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Motorola Xoom launching at Best Buy February 17th for $699 Update: Or is it $799?

The saga of the Motorola Xoom launch continues; today we have a new date and price courtesy of a leaked internal Best Buy screenshot posted by Droid Attic.

The date for the launch — at Best Buy anyway — is February 17th which is in keeping with the Valentine’s Day launch that we have been hearing since the Xoom launch event.

The retail price of $699 is probably at least $100 north of what any of you were hoping to see, but if you look at it as compared to the Galaxy Tab launch price it matches up exactly with that strategy at $30 less than the comparable 3G-enabled iPad. This is showing as off-contract pricing, but if they follow the same model as the Galaxy Tab at Best Buy you will need to at least activate one month of 3G service with Verizon to buy the Xoom.

We’ve known for quite some time that the Xoom will be the hero device for Honeycomb, so Motorola will have at least some period of exclusivity as the only manufacturer with a Honeycomb tablet. Is that going to be enough to get you to crack open that “saving for tablet” piggy bank or will you wait until the market populates with some competition?

Update: Apparently there are some wires crossed over at Best Buy as we’ve got dueling price reports coming in now with the at least arguably justifiable $699 price now joined (according to a Droid Life tipster) by that ugly $799 we heard whispers of previously. If we have any Best Buy staffers in the audience that think they have a handle on what sort of shenanigans the Best Buy internal system is up to we would certainly be interested in hearing it.

Motorola Xoom price verification from Best Buy

Via: Droid-Life

Source: Droid Attic

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  • slowz3r

    Ya, screw that price

    • http://lettersfromdave.wordpress.com daveloft

      The 32GB iPad with 3G is $729.99.

      The Xoom has twice the processing power, twice the graphics processing power, four times as much RAM, a higher display resolution, two cameras and it’s $30 cheaper.

      Whats the issue?

      • M3rc Nate

        Thats all amazing, and it really is, though im sure in a month+ the new ipad will be released and catch up on some of that stuff..but i digress.

        The “issue” is the lack of a distinct market. We all own android phones here, everyone else that would buy a tablet owns at least a smartphone, but probably a Android, or iPhone, and most likely at least half own a laptop already too. So what is buying a tablet satisfying that they cant get with their other tech?
        Its hard to swallow paying $500+ dollars for something you have no need for at all. It sure seems that most of the people that bought iPads got it cause how amazing it is technology wise, and how it is “the future” cause we have since star trek dreamt of computer pads. But however you look at it..you are paying $700 to play angry birds on a bigger screen than your angry birds on your smartphone.

        Im not even arguing that the price SHOULD be lowered. It essentially is a laptop with no keyboard, and the hardware justifies a high price just for the fact im sure its expensive to make.

        • masterpfa

          I will have to agree. I just cannot justify buying a Tablet and updating my Android Phone and Laptop, not of course unless the tablet was at a price too low to resist (read Advent Vega here!)

          In the UK we have available a tablet by Advent which runs Android 2.2 and a Tegra dual core. In no way does it compete with many High End devices such as the Galaxy Tab, iPad, soon to be revealed LG Slate or the current darling the Xoom but at a price of £250 ($396) and with a Modaco Custom ROM, makes a reasonably useful piece of equipment and at an affordable price.

          Chances are I might treat myself but couldn’t justify it.

      • http://Website Eric

        The issue is simple. The iPad has models that range from $500 and up. True, this is cheaper than the comparable iPad (and don’t doubt that iPad 2 will come out within a month or two after this with similar power), but the iPad has options which are cheaper still. I’d love a 32Gb wifi version at $600. 3G isn’t worth the extra hundred dollars.

        If this price is true and no wifi version comes out, the Asus Slide (which is $500 starting so probably wifi only, and $600 might be a 32Gb model), or that Toshiba Tablet, price/name unknown, but stock experience, and the hardware looks even better than the XOOM, not to mention wifi only (and hopefully thus cheaper) as well.

        • M3rc Nate

          Your comment is a bit confusing but i agree in a way. I do agree that different prices like the iPad has would be nice. If the G-Slate is amazing id be way more inclined to get it if there was a 16gb version cheaper than the (assuming) 32gb version that it is for example.

