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T-Mobile Vibrant to receive Android 2.2 update tomorrow, Galaxy S 4G arriving in the coming weeks

Today Samsung and T-Mobile officially announced the Galaxy S 4G, which they are claiming is “the fastest smartphone running on America’s Largest 4G Network”. The Galaxy S 4G will be T-Mobile’s first handset to take full advantage of their 4G HSPA+ network which now covers 200 million people nationwide. Previous 4G handsets from T-Mobile topped out at 14.4 Mbps, but the Galaxy S 4G can handle download speeds up to 21 Mbps.

“With Galaxy S 4G, T-Mobile will deliver its fastest smartphone yet on America’s largest 4G network, providing rich entertainment virtually whenever and wherever consumers want,” said Cole Brodman, chief marketing officer, T-Mobile USA.  “And with 4G data plans from $10 per month, we’re making blazing-fast 4G speeds and super smartphone experiences easily accessible to the millions who crave them.”

No pricing was announced for the Galaxy S 4G, but we expect it will debut at $199 with new 2-year contract like previous high-end smartphones from T-Mobile.

We had been referring to this device as the Vibrant 4G, but I guess T-Mobile didn’t want to upset current Vibrant owners by releasing a refresh so soon. The Galaxy S 4G is essentially the same phone as the Vibrant with the addition of a front-facing camera and support for 21 Mbps downloads.

To lessen the blow to current Vibrant owners, T-Mobile also announced that they will begin pushing the Android 2.2 update to devices tomorrow. As with previous software updates, it will be distributed in waves and all Vibrant owners should receive it within a few weeks.

Galaxy S owners have been growing more vocal about the lack of 2.2 updates, so it’s good to see T-Mobile announce their roll-out. Sascha Segan of PCMag reveals that Samsung sent the base Android 2.2 upgrade to T-Mobile back in November and it took a couple months to integrate the manufacture skin and T-Mobile’s own features, such as Wi-Fi calling.

Hopefully, we will see the other carriers (AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon) announce their FroYo updates for the Galaxy S soon.

Show Press Release

BELLEVUE, Wash., and DALLAS – Jan. 20, 2011 – T-Mobile USA, Inc. and Samsung Telecommunications America (Samsung Mobile), the No. 1 mobile phone provider in the U.S., today revealed the Galaxy S 4G, exclusively from T-Mobile.

According to T-Mobile, the Galaxy S 4G will be the fastest smartphone running on America’s Largest 4G Network. Powered by Android 2.2 (Froyo), the Galaxy S 4G is  T-Mobile’s first smartphone capable of delivering theoretical peak download speeds of up to 21 Mbps, delivering rich entertainment experiences at even faster speeds through its brilliant Super AMOLED touch screen display.

T-Mobile’s 4G network, America’s largest 4G network, is currently available in 100 major metropolitan areas, reaching approximately 200 million people nationwide. With aggressive plans to expand and double the speed of its 4G network in 2011, T-Mobile expects that 140 million Americans in 25 major metropolitan areas will have access to these increased 4G speeds by midyear.

“With Galaxy S 4G, T-Mobile will deliver its fastest smartphone yet on America’s largest 4G network, providing rich entertainment virtually whenever and wherever consumers want,” said Cole Brodman, chief marketing officer, T-Mobile USA.  “And with 4G data plans from $10 per month, we’re making blazing-fast 4G speeds and super smartphone experiences easily accessible to the millions who crave them.”

More information on the Galaxy S 4G from T-Mobile will be available in the coming weeks.

T-Mobile’s HSPA+ 4G network  not available everywhere.  See coverage details at T-Mobile.com. 4G used in connection with the Galaxy S 4G product name refers to the fact that the Galaxy S 4G is designed with HSPA+ technology.

Via: PCMag

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  • http://Website david

    Samsung sent its base 2.2 upgrade to T-Mobile in late November after stating “SOON” back in JULY (4 months is not soon folks, 4 days is SOON) and now T-mobile after being forced to speak-up that they have had it for over 7 weeks. Guess CUSTOMER angry postings got their attention to lie some more, wifi calling has been out for a very LONG time at XDA (keeping with their model not to say the specific amount of time). FIRE THIS GUY and maybe Management will wake-up, if it does not hurt, put fear in the folks deciding, they will not do anything until it effects them. If we keep protesting MAYBE heads will roll and they will stop treating customers so poorly.

