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Quick hands-on overview of the dual-core Acer Iconia Android tablet

Stopping by the NVIDIA booth ,we got to take a quick look at the recently announced Acer Iconia. The Iconia we played with was running on Android 2.2, though we were promised that Acer will be waiting to launch the tablet so that they have time to load up Honeycomb. The Acer Iconia’s hardware was pretty impressive with a 10-inch capacitive display (capable of tracking 8 simultaneous touch points), an NVIDIA dual-core Tegra 2 processor, full aluminum case, and nearly as many ports as a desktop computer. The Iconia’s ports include a full USB, microUSB, docking connection, and a dedicated charging connection.

Rumor has it that the Acer Iconia also includes support for Verizon’s 4G LTE network, but none of the units we spotted were activated on the network. Similar to the Motorola XOOM, the Iconia does not feature any hardware or capacitive buttons on the front of the device. The Motorola XOOM may have won the CNET Best of Show award, but the Acer Iconia will definitely give Motorola’s tablet some heavy competition once it’s made available to the public.

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  • http://Website Futureboy


    Please, please, please… start proof-reading your articles before you publish.

    • http://www.fifthmissionmarketing.com Andrew

      doesn’t bug me if you don’t proof read I get what I need.

      • http://Website Futureboy


        Apparently you are among the growing number of people who believe that grammar is irrelevant. It’s frustrating reading good tech content that seems to be written by the uneducated. I’m not dissing Nick, but rather this is a general comment on the alarming trend of bloggers putting quantity above quality, and that includes writing style. Facts are important and accuracy is important. If you’re writing about tech, you should have the names of the products you are writing about correct. Go ahead and rate my comments negative if you will, but there’s nothing wrong with expecting a little more from a professional news source.

        @Nick Gray

        Thank you for making the corrections. It shows that you really care about the quality of your work.

        • Nick Gray

          Thanks for keeping us in check. Sometimes things get a little scattered (like rushing to press the publish button right as the flight attendant tells you to put your laptop away).

  • http://Website Bobby

    how is the build quaility? Is it light or heavy or just right?

    • Nick Gray

      Build quality is very nice. The device is a bit on the heavy side, but that’s mainly due to the high quality build materials. I’d say it’s heavier than the Motorola XOOM, but on par with the iPad.

  • http://Website jojo

    sorry, but is that the whole point to that game!!… i hope not or else it’s the dumbest and most pointless game in existence…and a really bad way to advertise a tablet. i could say more but why bother…

    • Nick Gray

      Yeah, Fruit Ninja is a bit simple, but highly addictive once you get into it. Playing with multiple fingers is easy, but you actually miss out on a lot of the points since you lose any ability to gain combo scores. If you have not tried it out on your phone, I suggest you give it a try.

  • http://Website Nate

    How does it work with 2.2 woithout buttons?

    • Nick Gray

      Acer has built in a gesture system to pull in on-screen menu buttons. Simply swipe your finger over the bottom right corner and the four menu buttons you are typically used to seeing show up on the screen. This will probably change once they load Honeycomb on the tablet since the new UI will include the necessary buttons needed to operate the OS.

  • http://Website Dave

    How are viewing angles on this? also, do you know of ANY manufacturer that is planning on releasing any wi-fi only 7-inch tegra-2 tablet ?

    • Nick Gray

      Viewing angles on the Acer tablet were pretty good, much better than those of the Dell Streak 5 and 7. All major tablets that were announced did have some connection to a carrier, but there’s always that elusive WiFi only Galaxy Tab. The real hope is that Samsung will update all their tablets to Honeycomb once it is made available.

  • http://Website Drew

    lol, Scamsung update something? Not in this life!

  • http://Website Paul

    My fruit ninja doesn’t support more than one touch even though my G2 is a multi-touch device. How did they get multi-touch fruit ninja?

    • Nick Gray

      Halfbrick cooked up a special version of Fruit Ninja for NVIDIA to show off at the show. You’ll also notice a significant graphics improvement over the app that’s currently on the market. The number of polygons pushed in the demo app is ten times higher than the one currently available to the public.

  • http://www.adamtabletnews.com Adam Tablet News

    Looks like it might be pretty comfortable to hold with that somewhat curved body. Definitely looking forward to playing with this tablet.