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Samsung Infuse 4G sneak peek

Last night at the Pepcom event we were walking the floor when we spied the Samsung booth showing off the new Infuse 4G. Now, they wouldn’t let us touch the phone itself, see the back of the device, even leave the home screen, but we shot video anyway.

The Infuse 4G features Samsung’s new Super AMOLED Plus screen at a whopping 4.5 inches. They said it has a lot more subpixels, but I won’t pretend to know exactly what that means. Check out the video below for a quick peak at this new phone headed to AT&T.

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  • http://Website Louis


  • http://Website Louis

    They can’t let you show the back but can you at least tell us how the back looks like?

    • http://clarklab.net Clark Wimberly

      No, it’s not that they wouldn’t let us film the back, they wouldn’t let us see it period.

      • http://Website Mally

        why tho!?

        is it coated in lots of hello kitty stickers?

      • http://gadgetshooter.com Mark

        I got video of the back while she was showing the phone to you. Didn’t know I was standing next to you while doing this video. http://youtu.be/LESx5T5yJfk

        I don’t see the big deal though

  • http://Website Dylan

    It’s funny how samsung us announcing all these new phones with 2.2 but can’t even get their act together and update the galaxy s line…maybe they should focus on current owners and not on new phones greedy bastards.

  • http://Website Anthony

    Ya know Samsung got alotta nerve they drop alot of phones that they don’t update then they offer a 4.5″ screen phone that also from past experiences won’t be updated. I guess the bigger screen is so they can install a graveyard section perhaps on the bottom1/2 inch of this mini tablet that will have tombstones of all dead Samsung phones and an open grave for this one
    Samsung you fail
    thanks google for saving the NS from the bone yard

  • http://Website Tony

    I think this phone sucks, and I don’t like both Samsung and AT&T.

    A 4.5 inch screen with a non dual-core phone means extremely bad battery life, and the size of the phone is too big to comfortably fit in a pocket with other stuff in that same pocket. Even the Evo’s 4.2 inch screen is too big in my opinion.

    We already know that Samsung sucks at quickly updating its phones to the latest version of Android, and we don’t know if AT&T will support its phones better when they end their iPhone execusively.

    I think the best phone that’s going to be released this Spring is the LG Optimus 2x, because it has a 4 inch screen, its thin, and it has a dual-core Tegra 2 processor.

    Plus, since its the first dual-core phone, its going to be one of the best phones for a very long time, the same way the orginal Droid was a very good phone for a very long time.

    • http://Website UniqueNate

      I think your bashing it a little to much. That screen does better then others when it comes to saving battery life. Understand the combination of things. That phone is slimmer then almost any phone and the screen is stretched keeping little bezel and none of that extra. this phone is not huge. maybe not in your liking but c’mon look what your saying.

      anyways verizon announced a samsung lte phone. it’s like a beefed up fascinate. so maybe all carriers are getting a revised galaxy s. still makes me want to know what to expect from the galaxy s2. cause these revised galaxy s phones are sweet. just missing the dual core. you definitely can expect the galaxy s2 to have a dual core. I wonder if they’ll use the tegra2 they bought or orion.

      another thing sprint is silent. i’m sure something will come along though.

    • http://Website Darren

      This 4.5″ display sounds great too me. I’ve been using the 4.3″ Desire HD and, although it’s a big improvement over my iPhone, even a slightly bigger screen wouldn’t go astray. It’s phone thickness that concerns me more than width and height so a thin phone with a big screen is just what I like. Everyone’s different I guess.

    • http://Website mike

      yeahhh ummmmmmm the atrix 4G will be the first dual core not the lg whatever and the evos screen is 4.3 not 4.2 and who puts other things in the same pocket as your phone anyway ur phone will just get scratched up

  • http://Website Daniel

    “A lot more subpixels” could mean true RGB tiling, rather than the PenTile they’ve been using on all their OLED and Super OLED screens.

  • http://Website Samsucksucksuck

    Infail 4G

    • qcom

      Lawl, I kinda agree.

      I mean, it’s coming out summer if I remember right.

      It’s going to be late to the game, and not even a contender.

      It looks good, I guess…

    • http://Website sam

      that wasnt even funny

  • diva86o4

    just a little pissed

  • http://Website dans

    Normal lcd has 2 subpixels to make one pixel, Super AMOLED has 3 subpixels, im guessing this has 4. (probably yellow)

  • Prince77

    How is that phone coming out in the 2Q of 2011 with Froyo??? If AT&T customers have to wait that long it should have Gingerbread on it at that time. That is why I can’t buy Samsung anymore, plus AT&T doesn’t have any good plans for customers.

  • http://Website Raptor

    Clark , you have to be more investigative.

    Ask Samsung lady put cell on the table and take a macro shot to see the subpixels.

    Specifically on Red/Yellow areas and on Blue too. Current SuperAMOLEDs have twice smaller amount of red and blue subpixels per line which is what most people hate and why Steve Jobs kicked Samsung AMOLED screens from iP4. The iphone has twice the density of subpixels in both X and Y direction.

    Another is max brightness. Ask her to make max brightness and put iPhone4 nearby to compare. Seems from the movie it is the same like in previous SuperAMOLEDs, the damn 350 nits which is way far from iP4 700nits. This no way make this screen more visible on direct light, as Samsung i’ve heard claims ( Engadget reported)