    Definition of “soon” (adverb) = not long after the present time; quickly. BTW, adverbs often tell when, where, why, or under what conditions something happens or happened.

  • http://Website mark

    About time.

  • http://Website watbetch

    Hopefully T-Mobile taking the blame for the slow update will calm down some of the hate. Samsung does not make the T-Mobile WiFi calling app nor would they be able to just easily integrate the changes that need to be made to Android for this feature. This isn’t the only thing that is unique to the Vibrant.

    It was T-Mobile, not Samsung holding up the update.. now I hope we can all control ourselves when we get trolled by “anonymous” Samsung/T-Mobile employees.

    • Azeem

      Seriously, the 7 weeks that T-Mo had the update is pretty reasonable. It’s not their code, so they’re gonna need some time to get familiar with it. What’s not reasonable is taking a full year to get the update to T-Mo in the first place. This does not excuse Samsung’s outright laziness in any way.

  • http://Website MxPxFan

    At this point they should have just skipped froyo and went straight for stock gingerbread.

    • http://Website Garry

      samsungs favorite song i think you’ll appreciate this mxpx fan

      Ginger bread?what’s that ? ginger bread not quite yet, I don’t want to think about it..

    • http://lettersfromdave.wordpress.com daveloft

      That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard.

      So what your saying is you don’t want 2.2 tomorrow and that you would rather wait 6 months for 2.3 instead.

      • http://Website Dev1359

        No, he’s saying that rather than releasing the same crappy TouchWiz UI optimized for Froyo, they should just release stock Gingerbread for the Vibrant. The reason they’ve been taking so long with these updates is that they spend weeks configuring the custom UI to work well with the new features and changes that each OS update presents.

  • http://Website sim

    Clearly the main issue is with the American carriers. All three of the Galaxy S phones in Canada (Rogers Captivate, Bell Vibrant, Telus Fascinate) have received the official 2.2 update already. It’s unfortunate that manufactures have so little control over this stuff.

    Samsung probably isn’t blameless either. It sounds like they had some quality control issues.

  • http://Website bigmerf

    Glad I got a Nexus S.. none of that garbage carrier interference

    • http://Website fangorious

      Overall I agree, but I wouldn’t mind the better camera app and the hardware accelerated video codecs that they have and we don’t.

  • http://Website Jules

    I’ll believe the update is coming when I actually see it. Not gonna hold my breath anymore over this $h#t…

  • http://Website Hans

    See? Samsung wasn’t fully responsible. US carriers have a huge say in when updates get pushed.

  • http://Website lazycoder9000

    Hopefully, since this is an official update and not a leaked one, this would mean that the kernel source for the Froyo update will be publicly available on Samsung’s open-source website. Ever since the early versions of the Froyo update were leaked, XDA devs had to modify the kernel through reverse engineering, which is much more unorganized and potentially dangerous than actually having the source code and working with that instead. With the source being released, we’ll have kernels that are perfectly integrated with Voodoo enhancements and overclocking, and will also be much more optimized (like the older JI6 kernel was compiled with an enhanced, more optimized gcc toolset resulting in better performance)

    • http://Website lazycoder9000

      Btw I’m only interested with the kernel source being released since I’m already using Froyo on my Vibrant; specifically AXURA 2.2.7 by MasterTM on XDA. So nothing new for me Android wise, except for maybe the little optimization and bug fixes that Samsung applied to the final version.

  • http://Website Mike

    Does this mean I should unroot my phone to receive the update?

    • Azeem

      If you only rooted the phone and are not running a custom ROM like Cyanogen, you will still get the OTA 2.2 update. Not sure if it will break your root or not, but even if it does, the great folks at XDA will find a reroot pretty quickly.

  • DavidM

    ARGH when will the Captivate be updated???

  • StabMasterArson

    Hah – I literally just last night rooted my Vibrant and installed the lag fix. Looks like I have to remove the lag fix now so I can install Froyo.

  • http://Website Gabe

    I heard according to PCMag that T-Mobile will now update all android phones to new versions of the Android OS within 3-5 months after Google makes the new OS public from now on. But I don’t find it likely to have 2.3 on the Vibrant by the end of May since gingerbread was released in December..

