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Watch the full Motorola CES 2011 event

Motorola Mobility stomped the competition at this year’s CES by announcing several dual-core phones and the first Honeycomb tablet. If you got some to kill and want to see Sanjay Jha announce the Atrix 4G, Droid Bionic, Cliq 2 and XOOM then check out the video after the jump.

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  • http://Website Spencer

    34 minutes is pretty short for someone as huge as Motorola, especially considering all of the products they had to offer.

  • http://Website Richard

    Glad they had a great C.E.S they deserve to be applauded for there devices about time they had TRUE 4G DEVICES BUT HTC THEY ARE NOT… HTC leads the way in creation of all 4G devices which means at either Mobile World Congress in February or CTIA in March the NEW HTC EVO 2 4G WILL BE ANNOUNCED FOR SPRINT WHICH MEANS THEY WILL BE THE BEST just like they were in 2010.. The GRANDDADDY OF 4G IS THE CURRENT HTC EVO 4G THE BEST SMARTPHONE DEVICE IN 2010 AND 2011 WILL BE KNOW DIFFERENT… HTC RULES MANUFACTURERS AND SPRINT RULES ALL CARRIERS AND THE HTC EVO RULES ANDROID

  • http://Website Cheng Guan Hao

    CONGRATULATIONS! Motorola announced that they won three Best of CES awards for
    the Motorola XOOM (Best of Show and Best Tablet) and Motorola ATRIX
    (Best Smartphone)!


    What a exciting year for ME and Motorola!
    Come to Asia please,XOOM, Atrix, BIONIC, CLIQ 2!
    Papa wants you!

  • http://Website lazycoder9000

    The “webtop” interface is definitely a Linux desktop.
    I’m happy that someone finally did this. I was wondering why no one wanted or cared to have a full desktop running on their smartphone. Every Android runs the Linux kernel anyway; it’s a hacking paradise in terms of getting a full desktop experience and more software running on our handhelds.

  • http://MILESTONE.com MILESTONE A853

    MILESTONE A853 – Motorola, update our $600 phone please to Android 2.2!

  • http://Website Nkcv

    Look this is my honest opinion. There a tablet called the Adam by a startup called notion ink which is making some wave. I don’t see any mention of that here at all.
    Humble opinion please start reviewing it..

  • http://Website ncb1397

    That laptop dock has a 36 kilowatt-hour battery? Cool, they should replace the Chevy Volt’s battery with this for better electric only range.