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Unboxing the LG Optimus 2X, aka the world’s first dual-core phone

I’ve waited for this day a long time. Regular readers of the site know I’ve been beating the dual-core drum longer and harder than any other blogger and after months of waiting I finally received a Tegra 2-powered phone. LG was nice enough to send us a review unit of their Optimus 2X which we’ve played with before, but now we finally get to spend some quality alone time with the device.

Next week will be non-stop videos and impressions of the Optimus 2X, but I took several minutes to unbox the phone (or is it a mobile computer?) and do a quick walk-through. Check it out and then let us know what other types of videos you would like to see. I’m already planning on doing benchmarks and gaming performance next, but we would love to hear your ideas for anything else you want to know about this phone.

Overall I just love the look and feel of the Optimus 2X. It weighs more than my Nexus S and it feels very solid in my hands. LG hasn’t really talked up the curved glass display, but that might be my favorite physical feature of the device. The volume rocker is also very sturdy and comprises of two separate buttons that have a really nice click feel when pressed.

I’ve already popped in my T-Mobile SIM card (this version of the phone doesn’t support 3G bands in the U.S.) and  will be using the Optimus 2X as my daily driver over the coming weeks so I can report back on the overall experience. All signs point to this being a fun ride.

The software is a whole ‘nother story, so check back later to see how that stacks up…

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  • http://Website The Rock

    I wanttttt!!!!!

    Nothing like brand new gadgets to keep the juices flowing

    Can’t wait for news on the software

  • http://Website Greg

    Can’t wait to hear your impressions of this phone. Can you talk more about the curved glass display? I’m curious about the display in general, actually. How does it rank with, say, the Galaxy S and iPhone 4 displays?

    Also, how is LG’s interface? Any idea of how much effort LG put into preventing custom ROMs from being put on this?

  • http://Website mirek

    Lets see if this one will soft reset less then nexus s.
    Can’t wait for tegra 2 games, they will be awesome.

    Try it with hdmi on big screen with bluetooth controller.

    Carrying game console in the pocket is dream come true.

  • http://Website AceoStar

    I know I’ve read it before but I can’t seem to find what flavor of Android the 2X is running? Its certainly not stock or there would be a much bigger to do about it.

    • http://Website Kaik541

      I assume by “flavor” you don’t mean OS version since it’s been reported around it’s running 2.2 (which isn’t shocking). And because you mention “stock” I assume you’re asking about the interface… the LG actually runs the TouchWiz interface (same as Samsung’s Galaxy S phones) with their own colorful modifications. They licensed the interface from Samsung if I remember correctly, including the pull down toggles and music controls on the lock screen.

      So basically, expect this to be a very, with emphasis on the very, souped up galaxy s with a different screen.

      • http://Website B

        Ah that’s why I love android. I can remove that crap easily, and I’m not even talking about rooting.

        • http://Website Jonnyk

          Please explain. Lack of stock android is the only thing keeping me from buying. How can this be done without rooting?

  • http://Website dubk

    This phone is fucking sweet! I hope it comes to Tmo and is hspa+.

    I am curious to see what the 1080p recorded videos look like played back on a 42″ or bigger HD tv.

    • OnIn2

      Exactly. I;’d love to see it on tmo and it better have hspa+ or it’s DOA

    • http://Website Eric

      There was a video posted (not sure if it was on this site) a while back. It was on youtube, but there was also the option to download the straight from the phone version. You could download that and play it on your TV to see.

      • http://Website Eric

        Meant this as a reply to dubk

    • MC

      Several 1080p vids on YouTube for this guy

  • http://Website Droidwolf

    Ok haveing a gforce graphics card sounds awsome. But other than that im not impressed.

  • http://Website David

    Do you think the LG Optimus 2X will be easy to create roms for, and do you think LG will be quick to update this phone when Google releases a new version of Android?

    I ask because Samsung sucks at updating the Galaxy S phones and Motorola locks down their bootloader.

