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Confirmed: T-Mobile chooses Samsung to revive its Sidekick brand (updated with blurrycam pics)

New T-Mobile CEO Philipp Humm recently confirmed that their Sidekick brand would return as an Android-powered 4G handset, but he failed to mention which manufacturer was going to produce it. Based on rumors from last year we all assumed it would be HTC, but apparently we were wrong.

The Sidekick brand is an interesting one for Android fans based on its storied history. The device debuted as the Danger Hiptop in 2002, which was the company founded by the godfather of Android, Mr. Andy Rubin. New Googler Matias Duarte was also Director of Design at Danger from 2000-2005, so the Sidekick franchise has some interesting roots.

I know most of you dislike baseless rumors, but I’ve spoken with enough sources now to confirm that Samsung is in fact producing the Sidekick 4G. The most-influential (and unofficial) T-Mobile blogger David of TmoNews has also received word that Samsung is making the phone and we are currently digging for more details.

Apparently these phones are already in the wild, so maybe the blurrycam will capture one soon…

Update: Well I thought pics would be coming soon, but had no idea they would arrive today. Someone just sent TmoNews three pics of the phone in the wild that show exactly what we were looking for. I think the keyboard looks pretty cool. What do you guys think?

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Source: TmoNews

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  • http://Website Jim

    LOL… Samsung is pure disaster. If these phones are anything like Galaxy S devices (including the Nexus S), Tmo better brace themselves.

    • http://Website joe

      “LOL… Samsung is pure disaster. If these phones are anything like Galaxy S devices (including the Nexus S), Tmo better brace themselves.”

      What, you mean an unmatched success, right? You know that they are now selling more android phones than anyone else, right? This not accidental success.

      • http://Website aantoine87

        biggest problem about this phone is the screen is only about 3.5in, how do i know this? simple, i held my phone up to my pc screen and even though the image was bigger than the actual device my nexus one’s screen was about equal which means the screen is smaller

    • http://Website Nick Gray

      That SE XPERIA X12 Arc is looking a lot better with every day that passes. I know there are a lock of Sidekick fans out there, but someone at Samsung or T-Mobile must have forgotten that people like phones that actually look good.

  • http://Website diaztradeinc

    Samsung Blows! T-Mobile needs to step up to the plate and bang out some real phones!

    • http://Website Blest


  • http://Website joe

    Just one more reason not to buy this phone.

    I wasn’t ever interested in this phone, as I don’t really like the Sidekick brand, but with it being made by Samsung, I most definately won’t buy this phone.

  • mac08wrx

    wtf why are carriers even considering working with samdumb……do they like the angry customers……..do they like to constantly exchange phones for people……….do they like to destroy their brand image? who know but something has to change.

  • http://Website watbetch

    It looks way better than any Sidekick Sharp has produced already.

    As long as it doesn’t sync with a cloud I’m happy. QWERTY offerings are kind of lacking at T-Mobile. This will be their first 5 row in a long time. I don’t care who it’s made by, T-Mobile has gone on record saying they will be increasing the speed of their software updates because they realize customers do want updates quick so that’s enough for me.

    I’m not going to buy it based on promises, but that is nice to hear. If it ships with at least 2.2 that’s enough for me.

    • http://Website BiGMERF(jr)

      HTC made the original sidekick.

      • http://Website watbetch

        Uh no they did not.. Sharp made most of the Sidekicks and Motorola made one terrible Sidekick. The first Sidekick wasn’t made by Sharp but it wasn’t made by HTC either. It was made by some company with lower brand recognition.

        • Galen20K

          betch is right, they were ALWAYS made by Sharp save for that horrid one made by Motorola.

          • http://www.mobilexvideos.com Mobile X Videos

            Sharp made them all except for a couple, and Sharp’s most recent ones were AWESOME.

            The Dpad on the SK2009 was outstanding with the diamond grid grip.

            Those things were solid as a rock- the most solid phone I’ve ever had.

