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Verizon ends credit for New Every Two, reduces early upgrade window

Verizon has announced that they will no longer offer a monetary discount as part of their New Every Two policy. For those unfamiliar with the New Every Two program, Verizon has offered discounts ranging from $30 to $100 towards the purchase of a new device for those who qualify for a handset upgrade (20-24 months into their contract). This would mean that when those awesome new phones that were announced at CES launch on Verizon in the next 6 months, the New Every Two policy would allow them to buy a new headset for $99.99 instead of the $199.99 subsidized price.

The New Every Program will officially end on January 16th. After that date, the New Every Two program will no longer be offered to new customers. Existing customers that are still on-contract will be allowed to use one more New Every Two upgrade, but will not be re-enrolled in the program after their next handset upgrade.

Also ending on the 16th is Verizon’s policy which allows customers in months 13-19 of their contract to upgrade their handsets for the full new-customer price (i.e., $199.99 for the high-end devices). Customers will now be fully eligible for the new-customer price when they hit the 20th month in their contract. Verizon customers will now have to wait longer or shell out significantly more money to obtain the latest and greatest hardware.

This is a purely financial move on Verizon’s part, though not unexpected at all. Verizon’s move is probably due to the large influx of customers Big Red is expecting with the iPhone coming to Verizon in February. Since Apple offers a new phone only once per year, Verizon probably expected that if they continued the New Every Two policy, the iPhone users wanting to upgrade to the latest handset every time Apple introduces a new model would cause significant financial impact to the company.

We haven’t seen too many angry or vocal Verizon customers yet, but I’m sure they’re out there somewhere. What do you think of this move? ┬áSound off below!

Source: Wall Street Journal

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  • Prince77

    Oh well, good thing I’m not with them in would surely be pissed off about this.

  • AvantGuard

    I’m with Sprint now, but when I was with Verizon this made a huge difference in my loyalty. This change is garbage, but when you’re the biggest provider with the “best” network and you get the “newest” phones, you can do what you want and your customers will abide.

  • http://Website Kolemine1

    This stinks was looking to get rid of my moto Droid oh well have to wait i guess.

    • http://Website Kenny

      I like how quick you accept and recover from bad news lol

  • brandon1239

    would you look at that, they get the iPhone and instantly turn into greedy assholes just like ATT

    • AlkamistStar

      I couldn’t agree more. Carriers are focusing less and less on the customer. I’m SO glad i’m with Sprint.

      • http://Website brandon1239

        oh ya, sprint is always customer focused, I’m with Tmobile and they have alright customer service but Sprint is top of the line in my opinion.

        • http://Website Shiralee

          The only thing is: Verizon has the best coverage. I was with AllTell, then forced to go to Verizon when they bought them out. I live in a very remote area (Hatteras Island NC), and Verizon is really the only carrier that gets great service. US Cellular is next, and AT & T has some spotted coverage. We don’t really have many options down here. I’m not happy with Verizon’s service all the time, but I love my Droid. I think it’s expensive anywhere to have a smart phone these days. Eh, what are ya gonna do…sst

          • http://Website Rich

            Sprint roams on Verizon’s network so if you have Sprint then you get the coverage of Verizon along with it. It’s a no brainer to go with Sprint and get lower prices, better customer service, and phone upgrades every year!

          • POQbum

            Both Sprint and Verizon use the same cell phone frequencies. So Sprint has deals with Verizon so that they use their cell phone towers. If you have sprint, you can use all of Verizon’s network for voice. The only limitation is data, you’re only allowed to use about 300MB of roaming data, but that’s not really an issue since just about any place unless it’s a ghost town or the middle of nowhere, will have Sprint data towers.

    • http://Website Kerb

      exactlly, i personally hate this i am suppose to be able to upgrade my new every 2 any time now i was trying to wait and see if Verizon was gonna pick up the LG Star/ Optimus2x the first dual core nvida phone which there sending across sea’s to asia, europe, and korea first which is total Bull Snott !!! Now what i gotta go and get a driod x now and wait 24 months and pay through my checks to get the new dual core phone uh !!!!!! Verizon is about to lose a customer if they dont stop being stupid!!!!

