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Samsung to introduce the next evolution of the Galaxy S on February 13… but will they ever update it?

In the next couple of weeks Samsung will unveil the successor to the Galaxy S (rumored to be a dual-core Tegra 2 device). I’m sure it will be an awesome piece of hardware, but many Android fans will steer clear of the device based solely on Samsung’s reputation of poor software updates.

For unknown reasons, Samsung has struggled to deliver the Android 2.2 FroYo update to the 4 million U.S. customers who purchased a Galaxy S phone. It might be easier to give them the benefit of the doubt, but Samsung has a poor track record with software updates going back to the their first Android phone (the Behold II) and we see no signs of things getting better.

We wondered aloud before any Galaxy S phones went on sale if Samsung could upgrade their reputation when it came to software support. After six months of waiting we finally gave up and claimed that Samsung had failed to change the impression that they don’t support their products after releasing them.

In the absence of information from Samsung, rumors and speculation have begun to grow wild and I’m sure you have read the crazy stories about why Samsung has yet to deliver the Android 2.2 update to U.S. customers. I have no idea what the real cause of the delay is, but I would agree with those that suggest it might be a political issue between the carriers and Samsung.

The truth is Samsung has delivered Android 2.2 to many Galaxy S phones around the globe. It also appears that the 2.2 update is already finished for most Galaxy S phones in the U.S. because we have seen test builds leak out.

Samsung hit their goal of becoming the top manufacture of Android phones in the U.S., so there is little reason for them to change their current business strategy. The average Android user does not even know what FroYo is, but that is slowly starting to change.

Last week on The Android Show we had a Verizon employee call in and tell us his story about why he stopped recommending Samsung phones. He said that more and more customers were complaining that their new Samsung Fascinate could not play Flash movies (like their friend’s Droid or EVO) and several ended up exchanging their phone for another model that could. This is just one incident, but we have to wonder how many other cell phone salesmen are no longer pushing Samsung phones for fear of the customer complaints they have to deal with.

We just interviewed Samsung at CES and were told “the wait is almost over“, but we emailed Samsung Mobile again to see if they had any new information about the FroYo upgrades.

“We are working to make the Android 2.2/Froyo upgrade available to all U.S. Galaxy S owners as soon as possible. Due to the complexity and unique functionality of each Galaxy S device, we are performing additional testing. Samsung feels it is important to make the Android 2.2/Froyo upgrade available only after we feel that we can give the millions of U.S. Galaxy S owners a simple and reliable upgrade experience.”Samsung Mobile

So just like six months ago, there is nothing new to report. The Android 2.2 upgrade is “coming soon” to U.S. Galaxy S owners and it could arrive at any moment.

Hopefully Samsung delivers these FroYo updates before February 13th, but I doubt that will happen. Most likely we will get the Galaxy S2 announcement and then the Android community will ask again, “But will they ever update it?”

Source: Samsung

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  • http://Website Chris

    I have had second thoughts of ever owning Samsung (anything) again. From issues I have had with their Blu-ray players and software upgrades, to my Captivate…. I am done with Samsung and looking forward to an upgrade to another dependable manufacture.

    • http://Website Louis

      May I ask what kind of issues you’re having with their blue-ray player so I can see if it’s the same with mine, so I can know i’m not losing my mind lol.

      • http://Website Chris

        Firmware updates – I have ran into a number of issues where a newly released Blu-ray movie would not play because the payers firmware was outdated. It took over 2 weeks before we were able to watch How to Train Your Dragon and Inception when they were released. Also I have Windows 7 on my home PC and when I tried to use the player to steam media from my PC, the software from Samsung didn’t support Windows 7 and occasionally it would work bu t most of the time it didn’t.
        The biggest issue I had was the constant freezing of movies. If you were able to unfreeze a scene you would end up losing sound and would have to shut the player down and restart it also losing your place and having to restart the movie from the beginning.
        I had 3 units all highly rated and all and similar issues. Finally returned it and purchased an LG of which I have been extremely pleased with!

  • rahlquist

    I will make sure to do my best to make it known that nobody should buy a Samsung product as they never follow through on support of existing customers. I’ve had a captivate for 6 months and been promised fix after fix and nothing. If you want a Samsung product make sure you are content with what it comes with because in the US you will get no support or updates just empty promises. If you need proof just google around a bit.

