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Update your Nexus One to Android 2.2.2

Today Google started pushing out an update for the Nexus One that brings the firmware up to 2.2.2. The file is only about 550 KB big and the build number goes from FRG83D to FRG83G, so all signs point to this being a minor update. I haven’t seen the release notes yet, but the update is said to fix the SMS bug that has received a lot of attention lately.

You can wait for the update to hit your phone over-the-air, or you can download it from Google and manually install it now.

To manually install Android 2.2.2 on the Nexus One, perform the following steps:

  • Download the update file from Google’s server: FRG83G-from-FRG83D
  • Copy the file to the root directory (aka not inside any folder) of your microSD card and name it update.zip Tip: Be careful not to name it update.zip.zip
  • Power off your phone.
  • Hold down the VOLUME DOWN button and power it back on.
  • Wait for your phone to load the skating Androids screen. Scroll down to recovery and press the POWER button.
  • When you see the “/!” symbol, press the POWER button and the VOLUME UP button at the same time. You should be presented with a menu and one of the options should be “apply sdcard:update.zip”.
  • Use the trackball to navigate to “apply sdcard:update.zip” and select it.
  • When you see “Install from sdcard complete”, select “reboot system now”.

The whole process takes about five minutes and I did not encounter any issues when I flashed it on my phone. If you run into any problems, just leave a comment and we will try to help out.

Unfortunately, there is nothing new to report on the Android 2.3 update that should be starting soon.

Via: xda-developers

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  • http://Website Nate

    As much as I hate to admit it Im starting to feel more and more like they’re ditching us at 2.2

    • http://Website But

      Nexus One is ugly

      • http://Website But

        Nexus One is ugly!

        • http://Website But

          Nexus One is ugly!!

          • http://Website But

            Nexus One is ugly!!!!

          • http://Website But

            Nexus One is ugly!!!!!!!!!

          • http://Website But

            Nexus One is ugly!!!!!!!!!!

          • http://Website But

            Nexus One is ugly!!!!!!!!!!!

          • http://Website But

            Nexus One is ugly!!!!!

      • http://AndroidandMe Jesse

        Yo momma is ugly

      • krazytrixxxsta

        you must be out your god damn mind, that phone is sexy as fuck.

      • http://Website mike

        Its better looking than your phone and most phones out there.

    • http://Website jorge

      Ever heard of cyanogenmod?

      • http://Website Nate

        Yeah of course I have, in fact I’m already in 2.3.2, but it’s kind like a kick in the teeth because just over a year ago they promise that we would always quickly be upgraded to the newest software.

        • http://Website Skythe

          What are you talking about? No other phone bar galaxy S even has official gingerbread yet! They’ve already said it’s getting 2.3, so there’s nothing to worry about.

          • http://Website Brian Douglas Hayes

            Gingerbread has been out for a month already. Seriously, I’m starting to think we’re gonna see iOS 5 ported to the Nexus One before 2.3 makes it, if it does at all.

            Sorry, Google, but promises only go so far. Show us some OS updates already.

  • Galen20K

    Just installed, thanks! Its nice to still update and use my Nexus One even with my MT4G. I still love my Nexus!! – D

  • http://Website mehLer

    Meh. useless update is useless.

  • http://Website mehLer

    Meh. useless update is useless. wake me up when Gingerbread is here.

  • http://Website Lalo Martinez

    Worked awesome for me!! Thank You!! one more digit for Gingerbread!!!

  • http://Website Mark

    This is awesome and all but where is Gingerbread for the G2??? I thought it was supposed to be the child of the granddaddy of Android???

  • http://Website Richard

    It’s pretty shocking how impatient the NEXUS ONE owners are when it comes to gingerbread. Guess that comes from BEING FIRST ALL THE TIME…. FACE IT YOUR JUST LIKE THE REST OF US NOW…. STAND IN LINE FOR GINGERBREAD…

    • http://Website elarella

      At least we’ll always be at the front of the line. :)

    • http://Website fuzzyredhelmet

      Maybe that’s because when we bought our Nexus One’s (for $500). We were told that we were guaranteed first dibs on updates. Granted I understand any new nexus phones would get it first. But a few weeks have passed a couple times over now, and still no word.

      • http://Website Brent

        quick question….. who told you guys that? androidandme.com??? serious question man…

        • http://Website elarella

          If memory serves me right, when you buy the N1 on Google’s website, it mentions it there.