          Also, yeah i would only buy wifi only, not only cause its cheaper but because i already pay $25 to have data on my G2.

      • http://Website B

        Theres a difference between value and price.

        • http://adomanico01.blogspot.com/ Anthony Domanico

          The value argument is hard to make on tablet computers which, though awesome, don’t really replace any device you already own.

          • http://Website Matt

            There is a big reason to use a tablet and a market that it can take. I have an iPad that has taken me to a point where I almost never use my laptop anymore. I typically am only using a device to look up info on the net or kill a little while with games. In my eyes the xoom could help me to kick the laptop habit all together. The only thing I’ve been missing is a webcam and now could have that.

            If anyone wonders why I would use a tablet over a laptop it is because it is ultra portable and has a great battery life. These are things that I think may be valuable to many people and as long as they can get software to do what they need they will most likely be happy with a tablet.

      • http://Website Joe

        HERE’S the issue, and an example of what the problem is here. Look at laptops, for example. One year you have a generation of laptops that all have around a certain base set of features (such as processing speed, memory, screen, etc), and before upgrades these features are generally standard across the array of manufacturers. But the next year, you always see an increase or improvement in those base features, but with very little increase in price. If the principle of what you and others were saying was true, you’d see base-level laptops increasing in price by 20-30% every year, and after 2-3 years no one could afford them. AND, perhaps more importantly for tablets, because of the existence of laptops in the market, tablets MUST have a ceiling on their prices, because once tablets hit $1,000+ there’s virtually no way one would choose high-end tablet over a vastly superior laptop (feature/capability-wise) for the same price. They would essentially overprice themselves right out of their place in the market the instant that they became more expensive than laptops.

        • M3rc Nate

          I cant tell if your argument was against what i said, but whether it was or not, i COMPLETELY agree. A unsubsidized android smartphone (G2, Nexus S, Droids etc) are like $600, but most of us either get them subsidized or are able to pay for them by selling our current smartphone. Laptops are quite great even at $1000, (i5-i7, 4gigs ram, 500gb HDD, 15inch screen etc) and just like you said, when you buy the laptop, the next generation and maybe even next 2 generations are not big improvements over your current gen laptop.

          However tablets are in some weird middle ground when it comes to price and reasons to use one…they are way more expensive then a subsidized smartphone (which is basically a 3-4inch tablet) , are $100-200 more than a unsubsidized tablet, and are the exact price of some pretty great Netbooks that are coming out soon (IMOmost netbooks blow but some like the AMD fusion netbooks) ( http://www.engadget.com/2011/01/17/hp-pavilion-dm1z-with-amd-fusion-review/ ) are looking quite good, and that one is only $450!
          Then past that, there are laptops, like the one i plan on buying for $1,100 ( http://www.engadget.com/2011/01/05/samsung-rc512-snatches-up-intels-latest-core-i7-cpu-rv511-stic/ ) Which looks great and quite possibly the “Best laptop for 2011″ and its only $350 more than a first gen tablet.

          So they are in a space of being too expensive, but i doubt they can be cheaper without sacrificing the requirements of why we want a tablet, such as a amazing screen and powerful hardware. All in all i dont think it over the course of time will be a successful model to continue to have high sales, such as smartphones have been. They are like a amazingly cool nerdy fad. But just like netbooks for the most part, they will die off except for like 2 models (iPad and w/e .wins the Android tablet race)

          • jjl84

            I totally agree. I was not able to justify the price of the XOOM until it came to one thing: textbooks. Textbooks in an MBA program aren’t cheap (around $600 a semester), but I was able to find etextbook equivalents for $50-$75, saving me $350 this semester alone. Now, I considered using my laptop to read the books, but the horizontal screen and weight makes it a pain for reading. It’ll be nice to be able to read my textbooks on a vertically oriented screen that I can hold in my hand comfortably.

            Don’t get me wrong, other than textbooks, I see no value of a tablet other than it’s fun. Being able to save enough money during two semesters makes it a lot easier to put down $700 on a tablet. Basically I figured that I could have some hardcover books at the end of the year, or an awesome tablet for the same price. I’ll take the tablet :)

        • http://Website Todd

          “Vastly superior” is a judgment call. I have a five year old laptop, and a two month old Tab. I’ve used the Tab much more in the last two months than I used the laptop in two years. I would prefer paying only $500 or even $600, but I’m a realist. Apple is charging that price at a loss (it may cover all directly associated costs, but it’s not covering overhead the way other products are, so that is a loss in a sense) to get you locked in and keep the other manufacturers locked out.