    • DavidM

      so true, I am hoping to upgrade to a Motorola Atrix when it comes out

  • http://Website truth

    give it up with the Samsung hate already. What percentage of android users have Gingerbread? what percentage have Froyo? Every phone that gets released won’t be updated on time. Look at the nexus one, does it have Gingerbread. NO! Is any Nexus One user complaining about it, are the blogs reporting about this lack of update to the first “GOOGLE” phone.
    If you want to get updated on time get an Iphone. This is the reality of Android. I am an X10 user so if I
    sound angry it is because I AM.

    • http://adomanico01.blogspot.com/ Anthony Domanico

      Over 50% of android phones in the U.S. now have froyo, 0% of sammy’s US devices do. Just stating facts here.

      • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

        I think the Sprint Intercept got 2.2, but it’s not a Galaxy S phone.

      • http://Website R.S.

        All these complaints about the Galaxy S phones not receiving updates make me so glad I went with the HTC myTouch Slide over the Samsung Vibrant because HTC updates their phones.

        Oh wait, the Slide hasn’t been updated and probably never will. Someone correct me if I’m wrong but I believe it’s been out longer than any of the Galaxy S phones, at least here in the US.

        • http://Website T-MoAndroidExpert

          Actually the MyTouch slide WAS getting 2.2. relatively soon before it got pushed back. T-Mobile still intends to release it to my knowledge. You also have to take into account the MyTouch slide is not really a top tier phone like the Vibrant is. It’s a middle level phone and I’m quite surprised T-Mobile took the time to even acknowledge people bought it. So really, yes you ARE doing better than Vibrant owners. Just because it’s made by HTC, it’s still a T-Mobile branded phone, with T-Mobile’s version of sense UI on it. So you should have known from the get go that it probably would get updates on a slower schedule. Hang in there….it’s on it’s way!

          • http://Website R.S.

            Well according to Samsung, their phones are also scheduled to get the update. It’s just been pushed back a bit, again and again and again so how is it any different?

            The Slide may not be a top tiered phone but guess what? It was T-Mobiles “flagship” phone until it got pushed aside and forgotten about, mostly due to the myTouch 4G.

            Hmm, isn’t that one of the things that Samsung is being accused of? Releasing a newer model and completely forgetting about their previous model(s)?

      • http://Website @neidlinger

        what about the hacker community i just found a 2.2 ROM thread with 55,000 views.

    • http://Website Chris

      Its not just HATE on Samsung for their Galaxy S Phones and Froyo or Gingerbread. Its a lack of support for any device manufactured by them. I have had 3 separate Samsung Blu-ray players all highly rated by CNET and Consumer Reports yet the lack of support and software upgrades have made them disappointing to watch any new Blu-ray releases as you have to wait week after week for them to release new firmware. The Galaxy S phones have also had a hand full of issues here in the US not relating to the OS. Plus my children who have Samsung phones (Not Android) complain about the phone freezing up and having to remove the battery just to reset the device!

    • http://Website Kenny

      Get an iPhone? What a joke. First off who wants a device that was out-dated before it hit the stores. Second most company’s are pretty good about pushing updates out. My recomendation… Root Access…. google that. Or check out XDA-Developers.com and look up what ever you said device is. Don’t be scared Samsung owners. Where their company has let you down there is a whole community of people working to make Android and all the devices that it better. And before any of you say “oh but that will void my warrenty ;(” I say to you “In order to make an omelet you gotta break a couple eggs.”

      • http://twitter.com/thebignoob Ryan

        And this is why I’ll be getting this phone.

        I know samsung has had a terrible rep with updating their phones, but when it comes down to it, the SoC is greater than anything else on the android market. XDA is full of brilliant developers, and will have the latest ports of AOSP running on this phone in no time.

        Don’t like the update wait on your carrier? Buy a unsubsidized GSM phone for full price, and get updates when rest of the world does. SMH

  • http://Website john

    Its just b/s we know froyo is ready its on the vibrant plus?? Whats the difference?? Its the same phone!!! Sheeeessshhhhh Samsung stop the delay!!! Its ready give the customers what we need good support… its a shame cause as of right now they have the top notch phone and they leave us in the dust…. Smh….

  • http://Website Cintra

    Thank you!

    This is the second article I have read today about the poor record Android suppliers at all levels have for updating their devices. I mean Manufacturers, Carriers, and Google..

