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Batter up: MLB At Bat 2011 app now available for $14.99

The 2011 version of the MLB at-bat application is now available on the Android Market for $15, matching the price of the 2010 version. The 2011 at-bat application features a revamped home screen, including home-screen customization featuring your favorite MLB team, as well as a few new features that will be unlocked as we get closer to opening day.

Once opening day comes around, there will be support for live mlb.tv broadcasts for mlb.tv subscribers. A bit disappointing since the full mlb.tv service supports live spring training games, but being able to watch baseball on the go for the next six months is really awesome.

The At Bat 2011 application does require Android 2.1 and above, and is now available on the market for $14.99. ┬áThere is also a lite version that doesn’t seem to feature live audio, which is standard on the premium application.

If you’re a baseball fan, this app is hands down a must-have. We’ll get a review up once all the 2011 features are unlocked.

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  • http://Website Richard

    Yes again I will be purchasing this application. If you are a baseball fan nothing beats this app. Yankees rule and will BITCH SLAP the Boston Redsox’s this year just like they did in 2010. South Bronx Style

    • http://Website Tom

      Hey Rich, YANKEES SUCK….no moves = no wins for them this year!

  • http://Website Mike

    I think all of the major sport leagues are way too greedy. This app is basically just a sport score app, but yet they charge $15 for it.

    There are many free sport score apps in the market, such as ScoreMobile that I would much rather use.

    Hell, even very good games, such as Gameloft’s Modern Combat 2 are only $6, even though they had to create many different maps, and it took a lot more effort to create than the $15 AtBat2011 app.

    • mattcoz

      Except that the “score app” part of it is free in the lite version, the $15 is what you pay for live game audio. For a lot of people it is totally worth it, I’m usually at work or on the train when games are going on and being able to listen to the games on my phone is fantastic.

    • http://Website CB

      Every game in the league live? Worth $15 to me.

      • http://txhoudini.com txhoudini

        You get the radio call of not just every game but you can choose if you want the home team or the away teams radio. It is a deal at $15.

  • http://Website Yo

    Being able to listen to games live on the go is worth the $15 alone personally.

    • http://Website DK

      google and find out which local AM stations are licensed to broadcast the games you wanna listen to, then download ‘Tune In Radio’, and find some of those stations (any that stream their broadcast online) then all the games you wanna hear on your phone are live and free. Screw that $15 ANNUAL price

      • http://www.geekwithkids.com Michael

        That would work, except MLB blocks the radio broadcasts from the stations web players. So you can’t listen to them unless you pay MLB. The app is the cheapest option.

        I didn’t get it last year cause they didn’t support video on Android. This year they do so I’ll be getting it.

  • http://Website Mast3rShake

    Phillies 2011

    Lol at the Yankees fan. Boston is going to crush you this year.

    Boston vs Philly World Series

    Philly in 6

    • http://Website kazahani

      Except that ESPN is projecting my Cincinnati Reds to win the NL this year. I know you got us good last year, but we can’t wait to take a piece of you this season. You better bring your best stuff when we roll into town!

      • http://Website Tackle Box

        Well, if ESPN says it’ll happen……….


    Wont show up on my newly 2.3.3 updated Nexus S. just great grrrrr

  • http://Website George S

    I enjoyed this app last year, but unfortunately I’m still locked into a contract with my old G1 and won’t be able to upgrade until July. So, I guess MLB won’t be getting their $15 from me this year, cause i”m not paying that much for half a season.

  • http://Website Greg

    So is this site only doing advertisements now?

    • http://txhoudini.com txhoudini

      I think a short blurb about a major app release is news and not an ad. Especially with the horrible curation that the Android Market has.

  • http://Website Ken N

    Any other Samsung Captivate users not able to find this on the market? It’s driving me nuts try to find answers and I don’t even know who to send my problem too. It’s just not found on my market. I tried scanning the code, buying from the market website, app brain. They lead me to the market and all lead to “Not found” message.

    • http://Website Andy

      I googled “mlb atbat 2011 .apk” and I downloaded an .apk file for free.

      I think this app is way too expensive and its overpriced. Plus, I don’t even like listening to my team on the radio.

  • http://Website JJ

    I really want to buy this app. The only thing holding me back is the convoluted Blackout crap. I can listen to most games for free one way or another, but what I really want is to be able to watch Rangers or Astros games, and from what I’ve been reading, I don’t even think that would be possible.

  • http://Website brian

    Just found out this At Bat app won’t run on my Nexus S, as mentioned above as well. Is it because it isn’t supported for gingerbread Android?

    Any idea how long it would take to get this app to work on the latest Android? This sucks.