    • http://Website stef

      i have gingerbread 2.3.1 on my Samsung galaxy S and it runs realy great.
      this new LG has still froyo 2.2.1…

      • http://Website David

        That doesn’t answer my question. You clearly have rooted your Galaxy S to get Gingerbread.

        I asked, do you think LG locked down the bootloader on this phone and do you think LG will be quick to update this?

      • http://Website Eric

        Oh, you mean that hacked up version that causes kernel panics if wifi is left on when it goes to sleep, among other huge issues? If not, post a link to your rom, prove your not lying.

        The Galaxy S phones have so many proprietary drivers and methods of doing things* that even with near identical hardware to the Nexus S, the porting of gingerbread is slow going. They even messed with the bluetooth standard! Samsung might not have locked the bootloader, but they put no small amount of effort into making it non-user upgradeable and a pain in the communities butt. You need a Samsung based rom/kernel for the SGS phones to have any sort of functioning device at this point. That is why we didn’t get froyo until they leaked them for the Galaxy S line. That’s why it’s taken so long to even get something that can be called a beta (or even an alpha really) from the Nexus S.

        Note: Not hating on the devs for not having anything at this point, I’m so glad for their work.

        *This at least is what the devs working on the porting tell me

        • http://Website Derek

          You’re absolutely right Eric. The Nexus S hardware is too different from Galaxy S. The dev team that was working on porting Nexus S gingerbread to the Galaxy S ran into so many problems they basically called it quits. You’re also dead on in saying that Samsung uses so much proprietary drivers that you need a samsung 2.3 kernel and 2.3 compatible hardware drivers to make it work. That stuff was leaked out for the Captivate, thats the only reason why the XDA devs have anything to work with on the Captivate. Rom version JI6 was leaked out to one of the devs. Nobody so far has been able to take google open source code and mod it and compile it to work on galaxy S. Too much is unknown/proprietary to samsung.

      • http://Website Derek

        Where did you get gingerbread 2.3.1 from? The nexus s gingerbread to galaxy s port on XDA is incomplete. The CM7 version from cyanogen team, is only in alpha. Where did you get a version that “runs really great” from? I think you’re BS’ing.

        • http://Website stef


          the version on my galaxy s is from darky v 8.0
          based on I9000xxjpy.

          wifi is alway’s on here and not one problem so far.
          Battery goes easy 2day’s with wifi and bluetooth on

          I also know,that samsung is not so fast with update’s (from 2.1 to 2.2 took forever)

          regards stef

          • http://Website Kaik541

            lol, sorry, but you’re an idiot. darky’s rom is 2.2.1 because it’s based on XXJPY. it just SAYS 2.3.1 in about phone, read his changelog. it’s an attempt to mimic the look and feel of gingerbread, but it isn’t gingerbread. it is very clearly, 100% 2.2.1 that’s why in the changelog it says this:

            Android 2.3 Gingerbread Look & Feel
            High Quality Gingerbread Experience
            - Redesigned Notification Bar
            - Sleek Custom Wallpapers
            - Some Apps have been themed like Gingerbread

            “look”, “feel”, and “theme”… not gingerbread…

  • http://Website ivan

    anyone know if it will sell here in usa?

    • http://Website young3g

      its supposed to be coming to Tmobile

      • MorphiusFaydal

        There are no announced US carriers yet. There were none mentioned at the LG press event that announced the Optimus 2x, and there have been no leaks or announcements to show any US carriers are even planned.

        • http://Website tom

          If you went to the LG booth at CES and asked them they confirmed it for tmobile.Atleast they did for me :)

    • MC

      …March or April

  • http://Website Eric

    Can’t wait for your additional reviews. Unless I hear some negative things this will most likely replace my Vibrant. If LG would give us a firm commitment with a date for 2.3 this phone could be a huge success and a perfect opportunity for LG to squash Samsung.