    Hopefully this is the beginning of a pressure wave which can force suppliers to clearly specify whether or not they will be upgrading, so we buyers can make informed decisions.


  • http://Website jomaxwel

    T-Mobile is due to release the Vibrant 4G the end of Feb could it be that they will have the first US next generation Galaxy S? I can’t believe they would launch a new Vibrant with only a FFC and upgraded radio.

  • http://Website Seph

    I’m not sure if you’ve already saw this link… but the update thing must be because of this?

    “The Samsung Secret – Why U.S. Galaxy S Phones run Android 2.1 Still”

    • http://adomanico01.blogspot.com/ Anthony Domanico

      A little skeptical of that account at this point. Could very well be true, but a post on XDA is not necessarily the truth. It could very well be true, but we don’t know for sure.

    • http://Website James

      Samsung has denied this is the reason. See “Samsung: We Are Not Charging Carriers for Android Updates” at http://www.phonescoop.com/news/item.php?n=7346 — too bad that’s about all they said. I know I’d like some clear answers as to exactly why we keep experiencing delays in the US Galaxy S Froyo release and who’s primarily responsible for it (Samsung, carriers, etc.).

      • SGB101

        in the uk the galaxy s, is updated via the sammy pc software, arrhhh….. i had to put it on my pc just to update the mrs, phone. cant moan too much as at least we got an update.

        my G1 and Desire have always been updated ota, much better.

        i dont know y you dont get an emais stating there is an update ready for you then click a link that downloads the update via web, then hit install. this way you get the benefit of ota ease and the manufacture get to negate the cost of ota update.

  • http://Website Gochet

    I love my shitty-battery-life Samsung Vibrant. And have been a fan of Samsung ever since they veered from “cheapest shit you could get from SE Asia” to “Awesome and forward-looking electronics company”. Now I’m starting to see them steer their ship just like Sony does. Paranoid, backward, and stupid. It was good knowing you, Samsung.

    • http://Website Ryan Kim

      Samsung, a South Korean company, is in NE Asia not SE Asia.

    • http://Website CactusCat

      So your Vib has sh*tty battery life eh? Guess I could say I used to have that problem as well. Here’s my current situation. I pulled my Vibrant off the charger this morning at 7:30am. I used the heck outta phone today. Played some games, used my perfectly working GPS about 6 times (probably 45-50 minutes total), made a gazillion phone calls, sent emails and a few texts. Got home at 5:45pm and still had 44% battery remaining!! My secret? I decided to not gripe or complain or whine about anything. I took the matter into my own hands and followed the simple directions (along with the help of an online buddy) and put Nero + voodoo on my Vibrant. After seeing how well my Vibrant works now, I seriously doubt whether it would make any difference to me if Samsung released 2.2 or not. If they did, I wouldn’t use it. So if all you people that are now Samsung haters aren’t going to ever have anything to do with Samsung, then why not take a chance on having some enjoyment out of your phone? Instead of cursing my phone, I can’t wait to use it everyday. Sound like you? I doubt it…. Stop the whining and take a moment to do what you’ve been asked to do by many others??? Just do it yourself. And finally, guess what? Won’t be too long and I’ll have Gingerbread on my Vibrant as well. What are you waiting on? There is a TeamWhiskey channel on IRC loaded with knowledgeable people just waiting to assist you. We’ve all been at the same place as you. And the Vibrant is one of the easiest phones anywhere to root.

  • wwJOSHdo

    SIMPLE ANSWER! #SAMSUNGSTINKS !!! that’s the truth. I have had a Moment… “The Hero/Moment will NEVER get FroYo”. That came straight from sprint’s mouth. So I got an Intercept, it sucked! And it took them all the way up until last month, to finally push out 2.2 for the intercept and a lot of people are having issues with it. Now I have a Samsung Transform and sprint promised that it would get FroYo by the end of the year… The Epic 4g, still waiting!

    I have been saying this forever now, Don’t buy a samsung phone unless you are happy with having Android 2.1 while everyone else is using Froyo, Gingerbread, and above. I predict this time next year, I will have a new phone (NOT MADE BY SAMSUNG!) and the Transform will STILL be waiting for Froyo while Android 3.0 has come and gone! I have said FOREVER that once Samsung releases a phone, they don’t care about it anymore.. They will NOT UPDATE IT. So seeing this blog, is just awesome that someone else feels the same way I do!