    • http://Website mike

      Hey pal I didn’t pay 530 dollars for a phone to be SECOND in line. That’s your job. All I ask for is that Google give me and all the other N1 owners what was promised.

  • http://Website voltroN

    don’t know wat you guys are talking about, been on gingerbread for like 3 weeks now(N1)

    • http://Website voltroN

      don’t know wat you guys are talking about, been on gingerbread for like 3 weeks now(N1).

  • http://Website E

    Old android is old, nexus 1 is old.
    android is for old people i guess

    • http://Website E

      Old android is old, nexus 1 is old.
      android is for old people i guess.

  • http://Website Sue Ellen

    Dont update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2.2.2 is the devil’s number!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://Website B

    Whoa..double rainbow

  • http://Website Mr Dick Pump

    im waiting for iOS 4.3 beta folks….iOS is more advanced thats why i went with the worlds leading company Apple Inc.

    • levil

      Dude. Are you lost? You’re so on the wrong blog! :)

    • golfpedaler

      Go figure…another iSheep trolling…

    • http://Website Mr Dick Pump

      im waiting for iOS 4.3 beta folks….iOS is more advanced thats why i went with the worlds leading company Apple Inc.

      • http://Website Mr Dick Pump

        im waiting for iOS 4.3 beta folks….iOS is more advanced thats why i went with the worlds leading company Apple Inc..

  • http://Website yo

    When y’all get gingerbread how long will it be before you start crying for ice cream? I love my android phone but I must say some of yall cry too much about updates.

    • MitchRapp81

      hey “yo” … stay in school man … A B C D E F G …. I ? You forgot the letter H :p

      • GRAW

        Dude, Honeycomb is for tablets, no need to mention it for phones anyways…

  • http://about.me/robbie.coleman Robbie Coleman

    I swear my apps are running faster after this update. I have zero proof, but I have had my N1 for almost a year now and have a pretty good idea about how it performs.

    Anyone else notice a change in performance?

  • http://Website luke

    downloaded twice. each time it said ‘verification failed. installation aborted.’

    • http://Website haole75

      yeah me too! what gives??

    • http://Website UntzMcGoo

      Yep.. same here.

    • http://Website Jen

      yeah I got the whole “installation aborted” thing too… I don’t need to have my N1 rooted for this manual update, do I?

  • http://Website watbetch

    So much for the Nexus One getting all of the updates first.. LOL not

  • Lucian Armasu

    Google needs to seriously think about how to make Android phones upgrade easier. It seems they can’t even just two of their own phone in the same time with the same version. Why would we expect them to upgrade hundreds of thousands of models in the future all by themselves? The way this is going I don’t see that happening.

    They need to talk to chip makers and phone manufacturers to bring some kind of standardization to the Android phones, to speed up the upgrading process and to make it the same across the board for all phones, with very little diferences.

    • http://Website anthony

      I understand the frustrating. I think the nexus 1 hold up was basically because gingerbread wasn’t fully cooked yet.
      the other issue I think is the other carriers need to stop adding bloatware that perhaps add to the slowdown just saying

  • http://Website kev

    Can’t find my root folder any suggestions

    • http://Website Nate

      There is no folder actually named “root,” it is just the “/sdcard” folder or the first folder you see when plugging your phone into your computer.

  • http://Website Alice

    can’t update, it mentioned names of my apps and “assert failed”. i am sure i am on FRG83D.

    • http://Website stanley

      i just updated from FRG83D to FRG83G, no issues at all

      not sure why it doesn’t work for you.

  • Jorge

    Ok, right now I have FRG83G, but what about gingerbred?…

  • Yash

    I’m gonna be optimistic and hope 2.2.2 is an update readying the phone for 2.3 coming next week lol :)

  • http://Website J-Man

    After I updated to 2.2.2, it seems Swype doesn’t work anymore. Anyone else having that problem? This suck as I now have to use the oh-so-amazing default keyboard – with no Gingerbread enhancements! Thanks, Google.

    • Scotter

      I heard the fix is to reinstall swype

      • http://Website Andrew

        I re-installed Swype and it still doesn’t work. :(

    • http://Website Mathieu

      Swype not working on N1 after 2.2.2 update

      • http://Website Dissolving

        same here re: Swype – it didn’t work at first. Removed & reinstalled and now can’t even enable it.

        also, battery is draing scary fast.