  • http://Website Eric

    i am going along with David. i really want to know about how good this will be for developers. I love LG, but HTC has been the manufacturer that favors devs so far. I’d like LG to do the same.

    As far as videos/pics are concerned. id like a better look at the bezel, some people have said its huge but i could really tell in the video. also, is the camera going to be vulnerable since its sticking out?

  • http://Website stef

    Not impressed at all.

    Looks the same as my galaxy S

    waiting to see the galaxy S II

    regards stef
    ps also how they throw it into the box is realy a shame.also no manual inside….

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      It was in a black box because this is a review unit, not the final packaging.

  • http://Website 2C

    These stupid Android skins just kill these devices for me. Coming from the G1 to the Nexus One to the G2, it’s just a deal breaker for me. Love the specs but just don’t have any real interest in the device. I wish one company would just devote their Android line up to full stock and have a section of customize-ables ranging from widgets/themes/apps in the marketplace for their device. I wish I had the money to start my own company.

    • http://Website jonnyK

      Here here! I wish google made it mandatory for an option to be included to turn off/uninstall any manufacturer skin. I also love the specs, but nothing had come out to best my n1. Ns is too plasticy and don’t need the keyboard on the g2. The worst part about the skins is you have no idea if and when updates will occur.

  • http://Website Matt

    Id like to know how long the battery performs with tegra 2.?

  • http://Website soboku

    I have the Samsung Vibrant and I hate the way they do the file naming for the internal and external memory. The call the Internal SDCARD and the external external_sd. Why O my why can’t they just call it “phone and card ” lol. Anyway how is the LG done? Can you put music on it and remove it and it removes the music files as well as the folders? Something you can’t do on Samsung Vibrant. I use doubletwist on my mac as well as Salling Media Sync and both can’t remove playlist correctly. They say its Android that is not cleaning up after removal. I don’t no but was hoping you can play around with the LG and tell us how it works with putting playlist on and off the phone. I won’t be buying a Samsung phone anymore for lots of reason.

  • http://Website mark

    This is a nice phone. Any Idea which carrier this will be going to, pricing and if its gsm or cdma?

  • http://about.mepapakyriazis Nick Papakyriazis

    Hello guys, Great Video. One Q. Does is have Gorilla Glass ? thanks in advance.

    • http://Website Greg

      I heard that it does not, but I’m hoping I heard incorrectly.

  • http://Website Anthony

    I may have missed this somewhere, but how much RAM does the 2x have? 1 gig or 512 mb?

    • http://Website Derek

      Pretty sure its 512MB of Ram. The only phone so far with 1GB is the Atrix.

      • http://Website Anthony

        Ah, thanks for the reply.

  • http://Website Sorin

    Does this one have the Nova display? Or is it only the Optimus Black?

  • http://and-roid.ir navid

    plz compare it to nexus s,say which one will you choose overall.
    and plz tell us if the boot loader is lock or not?

  • http://Website Lucian Armasu

    Side by side browser tests and also Flash tests, including for games like the ones in Kongregate Arcade. I want to see how fast Flash is running on this, and also how much faster is the browser rendering with Tegra 2.

  • http://Website Phoebetech

    How do you compare the LG’s display compared to Samsung’s SAmoled?

  • coyotejbob

    I am only talking compared to my G1 but DAMN thats fast! I really hope that comes to T Mobile. My upgrade is coming up and this would be an AMAZING upgrade!

    • http://Website Steve

      ha! I’m still clutching the HTC Dream too (G1 in Australia) and looking at this phone as my upgrade. It’s a huge step up. So much so that it doesn’t even seem comparable.