    Simple answer, Don’t buy a Samsung phone because they will NOT update it. They will push out a phone as fast as they can with last years Android OS on it, and then drop support for that phone immediately!

    • wwJOSHdo

      one last post…. I sent a link to this blog, to Samsungs Twitter. it usually takes them a long time to reply, but I will keep you all updated with what they say! (if they say anything. They probably have there tail tucked between there legs right now, if they read this article! “Oh shit, the world realizes that we suck at supporting our phones and releasing udates. maybe we should drop what we are doing, and fix our mistakes by updating Android on phones (like the transform that isn’t even a full 3 months old!) and fixing issues with those phones!” Nah, they will continue with there shitty service. Look at all the negative comments on this blog Samsung! maybe it’s time you changed! That won’t happen, but at least everyone that is able to read this and all the comments, REALIZES THAT SAMSUNG is NOT THE PHONE TO CHOOSE!


  • http://Website Marlon

    My wife use to love Samsung… however, along with the long wait for 2.2 her phone has been shutting down at when it goes into sleep mode…. which happens about 3-4 times a day now. Every “fix” listed by ATT and Samsung has not help and the best they could offer is an exchange. It’s been a known issue for months and one of our friends is on her third exchange… So once her contract is up and now that Motorola has droid phones on ATT, I will advise her to get one of those.

  • http://Website Xallies

    I change phones a lot but after having owned bought sold and convinced over 6 friends to go galaxy s. Never again. Updates are important.

  • http://Website Ryan Kim

    Why is everyone blaming this entire thing on Samsung? They already made the updates, but the carriers are holding them back.

    • Azeem

      Samsung has said that the reason the update isn’t available is because they are doing “…some additional testing.” This quote is very clear in the article. This clearly shows that Samsung is responsible for the delays in the updates, not the carriers.

      Please read the entire article before posting. That might save you some flamage in the future.

      • http://Website james

        “I have no idea what the real cause of the delay is, but I would agree with those that suggest it might be a political issue between the carriers and Samsung.”

  • http://www.samplepaystub.net Paystub

    I am using Samsung and I have found it better than many others in market. I am eagerly waiting for new Samsung 2.2 to hit the markets soon.

  • http://Website anon

    You won’t find me buying one of their phones to find out if they ever got serious about Android updates. They have earned their reputation. If they turn over a new leaf and deliver, I’ll take another look, but you can definitely count me out for at least this next version of their phones.

  • http://Website Samsung Sucks

    Who cares? Unless Samsung updates their current Galaxy S phones to Android 2.2 in the US, I could give a rat’s ass about any new products they are releasing. Why should I? It’s not like I can expect long term support for any of them. F’ Samsung!

  • http://Website Mike

    Samsung Captivate is my first Samsung device and will be my last. Now I know how bad this company is, will never purchase any of their products.

  • http://Website Mark

    This is a serious problem. It seems very few of the Android users have been updated to Gingerbread as well. Only ONE phone currently has it officially and that is the Nexus S.

    Only 0.4 percent of Android users are using Gingerbread, while 51.8 percent are using Froyo (Android 2.2) and 35.2 percent are using Eclair (Android 2.1), according to figures released in Google’s Android Developers Website.

    Another interesting fact is that that over 12 percent of Android users are still using Android 1.5 and 1.6.

    With respect to Gingerbread, the lower adoption could be related to Google’s distribution strategy. Currently, Gingerbread is only available on Google’s Nexus S smartphone, which it launched directly to consumers through Best Buy, in early December. In January 2010, Google launched its Nexus One smartphone, but it failed to generate enough sales.

    Must Read

    California super storm scenario ripples through the state
    Facebook pushes privacy boundary; users push back

    However, the key roadblock in the upgrade rates for Android users is lack of Google’ control over carriers and original equipment manufacturers (OEM) regarding the usage of operating system as it does not have a say that a specific handset should get new version of Android.

    Several OEMs or carriers may block release of newer updates to clear existing inventories. Recently, there were media reports saying that T-Mobile accused Samsung of willfully delaying updated Froyo handsets to sell older version handsets.

    This is actually a serious issue with Android, as Google releases frequent updates, but it is not reaching the users.

