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Nexus S successor with Android 2.4 and 4G data headed to T-Mobile?

Most of us know that FCC filings don’t always turn into real products, but they are often a fun source of speculation. A new Samsung device with the model number GT-i9023 has appeared on the FCC’s site with support for T-Mobile’s AWS (1700 MHz) bands. The original Nexus S had the model number GT-i9020 so this leads us to believe it could be a tweaked version of that phone.

The same model number GT-i9023 also appeared on a German blog called BestBoyz with the device running Android 2.4. We were originally told that Honeycomb would be called Android 2.4, but everyone now knows that Google went with Android 3.0. Some had said that Android 2.4 might be the version number of a future version of Android called Ice Cream (Sandwich), but little else is know about the release.

We recently learned that T-Mobile would refresh the Samsung Vibrant to support HSPA+ 21 Mbps, so it’s possible that could happen with the Nexus S as well. One of the major complaints about the Nexus S was lack of 4G network support, but we didn’t expect a successor to arrive so soon.

Chris Ziegler of Engadget also points out that a number of UK retailers are listing a “Black Silver” Nexus S, so we might see a color change as well.

What do you thin Samsung is working on? Is this an upgrade to the Nexus S with 4G? Or might T-Mobile launch this device in their stores with the TouchWiz UI?

Via: Engadget

Source: FCC

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  • http://Website DF

    You gotta be shitting me….

    I’m very happy with my nexus s but if samsuck & google pull this I’m going to be outraged

    • mista2x

      Same here! I guess I could always put my nexus one and nexus s on ebay to cover the $500+ this will cost off contact. :(

    • http://Website Tito!

      Why blame google for spending yourr own money?
      No. You should hit yourself,
      for such an impulsive buy (:
      Sell it on ebay!

      • http://Website df

        Cept not so much of an impulse buy….I had the n1 since day one & put off upgrading even though it was starting to die cause I knew another nexus was coming & figured they would follow their previous model of releasing one nexus & having it actually stick around for a year….

        • http://Website Inquisitor

          If you consider like 10 or 11 months to be a considerable amount of time to wait for a new phone then you’re just sad. How mad are you that my droid1, a good one year older than yours, has the same software and runs just as fast? Replacement isn’t always the answer, I doubt your n1 was legitimately “dying”…

          • jivemaster

            The Droid 1 is a horribly dated phone that does not begin to compare to the Nexus One or Nexus S in terms of speed or otherwise.

          • http://Website Slick

            Seriously, you are comparing your Droid 1 or the original Droid with the Nexus series? Are you kidding me? Your screen is crap on that phone. Its small, its bulky and its slow.

            Rest is verizon wireless brain-washing commercial that keeps you happy and feeds your ego. Enjoy it now……..

    • http://Website ___________

      another round of fragmentation?

      • http://Website ____________

        another round of fragmentation?

    • http://Website j

      You’re within your 30 day period. The S wasn’t released until December 16. Return now!

    • http://Website Frederick

      Well, it’s probably because people were complaining of lack of HSPA+ (“4G”). Considering Samsung handles the hardware, you can’t really blame Google. Plus, all Galaxy S owners should have spotted this from a mile away.

  • http://Website matt

    glad i waited and didn’t get the nexus s out of sheer impulse.

    • jivemaster

      You’re missing out on a great phone.

      This 9023 is just a revision with AT&T or euro bands. Nothing special.

      • http://Website Derek

        Geez, cant you even F’ing read??? The FCC post says it has T-mo bands, the 1700 MHz band. Duhhhh why dont you open your eyes and READ!

    • http://Website Deon

      Not impulse for our company. We bought 4 of them the day they came out. We have a team of developers working for us, we own 4 or 5 Nexus One’s and various other models. When the Nexus S came out we bought 4, and if they come out with another revision, we’ll just buy another 4. Our developers use them as reference phones, that’s their core purpose really, more than being a consumer phone.

