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T-Mobile Sidekick 4G rumors resurface

Last summer rumors began to fly that T-Mobile was going to revive their Sidekick brand with a new Android phone from HTC. We started referring to the phone as Project Emerald, but it turned out that Emerald was just a codename for the myTouch 4G and we never got a Sidekick device.

Then in December, T-Mobile stoked the rumors again when they tweeted their customers and asked, “What would you like to see happen with the Sidekick brand?”

Now it appears the device is actually going to happen as David from TmoNews reports that multiple sources told him a “Sidekick 4G” was talked about in T-Mobile’s annual employee meeting. No hard details have been confirmed, but apparently the device will stay true to the Sidekick brand with a twist out QWERTY keyboard. It is also said to support T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network and should launch with Android 2.3.

The new Sidekick is rumored to launch in the spring, so look for an official announcement to come in March at CTIA in Orlando. Apparently there were some slides that accompanied the presentation, so hopefully those will leak out soon and we can see what the device looks like.

What hardware features do you hope T-Mobile incorporates in their next Sidekick phone?

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  • http://Website Noriega713

    Please don’t tell me this is the reason they are giving G2′s free!?!?!?…I got one for free and love it but damn…I guess i will have to shell out to buy this one if it turns out to be good.

    • http://Website tito!

      No. The G2 is free due to its length in sale .
      It’s a marketing strategy T-Mobile uses: one new phone is soon to be released (MotoCLIQ2; Jan. 19), one phone goes on for free (G2 until Jan. 20)

      • http://Website Noriega713

        I took advantage of the one they had before Christmas…Who cares the G2 is a great phone I went from a G1 that got stolen to a horrible Moto Cliq and as soon as I heard that they were giving G2′s away i was like “F**k it” and got it…and even though i heard this I still dont regret getting the G2..its 95% stock…I just hope HTC doesnt do what Samsung is doing…waiting for the next big thing to come out and then release 2.2 (2.3 in this case).

        • http://Website Justin K

          My stepsister jumped on the G2 bandwagon too. She is new to android in general (ex-nokia dumbphone owner) and she LOVES this device! One new member to the android family…

  • http://Website Tito!

    Bahaha! I told you so(:
    I’ve been waiting for this .

  • http://Website 2C

    Always loved the sidekick keyboard. Very interested in seeing where they go with this.

  • http://Website maria

    Damn. I just ordered my ‘free’ G2! I owned a Sidekick 2 and it was the best keyboard expeience I had. My G1 comes a close 2nd

    • http://Website Noriega713

      You have 15 or 20 days to return it…

      • http://Website zedklind

        15 in most states, 30 in cali :D

        • http://Website lazycoder9000


  • http://Website billbob

    G2 design + Nexus One design + Sidekick sliding screen and extras = Damn good phone.

  • http://Website zedklind

    4inch display, dualcore qualcomm, gig of ram. Maybe some awesomesauce :D.

  • damianh05

    Who gives a crap about this phone I have two G2′s that will eventually get 2.3 with loading a custom rom or getting a vanilla upgrade. Knowing HTC and T-Mobile it will have some Sense like build which are just annoying to look at. Only worth getting if it has a Tegra 2 processor

    • http://Website zedklind

      You need to do your hw before you bash a rumored device. Htc only uses qualcomm… and I’m sure it will be better than tegra 2. The hummingbird already has a better gpu

  • http://Website Juan

    They need for it to look like the sidekick lx and be on android with a touch screen. That would be the hottest phone out because of the swivel screen.

  • http://asurroca.com Alfonso Surroca

    Funny, I @replied T-Mobile on Twitter earlier today about how having Andy Rubin (founder of Danger) and Matias Duarte (in charge of design at Danger) on the Android crew makes it extra awesome for Sidekick fans.

    Honestly, the Sidekick’s interface is still one of the greatest mobile UIs and UXs ever made. With Andy Rubin leaving to start Android, and now Duarte in charge of Android’s interface design, Android is already the true successor to Sidekick. All T-Mobile needs to do is get the rights to the Sidekick’s signature kick mechanism and have HTC use it in their next hot keyboard phone and I’ll be ready to sign up.

  • http://Website Freddy

    If this phone has a 4-inch screen, touch screen, stock Android 2.3, dual core, Sidekick 3 keyboard, trackpad, swivel screen, good battery, AMOLED screen, 8 megapixel camera, FFC, HD video recording, touch sensitive buttons, and HSPA+, I will die and come back down from heaven!!!!!!!!!! <3333 I will, with NO doubt, dish out ANY type of money for this device if it comes out the way i wish it would!

  • http://Website Zuckzuck

    mmmmh…… Sidekick 4G…..definately epic win!!!! Bring it on.

  • http://Website phonegeek

    hi res display, 3.8 to 4in screen, A GREAT KEYBOARD, an ffc ( meet the standards) good call reception, strong battery, DUAL CORE( again meet standards) and a beyond sturdy build add on people

  • http://Website Mudkip

    I want this phone to have HTC sence. hopefully it won’t have that espresso stuff.

  • http://Website ivan

    Who cares, teen mobile sucks. Write about something else for once already.

    • http://Website ivan lendl

      Comment is abusive and has been removed

      • http://Website ivan

        Comment exploded into a million tiny pieces of glittery magic

  • http://Website â– 

    4G sux 5G is better i gues iphone is 5G

    • http://Website lazycoder9000


  • http://Website Tim

    A super long battery life would be great. What is the point of having a top smartphone when the battery life sucks. Also I like to see a 4.3 screen or bigger

  • http://Website zhect

    @Taylor W.
    Do you think qualcomm’ls dual core chipsets will be ready for htc to put it in this phone?

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      If the phone comes out in late Q2 then yes.

  • http://www.seeyouinmynightmares.com KING_KG


    I know a double screened, dual core, flip action phone is too much to ask…but after reading this article and clicking that link you’d want it to be the new SK.

  • http://Website Not Impressed

    Won’t happen. Sidekick is owned in part by Microsoft (see Danger Inc). It’s like saying that the next WIN 7 PHONE will run on iOS.

    • http://Website Microsoft employee

      No, the Sidekick brand is property of T-Mobile. Danger Inc was just a manufacturer.

  • http://pamkittymorning.blogspot.com Pam

    I am so thrilled to hear that there is hope for a Sidekick 4g! I have been nursing my sidekick lx along hoping for this kind of news. March can’t come soon enough.