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Will David Blaine make the industry’s first 4G phone with a 3D display magically appear on February 7th?

Sprint had a rather mediocre Android showing at CES (they only showed off the HTC EVO Shift 4G), but this week the carrier revealed a special press event to take place on February 7th. At the time we had no idea what they were announcing, but Sprint promised another industry first and said magician David Blaine would be on hand to show us that “the impossible is possible”.

After thinking about it for a couple of days and looking back at my experiences from CES, I believe that Sprint and HTC will announce the world’s first 4G phone with a 3D display and 3D camera.

I did some digging and was told that the event is definitely Android related and will be used to announce a new 4G device. I also heard that there will be several announcements from HTC, but don’t expect the EVO II quite yet.

Initially we were told that phones with glasses-free 3D displays would appear in the second half of 2011, but then Sharp announced several models for Japan last year and showed them off at CES. Nintendo is also expected to release their 3DS handheld sometime in Q1, so 3D displays are coming sooner than you think.

Several large game developers have already announced support for 3D games and I can say some titles are nearly complete as we got some hands-on demos behind closed doors at CES last week.

I can also report that 3D movies should be available at the phone’s launch. I’ve seen demos last year in September and it really was something that made my jaw drop.

We have no idea of the device’s name, but I’ll do my best to predict the specs. All of the autostreoscopic 3D displays that I have seen were small, so I would guess HTC went with a 4″ screen at the most. Qualcomm’s dual-core Snapdragon processors are still not ready, so this should be a single-core 1GHz MSM8x55. The device will be marketed as a media powerhouse, so expect HDMI out, a kickstand, large internal storage, and a multimedia docking accessory.

Anything is possible, but a 3D display is the only thing I can see Sprint getting excited about and claiming “yet another industry first”.

So what do you think Sprint will name this phone? The HTC Illusion?

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  • http://zalzalaweb.com/jens anakin78z

    What would touch interaction with a 3d screen be like? Seems like an odd thing, though I suppose it could be cool for games and movies.

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      You can switch the 3D effect on and off. The touch screen should function as normal.

  • http://Website Joe

    Thank you for being very cheap and for disappointing your readers.

    You need to go to this event, as its a major event and you have a lot of readers.

    I don’t like it when you stay at home and then copy the articles that your competitors post.

    Your Android blog was once a very good blog, but now it just sucks. There’s week days when you only post 2 articles at most and you almost never post articles during the weekend. Plus, it pisses me off when you copy your competitor’s articles.

    • http://Website UniqueNate

      every site post the same stories and some have their own exclusive info that they received first. I look on my twitter and multiple sites tweet the same stories through links. and androidandme has the latest stuff. even when it’s posted a little late its not bad. i mean it’s nothing to get to excited about right now. if anything sprint is making it more then what it is. the crowd will be the judgement to that when it finally gets revealed.

      i think your bashing androidandme up a little to much. i love this site and i like how they actually tell stories and make it so live to read. even if it’s hyped somewhat it is entertaining. the other ones are cool as well, but they sometimes assume so much they’re way off, or even doubt so much they don’t have imagination.

    • http://Website Mark

      Of course, they are going to run the same stories as their competitors. How much variations of the same story can you have??? Unless you want them making up stuff like Phonedog says “The Atrix will launch March 5th with 8GB”. AndroidandMe says “The Atrix will launch February 5th with 16GB” or exaggerating news stories they receive. They simply report what is out there in the Android world. They have no control over what goes on. Their job is just to report it. If you’ve already read it somewhere else then whoopdy damn doo. Good for you. Move on…stop bitching.

    • http://Website juicebag

      I think the original content on this site often is way too heavy on the BS pie in the sky side now. A run through some journalism classes would help

    • http://Website Dargo

      iPhone fanboi

    • http://Website Andres


  • http://Website UniqueNate

    It will be a cool addition if this is true, but I’m not excited about this at all. I guess we will have to wait for CTIA

    • http://Website Andre

      if it is, if fact a 3D phone, it’s odd that Sprint would consider this significant enough for its own press event. It’s not like the subscribers who are going to switch to the ViPhone would cancel their plans just to hold out for an Android phone with autostereoscopic 3D. This is the kind of phone that would be well received at CTiA, but is a little risky at as a standalone announcement. I think there”s going to be more than one announcement if the 3D phone is a reality.

  • http://Website Lol

    I bet it makes food for you!!! Industry first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;D

  • Dave K

    A 3D, single-core phone would be a major disappointment.

    Forget the 3D, get those dual-core phones out the door, Sprint!

    • http://Website TareX

      I want Glasses-free 3D, but if HTC puts it in a single-core phone, I’ll just get the 3D G-Slate….