    Since the launch of the original Android platform in September 2008, many versions have followed. Gingerbread (Android 2.3) is already Google’s eighth update, with its forthcoming Honeycomb (Android 3.0) pad-focused release set to appear on devices in coming months. Another update Ice Cream rumored to be available in mid 2011.

    So, even before a user getting his hands into Froyo or Gingerbread, Google may launch Honeycomb.

    This is an area, where Apple scores over Google. Apple sends the software upgrades directly to iPhones or iPads, not the carrier like in the case of Android. This increases the chances of an iOS user getting quicker access to the latest software updates.

    Last week, David Lieb, CEO of Bump Technologies said in a Quora post that 89.73 percent of iOS users are using some form of iOS4, with 52.89 percent of them already upgraded to iOS 4.2.1.

    Though there were concerns with respect to Apple’s procedure of approving apps, its users are assured of getting the latest updates to software as and when it released. Only, time will tell when Google, OEMs and carriers find a solution to this serious Android issue.

    P.S. Like I’ve always said. Google ought to open a distribution channel on their Android site where users can simply point their browsers to, select their phone and carrier and download the latest update. Putting the update business in the hands of carriers and manufacturers is a bad idea as they only have profits in mind. As has been shown by Samsung’s lack of support for released phones. This is done to force consumers to buy the latest phones simply to keep up with the newest features. This has to be stopped.

    • http://Website truth

      Google needs to set the tone by updating their developer phones with a new version of the OS at the same time. When Apple drops a new phone the last two versions of the iphone are able to get the update. I think people need to realize Google is not setting the right tone by putting these hero devices out with the latest software and leaving the rest behind. droid, nexus one, now the nexus S

    • wwJOSHdo

      You said 51.8 percent have froyo… How much do you want to be those phones are HTC and Motorola! I will be you every dime I have, that those two carriers make up almost all that! You won’t see Samsung ever releasing a solid, reliable, and timely update to any phone. Ever. People will HAVE to install leaked builds to ever have a taste of an update. And then sprint and samsung will highly recommend people NOT installing the leaked builds because they don’t want you to get a taste of an update that will NOT come, while they are working on there next phone that will most likely have Android 2.2 (and never get 2.3 or above, OR it will ship with 2.1 and they will promise an update to froyo, that will never come.)

      Us samsung owners have to rely on the community (SDX Developers) to get updates on our phones! it’s funny that my old samsung moment worked WAY better with a custom rom, than an official rom. Because devs (like noobnl) care more about fixing problems samsung has created, than samsung ever fixing them.

      A simple answer to this, do NOT go with Samsung. If you are stuck owning samsung phone right now (until you can afford to switch to HTC or etc), check out SDX Developers. They care more about updating and fixing stuff, than Samsung does. They support many phones from the Moment, to the Transform, to the Fascinate.

      • http://Website Mark

        That’s a good advice, Josh. But it is only us “geeks” (not an insult) that visit A&Me and other Android sites. We barely make up 5% of the Android population if not less. Trying to tell my wife or dad who are not technologically adept to visit some geek site and tinker with their phones just to install an update would be a HUGE TURN OFF and a near impossible task for the millions out there. Simplifying and speeding without putting it in the hands of carriers and manufacturers would be the best thing to do, imo.

        • wwJOSHdo

          Mark, I agree. My Dad has a moment and when he came to visit, I loaded a custom rom and he is LOVING the fact that he can use his laptop and be online anywhere that gets a Sprint signal, thanks to Wifi Tether for Root Users. He is the type that would pay 30 dollars for a hotspot feature not knowing there were other free ways of getting the same feature, on phones that “do not support” being hotspots. I am not a developer or anything (I wish I knew that much), but I am good at following directions and learning from mistakes. Here is my youtube, http://goo.gl/tQ2E or just google “wwjoshdew”.

          • http://Website Mark

            EXACTLY WHAT I MEAN! I had to do the SAME EXACT THING for my dad as well when he was visiting during the holiday and he was so happy. Telling me about how he was about to go to the Verizon store to buy a tethering plan of sorts. We don’t want to push these kinds of people to Apple. I actually had a friend who got the Droid X when she renewed her contract but she found it so “intimidating” that she returned it and got a “dumbphone”. She said she liked it but “it does too much for her to keep up with”. lol.