    • http://Website Olaf

      Strange, I can type but not swype.

  • http://Website ian

    how did they get the widgets squared off in the n1 picture? Looks awesome.

  • http://Website Rich

    Hi, when trying to update the system I get the following errors:

    – Install from sdcard…
    Finding update package…
    Opening update package…
    Verifying update package…
    E:failed to verify whole-file signature
    E:signature verification failed
    Installation aborted.

    Any tips?

    • http://Website Nate

      Try redownloading, that’s the only thing I can think of.

  • http://www.1mediere.ro Mediere

    Meh, I think I’ll wait for the next one.

  • http://Website “B”


    Swype works again if you uninstall and reinstall.

  • Drew

    So many trolls out there. Yes, the Nexus One will be getting Gingerbread update before any other phone. The key word here is update. The Nexus S shipped with Gingerbread. I can guarantee you that Gingerbread won’t be seen on any other phone besides the two Nexus phones for a little while more.

  • http://Website J

    Will this update delete all my settings apps etc… or will it just update the OS?

  • http://Website david

    After 2.2.2 update

    Finding update package…
    Opening update package…
    Verifying update package…
    E:failed to verify whole-file signature
    E:signature verification faied
    installation aborted


  • http://Website Kev

    K, I was an idiot, Yes Root is the main SD….LOL….Thanx for the memory jog Nate, updated perfectly no issues just a sticky power button but that was because of dust off to see what this baby can do now

  • http://Website Karen90

    i already updated my iPhone, but thx to the reminder.

  • http://Website anthony

    Well bless my heart I have a N1 from day one and now a NS I refuse to sell my N1. I see its still a great choice my N1 since though one year old the iPhone trolls can’t resist it.
    N1 still rules and is still updated 1st yes first NS doesn’t apply it came updated but both phones are nexus phones so all others sit and wait your turn is coming.
    NS/N1 then G2,evo. Pretty sure bout nexus line others mentioned just a guess

  • Scotter

    I wonder if the sms bug was within the sms app or deeper? In other words, if you were running a non-stock sms app like Chomp, did you still experience the bug? I’m running Chomp on my Nexus One and never had sms issues.

    • http://Website MattTheTatt

      I have been using Handcent since I first got my N1 and all 1060 SMS messages have gone to the correct person…

      I was wondering if it was a problem with he native app too :-)

  • http://Website mr_fjg_son

    Im getting a cannot download content message.Says that the content is not supported on this phone..I’m on At&t

  • http://Website droidlove

    It is failing on my droid incredible. It says it cannot validate signature. Please help.

  • http://Website Mauricio

    It work perfect for one of my Nexus. In the other one the authentication failed and the process did’t finished, this phone has a weird build and kernel numbers,

    KERNEL: [email protected]#1

    BUILD: 2.16.405.1 CL223106 release-keys

    Any idea how I can I fix this. THANKS in advance

    • http://Website olivia

      get a new phone

    • http://Website planetmike

      This update is only intended for the Nexus One. After the Nexus S, the N1 has the latest firmware. Fragmentation will always be present given the various operators and manufacturers. The Samsung Vibrant just received the Froyo this week. So N1 users should count themselves among the fortunate ones.

      Remember when we purchased contract phone for 2 years and you didn’t care about updates or there were no updates to be had or expectation of any updates?

  • http://Website MUSLIMBOMBA


    • http://Website Scoch

      Hello! I wake up so late, I don’t know what you are talking about… My iPhone’s alarm didn’t ring… What is Android?

  • http://Website john smith

    Ive had this problem once with my htc desire (sending a txt message to the wrong person) how INCONVENIENT that i sent a txt message abut the other persons birthday present, WOW, what a way to randomly choose a person out my phonebook android!!

    Anyways, is it safe to update this to my desire phone? or is it specific for nexus one?

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    i have written a small description and also directed my traffic to this page
    u can have a look at the post here

  • http://twitter.com/d33zilla d33zilla



    • http://Website planetmike

      Try performing a hard reset.

  • http://Website JD

    I heard that there was a number you could dial from your android phone to make the phone look for updates. Does anyone know if this is true?