      It’s got to be a Tegra 2 phone.

  • http://Website Bill

    My #1 wish for the phone would be for it to have dual-core processors. The 3D display and 3D camera are cool concepts and I can imagine gaming would be pretty awesome but it’s the dual-core that will make the 3D run that much smoother.

  • http://Website Bill

    My #1 wish for the phone would be for it to have dual-core processors. The 3D display and 3D camera are cool concepts and I can imagine gaming would be pretty awesome but it’s the dual-core that will make the phone run that much smoother.

    • http://Website UniqueNate

      Dual core alone doesn’t make it smoother. It makes a big deal but the other stuff like the screen and UI have to be smooth. See how fast a dual core will punch with a sluggish UI. I don’t want having a dual core to get people over hyped. Do I want one? Yes, but I want it in the best designed phone with a fluid ass UI and beautiful transitions. Physical design should be awesome to.

  • http://Website Honor Basquiat

    Interesting post Taylor, always good that your digging great info for us.

    Could this phone be a potential game changer for you? As in getting it over the Motorola Atrix? Why or why not?

    Also I must say, specs you pose sound disappointing, especially coming from HTC, single core 1GHz snapdragon sounds so last year, and sub 4 inch screen screams boring to me. 3D could be really cool though. 3D camera?

  • http://Website Mohsin

    Saw the headline and laughed.

  • http://Website Bob

    playstation phone

  • http://Website Anthony

    Unfortunately I have no interest in a 3D display phone… like a lot of the 3D tech popping up lately it just feels gimmicky.

    I’ve been waiting for HTC to announce a phone with comparable power to the Atrix (on a provider other than AT&T) and when I first heard about Sprint’s special press event, I was really hoping this would be it.

    If it turns out to just be “the first” 3D phone especially with the underpowered specs mentioned, I’ll be extremely disappointed.

    Another thing to note would be that if this does indeed have a 3D display, any kind of touch interactions would break the visual effect. Meaning if you are expecting to play a 3D game on this, there will need to be some other method of input. This is why only the top screen of the 3DS is 3D and the bottom touchscreen is not.

  • http://Website Goldni

    The phone will have the same 3rd Generation 1ghz Snapdragon CPU as the Thunderbolt and a uber fast 3rd Generation GPU. Look at the hands on vids with the Thunderbolt at CES. It feels as zippy as dual cores.

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      The Thunderbolt features the 2nd-gen Snapdragon MSM8x55 with the Adreno 205 GPU. Same chipset as myTouch 4G.

    • http://Website Alan

      Thats just because blur is so horribly coded that it brings that tegra to its knees. A lot more thought/effort seems to go into Sense, but you’ll definitely notice the difference in games and movies and general things not puked on by motorola.
      3D is a huge gimmick, its cool, but a lot of people will have some serious buyer’s remorse after about a month with it.

  • http://Website Feech

    No offense Taylor but Phonearena had speculated about this early this morning. Didyou research come from that site?


    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      I did not see that report until just now, but I would say mine is more accurate. It sounds like he is just guessing several possibilities that have been rumored. I have a good tip from a Sprint source and I got hands-on demos of 3D games and movies. That author also was talking about stereoscopic 3D (glasses) and I’m talking about auto-stereoscopic 3D which is glasses free (again I have seen demos).

      My research comes from my experiences. I’ve been to more Android related events than any other Android blogger and I have some great friends in the industry now.

    • http://Website TareX

      Dude practically everyone knows its a 3D phone…. you don’t need “research” to guess it.

  • http://Website T72018

    I hope that you are wrong on your post!! I think will announce the Evo 2, 4.5 screen dual core, 2.3 gingerbread phone and the Htc Scribe tablet. No one wants a last year old single core processor. I dont think Htc would team up with Sprint for a industry first and the phone is not dual core. They are smarter than that, they know the customers want dual core so they will bring it. If u guys noticed Htc didnt reveal 1 daul core phone at CES 2010!!! I guarantee they will at Sprint’s event, then they will again at MWC 2010, you watch and see… What better place to announce a Evo 2, than at your own event!!!!!!

    • http://Website UniqueNate

      as good as that sounds that wouldn’t be a industries first. let’s get past what we want and think of what’s not in the mobile industry as of right now for any carrier. and even if they did announce a evo2 how would they top that so early at ctia?

      and for the people that are saying stop with the 3d rumors, what do you think it will be? what do you think the mobile industry doesn’t have that will be announced feb 7?

    • http://Website guest

      HTC are the masters of dragging their feet when it comes to new features on their phones, look what they did before the iphone I can’t even remember how lame their “upgrades” were each year, but I do remember being very disappointed.