          • http://Website Joe

            No, its far from a judgement call. I’m not talking about how much “you’ll use it” or crap like that, I’m talking about sheer facts, comparing features to features and capabilities to capabilities. I’m talking if you lined up any tablet with, lets say (since its a nice item at a relatively low laptop cost) the 11 inch MacBook Air. Based on raw features, hardware, and capabilities alone, no tablet can stand up to a product like that, or any other nicely featured laptop at the $1000 price point. So my point is, It is a blatant fact that if you price any tablet into the same price range of mid-range laptops, almost always the laptop will win. This is what the tablet manufacturers have to be careful; if they want tablets to occupy their own niche beneath laptops, then price wise they have to actually let that niche exist.

  • http://Website Mark

    Not here either. Should this arrive in the UK it will probably be at $1 = £1.

  • M3rc Nate

    Yeah i just dont think i can get myself to even consider paying that much. I know the price makes sense when you think about what your getting, that thing aint no kindle…but still for $300 more you can get a awesome new laptop. The lack of a distinct reason to own a tablet has paying that price impossible. Everyone already has a iphone or android smartphone, almost everyone already has a laptop, so then trying to have us pay $700 for a supersized smartphone…i just dont see this lasting too long after the “this is the future!” excitement wares off in a few years.

    My biggest concern is how fast second gen are being released after the first gen. For example the rumored Galaxy Tab 2, the Tab 1 has only been out a short time, and now they are releasing a second gen (rumored). Now i like that because the Tab isnt good from what iv read, so fixing it ASAP is smart, however i just dont think i can get myself to buy tech that is first gen. You know the Xoom 2 or G-Slate 2 will be out in a year and be at least twice as good. Its my same issue with the first gen ipad. Everyone that bought the first gen ipad will be upgrading if the iPad2 has the cameras and ports it was missing….i dont want to buy something that i will replace after a year.

    • http://Website UniqueNate

      I agree to this totally

    • http://Website Cossist

      I’m not sure you can call the Nexus One a 1st-Gen device but it and the Droid were the first into the Android 2+ territory. Same goes for the Xoom: not the first tablet but the first on 3.0. I’m still happy as a clam with my Nexus over a year later. If Motorola hands the development community some wax (unlockable bootloarder) I’ll gladly ride the 3.0 wave on a Motorola board.

      • M3rc Nate

        Im not really sure what you are replying too..i never talked about first gen devices, i talked about first gen tablets (including iPad). Cellphones are a slightly different ball game.

    • http://asurroca.com Alfonso Surroca

      Forget $300 more…you can buy a great laptop for the *same* price as the Xoom. I agree with what you’re saying about the generations. Right now, tablets and smartphones are being upgraded very rapidly, and so they’re becoming obsolete almost immediately. After a few more years of this pace these devices should be mature enough that the upgrade path becomes predictable, prices come down, and adoption becomes more widespread, but in the meantime, they are for gadget lovers who can afford to dump this much coin on a device every single year.

      When you’re buying a phone for $200 on contract, you don’t have to be as careful shopping around as you might be when you’re buying a $1000 computer. Since tablets are closer to the price of computers than smartphones, I think we just need to be as selective with tablets as we are with computers. That said, I’m waiting to see what HTC comes up with before I buy a tablet.

    • http://Website Todd

      I bought my Nexus One just about a year ago, and I’m thinking about finding a new phone. Mostly looking for a front-facing camera.

    • jjl84

      @M3rc Nate: But that’s the problem with tech, everything is outdated 3 months after you buy it. A couple months after I bought my 13 inch MacBook Pro in 2009, they released a faster version with an SD card slot and Firewire built in. You can drive yourself crazy with the “there’s something better around the corner” thinking.

  • Aakash

    if its < $600, it would be awesome…

    • http://Website Todd

      Yep. It’s always awesome when you get a product for less than three quarters of the price it is worth.

