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New Motorola XOOM teaser video isn’t much of a tease

It’s been nearly two days since we posted out last story about the Motorola XOOM.  In an apparent effort to keep the upcoming Android 3.0 tablet top of mind, Motorola has uploaded a new teaser video to their YouTube account. The clip goes through a list of impressive features, followed by a simulated demonstration of what the Motorola XOOM is capable of.

While we salute Motorola for giving us another sneak peak at the XOOM, we’re fairly unimpressed. The new video doesn’t give us any new information and the usage simulations are very unimaginative to say the least.  Everything they show could easily be pulled off by the Samsung Galaxy Tab or even my wife’s rooted NOOKcolor. If they keep this up, I’m not sure how they will convince people to pay $700 or more when the Motorola XOOM launches in February.

Source: AndroidGuys

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  • jayzeroeee

    They should also try uploading videos that haven’t been seen a million times already. This isn’t new.

  • http://Website Stang68

    Yeah, we saw this when CES was going on. How about some REAL hands-on videos, Motorola?

    • http://Website JJL84

      You want a video showing the XOOM being used in real-time? Let me Google that for you:


      By the way, this video is from January 6, 2011 so if you were really looking for an actual demo of the device, it wouldn’t have been hard to find. Maybe you should check out some other Android sites to get a better picture of what’s going. And if this is how slick the XOOM was running at the beginning of this month, I’m guessing it’s gotten even better since then.

      And just in case the lmgtfy.com link isn’t working, here’s a direct YouTube link:

  • http://Website Ted

    All that turning, twisting, and stretching of words…am I to understand that this is what Honeycomb will be? Because if not, then the entire video is a lie. I am not aware of any widgets that will spin like that.

    Also, what was the game that way played near the end with the tunnels and the lasers? Is that available now?

  • http://Website Warden Chinbach

    This is super old

  • http://Website Robert

    This video is from CES. It’s nothing new.

  • http://Website me

    It really needs to support mkv files, dlna, and mkv files over dlna (which is not part of the dlna spec, but can be done)

    According to the motorola website, it supports the standard video and audio codecs only…

    • http://Website nick

      Motorola may not officially support other codecs, but with RockPlayer or a number of other apps from the Android Market you should be able to cover pretty much everything.

  • Coolio

    Whats the name of the game near the end?

  • http://Website Louis

    If they wanna take on iPad they have to go hire the director that shoots commercials for ipad or someone of that caliber. The Xoom is a great product in my views but they just have to figure out a way to sell it right. My mom saw a commercial for the iPad and go “I want one”!

  • http://Website Tarik

    Why does it say GOOGLE software? is Google planning brand all of Android now? Or is that just because its a Google Experience model?

    • http://Website Matthew

      Why would Google plan to brand a portion of there own OS? Its there software. They have their rights to brand every android product out there.

  • qcom

    I was originally extremely excited about the Xoom.

    Now, after hearing NVIDIA’s supposed Tegra plans for the year, I think I may wait until T3 is out and ready, and pick up a Honeycomb tablet then, instead.

    By then, they will hopefully be cheaper as well.

  • http://Website simon

    I think this might be more of a tease than we think. This could be indicating that the BumpTop team that Google acquired might be heavily involved with Honeycomb. The intro part with the wheel menu and physics look familiar to what BumpTop desktop used to offer. If this is the case that would be epic

  • http://Website kevin

    Too expensive at $700.00 if motorola was smart they would be competitive with their pricing. try $499.00 and give people more of a choice between the IPAD vs Xoom of which one to purchase, Motorola if your product is what you say it is, then people will come to buy.

  • http://Website JJL84

    I am so sick of people bickering about the price. Why does everyone think that all of this new tech, squeezed inside of a tiny package, is cheap? This is the same reason that smartphones off-contract cost $500-$600. It takes a lot of engineering to put all of that into a small slate and keep it from overheating. Last I checked, the cost of a new microSD is around $80, and that’s just one piece of the puzzle that comes in this thing! Yes, there is an iPad that costs $499, but it doesn’t even compare to the specs of the XOOM. 1GHz A4 vs. 2-1GHz Tegra chips. 256MB vs. the XOOM’s 1GB of RAM. The XOOM has two cameras, slightly larger screen, higher screen density, SD card, HDMI out, 3G (upgradable to 4G), barometer, GPS, etc. The $499 iPad costs $130 more just to connect to 3G and a compass, add another $100 for a comparable amount of storage.

    You guys have no idea what it costs Motorola to manufacture this product, let alone the R&D, programming, and marketing costs. Remember how much the Nexus One’s hardware cost when it was first released? It was nearly $200. Add in all of the overhead for developing and manufacturing the phone, and the profit margins aren’t even close to what most of you think they are.

    Bottom line: there are cheap $200 tablets already available, and we know what you get. It costs money to have the latest tech in a sleek package, Having a background in business (accounting and finance), I would venture to guess that Moto’s profit margins are in line with the rest of the industry. Stop comparing this device to the $500 iPad, the two are not equal. Should Moto make a Wi-Fi only XOOM? I wish they would, but it doesn’t mean that this version is way more expensive than it should be.

  • http://www.xoomcommunity.com Xoom

    My guess is that Moto will be lowering the price by about $200 within a few months due to lack of sales. I think they are priced too high at $799.

  • http://Website Xoomer

    Geez, get off of the applications, Motorola designed the Hardware, of which is top of the line. Ipad 2 is only expecting to possibly match the current hardware statistics of the Xoom. Software will come. Motorola is not Google, they just run their operating system of the tablet. That being said, GOOGLE has done an Awesome job with Honeycomb even of which many features have yet to fully be seen. Hardware for Xoom is at the top of the market though with no currently displayed close competition.