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Two of HTC’s upcoming Android phones appear in the wild

A pair of HTC phones that previously appeared in renders have both been spotted in the wild over the last 24 hours. HTC is expected to announce a slew of new Android devices at Mobile World Congress next month so it comes as no surprise that some units are in testing, but it’s still exciting to confirm that they are real.

The source of the leaks appears to be Chinese forumĀ Mobile01, where pictures of both phones were posted. First someone spotted the rumored next HTC flagship phone, which some are calling the Desire 2. The pictures don’t reveal too much, but there does appear to be a slight chin at the bottom of the device.

Then another source posted pictures of another HTC phone with Verizon branding, which appears to have no buttons. Pictures of the back of this device look almost identical to the original Droid Incredible, so this could be its sequel. We know that Android 3.0 does not require physical buttons, but I won’t even pretend to know how this phone will operate sans buttons.

Little is known about the specs of these devices, but we expect HTC to be showcasing Qualcomm’s new dual-core Snapdragon in at least one of their new phones. Check back in a couple of weeks for more details when HTC holds their MWC press conference.

Look for these HTC phones at MWC next month.

Via: Engadget

Source: Mobile01

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  • http://Website Tom

    Is that a button-less device???

    The buttons are something that makes Android better than the iPhone, since it allows for more efficent use of the screen.

    Plus, the physical buttons use a lot less battery power than having the buttons on the screen, since then you can have a phone with a slightly smaller screen.

    • http://Website Eric

      I doubt that’s buttonless. Would HTC, with some of the best design skills in the phone market, really make a buttonless phone that has an empty spot where the buttons go? I’d have expected them to embrace the buttonless design on the phones they use it on for new design possibilites, rather than do nothing more than remove the buttons

      My money is on well hidden capacative buttons.

      • http://Website Eric

        Oops, didn’t mean that to be a reply, was supposed to be it’s own comment.

      • http://Website Lemon

        Yep, look at MacBook Pros with the glowing power light, when it’s off it looks like there’s no light there at all.

        This isn’t buttonless, just design.

    • http://Website labrat

      Well with Android 3.0 buttons will not be necessary anymore. Could this be an indication of things to come?

      I think I am reading to much into it….

      • http://Website Joe

        It does make sense to have a tablet buttonless, but not a phone.

        My current understanding is that the Android phones will get Android 2.4 while tablets get 3.0.

  • http://Website Daniel

    I truly doubt we’ll see a buttonless phone. Phone screens are too small, they can’t afford the fat System Bar.

    Seems more like an unfinished/edited render. Plus the phone’s visually unbalanced with so much empty space on the bottom, and the crowded top, they’d at least move things around.

  • http://Website UniqueNate

    Everything is looking a like. What will be the difference between these & the thunder?

  • http://Website Jake

    Did you check HTC USA website?
    The one without chin looks like Thunderbolt or Inspire

  • http://Website Adam Jangula

    The verizon phone here should arrive just in time to replace the HTC Inc; the end of life of the current incredible is rumored to be end of March. The larger screen fits well with current trends; it only makes sense that the screen has been up-sized. It appears to lack a FFC in the original render, pointing toward a 3g-only device when it was in concept stage. The one in the wild appears to have a smudge or something on the top right… or did it get a FFC slapped on?

  • http://Website Droidy

    Where have the physical button gone?