      • http://Website nhf7170

        The reason Asia (i.e., South Korea, Japan) gets the newest handsets first is because their wireless infrastructure makes ours look like two tin cans and a piece of string. See they regulate their service providers who then reinvest their revenues instead of giving them to executives to pi$$ away on hookers and blow like here in ‘murka. Broadband there is 10 times faster than here. Since Verizon et. al. are free to “innovate” here they do so by devising new ways to give us less and less for our money.

  • http://Website Mark

    I’ve been with Verizon for almost ten years and this doesn’t set well with me. I don’t want or nor will I ever want an I-phone, If I did I would’ve switched toAT&T. So if they’re starting this mess because of the I-phone coming to Verizon and because Apple only offers upgrades once a year, then they should make the new rules for I-phones and leave the other handsets alone. The new every two is kinda like an incentive to customers for putting up with there outrageous prices and shoddy data speeds. That’s just fine with me though, I think I’ll do what I Should’ve done awhile ago, and that’s switch to t-mobile. I don’t see why Verizon thinks they need the I-phone anyway. With all the Android phones out there that are as powerful as it or in most cases more powerful. Apple needs to face it, there’s only so many things you can do to a single handset before you run out of ideas for it. What they have is a very nice handset, but there are alot of different design and hardware selections when it comes to android with I-phone they only give you a choice of one. So you you basically have to deal with the one selection they give you. So why in the world would a carrier decide to take on a device that might bring in good sales for awhile until the curious people that jump on them realize that it’s absolutely no better than the equally priced Android devices. That’s just one man two cents. And yes, wether or not any of you think it makes sence, I will consider s switching to T-Mobile.

  • http://disciplegeek.com Trey

    Note that it says that existing customers get one more upgrade and then will not be re-enrolled. So you still get the upgrade you paid for.

  • http://www.lordofgame.com PixelSlave

    Equipped yourself with a Google Voice number.

    When the contract of my Droid is up, I would cancel my line altogether. Then I would open a new line from 3rd-party sellers such as Amazon Wireless or Wirefly. Most of the times, even after the “New Every Two” discount, the price from Verizon couldn’t match the price from 3rd-party sellers.

    With a Google Voice number, you don’t have to worry about keeping your existing number and Verizon won’t know you open a new line to get cheaper phones from somewhere else.

    • http://Website Craig

      With number portability you’re guaranteed the right to take your number from one carrier to another. I believe it even works to and from land lines. I used it when I went from TMobile to Sprint several years ago.

  • http://Website R.S.

    I’m not surprised that they completely did away with it.

    Last year, while still with them, they reduced mine from $100 to $50. Though it may not seem like much, they also reduced other discounts that I had been receiving for years.

    I had been with Verizon for the simple reason that I traveled a lot, many times to areas that other providers had little to no coverage. Well since I no longer travel as frequently and when I do, it’s to big cities, paying a premium price ever month was no longer worth it.

    I switched carriers and cut my bill by more than half by being added to a family plan. Now granted family plans always save you money, with me being the only person in my entire family on Verizon, it was never an option for me.

  • http://Website Android Master

    Damn now we are like everyone else paying full price? WTH?

  • http://Website Cree

    It doesn’t bother me as much as some people of the New Every Two being deceased. However, I am thinking that there may be some other incentive that Verizon will provide within the near future for those who sign contracts with them. I believe early upgrades may be on the horizon. Although this will depend on the manufacturer and incentive at that time. For example, Verizon allowed customers to upgrade the Droid X early without any penalties as long as the contract ended within the same year. So I believe there may be some type of incentives similar to this for most handsets. This is much better than getting $50 off.


    • http://Website Bianca

      I totally agree. I think we are still going to see really good discounts and early upgrades, but now Verizon will be controlling WHICH phones qualify, instead of letting the consumer pick. Meaning us Android users will probably still see ‘Droid’ phones with early upgrade and sale prices. Guess that is why I am not too upset. Ask me again in a year once it has actually played out, and I will let ya know. :-)

  • http://Website Chris


    I understand why they are doing it, but they should have a non-iphone clause on it.

