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No choice is a choice, T-Mobile slams rivals AT&T and Verizon #4GWars

I could tell the masses were getting annoyed with our reporting on the #4GWars so I took a break, but the carriers have continued to battle it out. T-Mobile’s latest ad takes a direct shot at AT&T and Verizon by saying their 4G HSPA+ network is faster. “There’s no fun in having a great device if it is running on a slow network.” Check out the full video after the jump and let us know what you think of T-Mobile’s latest efforts.

From T-Mobile: Here’s a sneak peek at T-Mobile’s latest ad. T-Mobile offers the total package: great smartphones, a blazing fast 4G network with rich experiences at unbeatable prices. There’s no fun in having a great device if it is running on a slow network. Step up to Nationwide 4G! Check coverage at http://t-mobile-coverage.t-mobile.com/. $10 data plan requires 2-yr. contract plus taxes and fees. See details at T-Mobile.com. T-Mobile’s HSPA+ 4G network is not available in all locations.

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  • http://Website mike

    PS-I think you shouldnt switch

  • http://Website EggoEspada

    Where I live and travel, Verizon is the best. AT&T is good around where I live. T-Mobile… not so much. But I will say all their ads have been pretty funny/ :)

    • http://Website Trey

      I have both Verizon and T-Mobile. Verizon offers the best 3G coverage but my speeds don’t excel beyond 1MBps. T-Mobile offers the fastest data connections but not as well covered as Verizon. There are many areas I have been with no 3G, much less 4G. I have coworkers on ATT and their speedtest on 3G was equivilent to the speeds offered by T-Mobile’s EDGE. Pretty sad. With that said, I’m proud to be a T-Mobile customer, just wish they would work on more broader coverage.

      • jjl84

        You know, with all of the obsession of T-Mobile on this site I decided to check it out after reading about Verizon’s new upgrade policies. I would read comment after comment about how “greedy” VZW is and how nice and cheap TMo is. However, when I priced a comparable package for my wife and myself, T-Mobile was just as expensive. The family plan with unlimited data was $139.99, which included 750 minutes. A similar plan with Verizon was $149.99. So someone, please explain to me how TMo is such a great deal. I used to actually believe all of the bias garbage from this website and its readers until I researched it for myself. Sorry, but I’ll take the reliability of Verizon’s network for an extra ten dollars a month. T-Mobile just got 3G coverage in my area a year ago, while Verizon has had it since early 2006…you get what you pay for.

        • http://Website 25753h

          Verizon’s 2 Lines on Nationwide Talk & Text Family SharePlan® 2000 + unlimited smartphone web on two lines $189.97 Monthly
          T-Mobile’s 2 lines on Even Moreâ„¢ for Families 3000 Talk + Unlimited Text + Unlimited Web on two lines $149.99 Monthly

    • http://Website Jammer

      Who cares about coverage? Get out of the way, i wanna watch the girl!

  • http://Website Bob

    Maybe they should actually have nationwide 4G before saying they do……. I’m pretty confident they don’t have 4g EVERYWHERE in the United States.

    • http://Website Android

      Nationwide = covering 200 million potential customers.

      • http://Website jdog25

        but….but…. Verizon said they will cover 200 million people with their 4G by mid 2012.

        LMAO T-mobile FTW

        • incrediblecub

          Verizon will have nationwide 4G coverage by the end of 2012… last time I checked.. T-Mo still doesn’t have nationwide 3G coverage.. yup thats correct.

          T-Mobile can talk all the trash it wants with its pseudo-4G network. I like T-Mobile, if I wanted to suffer on a 3G+ GSM Network in the US, it’d be T-Mo simply because they have a great selection of Android devices, unfortunately their network leaves something to be desired to a lot of people, as does AT&T’s. LTE is the way to go, and what they’re negating to mention in their ads is that LTE *Long-Term Evolution* technology is only in its infancy, and has the capability to expand further and faster than standard HSPA+ is capable of. I’ll take reliable and solid over, OMG it works awesome here, awwe shit, now its EDGE.

          • http://Website joe

            Hmm guess you haven’t read about LTHSPA+E? yes that is being developed right now, yes it wont be implemented for a while, and yes the data speeds will be equal if not faster than “LTE” …research first fool :-)

          • jjl84

            @Joe: What is this LTHSPA+E you speak of? A simple Google search revealed absolutely nothing about this technology. So please enlighten me, is this some kind of wishful that HSPA+ is as good as LTE? Because the only thing I can see is that you added LTE with HSPA+ to make LTHSPA+E.

