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Official myTouch 3G Slide Android 2.2.1 ROM hits the web

Now that T-Mobile’s gotten that pesky Android 2.2 update for the Samsung Vibrant out of the way, it looks like their development focus may now be shifting to the T-Mobile 3G Slide.  A member of XDA-Developers has just released a new ROM which he claims is based on T-Mobile’s official Android 2.2.1 Espresso build for the myTouch 3G Slide.  The update ROM does include a few new features (Wi-Fi calling, Live Wallpapers, and Apps to SD) but does leave out support for Adobe Flash 10.1. 

Forum members agree that the ROM feels pretty solid which may indicate that T-Mobile could be only weeks away from releasing the Froyo update for the myTouch 3G Slide. Forgive us if we sound a little optimistic, but T-Mobile’s been on a bit of a roll with their latest Android 2.2 rollouts.   Let’s hope T-mobile can continue to keep the ball rolling and deliver the Android 2.2.1 update for the myTouch 3G Slide before the middle of February.

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  • http://Website *d.*

    I wouldn’t mind a little 2.3 action on the G2. It’s not the update that 2.2 was, but still..

    • http://Website Nick

      Since Google is still waiting to roll out the official Android 2.3 update for the Nexus One, don’t expect the G2 to get the update any time soon. HTC has one of the best update records around. The update will come… you just have to be patient.

      • http://Website Tyrone

        Patient? T-Mobile has been lying to it’s customers about 2.2 for the Slide since before it was released. Back in June of 2010 they were claiming the Slide would get 2.2 “soon”. See for example, this T-Mobile ad from early June 2010, just weeks after the Slide was released. If you called 911 and the operator said help would be there “soon”, would you expect an 8 month wait?


  • http://Website Golde

    Tmobile is LATE with the froyo updates, Gingerbread is already out, give me a break!

    • http://Website jose

      At least is not like at&t that takes a year to update their android handsets…

    • http://Website Aston

      How many phones are running OFFICIAL gingerbread? don’t worry. i’ll wait.

    • http://Website Vibrant 2.2

      Well… T-Mobile allegedly claimed that they would start pushing out updates 3-5 months after being released.. But I doubt seeing gingerbread on ANY phone before the 3Q besides the Nexus line up

    • http://Website Ryan McKay

      Hey, be happy phones are getting updated! I thought the slide was gonna be forgotten. I’m happy to hear this news.

  • http://Website Javon27

    Any way we can port that wifi calling to thee original mytouch?

    • http://Website DROID Sam

      I think the official Android 2.2.1 update for the myTouch 3G included the Wi-Fi calling app. I have a friend who has the phone. I’ll have to double check to see if the app’s on his device.

  • http://Website ACR

    Glad this is 2.2.1.

  • http://Website Ryan McKay

    Some people like it. My wife’s one of them. BTW, CM7 isn’t a UI. Just sayin. ;)

  • http://Website Dave

    I’m not holding my breath. But I really, really want WiFi calling so the damn phone works at home.

  • http://Website ryyan

    I’m kinda new to alll this stufff, is the update out??? and if so how do I get it

  • http://Website emily

    mine updated and since it updated it turns off ALOT and i get sooo many dropped calls what can i doo? :(

  • http://Website heather

    I really want the new update. I was going to root my phone since it seems like T mobile is never going to update it but I called them. She said I should have gotten the update in October. She said I should get the update in under 7 days over the air.
    I waited 7 days and then I called back. The person told me that she wasn’t sure why I never got it and put me through to tech support which told me that the slide was not getting the update any time soon. They were pushing it out to all the fender and 3.5 jack slides first since they have older versions of android. He had no idea when the slide might be getting 2.2. He asked me why I wanted 2.2.
    Uhm hello. wifi calling and the ability to install at least some apps on the sd card! I have an SD card that does nothing. Then he asked me about all the apps I have. i don’t have many because I had to delete them because my gmail only works if there is more than 20MB of space left on the phone. Meanwhile, my 8 gb sd card sits basically unused. It really sucks!

  • http://www.iamtrophy.com/ Trophy

    *waits for the update* i just called tmobile and they told me there was no info yet for an ETA of when the my touch 3g slide will get the update… SMH.

  • http://Website phil

    i have the same problem as heather with a big sd card and cant install apps on it -__- i absolutely hate that i cant run apps cuz of the poor space…if froyo doesnt hit the slide by march, im rooting *shrugs*

  • http://Website mr.mytouchslide

    Tmobile and HTC said today that 2.2 is finnally released for mytouch3g slide today! They said waitup to 2 weeks for my phone to receive the OTA update. It will show up as notification

  • http://Website juanmytouchslide

    I have the mytouch slide and I want to update it do somebody know when is the update

  • http://Website BD

    I have a Nexus 1 (with 2.2.2), my wife has a Slide (with 2.1). While saving apps to the SD card is good, I’m waiting for the app writers to fix their apps. I still have problems with my phone flash being filled up (even though I have plenty of space on my SD card…)

  • http://Website Eliezer

    Is the update for mytouch3g slide 2.2 ready

  • http://Website Nivek

    Is T-Mobile ever going to release 2.2 for the mytouch3g slide? Why is it taking them so long? Do they not want us to have it !!!!?

  • http://Website Bill

    It is now 10 month and still no 2.2.1. I called T-mobile and nobody has any idea if and when it will be released. I based my decision to get the 3g slide based on the promise that 2.2 would be released soon.

    What is sure is that after 11 years with T-mobile I will be looking for a new carrier.

  • http://Website Mike U

    I have an unlocked Slide that I purchased a year ago online with no contract. Use T-Mobile pay as you go cards for voice & wifi for data. I guess I have to assume I’ll never receive the 2.2.1 update over the air, since I’m not on T-Mobile’s data system; no way for them to push it to me, is there?

    I see several people saying they’d root their phones if they didn’t receive the update; how can one install their own 2.2.1 update themselves if this is done? Any links for sites explaining how to do this?

  • http://Website Sphinx

    This is great… These people are never giving out the damn update.

    I’m a mytouch 3gslide owner and I have the flexpay account– Im not sure if that counts to be giving out the update through the “airway”, but, hopefully it gets to us soon… This is too good of a phone to just chuck away to get the new update!