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    I found yesterday that the Google Market Web Store is currently not loading in Chrome, but is in FireFox. FYI. [ http://goo.gl/McJlw ]

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    I don’t really see the point of a 30 day remembered verification. (vs something smaller like 5 or 1 day. i can definitely see myself using the 1 day remembered verification.)

    depends on a couple of things. If that is for a singular browser on a single computer, then i guess that is maybe ok, i guess i will have to wait and see.

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    if i enable this, and i find the extra layer to be too cumbersome or incompatible with my browsing usage, can i revert back to just password authentication? there seems to be no information regarding this.

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    The extra security procedures are appreciated very much so… Google stepping up there security game…

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    My girlfriend got this when trying to sign into youtube about 2 weeks ago, and she freaked out because she always thinks someone is trying to spy on her over the internet. Too many books written by hermits with agendas.

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    I don’t see the point of the unique code. Wouldn’t it be just as secure to just press a button in an app on our phones? It would be quicker and just as useful since the whole point is we’re proving it’s us by having access to the phone.

    Also, anybody who would use this probably already has a very strong password of letters, numbers and symbols so it’s almost not necessary.

    Anyway, if we must have this, it would be very cool using QR codes. Instead of having to input a code, GMail would just generate a QR code that would be scanned with our phone cameras. Once we scan, the data is sent to Google and GMail would load automatically.

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      Even strong passwords can be defeated by keyloggers. Like when I go on vacation and have to log onto Gmail from a public hotel computer. I hate the feeling that it would be super easy for the guy before me to have putten a keylogger on here and my entire account would be forfeit

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    My password characters are illegal, what a piece of shit.

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    I had this set up it was great and easy to use. I ran into a problem that maybe others will never run into. My boss decided to see if he could break my authentication code on my phone. He kept going till he got the screen that prompted for sign in by google account. I entered my information but could not get back in. I used the back up password that was created to get into my email account from the web. I then created a new password for my phone but that did not work. I tried everything I could for over an hour and couldn’t get in. I ended up doing a factory reset on my phone and had to start from scratch.

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    I couldn’t get how to log in to my gtalk client and searched a lot for this. Finally got some help forum here :


    Really helpful info :)

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    Multiple accounts sounds like it would be a nightmare. I’m not willing to go through the mayhem of having to factory reset my rooted phone just to accommodate Google as did ITGuy…smh.

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    How to Enable 2-step verification for Google Accounts Step-by-step picture http://www.fulltechreview.com/2011/02/how-to-enable-2-step-verification-for.html

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    2-step verification has already been compromised by the calberp virus.

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    I enabled the two-step verification process on my android and I am confused on how its going to work. Currently, my android does not support typing the validation code therefore I had to use an application generated code for my email. Since that password is generated and displayed just once, I am confused on how will it work if I ever forget my patter on my android. Since I did not memorize the 16 random characters created for my application password.

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    I have an iPhone and an iPad and I want both to have the ability to verify. All the instructions were not clear. What you have to do is scan the qr code for the iPhone 1st, then enter the 6 digit code. Now before you hit next, scan the qr code with the iPad and enter the 6 digit code. You will find they both work when you go to login to google.

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  • isuru

    typing this code when signing in to gmail is really heck. Introduce something like touch a button for Android devices!!!!

    -go to gmail.com
    -enter user name or password
    -Instead of asking code display something like “Do you want to sign into gmail? in our android device.
    -Then we just have to press the “Yes” button in our mobile !!
    Signed in successfully !!!

    What do you guyz think about my suggestion??