    • http://Website Scoch

      You can force the OTA by dialing *#*#CHECKIN#*#*

      • http://Website JD

        Thanks, I did not get to test it because my nexus one naturally got the OTA update

  • http://www.solarmotionlight.org solar motion light

    That’s great! I can now my new android. Hope that it would be out in the market sooner or later. I could catch one of it. Thanks for posting. I would tell my friends about it. For sure they will love it too. I can inform them also about your site so that they will be updated as well. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  • http://Website Ben 1.0

    No sign of the update for me here in the UK. Still on 2.2.1 / FRG83D and getting the message “Your system is currently up to date.”

    I appreciate these things take time, so I’ll give it until next week and then do the manual update if it hasn’t arrived by then.

  • http://Website Oliver

    How can I update from android 2.1 update 1.
    I recently purchised a nexus one and cannot find out how to upgrade to froyo2.2.
    any help plz??

  • http://Website Miguel

    I’m also getting the same “E-Signature verification failed” error message when installing. I am on FRG83D on T-Mobile. Totally stock, not unlocked.

    What’s the point of posting error messages in these comments if over half dozen people have posted similar errors and asked for help and no one has even tried to give a serious response. All we can read about are the fanboy arguments whining about Gingerbread not being out for the N1 and the the typical spam from people who masturbate while staring at their pathetic 3.5 inch screen iPhone…

  • http://Website Joakim

    I wounder if someone got the same problem as i do. i did get the OTA update and i installed it and rebooted it as i toold me to do but now when the phone is rebooted im still on 2.2.1 :S and now i cant search for the update again.

    Someone got this problem?

    • http://Website Jed

      Hi Joakim,
      I have exactly the same problem. Got the update, pressed install now, but still says I am on 2.2.1.
      Says the system is currently up to date as well. I’m on T-mobile.

    • http://Website C’est la vie!

      Joakim – I had the same problem. I’m still on 2.2.1…

  • http://Website yoyo

    I love my Nexus 1 and the HTC support. they recently replaced my N1 due to some defects on the hardware, but the phone is fantastic. I am just dying to get gingerbread 2.3 update. Any way of getting it around?

  • http://Website rob

    The OTA update to 2.2.2 on my Nexus One failed this morning (Jan 24). I had rooted my v2.2.1 so not sure if that’s the cause for the failure. Will try manual update described above.


  • http://Website nukuus

    I love the nexus one,but I don’t know much of the tech stuff. What is the difference between the 2.2.1 and 2.2.2, I could only get answers such as the small bugs that are fixed with 2.2.2 and a newer interface on Gmail.

    I am with t-mobile and just received notice to update & reboot my nexus. Restarted it and works like normal…

    • http://Website Tim

      Yeah it’s small things like something with the SMS but that is says. I have no issues with mine so it’s still the same. Waiting on 2.3 please.

  • http://Website rob

    I tried the instructions above to manually update my rooted v2.2.1 Nexus One, but it fails. When I get “/!\” symbol and press the POWER button and VOLUME UP button I get no menu. The screen is just frozen with the “/!\” symbol and a mini green robot icon. So, I’m not able to complete the last 3 bullets:

    * When you see the “/!\” symbol, press the POWER button and the VOLUME UP button at the same time. You should be presented with a menu and one of the options should be “apply sdcard:update.zip”.

    * Use the trackball to navigate to “apply sdcard:update.zip” and select it.

    * When you see “Install from sdcard complete”, select “reboot system now”.

  • http://Website Memo

    Anyone got this update yet?

    I did, and since it rebooted ithe phone is not connecting to 3G only to Edge and my GPS is not working!

  • http://Website SHYAM

    build number is FRG83

    CANT UPDATE 2.2.2.

  • http://Website SHYAM

    i had rooteed my phone to cyanogen mod

    later tried to unroot with all the available roms

    now looks like normal original rom

    now i have FRG83

    when i installed i got update i cant install the up date . i got this “/!\” symbol

    still cant update

    i did manually tooo as metioned above

    how can i get original rom or FRG83D

    shame on android cant give me original rom to unroot
    at least should be an up date which can erase and should become original rom

    iam fed up with all this now

    • http://Website Greg

      You’re fed up with this? It sounds like you don’t know what the hell you’re doing, so what gave you the idea to root your phone? Seek advice at the XDA forums for your issue.