  • http://Website Jeremy

    Glad I waited, oh wait im on Verizon. We don’t get a pure Google phone…

    • http://Website AdamJ

      But your getting a pure Google tablet!

      • http://Website 2FR35H

        So is T-Mobile

  • http://Website Mark

    If you didn’t learn your lesson the first time, then you certainly deserve to get ripped off a second time. AVOID SAMSUCK!!!

    • http://Website DF

      The difference is Google is supposed to be managing the nexus line not samsuck therefore vanilla android & guaranteed updates since there is no crap overlay touchwiz on it

      If it is an updated nexus s google’s gonna have lotta splanin to do to since they effectively shit all over their exceedingly loyal fans & their devs

      • http://Website Darren

        Where is there any suggestion that this is a Google Experience phone? All that model number leads me to believe is that it’s based on the same hardware. How is it any different to the Desire following the Nexus One?

        • http://Website Greg

          You’re probably right. The writers here tend to wet themselves over the littlest things…

        • http://Website 2FR35H

          Its the exact same shape as the nexus s and same model number as the nexus s in the video from best boyz which ran 2.4 android

    • http://Website Anonymous

      Especially if this isn’t a “Pure Google Experience” phone, and turns out to be a TouchWiz phone.

      Because as Samsung taught us, if it is TouchWiz, it will be almost a year before anyone gets an update to anything higher than the Android 2.4 firmware (without rooting at least).

  • Jorge

    I think this is the AT&T version

    • http://Website Tito!

      Sorry to burst your bubble, but AT&T doesn have 1700 Mhz bands.
      T-Mobile FTW (:

  • http://Website Tito!

    Muahahaha! I Love T-Mobile (:

    Come on people, you should have known by now that your phone can be and will be replaced and outdone (within the next 1-3 months)

    Android + T-Mobile = EM+

    • http://Website Kimbo

      To paraphrase what we say about the weather here in Atlanta:

      Don’t like your phone? Wait a month…

      (because there will be a better one)

    • http://Website brandon1239

      seems like its more like 1-3 weeks anymore… depressing I tell you haha

  • http://Website Noriega713

    I will just wait for Htc to bring a physical keyboard Nexus out or at least the G3. Or am I the only one who still enjoys good ol fashion physical keyboard?

    • http://Website Tito!

      You’re not the only one. :)

    • http://Website Brandon

      me too. G1 owner and G2 owner.

      • http://Website J.

        Dude. If you have a G2 you *already* have a Nexus One with a physical keyboard.

        Yeah, the processor is “only” 800MHz…until you root and overclock to 1.4

        Seriously, G2 is the best thing on T-Mob.

        • http://Website UMA Fan

          It’s an 800mhz SECOND GENERATION SNAPDRAGON.

          Therefore it is more powerful than the old 1Ghz snapdragons that launched on the Nexus One, HD2, EVO etc…

          Plus it has the dedicated Adreno 205 GPU which is almost on par with the Hummingbird.

          It’s also much much better on battery life than the old first gen snapdragon.

          Mhz/Ghz isn’t everything.

          • http://lettersfromdave.wordpress.com daveloft

            No your wrong there. If your just taking a pure CPU benchmark the new Snapdragon core is no faster than the old one with the same clock speed. Its just a smaller manufacturing process which just means lower power consumption. Which means when running a CPU only benchmark the Nexus One will be faster.

            The reason benchmarks like Quadrant show the G2 as better is because it’s a full system benchmark. So the faster ROM and faster GPU help the G2 get a better score.

          • http://Website Eli

            I don’t know what your smoking… I have an N1 and a G2 and the second I opened up the G2 before rooting it, etc, I did a benchmark and the G2 was 1.5x the speed of the N1

          • http://Website Eli

            Well, i probably should have read your second paragraph about the GPU also included in Quadrant, but what I said still counts, Linpack on the N1 overclocked to 1.13 gives me about 30-33 while my G2 gave me about 40

          • http://Website J.