  • http://Website monkeydroid

    Locked bootloader?

    Honeycomb is beautiful, but what if somebody like Cyanogenmod made tweaks to it?

    I’d flash that. ha!

  • http://Website Blest

    Eff this and the nexus S. 600 + Tax plus one month with Verizon.

    I got my rooted nook color.

  • Nathan

    i’m good with the $699 price. The TAB was worthless at that price since it was nothing more than a big galaxy S.

    But $699 for a tablet with a real tablet OS isn’t as bad.

    My reasons for not getting the XOOM though would be for one the huge size of the device. 10″ screen is almost too big, especially when you add in all the area around the screen as well.

    No USB port so i can’t plug in my phones or other devices. no normal HDMI connection so i have to buy a special HDMI cable to hook it up. and not really a deal-breaker, but no user replaceable battery.

    I’m looking forward to trying it out at a best buy, but i think i’m gonna wait for the G-Slate or the toshiba tablet.

    • http://lettersfromdave.wordpress.com daveloft

      The Tab was $599 and is now $499.

      • http://Website Joe

        Those are contract prices, and have no place in this discussion (comparing apples to oranges with that).

    • http://Website pax

      So, you are alright with the price but you won’t get it anyway. Just come out and say, it is way too expensive.

    • Nathan

      @dave: yeah i meant to say the tab was worthless at it’s price.

      @Pax: yes it’s expensive, but think, the Nexus One and Nexus S, and most other unlocked phones cost $500-$600. And this is JUST a phone.

      now your looking a tablet, a much larger device, so $700 isn’t that bad at all. So like i said, my reasoning for not getting it is that i think it’s going to be too large for what i would use it for, and i would like the true HDMI port and USB ports which this does not come with.

      However, if the G-Slate, and Toshiba one end up being more money, then i’ll gladly get this. Also the fact that i have a few hundered dollars in best buy reward zone points may make me lean toward this. And the accessories motorola is making are pretty nice as well.

    • http://Website ++++

      its so ugly ill pass on this and wait for something substantielly better ( new ipad e.g.)

      • http://Website Todd

        We don’t want trolls around here, iZombie.

    • http://Website Joe

      FYI, there is a mini (or micro?) USB port on this device, and the key here is whether or not they built in a USB host mode driver into the new OS. If they did (and given that this is a pure tablet OS and this in many ways a sort of laptop-replacement device, I’d be surprised if they didn’t), then all you’d have to do is purchase a <$5 USB 2.0-to-USB 2.0 (male-male) connector, just in the same way that it can be done with a Nexus One with the USB host driver that is now readily available.

      • Nathan

        very good point, i didn’t think of that. I think it’s safe to say that the OS supports USB since the toshiba one has the port, and if i remember correctly a few 3.0 tablets were shown, not running, but shown at CES with usb ports.

    • http://Website Zer0-9

      Sounds like you would like the hardware design of the NotionInk Adam

  • http://Website pax

    $300 too much for an Android Tablet as such, and I thought Samsung was stupid…….

  • http://Website AdamJ

    I don’t get why so many are having issues with the (rumored) pricing. An off contract smartphone is usually around $500, so for an extra $200 your getting a dual-core, 10 inch tablet running Honeycomb! It’s also capable of 4G so it really is by far superior to the 1st generation iPad at a cheaper price.

  • http://Website Ben Johnson, GA

    This is far too expensive for an inferior tablet. I guess thats why everybodys waiting for the next big thing iPad 2 from Apple. We are purchasing the Ipad 2, Motorola. But nice try, nice try.

    cheers, Ben

    sent from my iPhone 4

    • http://Website copycat

      This is far too expensive for an inferior tablet. I guess thats why everybodys waiting for the next big thing iPad 2 from Apple. We are purchasing the Ipad 2, Motorola. But nice try, nice try.

      cheers, Ben

      sent from my iPhone 4

      • http://Website Todd

        Sod off, iLoser. This is a forum for people who want truly revolutionary products, not oversized mp3 players that play some lame games and make you pay for websites that used to be free.

  • http://Website brandon

    im not even on verizon and i would pay that subsidized price just to have one and use it as a wifi only tablet :]

  • http://Website Mike

    I develop Android apps and I *was* super excited for this…. I totally buy that tablets *are* the future where laptops are currently positioned.