      • http://Website Leoz

        T-Mobile should be the last carrier bragging about their network coverage… HSPA+ may be fast, but useless when 1 block later you’re running on EDGE

        • http://Website Noriega713

          I guess it comes down to where you live… Where I live I have strong signal and since i don’t leave my town i don’t have to worry about it, but who cares. You’re happy with Sprint and I’m happy with T-mo and hell people are happy with At&t and their Iphone. Right?

          • http://Website Leoz

            Correct. Well quite a bit of people aren’t too happy with their iPhones on AT&T but you’re right lol. Truce?

          • http://Website Noriega713

            Truce. It should be Android vs everything else. Not Sprint-android vs Tmobile-android vs Att-android vs Verizon-android.

          • http://Website Ben Johnson, GA

            Yes, im very happy with my iPhone

            cheers, Ben

            sent from my iPhone 4

          • http://Website Noriega713

            Ah shit your here… Get out of here TROLL!!!

  • http://Website TOM

    What do they mean by just $10 for internet?

    Do they mean $10 for wifi tethering or $10 for the required data package?

    I currently pay about $30 for data on my Mytouch Slide.

    • http://Website mike

      10$ for data

      • krazytrixxxsta

        it 10 dollars for 200mb and 20 for unlimited. they purposely left out that detail in the commercial.

  • http://Website BSchwartz

    Too bad they don’t have 4G here yet, oh wait a minute, they don’t even offer any service here.

    • http://Website Zach

      Then move out of the boondocks.

    • incrediblecub

      T-Mo fanboys are out in full-force.. Must burn knowing their network is fast and still ineffective in a great portion of the country.

  • http://Website unseenme

    Being on T-Mobile its like having a Ferrari with no gas. Signal bars on a TM phone are the least used thing in the history of…well…everything…lol. *Sent from my Droid X in the middle of nowhere*

    • http://Website Noriega713

      So you are chilling with courage the cowardly dog???

    • http://Website UMA Fan

      Too bad that with Wifi Calling exclusively on T-Mobile Android devices, those phones will work for calls and texts in places your Droid X will never EVER get cellular reception.

    • orginn

      Well my friend if tmo is like a Ferrari hop right on in and enjoy the luxuries of having a Ferrari even with no gas

    • http://Website Eion Woods

      Actually, I have nearly constant full bars on my old T-Mobile G1. It’s all about where you live, I’ve only ever lost service with T-Mobile when I went out to this weird backwoods type place, but since I’m more of a.. not redneck.. I didn’t want to be there anyway, and even my friend’s enV2 on Big Red was having trouble getting any signal. And yes, I usually have signal in underground parking garages. Usually two or three bars, and more than my cousins on Verizon. :)

  • http://Website Ivan

    They know not to call out Sprint. Cause Sprint will slap their bitch ass for false advertising. LMFAO

    • http://Website Noriega713

      Its because they dont have 4G…lmao. I mean they are using Clears Wimax. Unlike the other guys who actually have their own 4g

      • http://Website Adc

        Its becuz sprint doesnt have an iphone

      • http://Website Leoz

        As long as I can use it, It dont matter who is building the network

        • http://Website Noriega713

          Go ahead and pay extra money then… I’m sure alot of people agree that 4g should be included already not having to pay extra to use it.

          • http://Website Leoz

            My bill is still cheaper than VZW and AT&T data plans even with the extra charge. And with sprint I have the assurance that once I leave the center of town I will still have my trusty 3G connection in hand so I’ll gladly pay. =)

      • http://Website Ivan

        Sprint owns most of Clearwire you idiot. Lol, I hate noobs. Even Google the creator of Android, just in case your noob ass did not know, well Google funds money for Wimax. And yes I enjoy paying 10 extra dollars a month, I dont care about money, at least I’m not always running on EDGE like you T mobile fan boys are. And yeah who ever said this website should be called T mobile and Me, is right. This writer only writes about t mobile’s positive things, but never about their negatives, even though there is a lot, and I mean a lot. He’s just always trying to put Sprint and every other carrier down. Wake up n smell the roses, Teen mobile sucks. Their coverage is horribleeee !!!!!!!! and I mean horrible. So you guys get youll’s head out of youll’s ass.

  • http://Website Storm14K

    If TMo would just get their coverage up and stop aiming at the tween market I’d probably stick with them. But then I guess they wouldn’t be as cheap. It seems like they stepped their phone game up.