            The Trakballs were a nice nice, super smooth, and lit up in a variety of colors, which was quite handy.

            The snap-off colored cases were a great idea too.

            SHARP needs to get into this Android game and show em how a real Sidekick is made.

  • http://Website Alex

    Am I honestly the only one that’s not blasting on Samsung. I know they had bad reputations but there hardware is one of the best. Software if you honestly have a problem with it, then there’s XDA Developers! End of story. The Samsung jokes are getting over rated!!

    • http://Website Derek

      Samsung hardware used to be top notch, but now even their hardware is sucking. Just go read any forum dealing with samsung, GPS doesnt work, phones constantly rebooting, their proprietary file system blows and causes huge lags. Just go with HTC, they’re now the best around; moto is second; LG is third; and I wouldnt piss on samsuck if they were on fire.

      • http://Website Aston

        you are OVER exaggerating. what about the countless HTC phones with failed multi touch sensors? (nexus one, evo 4g) what about the motorola phones with their laggy motoblur and outdated phones. LG? who? samsung is the BEST right now.

        • http://Website E

          I own Evo and its not rooted so far no problems at all so not all HTCs are victims and I use to own a N1 ONLY problem I had was I lost it

      • http://Website watbetch

        HTC has quality control issues too.. the MT4G with it’s off center front facing camera, dust under the screen, light leakage loosely fitting battery plate.. etc.

        Lets not forget the hardware issues the HTC EVO 4G had (screen lifting, light leakage to the extremes, etc.)

  • http://Website Queen Laqueefa

    Deal breaker. I really had high hopes for this device. Oh well.

  • http://Website Kevin

    samsung! really!? worst decision possible I was hoping HTC but dammit now I can’t get the new sidekick I was hoping for oh well mytouch 4g here I come

  • http://Website Christian B.

    Sure, Samsung has an awful track record with their update shenanigans, but this device is actually lookin’ pretty good.

  • http://Website UniqueNate

    Was thinking it would of looked a little better. First leaked pictures are never the best. Was also thinking they would of came up with a new unique design. Guess they wanted to keep it original.

    The samsung jokes are old. It’s honestly not that serious. They have awesome hardware and usually are more advanced in that area while other manufacturers just add the popular stuff and call it a day. It’s already been clarified that the carriers were the ones with the hold up on the updates. Let it go already. Samsung did their part. Obviously something is right if they have carriers wanting them to build their flagship phones.

  • http://Website joshl

    I was excited about this device, but now not so much. I don’t trust samsung and I think their hardware is cheap, i.e. gps not working (which I think we can all admit is not only the software). But this phone looks good. Sadd. I’ll stick with my G2. Updates (more likely than samsung) and stock UI. Can’t get much better than that. :)

    Sent from my G2

  • http://Facebook.com/therickyrescue Ricky Olivarez

    So I’m loving how it looks! I just hope it doesn’t shit with Android 2.2 and touch wiz.
    I want stock Android. But I doubt that will happen. I just hate how Samsung handles updates, they better not lag like they did with the Vibrant.

  • http://Website panic

    Samsung has habitually proven how much they truly care about their customers through their horrible services I don’t care how many times u guys say bashing Samsung is getting old they continuesly lie about their upgrade support I was honestly excited to hear about the sk line since I was a loyal sk user back when it was a factor in the mobile world but now that I know its with Samsung I could care less about it

  • http://Website rikki

    Id still buy this phone
    And honestly I fell like I’m the only one who doesn’t care if my phone gets an OTA update just root and flash a custom rom end of story :)

  • http://Website Randompat

    People really need to calm down and at least wait until some real specs come out.

  • http://www.thisiscourtney.com Courtney

    I was excited about this, but no chance I’d ever buy anything Samsung made.

  • http://Website billbob

    So when do we get the GPS issue and random reboots?