    Then reality hit: Who is making Honeycomb optimized apps? I haven’t seen any part of the HC 3.0 SDK and trust that I’ve been looking.

    What are we going to do on this thing? Play with an animated-tron-like UI all day in gapps? Yawn…

    I’ve recently downloaded the iPad/iPhone SDK and it was very disheartening to see how much better Apple takes care of their dev’s (at least if you play by their rules) as compared to Google. Making money in the Android market is a total crap-shoot as well; Piracy, Outright theft of beta apps and hoping/praying that ads will compensate for your effort. Big problems.

    Now this XOOM price will entice exactly ZERO people. Unproven OS with basically ZERO optimized apps on launch day compared to the iPad’s “tens of thousands of” apps and buying experience. Google is fucking blowing it and if I wasn’t so angry… I’d be devastated.

    • http://Website AdamJ

      Zero apps on launch day? Zero interest? Troll much? I think we are going to see Netflix and Hulu apps for Android released very quickly if not at launch. Interested to know what Android apps you have developed?

      • http://Website Mike


        Not trolling. Haven’t released the app yet as I’m in the process of selling it to a company. I could care less if you think I’m full of it. Doesn’t matter.

        The fact remains that monetizing apps for Android is a major source of consternation among dev’s. SaaS and cloud optimized services on Android are the only model(s) that are currently sustainable for most. Especially when compared to the iOS ecosystem.

        I swore off iOS until recently, but I can’t ignore a potential revenue stream. I’m with verizon and the OG droid I bought on launch day. I will not buy an iPhone, but I’m looking at the iPad. Compare the tools you get for developing Android to iOS or WP7 and Android leaves a TON to be desired.

        • http://Website AdamJ

          Never said you are full of it. Just curious because I see a lot of anonymous commentators on tech blogs claiming to be devs and if I could see some of their work I would be more inclined to value their comments.

          You sound like a troll because you say their is ZERO interest in the XOOM at the rumored price. Well I’m interested so that’s one! You say Android is an unproven OS and there will be ZERO apps at launch?? I got an iPad on day one and there wasn’t many iPad formatted apps but within days that changed. If you really are a dev then maybe you should take advantage of the press surrounding the XOOM and start working on an app. Then there will be at least one at launch…

          • http://www.healthytiger.com Healthy

            in terms of the lack of dev work at launch, wasn’t this the case with Ipad launch too? they announced it to the world and they had a small stable of successful devs who were already working on optimized apps. it launched with a handful of showoff apps, and the rest was a scramble for devs to optimize or rethink their work.

            ipad 2 definitely has a headstart to these initial 3.0 android tablets in terms of apps, but then again, depending on what features they add to play catch up more than likely there will be another app boom to deal with FFC and the other hardware things the other tabs are already doing.

    • http://Website Todd

      I don’t believe a thing you say. You’re obviously an iTroll, if not outright paid by Apple to spread lies against Android.

  • http://Website TechnoSTIG

    The price does seem high, but it does make sense considering your getting more product than a $500 smartphone. I’ve been thinking about getting a tablet for some time now, and honeycomb has intrigued me even more and I knew I wanted to get one for sure. But then I started thinking about the price it would cost and started to think outside of having a cool tablet and realized that for about the same amount of money i can buy a whole lot better laptop than I currently have, possibly even an i5 powered one. I definitely would be doing a lot more on a laptop than I could on a tablet, and for that reason I think I’m going to skip these expensive tablets and maybe just get a nook color and root it, and get a dual core phone, both from Craigslist of course.

  • http://Website ivan


  • http://Website William

    I refuse to buy anything at best buy. Its for the lower class people, like walmart! Motorola made a huge huge mistake.

    • http://Website DK

      you’re retarded

  • qcom

    Please moto, please make a Wi-Fi only version.

    • http://lettersfromdave.wordpress.com daveloft

      I seriously doubt that if a manufacturer build a device with just a Wifi \ Bluetooth chip in it would be much cheaper than a device with a 3G \ Wifi \ Bluetooth chip in it.

  • http://Website Derek

    $700 is just too darn high. For $700 you can get a kickass laptop. Not bleeding edge but still fully loaded and will run circles around this tablet and henky Java OS.