  • mac08wrx

    LMAO ofcourse if i have and icrap it wount make a difference what network im on…its an icrap what do you expect. LMAO still love the commercials. Im still sticking with Verizon they have given me the best support hands down.

  • http://Website npaladin2000

    You know, T-Mobile is the absolute fastest network in my entire county. In the 50 square feet that you can get signal.

  • http://Website Mark

    All I know is that T-Mo girl is one hot little miss.

  • http://Website wasim

    I have a N1 with Tmobile and i just recently went on a road trip from Minnesota (where i get great service) to San Diego (where there is also great service)! However, most of the time during the drive i got no service and/or roaming signal! It absolutely sucked! While my cousin with Verizon had service everywhere! But whatever! I don’t usually go road tripping, and I’m a dealer with Tmobile, so I’m only paying $20 a month for unlimited everything! Lol! So i don’t think ill be switching!

    • http://Website watbetch

      The Nexus One has terrible reception, this is amplified when you’re dealing with weak signals.. as someone that is on the road enough to know the differences between phone’s reception, it matters 100% whether or not your phone’s reception is good enough to maintain a signal for longer out on the highway. One of my phones constantly show Emergency Only while the other is still on the network.

  • http://Website oscar

    Hahaah what the heck t-mobile sucks! Verizon is way better with their 4G LTE!

    • http://Website Mark

      Stop smoking cheap crack.

      • http://Website ivan

        Stop smoking good crack. Verizon is advertising 5-12 mbps, and they are reaching up to 20 mbps, while t mobile is advertising 21 mbps, and only average at about 5 mbps. So yeah PWN! bitch.

  • http://Website npaladin2000

    Yeah, if she came with the service I’d take it, despite only being able to use it in about 5% of the county. :)

  • http://Website THE BACHELOR

    PLZ MARRY ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://Website Leoz

    It’s hilarious how any negative comment against T-Mobile results in automatically getting down-ranked!!

    • http://Website Police officer Martin

      T-Mo is like my mom – she isnt always available, but still the very best!

      • http://Website Leoz

        LOOOOOLL!!!!! Sad but true… well the mom part at least :’( T-Mobile not so much. They might have to change the name of the site from Android and Me to T-Mobile and Me

        • http://Website Mark

          Bark all you want but when you’re the first carrier to offer an Android device, offer the best speeds, service and pricing plans and single handedly catapulted Android to where it is then you deserve that much praise. Deny it all you want but if the G1 had failed, you probably wouldn’t be holding your Droid X or Evo or whatever.

          • http://Website Noriega713

            You are right I own a T-mobile G2 and if it weren’t for T-mobile to introduce Android who knows what would we the name of this webpage, but if it weren’t for the other companies, android would have never made it. Sprint pushed the bar on internet speeds and Verizon was the 1st one to actually bring the Iphone killer…and as for At&t well they showed how open Android actually is by crippling it.

      • http://Website xZxUxLxUx


      • http://Website Sleepthieves

        I can attest to that, I tried to call up your mom for a good time the other night and she was busy. She is the best though so ill keep trying. (JK your comment was just asking for it, kinda like your mom, no seriously JK I cant help myself)

  • http://Website 1


  • http://Website zedklind

    They say what’s the point of having great devices on bad caverage.. what’s the point of having bad devices on the fastest network. I’ve been with tmobile since the sidekick 2 when I was 17. Those phones were great at the time… but now seeing that tmobile only showed of the moto cliq 2 at ces(which doesn’t look like an amazing phone with great specs) just really disappoints me.. where’s the atrix tmo version? How are they going to compete with other carriers with old technology? The galaxy s series chip is atleast 7 months old (korean release) and the newer snapdragons don’t really impress me. Yeah they can be overclocked up to nearly 2ghz on the g2 but I have a g2 and I’m returning it before the one month return policy. At times the speed reminds me of my old g1… I also don’t have 4g speeds in my city but a town over they do.. I’m stuck with spotty 3g with under par superphones. Tmo is making me want to switch.

    • http://Website watbetch

      The phones for 2011 are unannounced. You can stop the dramatics now.

      • http://Website zedklind

        i smell the blood of an english troll. they havent banned you yet? whats it been… 7 months youve been trollin here?