  • http://Website Ronald

    yall are some fools !!! yea samsung has a bad rep for updating but i have owned plenty of android phones and samsungs are far from the worst and most of the people on here talking about samsung probably havent owned one just speaking based on “hear say”. i had the nexus one and it was the most advanced phone at the time but had its own issues. i had the Moto droid 1 and 2 and talk about slow lagging devices !? the G2 hinge is terrible.. the motorola cliq just barely got a update before it was a year old. everyone is ganging up on samsung. check the service providers over seas and in canada Galaxy S phones have been updated… EVERY COMPANY HAS THEIR OWN SET OF PROBLEMS NOT JUST SAMSUNG

  • http://Website Rey

    LOL I think is funny that Samsung now a days has a terrible reputation, but when the vibrant came out most people were like OMG THE BEST !! it is what what it is, if we don’t like their update process then move on to another phone. But Most people don’t care cause they don’t understand the whole update thing. As for this phone i remember when i went crazy over the Sidekick 3 it was at the time my most exciting phone ever, good times.

  • http://Website Speed

    Epic Fail! Samsung may make great electronic components. ie. Processors, Super AMOLED screens. However they make the ugliest and most poorly designed phones!

  • http://Website DaveC

    I sure like the looks of the keyboard–best looking layout since the G1. One of the six family phones is a Sidekick. This could be a possiblility IF I don’t dump T-Mobile altogether due to network issues. 4G phones are rather useless when you live in a 2G world. :-(

  • http://Website Hans

    It’s quite sad when even within the android community, there are manufacturer fanboys. Every company has their strengths and flaws. Sure, the US Galaxy S phones may have GPS issues(mine was fixed with Verizon’s update), but remember that the Nexus has screen multitouch issues while the Evo had light leakage and raised screens. Not one phone is perfect. That’s why we(the android community) have xda and such, to enhance our phones. Like this one skit said, “You know they make these things less than perfect on purpose, right?” :p

  • http://samsungandroidcase.com beetle

    I loved my sidekick 2! maybe im the only one? anyways can’t wait to see the specs!

  • http://Website AndroidLuvR3R1

    This model is extremely unattractive………. They would have gone with the Sidekick LX look with the silver trimmings and hard plastic……….cause this looks sad…………

  • http://codethief.eu codethief

    5-row keyboard. Yikes!

  • http://Website Tito!

    It actually doesn’t look that bad.
    that still doesn’t classify me as one who likes Samsung tho, still.
    I just hope it doesn’t even seem like Samsung manufactured it (due to Sidekick being a T-Mobile trademark, that might grant the wish)
    I prefer non-Samsung, but if it absolutely must be:
    as long as it seems nothing like it.
    &, aren’t Samsung phones right now, currently best at benchmarks? Guess I could benefit from that. :)
    I still don’t like Samsung.

  • kwills88

    If you actually think about the type of people who owned a sidekick then it being made by samsung wont be an issue…most of them are pre teens or just teens who dont care about the things we do, so they wont even notice the problems that samsung have…all they know is that their beloved sidekick is coming back and that’s that.

    • Galen20K

      those “teens” are now in their 20″s lol

    • http://Website Tito!

      I was a teen my first sidekick, and I’m still a teen.
      that is not to say I don’t have high taste.
      I have my fair share of knowledge in smartphones and their manufacturers.
      & that’s what I’m saying, that is the problem with T-Mobile:
      they don’t care who makes their phones. They like the idea that most people have no clue how or who made their phone. Just wrong if you ask me, especially for those who actually understand these things (Like me). Its neglecting.
      T-Mobile really needs to step their game up in all areas, if they want to “make it somewhere”.
      What they said, claimed, and thought of to be a great year for them is turning out to be a “same shit, different day” type of thing.

      No Offense, I just wanted to enlighten your opinion by stating not all of us like “dumbphones” (:
      & we should have a say. That is, if T-Mobile wants and likes being the carrier of “dumbphones.”