  • http://Website 123

    does it reboot?

  • http://Website Ashley87

    ^^I love my iPad so much – i cant think of switching to something worse! ♥
    :D :D :D

    • http://Website Todd

      What a pathetic iLoser to come to an Android forum and post crap like that. By the way, this slaughters that crappy little gimped oversized ipod touch.

  • Killa

    No thanks. I’ll stick with laptop which has a an Intel Core i3 quad-core processor, 320 GB HDD, 4G DDR3 memory, multiple USB ports, front-facing webcam, DVD drive… you get the idea… all for $500. Granted the XOOM is a bit more portable and has a much better battery. This is just one of those things that would just be cool to have. Not to mention their ATRIX that’s coming out soon. Just plug it into it’s (laptop) dock and you’ve got practically the same thing for the price of a smart phone. Either way (as of right now) you’ll be paying for data.

    Don’t get me wrong, this thing is very, very cool. I DON’T NOT want this, but when you can get a laptop with much more power for the same price or cheaper, it’s just not worth it.

  • http://Website suXOOM


  • http://Website B2L

    Are there really this many people that are so stupid to say this tablet is inferior to an ipad? I mean seriously what the fuck? None of the ipads features can even compare to this awesome tablet.

    I love android and me, but they really need to start banning all these ios trolls. This is an android site If you people didn’t know. Do people just decide to go on to sites that have nothing to do with their shitty ios and just feel the need to tell everyone they are sheep? It’s not like I go to every ios news site and gloat about how much better my nexus s is than an iphone. Grow up kids get a life, I’m so sick of reading what some retard has to say in the comments. The only reason I still read them are because of the few people that post on here who are actually sophisticated.

    • http://Website average joe

      you are a frustrated motorola fangirl– i suppose

    • http://Website Willie

      Go to MacRumors iPad forum. It is filled with Android threads, and someone always works in an Android comment on the none Android threads. Including threads on the Xoom. It gets a more positive reception over there.

      Yes, this was sent from my iPad.

  • http://Website average joe

    its too expensive for average joe

    • http://lettersfromdave.wordpress.com daveloft

      It’s definitely not for the average Joe.

      • http://Website Roseanne

        Thats why it is too expensive!

  • http://Website Todd

    As I was driving home from my parents’ house listening to TNT, I realized a problem with devices like this. They were talking about netbooks bought from carriers. I’m of the opinion that a netbook is a piece of crap, a nearly unusable device. And what’s worse than such a device? One that’s locked to a specific carrier.

    Someone needs to create a standard for plug-in 3g and 4g radios. Not like USB plug-in devices but something that fits almost entirely into the laptop or tablet, like plugging a wifi card into a pci slot.

    I’m sure the carriers would hate it.

  • http://Website wildfarris

    Former BBY employee:

    The prices shown are pulled 2 different ways. The $799 is pulled from the current sale price. A markup of only $100 before a street date is rare, normally things are marked up to $1,000 to prevent early sales. However since the device is not in store(I would assume), they probably aren’t worried about pre-sale markup.
    The “system” image is part of an inventory system that is pulled, normally, from MSRP. Not necessarily value, actual price or subsidized price.

    • http://Website hdub32

      So any idea how much this bad boy might actually be on launch ?

  • http://Website Tabitha J

    Well, i gonna pass on this. I already own an ipad and i cannot afford another tablet!

  • http://Website Kevin

    So I have been waiting on this for awhile from Android, I own the OG Droid and I love it! Now onto the tablet movement, I swore to myself I would never buy apple anything! didn’t like Steve jobs and cohorts restricting this or that when it came to what is on there tablet. Really a bunch of my friends bought the IPAD or were thinking about buying one. I would tell them to wait for Moto/google tablet, that they would not be disappointed with waiting. well believe me, love android, but when I did buy the ipad it is an amazing piece of work! now grant it the xoom is not out yet when I made my purchase for the IPAD, so i didn’t get much to choose from other than the ipad, lets be fair here! I will take a look at this XOOM tablet, I mean come on it runs flash right? where Mr jobs stubborness gets in the way and resists the dark side of flash, so he says! I paid 500.00 for my ipad, and justified 1. it was the only tablet out, but 2. it is apple, and there products with accessories rule the market share! there apps are in the 10 mil mark. I would like for google to be smart here when it involves pricing, if the 16gb ipad is 499.00 you need to at least market your tablet close to that price if you want to take over the competition, you should be aggressive and start yours at the same price, to give consumers a choice ipad vs. xoom (with flash and other nice treats) I believe this is the only way you will be able to blast apple, its by way of price. So remember Google if you want to succeed you must give the consumer the incentive! Good Luck… remember too that the IPAD 2 comes out soon!