        • wwJOSHdo

          Apple… Haha. That’s what makes Android so awesome. Anybody can devolop an app and there is no approval process… “Oh, google voice competes with our service? DENIED! Oh, Skyfire competes with Safari? DENIED” The ONLY benefit (THE FREAKING ONLY, SINGLE, BY ITSELF) reason I would like iOS is that there are a gazillion apps for it. Because apps like Angry Birds, dropped support for the G2, Moment, Transform, and several other phones because unlike iOS, there is a LOT more variations of screens, sizes, ram, everything. But I couldn’t give up Android. Every time I look at cell phones, I think to myself (out loud some times) “Why would you buy a phone, that’s not Android?”

  • http://Website Paul Atreides

    At this point, they need to announce that Gingerbread is being pushed to their Galaxy line immediately. They won’t do that however. This will look even worst if OTA’s start rolling out for Gingerbread on other devices from HTC or Motorola.

  • http://Website zymo

    Samsung Galaxy s2 i9100 won’t have Nvidia Tegra 2! It will be running on Samsungs own dual core Orion CPU. Eldar Murtazin (who is very close to samsung) said they won’t use Nvidia in Smartphones!!! Maybe their tablets will be based on Nvidia but not their smartphones.

    • http://Website Darren

      For that to be true would mean either:

      1. This phone is single core (maybe 1.2GHz Hummingbird)
      2. Orion is ready but they’re going to use Tegra in their tablets.

      Which do you think is correct (if you don’t think this phone has a Tegra)?

      • http://Website dagamer34

        Announcing a high end phone that doesn’t have a dual core processor is a nice way to shoot yourself in the foot.

        • http://Website Darren

          I agree that’s true of the technologically-obsessed market but I think the HTC Thunderbolt, for example, will do very well with mainstream consumers on Verizon. Although Verizon’s marketing muscle will probably be put behind the iPhone. That’s unfortunate because the Thunderbolt looks to be a much better phone.

  • http://Igameyougame.com Oscar

    And people wonder why Samsung haven’t released 2.2 for their current phones. Maybe if they spent a little less time announcing new phones (Nexus S, Vibrant 4G, Galaxy S2) they would have time to concentrate on those customers who had already shelled out their hard-earned cash!

    • http://Website Derek

      You hit the nail on the head there! They can’t make a penny off of you if they give you a software update. But by constantly releasing new phones, they make money off people who get pissed off and buy the next new phone that comes out.

  • http://Website plainbrad

    I will never buy another product that has the word Samsung on it. I would (and do) recommend no one else does either.

  • http://Website RockinEvo

    Why does everyone hate Samsung mine phone works great…..oh yea thats right I went with the smart approach and go with HTC I can’t depend on waiting years for a update.
    Keep hope alive (I guess) Sammy your going to need it.

  • http://Website Steve

    I’m sorry, but with Samsung and Sony Ericsson’s history of lack of Android phone updates (in the hope that you’ll just buy a new phone probably) I will *never* touch one of their products no matter how good they appear.

  • http://Website Comet

    I do hope Samsung realizes that it will loose their customers to the competition because of the lack of support it has given. And I also do hope the competition realizes this and that a good healthy competition starts building up on the OS update front.
    This year will be very interesting with lots of powerful devices lots of platform competition.

  • Azeem

    I own a Samsung television and two Samsung monitors, and I have been extremely happy with them. However based on what they’ve done to their loyal mobile phone consumers, you can bet that I’ll never buy a Samsung phone. This doesn’t deter me from their TVs and monitors because firmware support and updates just aren’t critical to their performance. It is a completely different situation with these mobile devices that the apparently just refuse to update.

    I’m not turned off by all of their product lines, but I’ll never buy one of their cell phones, that’s for damn sure.

  • http://Website Peter Frandsen

    Samsung updates sucks – I am in europe and ca in principle upgrade my Galaxy S to 2.2, but it requires a Windows computer to work! This is so lame compared to my HTC desire that updates like a dream over the air. Samsung, you could learn something!