  • http://Website Goldni

    I meant 2nd Gen Snapdragon!! One hands on was the rep handed the guy the Tunderbolt. The whole time the guy was thinking he was using a dual core (he’d played with several other DC phones before it). He stated it was very zippy! When he put the Tunderbolt down, the rep said it’s the tweaked 2nd gen Snapdragon CPU.

  • http://Website Goldni

    Also it’s possible this mystery 3D phone ‘could’ have Qualcomm’s Adreno 22O GPU. It’s essentially done. It’s their R&D with the Dual Core Snapdragons they are still behind on.

    The kick butt GPU could really push the 3D effect really well.

  • http://Website jeremy

    When I saw that sprint had a special event planned. The first thing I said was ” I hope they announce something like the Motorola Atrix and not something lame like a 3d phone”. Yep. Fears confirmed. Oh well, I’ve had my trusty Evo since launch day and will be ok till they finally release something that I like better.

    • http://Website Andre

      Agreed. It’s too bad all signs do seem to point to a 3D phone, which is nothing more than a gimmick IMO. i’m not a gamer, don’t watch movies on my phone, and don’t need a screen with 3D. The only saving grace is that it might be 4″ or under, which if it’s not a slider, would be a welcome change. I actually went back to the Hero because the Evo was too cumbersome for day-to-day use. I’d love to see something like the Nexus S, Optimus 2x, or the Atrix, but that’s probably not going to happen. All the seem to care about are sliders and jumbophones.

      • http://Website bobby

        How is it cumbersome? Its only a little wider than the nexus s.

        • http://Website Andre

          “Only a little” is a lot on little devices. A Galaxy S and an Evo are distinctly difference experiences in terms of how they fit in my hand and pocket. Since I’m on Sprint, which doesn’t have a non-slider phone under 4″, I went back to the Hero from an Evo. I don’t like jumbophones.

  • http://Website Fernando

    Stop the 3D craze! Nobody is buying it!! Disappointed with this news, was hoping for dual-core android by HTC

    • http://Website gad

      I will come……..Patience

      • http://Website gad

        It will come………Patience

  • http://Website raptor007

    Ok, cool I guess but that will really suck up the battery life. Its a novelty for me but hey each carrier has to come up with something novel to keep the lights on. Do they honestly think this will draw attention away from the Verizon iPhone launch, well actually I hope it does!!!!!

  • http://bizarreapps.webs.com Ziox Odd

    I say we call it EvOlution

  • http://twitter.com/thebignoob Ryan Fraser

    I’m all for a 3D HTC phone, but I don’t think that’s what we will be seeing.

    My money is on an updated Galaxy Tab with the overclocked 1.2GHz cpu and WiMAX radios.

    Technically, an industry first for galaxy tab users.

    Guess we’ll have to wait and see…


  • http://Website Richard

    I am a PROUD OWNER OF THE BEST SMARTPHONE DEVICE OF 2010 THE HTC EVO 4G…. Whatever sprint announces I will support they will do there best to bring great products to our network. We all know at CTIA in March 2011 HTC Will ANNOUNCED THE HTC EVO 2 4G and TRUST ME THAT DEVICE WILL HAVE DUALCORE PROCESSOR OUR TIME WILL COME. All the EVO lovers just need to hold on our day to rejoice is about 65 days from now. Meanwhile I support HTC AND SPRINT COME FEB 7th and I wish this announcement well

  • http://Website Richard


  • http://Website Simon

    There already is a glasses-free 3D phone selling in Japan (The Lynx)
    It really looks amazing and far better than those color-killing 3D glass LCD TV.

    But a 3D camera would be a first and a game changer for tools like Goggles and AR apps.

  • http://Website Paul Ponyboy Atreides

    It could as well be the first 3D 4G device. Theyre going to rain excrement all over the other carriers parades again one way or another whether it be the atrix, Samsung 4g lol smh, bionic/iPhone4. Ill take gingerbread in the mean time. By the summer its going to be so many cool offerings man Androids are winning!

  • http://www.4gextreme.com 4g extreme

    4G phones will be comming from everywhere and each company will be trying
    to up one another every three months, so the easiest way is to add ” Fun Features”
    which will be like oversized rims on a car, a cool conversation topic but useless and degrading to
    performence. I think the big money is in ” Long/extended Life Batteries”

  • http://Website Paul Ponyboy Atreides

    You’re right about batteries. There’s better technology being introduced soon to try remedy that.