  • http://Website Ben 1.0

    After posting yesterday, the update arrived for me last night. Downloaded and installed without a problem and everything (apps etc) continues to run fine.

    I’ve never experienced the SMS bug so I haven’t really noticed any difference from 2.2.1, but it’s nice to be a step closer to Gingerbread.

  • http://Website pranav

    Hi I am trying to update my nexus one to 2.2.2 manually by downloading link from android and me I download the file and move it to my SD card and rename it to update.zip and and follow the steps as shown but when I do update from sdcard it says failed to verify signature and then says installation aborted I use astro file manager to move it to SD card please help thanks

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      Sounds like you previously rooted your phone.

  • zeidof

    hey guys, i cannot upgrade my nexus one, help me if u can,
    i did all steps but there was an error:
    “signature verification failed”
    what should i do?

  • zeidof

    hey guys, i cannot upgrade my nexus one, help me if u can,
    i did all steps but there was an error:
    “signature verification failed”
    what should i do?
    my phone is not rooted :(

  • http://Website Nicholas

    does anyone notice that they update the clock in this version (2.2.2), well, i noticed the alarm pop-up is different.

  • http://Website NX1

    Anyone with a nexus one have issues when receiving or calling out where the person on the other end can barely hear you? I just noticed it and thought it was the other person’s phone. It did not happen before the update to 2.2.2. Is there someway to fix this? HELP PLEASE! Thanks in advance :)

  • http://Website Michael

    k so im stupid and i formatted the boot, system, and data etc. and now im stuck in recovery and i cant flash firmwares. help..??

  • http://Website ODD BOY

    Done after many tries and read …

    just you need to update as follow :



    FRG83G-> Gingerbread

    and it will work

  • http://Website raz

    Hello everyone,

    I have a few questions.

    I own Google Nexus One Korean version
    The phone is not rooted.

    Android version
    Baseband version
    Kernel version
    [email protected]#1
    Build number
    2.18.1010.4 CL269498 release-keys

    I followed the exactly instructions to update my android to 2.3.3 and for some reason i get this message:
    — Install from sdcard…
    Finding update package…
    Verifying update package…
    E: failed to verify whole-file signature
    E: signature verification failed
    Installation aborted.
    If i try to update to 2.2.2 i also get this message
    is it possible that the released update zip file doesn’t work for my build number?
    i also want to mention that i named the downloaded zip file properly and place it into the root of my sd card,downloaded using different browsers chrome,IE,opera even downloaded using the phone, with no luck.
    Can i do anything to get the latest update?or i have to wait for the OTA update

    Thanks in advance

    • http://Website ED

      I am having exactly the same problem

      Please if u have found any solution keep us updated

  • http://Website sushant sapra

    i have the same issue as raz. please help

  • http://Website ED

    I have the same problem of the “signature verification failed ”

    please help so i can then update to the gingerbread :S


  • http://Website LOL

    Stuck on FASTBOOT
    Not possible to scroll down at all.

    • http://Website Des

      mines started the same thing today. when i went to turn it on all i see is the screen with the three androids skating and it says fastboot…bootloader…reboot…reboot bootloader…and power down. why is this happening. if anyone knows please help. your assistance will be greatly appreciated.

  • http://Website Ryan

    I am also having exactly same issue as Raz, anyone found a soloution to this yet?


  • http://www.DifferenceBetween.Com Andrew
  • http://Website George

    I got the message ‘verification failed. installation aborted.’ every time I want to update to 2.2.2. Please tell me what to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://Website Jon

    Does this work on my lg optimus v?

  • http://Website Robot

    Hey guys did any of u find the solution for the signature verification failure.
    Still no luck here.

  • SP

    Can you please help me to upgrade my Google Nexus one handset from Android 2.3.1 to 2.3.4? Here is what I have in my phone.

    Android Version: 2.3.1
    Baseband Version:
    Kernel Version: android-buildapa26#1
    Build Number: MicroMod v.20 (AOSP GINGERBREAD 2.3.1)

    I brought this phone from USA. I am using from India.

    Network: Vodafone.

    Any help would be appreciated.


  • TheStig

    good old times!!

  • Stig03

    love this phone!!

  • Ezy03

    Nexus one!!

  • lan

    when i get to the select update .zip folder, i don’t see any installation complete, it’s just a long list of the folders on my sd card with an instruction to choose package for installation