  • http://Website trevor

    just tell me where you bought it!!! LOL i really want one now. sigh

  • http://Website trevor


    this is a FROYO ROM with gingerbread look. its skinned with all the gingerbread icons ect but its still FROYO. looks interesting though. i’m running the Team Whiskey version on my vibrant and it’s awesome.

    while i love my phone i think samasung and perhaps t-mobile were both in the wrong with regards to the update and then not doing an over the air update but having to use kias to do it IMO is a big FAIL. i don’t have a windows machine so that s that for me unless i want to use my mates, but i shouldn’t have to do either. but im happy with this ROM, i get froyo and the gingerbread look. and i only installed it AFTER they announced the way you had to do the update.

    have to say thought i probably won’t buy another phone from samsumg. i have had my eye set on the LG since i saw it covered at CES. if they don’t bring it state side then i will buy it and import it LOL. yes i really want it. and im not going to switch to at&t any time soon and im not that interested in the atrix 4g anyway.

    just my 2 cents

  • http://Website David from Sweden

    I want to see the camera in action. Not only 1080p video recording but pictures taken in both light and dark conditions. Perhaps compare it with the Iphone 4 and the Nokia N8.

  • http://Website Ramayana

    Taylor, I’m fairly interested in how the Optimus 2X compares with current or coming soon phones for T-Mobile, since it appears nearly certain that this phone will be sold for T-Mo’s network (Can you tell if any others seem possible?). If that is indeed the case, then for many of us already on T-Mo and who aren’t interested in changing carriers, we’ll want to get a glimpse into whether this phone is tops when compared to T-Mo’s other selections, or if it’s possible something better is just on the horizon (Samsung Galaxy S2?). I know that may be difficult to answer completely until we see what comes out of MWC, but any insights you can lend in that light would be much appreciated.

    For me, the aspects I’m most interested in particularly are the phone’s display quality, the feel and function of its UI (Do the screens and functions flow intuitively? Does it feel snappy and responsive? Is there any lag?), and never to be underestimated, call quality. Thanks for the diligence on giving us a peek into this much anticipated phone.

  • http://Website InspectorGadget80

    Motorola and LG are the FIRST TWO companies with DUAL CORE PROCESSOR phone just keep it at that.

  • http://Website Daniel

    Battery life is my main concern. Can’t wait to see how that stacks up against other popular android phones. I get maybe 4-6 hours of heavy use (mostly web browsing and a little video streaming and gaming) out of my G2 (on 3G with wifi and gps off)

  • http://Website james

    have you noticed how the ui’s seem to be converging. taking a lot from sense ui but all kind of melding together to be one interface..

    just something that may become standard..

  • itimebomb494

    am i the only one who’s slightly annoyed at how LG is copying all these elements from different phones? it seems to be running touchwiz (although a previous comment said that LG licensed touchwiz from samsung, is that true? :o) it has HTC’s leap, and a very iphoneish keyboard, and according to one of androidandme’s tweets, a very iphoneish sms app

  • http://Website jjang

    Would like to see multitasking done. Coming from a G1, I know this would kill it out of the water. So do like a couple of tasks simultaneously or back to back. Going from Browser to Phone to Messaging to a Game etc.

  • http://Website nico

    can you confirm the bug with the camera (aka test lg vs iphone)

  • http://Website nico

    can you confirm the bug with the camera (aka LG Optimus 2x vs iPhone 4)?

  • http://Website dreams

    how much is this? and where it is already released?

  • http://Website Volker

    Hi Taylor.
    Could you find out:
    - If the Optimus 2x supports the host-usb capability of the Tegra2 (with cardreader, hard disk)
    - Does an iphone headset with remote switch works on it normaly?
    Would be a great help!

  • http://Website Keerthisagar


    Can you check whether any Iphone compatible stereo headsets (ones which allows us to pick the call) work with this phone?

    Samsung phones are wired differently for the 3.5 mm connectors, its sucks as there are no proper alternatives for Samsung phones.

    Please check whether they have proper compatible stereo headsets (apart from the default ones).

    Also, What is the file system Lg are using? Ext4 or some other file systems?

    Samsung galaxy I9000 with Android 2.2.1

  • http://Website Do

    Is LG 2x stable? how often does 2x crash?