    My wife’s 13th month is in April and she REALLY hates her blackberry. Now she will have to wait until November :(

    Another reason to hate on the iphone

    • http://Website Bianca

      I think the point is more that Verizon is going to be choosing the promotions, instead of leaving it in customer hands. I would not be surprised to see (in March) an option for early upgrade for any phone that’s going to be $199 (iphone, Bionic, Thunderbolt etc)

    • http://Website Roshizzle

      Sounds like existing customers get one more early upgrade and then it kicks in on your next contract.

  • http://Website shdowman

    Well, now all you do is pay the extra $70 for the phone and sign up for a 1yr instead. That way you aren’t missing out on new tech coming down the pike. I know it’s a backwards concept to pay THEM to allow you to upgrade after a year, but it is what it is. No other company offers this and for all you who were wishing for the iPhone, you now got what you wanted, as well as everything else that goes along (and will be coming along) with it…

  • http://Website Roshizzle

    kinda sucks, why didn’t they just apply this to the iphone. being able to get an early upgrade every year is one of the main reasons i pay their high prices. i don’t really see how this helps them either, because now your telling everyone if you buy an iphone you won’t be able to get the following iphone unless your willing to pay full price doesn’t sound like a good plan to draw customers from at&t. android phones evolve very quickly there is no way i would want to hold on to one for 20 months. i see a lot of one year contracts in big reds future.

  • http://Website katvo

    We have been with Verizon for over 5 years, the longer I’m with them the more I feel like I’m getting shafted, and the higher my bill gets. Too bad I soul my soul to them in December and won’t be out of contract til 2012… Sprint looks more and more appetizing.

    • http://Website Brian

      If Sprint works in your area I highly suggest you switch to them. You will save a bundle. They used to be lacking in the customer serivce but they have dramatically improved in that area and you will be highly satisfied customer.

  • http://Website Bryan Stinchfield

    I just called verizon regarding a problem with my bill … I’m 2 months away from an early upgrade and she gave me a good piece of info, which I jumped at. I was able to upgrade early, today (until saturday), she waived the $20 fee and because I did my upgrade now, before the change, if I keep my same contract, I can upgrade every year instead of every two years – I just get $30 off instead of $100 off, but I still get the 2 year renewal rate.

    I was going to hold out for the bionic of Thunderbolt but they won’t be available until at least April, then add in shipping delays and them running out of stock and we’re looking at June the earliest, probably. Now i can just wait for them to iron out the wrinkles in those phones and get 4g LTE where i live and upgrade to one of those in January 2012 …even though they are changing their plan.

    Thought everyone would like to know!!!

  • http://Website Ron Bagley

    Sucks! What a gyp! Greedy bastardz!

  • http://Website Ben Johnson, GA

    I dont care, i just want a new iPhone every year.
    Its important to always have the latest and greatest in smartphone technology, thats why i refused to jump on the android wagon!

    cheers, Ben

    sent from my iPhone 4

    • GRAW

      Why is it that every time this guy posts anything, he sounds like a dumbass? Oh, that’s right, this is an Android site… that explains alot…

      • http://Website rags711

        That’s because he is a dumbass, that’s like being a ford enthusiast and allways hanging out a chevy showroom.

  • http://androidandme.com Fake Taylor Wimberly

    I’m seriously considering buying an iPhone 4.

    Android is kind of retarted when you think about it.

    • http://Website Clark Wimberly

      You’re kind of retarted when you think about it.

      • http://Website Flash80

        Lol. Nice one Clark and Taylor.

      • http://Website wrenchy

        Are you two brothers?

  • http://Website Jaws

    If you have a family contract, does that still mean you can’t upgrade your primary line every year?

  • http://Website mj

    This sucks. Corporate Greed. I give enough $ to the right wing bullshit through their donations. CRADO?

  • http://Website Areoinn

    Big Red has just convinced me to switch to Sprint as soon as this contract is over.

  • http://Website aram

    I will be leaving verizon as soon as contract is up because of this!