    I just want a better tablet! so no trolling here!

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  • http://Website Paul Atreides

    If I can use Final Cut Pro, Photoshop, Pro Tools and such on this tablet I’ll buy one. If not, I’ll stick with a laptop for now.

  • http://Website Marcia

    We have tablets in our kitchen!

  • http://Website Paul Reiser

    I don’t get this.. Why would I pay $700 for a tablet? The guy from my insurance company gave me one for free and it had like 250 pages in it.

  • http://www.xoomtabletcover.com Joe

    I think the xoom should be priced a bit lower the the ipad. Usually you pay a premium for the Apple name.

    Get your xoom tablet cover

  • http://www.orlandolimorental.com wayne salat

    Is this tablit only offered by verizon? Is the price based on a contract with verizon. I was thinking to get one but don’t want a contract, and plan to use with wifi only, hope u don’t need a service plan for the $699 price

  • http://Website Maybe MaybeNot

    So I agree with most of the people on here but I do need to say one thing about whether or not this is a fad.. I personally don’t think it is. Everybody said that about computers, then laptops, then cell phones, then flip phones, then smartphones.. I think the industry is going to grow a lot and they will fix the price to point to where it’s supposed to be ($300-$700) with $700 being top of the line with a few that stray above and don’t do too well (ie Sony Vaio for laptops). I personally am really looking forward to the Xoom and have been saving because it serves me a great purpose. I can’t carry my laptop to classes because it’s pretty big and rather heavy, but the XOOM would be great for me to take notes on, read course books on (though as an Elec Engineering student, not many of my books are available online) and just look through slides as professors teach, while still leaving some room on my desk unlike with a 15″ laptop. Plus the fact that when I fly I would have something to entertain me and not way my backpack down so I can actually pack light.

    With that said, I think Motorola needs to realize they are setting themselves up for failure without providing any purchasing options besides the likely “with or without a contract” bit. They need to offer a WiFi only, offer different memory sizes AND different screen sizes with varying costs. They also need to reduce cost because they’re setting themselves up to compete with actual laptops. Quite honestly if I didn’t need the big screen on my laptop for coding and having multiple screens open simultaneously I might just buy a new laptop. If it’s $699 I’d buy it no problem. However if it’s $799 I’ll wait a month for them to realize they can’t sell at that price point, then it’ll be $699 and I’ll buy it no problem.

  • http://Website YouGuessWhoIBe

    Do you know what kind of laptop I can get at these prices? Why in the hell would I pay that much for a tablet for 16 or 32GB! The best tablet I found was the Archos 101. Its not the best but a dam good product for the money. $700 or $800 for a tablet!!!!! Yeah right Motorola or Ipad.

  • http://technews5.com ahmed

    Motorola Xoom priced at $799
    In case you missed it, last weekend Best Buy briefly had Motorola’s upcoming Xoom tablet priced at $1,199.99 on its Web site, announcing it would be available for preorder on February 17. Well, as rumors suggested, that price tag was only “placeholder” pricing, and Motorola Mobility’s CEO Sanjay Jha today confirmed that the 10.1-inch tablet would sell for an unsubsidized $799 at Verizon Wireless, with a Wi-Fi-only version priced at around $600.
    Reuters reported that Jha, who’s in Barcelona for the Mobile World Congress trade show, remarked to reporters, “Competing with Apple you have to deliver premium products.”
    Jha also said that nearly all Motorola products will use Google’s Android software this year and that he was as focused on Android as he’d ever been. Still, he hoped alternatives to Android, such as Microsoft’s Windows Phone7 , would remain on the market. Additionally, Jha said the company was “looking at possibly having its own application store.”