            That’s why I used the “scare quotes” around only.
            People dismissing the G2 over the processor was and is silly.

    • http://Website uzunoff

      I used to love the G1 keyboard. But today, when you have speech recognition and swype and prediction keyboard like swyft. Who needs physical keyboard. I see the physical keyboardit as an extra weight to a phone.
      I think we have moved passed the physical keyboard times.

  • http://Website 2C

    I wonder if this will be the rumored dual core version of the Nexus S? If so with HSPA+ and add a sd card slot, I would upgrade in a heart beat. I recently took advantage of the free loyalty give away of the G2 because my Nexus One’s limited memory was driving me crazy and that’s even with a 32gb micro sd card. So with these features I’d be all for going back to the Nexus family.

    • http://Website Darren

      Doubt it. I think that would be more of an upgrade in version number than GT-i9023. The Galaxy S 2 will probably be the first dual-core Sammy. I don’t see any indication that this is a Nexus phone at all, just based on the Nexus S hardware. The Xperia Arc also had 2.4 on their system screen at CES and SE said this was just a configuration mistake.

    • http://Website Matt

      I have been trying to find out about the Loyalty G2 Give away. I have spoken to everyone in Tmobile by now and no one can tell me off a loyalty program or ever offering this Loyalty G2 give away. Can you please tell me exactly how I accomplish this Loyalty program deal.

  • http://Website Dennis

    Well, let’s see. The Nexus S didn’t have HSPA+ and SD card slot. Maybe they’ll go for the big money this time and this one support battery. It will come with a human size hamster wheel that will require to run in it till it has enough power to start up….DON’T STOP RUNNING, you have to keep running while it boots up. Whew! It’s done booting. Maybe I’ll take a few seconds to rest. Whoops! LOW BATTERY. RUN, BITCH, RUN!!!

  • http://Website Ben Johnson, GA

    This is hilarious!!

    cheers, Ben

    sent from my iPhone 4

  • http://Website greg

    Samsung and tmobile are ruining android.

    • http://Website Ben Johnson, GA

      They might call it Nexus Big S …….hahahhahahaah
      Whatever, the android fangirls will still find a way to justify this publicity rape/scam!?!

      cheers, Ben

      sent from my iPhone 4

  • http://Website uzunoff

    I am buying it. I knew that Google wouldn’t release the Nexus S and let it be out there overshadowed by every dual core 4G phone. I will buy this 4G dual core Super Amoled Plus screened, mini SD card reader, honeycombed phone the day it comes out.
    Common Google, don’t disappoint me now

  • SprintStrikesSwimmingly

    This is a bit like the Vibrant 4G rumour. What if the two are the same phone? Maybe…

  • http://Website BiGMERF

    Are you kidding me? I mean you guys called it about the Nexus 2, so I really cant doubt it to much.. But if this is true, I am going to stab someone.. LOL.. I am so full of shizz, I will be at the store getting it and My Nexus S will be on EBAY like my N1… SMH

  • http://Website .

    nexus fat s

  • http://Website d0lph1nk1ng

    You can’t say that you weren’t warned…


  • http://Website SphericalPuma

    Here’s what I think:

    I think this is the same deal with the Nexus One/HTC Desire. I believe this is the Vibrant +. NOW HOLD ON A SEC. I know you’re thinking “but it looks like a nexus S”

    Let me ask you something: If you’re a Vibrant owner and you see this Vibrant + which looks the same as your Vibrant it just has new speeds and a FFC, you’d be utterly pissed. However, Samsung is simply taking the nexus S phone, FFC and all, and tweaking the radio to add 4g speeds.


    We all know how easily build.prop files are edited, and I think this certain individual wanted to have some fun with the public and thus create a buzz which in turn leads to more hits to his/her website, thus more revenue. I think the finding of the T-Mobile documents was pure coincidence and that individual couldn’t have been luckier.