      Plus, like the comment above me says.
      Some of those “teens”, can and most likely are in their “20s”.

  • http://www.mobilerealityking.com Mobile Reality King

    UGH. Can Tmobile get anything right at this point?

    Samsung+Removed Dpad+Tiny Trakball = F A I L

    What is wrong with these people? Its not that hard to figure out what is cool and what sucks.

  • http://Website Tito!

    After Reviewing the images on TmoNews,
    I really don’t like that Samsung thinks its okay to have their branding on the battery cover.
    it’s already barely bareable to know they are manufacturing it, to be reminded everytime would be hell. (IF, Samsung absolutely must manufacture it. I would like a sudden change of mind, but)
    & no other Sidekick had branding on it, so why should this one.
    T-Mobile should really enforce this. If they want to at least win back those who are unsatisfied with this news.

  • http://Website Paul Atreides

    Its not too bad, once they put that notorious shiny coat on it it will be some what better looking. That screen kind of looks 3d…I’m not going to get it but I think its true to the sidekick form. It had front facing camera it has a nice qwerty it doesn’t look too thick but I’m all over that new HTC I need it to be the EVO 2.

  • Drew

    Can HTC and Samsung hook up on this one? As in, Samsung internals + HTC build quality?

  • Drew

    Also, please no TouchWiz please no TouchWiz please no TouchWiz!

    Pretty please no TouchWiz?

  • http://Website Gary

    This is SO UGLY.
    A relic from the early part of last decade.

  • ViktorPrime

    looking at the back of the screen it looks like it works like my G2 the Z hinge

  • Uncemister

    Made by Samsung? Fail.

    No camera flash? Bigger Fail (last 3 SKs had one)

    No real swivel screen? Biggest Fail.

    Me being a hardcore sidekick fan I can say that this is very disappointing. Ill take my original LX over this any day.

    • http://Website The Dutchess

      You are so right.. the things that make a kick a kick are missing.. i NEED the scroll and the keys appear as if they lay flat.. sidekick keys are raised allowing me to type with my fingernails. (chubby fingers) AND another problem.. Samsung being the maker.. i dont have a bad eXperience to cry about.. . but i will say this.. most . .. not all of their phones dont allow you to operate in and out of apps, messaging, and web without closing out the programs. my sidekick is 3 yrs old and i tried a htc.. im thinking yea thats who should have made the phone.. i have a question.. im wondering if anyone knows…. WHY DO MANUFACTORS CHANGE the size of a phone when it has a keyboard. i.e the evo is over 4 inches big, but the evoshift is smaller.. the my touch slide is smaller then the my touch 4G.. i dont think people will run from…half a inch larger.. but rather prefer it.. im headed to a focus group in 2 weeks.. and can bet this phone will be there. hope its not this model..


  • http://Website jr.

    would be nice if they included the game Bob’s Journey lol

  • http://Website jayy336

    I wonder what the guts on this puppy are like. It probably and HOPEFULLY has at least a 1GHZ processor. Maybe Samsung will throw in their hummingbird? I can see that it has an FFC. This is gonna be a good phone. The only reason why i will refuse to get it is because of the design. As a previous sidekick owner i didn’t mind the design. Now, they look like toys.

  • http://ezinearticles.com/?Virility-Ex-Review---Do-Virility-Ex-Enlargement-Pills-Really-Work?&id= Drevorhowerton

    good looking phone . This is a teach phone .

  • http://Website panic

    [Id still buy this phone
    And honestly I fell like I’m the only one who doesn’t care if my phone gets an OTA update just root and flash a custom rom end of story - rikki ]

    im sorry but i wouldnt buy a nice looking car with a horrible engine just because i know i can fix it and besides not everyone knows how to root and play with roms. i bought the epic when it first came out i used it for 2 months awaiting the promised update and never got it yes i could have rooted and installed a rom but its the principle im not gonna pay over 200 for a phone that im not happy with out the box.