, but the source says that the “manufacturing is quite robust” and don’t expect this to be a high-end phone because it “is not (a) very powerful processor”.

Unfortunately, the Motorola i1Q is said to launch with Android 2.1. Hopefully Motorola will update this phone to the latest version of Android after it hits stores.

motorola-i1q-front Motorola i1Q mot2CH

Via: Android Central

Source: GrupoAndroid

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  • http://Website Greg

    Nextel still exists? Huh…

  • http://Website Anthony

    Ugh… I hate Blackberry-esque phones. All they do is waste screen space for a useless physical keyboard. I use to think I “needed” a physical keyboard until I used Swype, but if you are of the crowd that absolutely must have one I believe a slide out keyboard would be best.

  • http://Website npaladin2000

    I can understand it…a LOT of heavy emailers, particularly business types, want the physical keyboard. While there’s advantages to a soft keyboard, people actually do touch-type with their thumbs, and you can’t do that with a touchscreen. I think this will sell quite well, though Sprint frankly already has a good selection of QWERTY Androids. As opposed to those of us on AT&T or T-Mobile

    • http://afeldman.net Noyabronok

      Tmobile has the G2, which is a great QWERTY phone

      • http://Website npaladin2000

        T-Mobile has a grand total of 2 that I recall…the MyTouch 3G Slide and the G2. Oh, wait and the (not-so) Charm.

        Sprint’s got the monster Epic4G and the EVO Shift 4G. And the Intercept, and the Transform…I’m starting to envy their QWERTY-ness. I’m on AT&T, all we have is junk. Unless the Atrix with laptop dock counts as QWERTY anyway…the Atrix ain’t junk, but the Backflip, Flipside, and Flipout definitely are flippin junk.

    • http://Website Anthony

      My point wasn’t so much that ALL physical keyboards are useless… just that the ones with the configuration like this phone (a la Blackberry) are because of the amount of screen space they waste.

      Blackberry’s style was popular with business types in the past because other phones at the time had no keyboard and no touchscreens so sending emails or manipulating text docs was very tedious.

      Fast forward to now and we have touchscreens with very intuitive and fast input methods (like swype) and we still have physical keyboards that slide out if you like that option. It’s a personal opinion I guess that I find the old Blackberry keyboard configuration outdated.

  • http://Website pancho

    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hell yes!
    i have the i1 and i dont like the touch keyboard! AAAW i want this phone!<3