    Google would have a major PR problem on its hands if they went ahead and made a Nexus S+ so soon after the launch. I firmly believe, and will place money on, that this phone is simply the Vibrant +. You won’t entice current Vibrant owners with 4g speed and a FFC camera alone, you have to give them a phone that looks new on the outside as well. Plus, all Samsung has to do is put new internals into a Nexus S and BOOM! you have your Vibrant+.

    This is just my opinion, and you are all free to have your own. You can hit me up on twitter @sphericalpuma if you want to have a discussion, I love having a good discussion :)

  • http://Website javier

    dis fragmentation!

  • http://Website revs1227

    omg if t mob comes out ith a my touch 5g ill be pisseed !!!!
    wait my phone is already up to date and 4g comp
    mt4g check and mate

    • http://Website Tito!

      Ahahh! Well said. At this point, you are winning. Who knows T-Mobile plans on doing with their MyTouch Line?

      • http://Website revs1227

        veryy true lol

  • http://Website skaodj

    This is the European version of Nexus S with LCD screen. It has been known since at least when they announced the Nexus S at dec 6. I don’t know what the fuss is all about.

    • http://Website uzunoff

      Why is it getting FCC approval then? That should not be needed for European phone?

  • http://Website Mik

    No point in whining if a new phone comes out. The phone you just bought doesn’t just deteriorate. Grow up and enjoy your new phone instead.

    Besides a lot of people actually like the Touchwizz UI, but can’t be bothered writing about, like those who dislike it do constantly. Don’t like it, buy another phone or just change the launcher. Period.

  • http://Website Luisa Mae

    I think iPhone is better

  • http://Website Ììj¥ÀðzÐ

    ^^does it reboot frequently???? gogogo

  • http://Website itrustme

    When I go to gamelofts website with my nexus s it identifies it as model number gt i9023

  • http://Website Lucian Armasu

    And STILL no dual core chip? Jesus, how much do we have to cry for it until they make it true. Well, whatever, by the time they decide to make a Nexus phone with a dual core chip, they might as well use Tegra 3 for it, because it’s clear it won’t come very soon.

  • http://charlie89.ro Spalatorie Auto

    Lucian is right, it should have been equipped with a dual core chip. But maybe the next Nexus will be.

  • http://Website Paul Atreides

    It’s probably just a white version or another color as you reported.

  • http://www.topandroidapps.co.uk Top Android Apps

    Oooh deary me.

  • http://www.adamtabletnews.com Jakob

    They did drop the Nexus S around the time that the 4G phones started getting popular…glad I waited to pick one up.

  • http://Website d0lph1nk1ng

    the label on the FCC document clearly states Europe Common. check out the FCC Label and Location document here: http://goo.gl/peLUO

  • http://Website UniqueNate

    I really don’t think they are making a refreshed Nexus S. What would be the point of making all these refreshes? Already slow if never with updates so making a slightly modified version with the latest software is making their image even worse. Simply update devices on a timely manner and make successors and flagship devices.

    They need a individual team to work on updating.

    • http://Website ASM

      Hey Nate, you still hang out at the Sprint forums? You liking that EVO?

  • Uncemister

    like I said, Never trust a Samsung device anymore!

  • http://www.joeblow.com joeblow

    After reading about the Nexus S rebooting all day

    I’ll pass on any Samsung devices. Plus they are kinda fugly with that chrome border

    • http://Website MOBILE BRAZZERS

      Hahaha I’ll second that one

  • http://Website Noah

    does this mean that it’s going to surpass nexus s as the flagship google phone?
    i like samsung’s lcds, but their phones have left me cold so far…

  • http://Website Sammy McSamsuck


  • Kleber Razorg

    Really great article, congratulations!

  • http://Website 4G or Not To 4G

    I am down with this provided that it is dual core and HSAP+21, with stock Android…would be my dream phone