  • http://Website meazy

    Mark go with T mobile good move I have been with them since March of last year good cellphone company they don’t hide sneaky fees on u like Verizon do everybody need to read that fine print before you sign that dotted line

  • WickedToby741

    They’re certainly not cheap, but the service really is great. I won’t be leaving Verizon for any other carrier. This news kind of sucks, but then again its not that bad. It’ll just keep me from spending too much money every year after my 13 months is up. Now it will be every 20 months which spending the same amount every 20 months versus every 13 months means less money on my end. I’ll miss the $100 credit, but I’m not enraged about it. The Droid Bionic has my name written all over it and Verizon has been good to me. I’m staying right where I’m at unless they do something crazy.

  • http://Website Alex

    Reaping the benefits of that stupid iphone already.

    Just take the good things from them. Apparently they wont care cause they are basking in the glow of that phone.

  • http://Website Bolski

    Wow. That sucks! Luckily, I get one more upgrade, so that is in two years.

    That pretty much sucks. I just hope that I get to keep my 20% discount through my employer as well as the unlimited data plan for 3g networks. Otherwise, it’s back to a regular old cell phone and dumping my smart phone.

  • http://Website Sukugu

    I have been waiting on every year upgrade to get new phone. I was happy with Verizon, but this move is making me re-think. They are stopping to care about customer.

  • http://Website Chula

    Yes, verizon is on top, but it sounds like the phones are the main reazon why you choose the provider. Althoug verizon might be compliant to the iphone nonsense rules. Everyone knows the androids OS is what matters here. Sooner or later verizon will see.

  • http://Website Jennifer Wimberly

    iPhone 4 on big red – im in line on initial day!

  • http://Website Markr64

    Well I won’t be signing any contract again. I will buy the phone out right (full price). Then upgrade when ever I what too. Not because I am locked in to the contract. my choice, my money !!!

  • http://Website Ripped Off

    If I understand Verizon’s business model, they discount the phones in order to attract new customers by appealling to the something for nothing mindest of most consumers. Then they jack up the cost of the monthly plan in order to recoup the money they claim it costs them to offset the full price of the phone. By their own admission, this cost is prorated into the plan in order for Verizon to fully recoup their investment over the life of a two year contract. So if a customer pays full price for their mobile phone, shouldn’t they get a reduced rate on their plan? After all, Verizon is not offsetting or recouping the upfront cost of their phone Or if they have fulfilled the contractual obligations and now pay month to month, shouldn’t their rate drop? I say make them show it on the bill as if you were buying it on credit, the customers with phone paid in full would be entitled to a rate lower than that of customers who are always trading or upgrading to have the newest or hottest phone on the market.

  • http://Website John Blaze

    MuthaBuck them and John Wayne

  • http://Website issac

    Good thing I switch to a different provider…..

  • anonymous-x

    Since Red is cancelling the early update & I want to get a dual core & keep my X, what will happen? Am I out of luck?

  • http://www.twitter.com/jasean21 Adam

    lol, this is exactly why I only deal with unlocked phones….. no contracts no bs I get what I want and me and they company I wanna go to agree to service terms…. Either way I WIN!!!!!

  • http://Website love droid

    That’s the straw that broke the camel. Half of the reason I pay almost twice price is because I can upgrade @ one year take it form me and I say goodbye big red hello sprint :(

  • http://Website Dave

    I have been a loyal customer for Big Red for almost 7 years now. This is the last straw. My biggest complaint is the lack of phone choices, which is now fixed with Android, and the high costs the demand. In the 7 years I have been with them, I have only had 3 different phones. The latest is the Moto Droid, while nice, I am constantly drooling over the newer faster phones. I will be moving to Sprint has soon as my contract expires, this is the last straw. F* you Verizon.

  • http://Website jim

    yeah the iphone certainly changed everything no myself or anyone else with verizon cant use our new every two early upgrades i hope this doesnt make to many people swap or leave verizon

  • http://Website mike

    guess i’m leaving verizon

  • JeffH

    My wife and I are going to switch to Sprint as a result of this change. They are cheaper and have better deals. Been customers for 7 years and it feels like we are being given the shaft. Not a smart move on Verizon’s part. You either give more, don’t change, or take away and loose customers. Guess they chose the later.

  • kathy

    I was just told by Verizon that while they will offer me an early upgrade, I can’t upgrade to an Iphone 5 becasue of their contract with Apple.. can only upgrade every 2 years to an Iphone because of the contract that Verizon entered into with Apple.
    Can anyone confirm this???