  • http://Website Kid Twist

    Those of you who are guessing EVO 2 or a successor to the Galaxy Tab or some other phone with bumped up processing power are missing a piece part of this event: David Blaine. You don’t haul out a world-famous illusionist to announce a refreshed device or a new chipset. Which is why Taylor’s conclusion that it’s 3D makes the most sense. (Of course, I’d much rather see a “magic” battery that lasts all day instead, but they never seem to ask me what I want.)

    • http://Website Kid Twist

      That should say “key part of this event.”

  • http://Website Derek

    Looks like it’s going to be the first phone to spit out magic playing cards. Haha

  • http://Website TS75

    I mentioned that in my comment in the previous posts about the invitation.

    Look at the invitation carefully!

    1) The text “SEE WHAT SPRINT…” has a shadow effect to give a depth in the text.

    2) They used the word “Illusionist” with David Blaine. Why David Blaine? Hmm.. Why would he be a special guest to announce wimax tablet? Besides, Verizon already announced about Motorola Xoom would have LTE coming later. So, I doubt it is a wimax tablet news. Illusionist showing optical illusions!

    3) They used the words “impossible is possible”. What is impossible on a wireless device that would be possible now? Hmm..

    4) See Culinary, Creations and Cocktails. “Three” consecutive words starting with “C”. C for cameras! Three cameras. Two in front and one in back. Or Two in back and one in front.

    I think it is First 3D android phone!

    With AT&T,Verizon going strong with high end android devices and iPhone, Sprint needs a device to continue the success of Evo and keep the customer base constant.

    • http://Website gad

      I think i believe you…….well analysed

  • MC

    Oh, come on! WHY would any manufacturer choose SPRINT as a bleeding-edge launch partner? Sprint? Remember their last exclusive, the, “iPhone Killer” Palm Pre? WOW! What a resounding success that was(n’t)!

    • http://Website billy

      Um anyone who has owned the palm pre knows that it wasn’t sprints fault for that product but palm. The hardware on that phone was a joke.

      • MC

        billy – you completely missed the point of my post. Here it is: NO ONE launches market-leading, unique product on Sprint! The Palm Pre could’ve been the best thing EVER, but neither #1 (Verizon by sub numbers), #2 (AT&T) or even #4 (T-Mobile who has a reputation for offering, “top-of-the-market” items) would touch it with a ten-foot pole. SO, it went to Sprint, who in their uniquely Sprint-like fashion, managed to bungle the ball so badly it wouldn’t have made any difference WHO or WHAT was offered!
        Remember – that Palm Pre, in, “Plus” form (whatever…) went on to Verizon where it was FREE! with a contract – and they still couldn’t give ‘em away!

  • http://Website Paul Ponyboy Atreides

    Can anyone confirm its an update coming to their EVO? My girlfriend just got one but unfortunately she’s not here so I couldnt take a look yet. I’m searching how to force updates now! Help?

  • http://Website matt

    The real magic will be that David Blaine will show that not all deuchebags use iphone’s, and then he will present a fish, holding the latest android phone in its mouf.

  • http://Website jay

    WITH OUT dual core it wont succeed .

  • http://Website Paul Ponyboy Atreides

    Lol does the average consumer give a rats ass about dual cores? Really? Think not. I hope its not that playstation phone tho I hope n pray :/

  • http://Website Mike R

    I for one certainly would not be impressed with a 3D display getting my “WOW” factor up. The utility of 3D display leaves much to question. I would however be excited if this 3D display was somehow incorporated into a projector type mechanism that would allow the user to display images on a wall, screen etc. That would be utility. Aside from that, I would love to see the Evo return to the top of the Android heap by beefing up it’s specs. and maybe (an industry first) see Honeycomb on a phone running just the native UI. Wishful thinking I guess.

  • http://Website LongTimeSprintUser

    3D phone? Lame……so…so……Lame.

  • MC

    From ComputerWorld, January 11 – (CDMA/WiMax – capable iPhone is laughable AND absurd, but, judging from the way they attempted to tout the nasty Palm Pre last year, I’d say the conjecture about yet another tired tablet or a Windows 7 Mobile device no one cares about is likely, “spot on!”)


    As has been the case with the Samsung Instinct and the mentioned Palm Pre, if a manufacturer has a dismal and/or truly average product, ONLY Sprint will agree to be the launch partner!

  • http://Website G

    I think its either a New Palm 4g device,iphone 4g,3d phone,or windows 7 4g phone.Should be Big screen size wise.Lets go Sprint!

  • http://jlcmb702.888forum.com/ 3D Glass

    Valuable information. Lucky me I discovered your web site by accident, and I am stunned why this coincidence didn’t happened in advance! I bookmarked it.