  • http://Website g1 abuser aka big d

    Wow………I am not going to post anything tell I received my update

    • http://Website g1 abuser aka big d

      I awoke this morning to a 2.2 update………its pretty sweet, my wi-fi calling is working great and the flash is awesome. ….thanks sammy

  • http://Website Phil G

    We’ll see if it really happens. THIS IN NO WAY CHANGED MY FEELINGS ON SAMSUNG. Maybe next month when tegra dual core w gingerbread comes out lol

  • michoa

    I’m not trying to defend the carrier or the manufacturer, but some phones go bad with updates.

    Known issue: G2 Vibrating every 5 seconds after update

    Solution: refurbished replacement, if in warranty.

  • http://Website Noriega713

    Damn first Samsung delivering on the update…Whats next…Motorola bringing a stock Android…AND on top of that HTC bringing Dual-Core and a Sidekick..Man this year sure looks promising for T-mobile…(by the way are those rumors of moto making the next Nexus true or where they just rumors.)


    Cheers sent from My G2!

  • http://Website Ryan

    I love the open development aspect of Android, but man, Google really should have made it strict from the beginning, not allowing carriers to add their junk. These custom UI’s (Twiz, Motoblur, etc…) are bad enough, but the bloatware is just plain stupid.

  • http://Website suman

    I have an unlocked vibrant which is running on Eclair. Currently i am overseas and dont have access to t-mo network (i dont have the sim with me either). Will i be able to get the OTA update?

  • http://Website pissed

    Apparently t-mobile lied to shut us up. This is a chat conversation that i had with a t-mobile agent:

    “_James C: After checking I do not show that the update for the Samsung Vibrant to the Android 2.2 software has been released yet. That is being rolled out to our customers that have the MyTouch 1.2 though. So at this time we do not have any information about when that update will be rolled out for the Vibrant.”

    I knew it was too good to be true.

  • http://Gmail.com drew

    What’s going on, so we not getting 2.2?

  • http://Website pluto_16

    I really hope that they allow current Vibrant owners to upgrade to the new Vibrant 4G. It is only fair for having held out on us for so long. For a model of the phone that should have come out as stock in the first place! so annoying.

  • http://Website Paul Atreides

    If I had a Vibrant I would bitch n bark at customer service until they awarded me with the 4G once it hit’s stores. Lay your groundwork and start complaining now so you have a track record. Wishing you the best.

  • http://Website BlueJayofEvil

    I gave up on waiting and rooted my Vibrant. I’m using TeamWhiskey’s Nero 5 rom. Works much better than and the laggy default filesystem is a thing of the past.
    I’m pretty sure all it would need to use “4G” speeds is some new firmware for the modem? Could be wrong, though. A front-facing camera would be nice, too.

    • http://Website BlueJayofEvil

      GRAMMAR CORRECTION: I meant to say “Works much better and the laggy default filesystem is a thing of the past.”

  • http://Website david

    “…So purely from a numbers game, why WOULDN’T they treat the whole thing like a big “Screw you”, cause the only ones who will be upset are a tiny fraction of the bulk of their customers, and everyone else they will just convince to go buy the new Vibrant 4g (which is almost the same phone, with an upgraded OS)…”

    Except it was in various and many places in the “PRESS” which causes a ‘black-eye’ and more important showing poor ‘face’ which is the only way to get anyplace with Samsung which pulled T-mobile into saving Samsung’s face. As they know a small drop of water turns into a river which then floods which then kills which then and so on….IF all xda/TW/etc folks keep posting issues and get the “PRESS” to pick up the story then and only then will change happen as it did this time. They will wait until FORCED into action as it is in their interest to wait and only after the “PRESS” publish the unrest will they do the ‘fair’ and morally correct actions, sadly…IMHO

    If we do not keep the pressure up, many folks can not do the update the way they are forcing it currently (jump thru hoops) when all they have to do is make it a down loadable file off the web.

  • mflores66

    y does this site make it so complicated to force the OTA update for the vibrant..?.ive been through this web site for a while & still havent figured out how to push it out…this is bullshit

  • MissElectro

    Why no flash on the new 4g samsung??? LET US KNOW THE RELEASE DATE!!!!! waiting to get rid of my touch for it…