  • http://Website Snowbdr89

    Easy salution for you whiners, DONT BUY IT : )

  • http://Website Alex-eu

    It’s sad to see that US galaxy s users don’t have the froyo update , because for ex I live in Europe and already have the 2.2 update from Orange . I don’t understand why they still haven’t released the update in the US , im starting to believe that there is a political reason and that it isn’t Samsung’s fault , because they sold so many phones in the US and I don’t think they would leave the users whitout the update intentionally . I would blame Samsung for this , but i can’t because they released this update in Europe where they sold less phones than in Us , so i think it’s not their fault

  • elijahblake

    if you buy this phone go ahead and buy a BIG TUBE of KY to go along with it…

    -unhappy Galaxy S user

  • http://Website Ben Johnson, GA

    No thanks. Im buying the new iPhone 5 right after the iPad 2. Im not interested in this anti-american phone which will never get updates. Moreover its blessed with GPS issues and SMS bugs (just like the buggy gingerbread release).
    And dont forget Samsung representatives are evil liars.

  • http://Website lmao

    I got a my touch 4g bitches hahahahaha can anyone say FROYO!!!!!

  • http://Website samsuck suck suck suck plz die

    galaxy s suckcessor?

  • http://Website Matthew Rosario

    I had the exact problem with the behold and after I returned the phone I vowed to never own a Samsung product again. Looks like up to 4 million American users are going to follow the same route. HTC or nothing. (Maybe Motorola and LG =) lol)

  • http://Website jay

    there will be better phones coming out so i will wait .

  • http://Website Ogman

    I can’t buy anything from a company that continually promises software updates that they never provide. Why get stuck with a device with will never be updated? There are other (and better) phones out there, made by companies that care enough about the customer to provide timely updates.

  • http://Website Pag

    who cares about the upgrade if you or just gana play with the phone for a couple of weeks and then you buy a new one.

    • http://Website Pags friend

      Thats what
      you do. Trust me I know you

  • http://Website Evil_E

    Samsung have done a really good job in Europe to keep the SGS uptodate… we recieved (In Sweden anyway) from 2.1 -> 2.2 and now a few days back also the 2.2.1 update that makes the SGS lightning fast compared to the old roms.

    It’s not Samsungs fault that the US carriers doesn’t like it’s customers. (Gives them updates…)

  • http://Website Jesskimo

    If you haven’t looked into rooting yet you might want to give it a shot. I’m running Team Whiskey’s Nero v5 + voodoo with the dragon kernal and I couldn’t be happier. It was ridiculously easy to do, and this is coming from someone who has zero experience with installing roms. I did it all from my phone in no time, completely free and my phone is an absolute beast now.. If I can do it, you sure as hell can.

  • http://Website wanda

    I owned a samsung feature phone (forget which one) a few years ago- it was very poor quality. My daughter had had an instinct- which drove her crazy with problems. I switched to the hero, rooted it and have been running froyo for several months. It will do just fine until I am able to get a new phone. I am holding out for my upgrade from Sprint, and a dual core processor- HTC preferably.
    I almost jumped on the epic bandwagon, but my past experience with Samsung products made me hesitate. I am glad I did.

    I came across this article the other day- it just confirms my decision to stick with HTC.

  • http://Website saurabh kumar

    I would prefer a dual core 600Mhz phone, instead of an expensive 1Ghz or a dual core 1 Ghz phone. I dont play heavy games etc. and I am sure a more cost effective dual core 600Mhz phone would do wonders for Android phones. But perhaps a sub 1Ghz dual core mobile CPU would never come to light due to business/commercial reasons so that people need to spend money or expensive phones.

  • http://Website powers

    I’ve owned Samsung tv’s dvd’s and blu-ray players for the past 15 years. all have been top notch. phones and computer gear i normally stay far away from. Which is why it was so unusual for me to buy the galaxy s, considering phones from Samsung have been well shit. I’m pleased to say the galaxy s is not only good. but it’s slowly changing my mind on my opinion of Samsung when it comes to phones. I will no doubt give the Galaxy s2 the biggest look over due to the great galaxy s i bought.. I’m enjoying 2.2 sorry guys, it’s been 2 months now works fine.

  • http://Website Melvin Tate

    Samsung Galaxy S for T-Mobile finally released Android 2.2 The update was well worth the wait.The phone is now much faster ( less lag ) and the Hot Spot feature and USB Tethering work like a charm.The download will not be sent to your phone,just google Keis Mini to be taken to the official T-Mobile web site download Keis Mini and most importantly follow the upgrade procedure to the “T”.
    Your phone will be the phone you always wanted once you update to 2.2