        • orginn

          Children out we still ctia, mwc, so chill the atrix was top dog at CES, be patient, u have g2,it can be worst you can have vibrant stuck on early 2010 software

  • http://Website Doug

    lol, funny how they spin it… no they don’t have nationwide 4g… while their HSDPA is pretty sweet, they have no plans (last I heard) of rolling out LTE… and while they can still ramp up the HSDPA for a while, without having “real” 4g (“real” because even LTE is not 4g) they will be left in the dust.

    BUT, maybe their plan is to wait until Verizon and AT&T roll theirs out and then capitalize on cheaper LTE equipment.

  • http://Website MvP

    Funny, just last night my girlfriend was trying to watch i video on youtube on her epic and it kept buffering. She was very fustrated. I tethered my MT4G to it and she was able to watch with no problems. Afterwards we ran speedtest to compare. I was getting 6-7mbs, She was getting .6-1mbs.

    She asked what was she paying the extra $10 for if its so slow, so i explained to her that she had to turn on 4G to accese it. After turning it on we werent able to get a signal and we are in a 4G area (kansas city). I told her that was the reason I sold my evo and went back to Tmo.

    Sprint might have better overall coverage, but for were i live and what i do on my phone (mainly using my slingbox at work) i could no longer deal with sprints slow 3G and I could only get 4G outside my house.

    Tmo does need to expand there 3G coverage cause outside the city im on edge, but at the same time my edge speeds were just a lil slower than sprints 3G speeds and im not usually doing ant heavy browsing out side the city. When im outside the city im more concered that i have calling coverage.

  • http://Website Sleepthieves

    Who cares at all what the carriers say about their 4G. For starters everyone knows that the carriers don’t really provide 4G. So if they all start with lies why would I believe what they say after the first lie.
    Basically without extensive real world tests of all the “4G” devices, in multiple test cities that provide “4G”, none of it has any merit. I want numbers not, “my carrier is better than yours”. Ive had sprint and tmobile and both services were great for me but I was also a tmobile tech support employee and heard a million times from people who had terrible coverage. There are just too many variables to make broad generalizations. I want numbers or I don’t even want to hear about this bullshit.

  • http://Website Mahogany1

    T-Mobile should be quiet as they have the WORSE assortment of phones. Trust me I know I been a customer for almost nine years. It might be time to change and customer service not so good anymore.

    • http://Website UMA Fan

      Funny you say that since the G2 and the myTouch 4G are currently the MOST POWERFUL htc android phones on the market right now, and the BEST on battery life because they both use the second gen snapdragon’s with dedicated GPU’s. Not to mentions every other android phone in the mid-range and wifi calling which is one of the best feature’s ever.

      This isn’t fanboyism. These are just raw facts. The way T-Mobile implements 4G speeds doesn’t rape your battery like WiMax and LTE do in its current form. PLUS, you get those speeds in more places than any other service provider offers right now… for cheaper.

      What is with some of these guys on here, asking for the god damn universe? They are so ignorant.

      • http://Website Leoz

        HTC EVO Shift has the same processor as the G2 so they aren’t alone in the “Power” category. Just cuz the MyTouch is the most powerful doesn’t make it the best

      • http://Website Ivan

        I bet wi-fi calling is the best feature on t mobile, since their damn phones never have signal. LMFAO…..PWN! bitch.

  • http://Website UMA Fan

    No dude, the CLIQ 2 is the totally the ONLY phone T-Mobile is going to release this year. [/sarcasm]

    Get real, will you?

  • http://Website metafor

    On the one hand, I know Verizon’s coverage is better in almost every area I’ve been to than either T-Mobile or AT&T, with their LTE being launched on a premium slice of spectrum that has one of the best data-carrying capabilities out of the whole range.

    On the other hand…none of them has a spokesperson that hot…..

  • jj

    i can’t wait till i get my lg optimus x2 so i can run circles around everyone

  • http://Website Paul

    It’s a joke right? As much as I hate ATT and what they do to Android phones, their HSPA+ rollout now easily beats T-Mobile’s HSPA+ coverage, and Verizon’s LTE coverage and Sprint’s WiMax coverage. Where I live in S. Fla, T-Mobile’s data speeds suck, my work issued ATT phone will always kill it in download speed and 3G connectivity. But I love my G2 and so I’m hanging onto T-Mobile, by a thread.

  • decipulo

    the fact that most of this companies are changing there plans. makes me very upset but i take a step bacc and just wait till the day they will be bacc to offering real true unadulterated unlimited web access… cheers, this here be my first post im not very tech savvy but i love tech.

  • Darkwingduck20

    “im pretty much slow on both” could that be a hint that tmobile might be getting the iphone?? just a thought