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Redbox releases Android application

Good news, movie lovers! Popular movie rental company Redbox has released an Android application onto the market today.

Similar to the features found on their website, the Redbox app allows users to browse Redbox’s entire movie catalog and find and reserve that movie at your local Redbox station. You can also browse the currently available selection at a particular Redbox, which comes in handy when you don’t really know which movie you want to see or don’t really want to venture too far away to pick up a quick flick.

If you use Redbox’s movie rental service, you probably should go ahead and download the newly-released Android application from the market. It requires that you have Android 1.6 or higher (sorry Cliq XT users!).


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  • http://Website Adam

    Um, not trying to pick nits, but if by “today” you meant “last week,” then sure, you’re right. Otherwise…
    I’ve been rockin’ this beauty since last week. Found it out through another Android blog (AP, PD, DL, can’t remember which).


    I also grabbed it last week, love it. Now if we can only get Netflix to see the light

  • http://Website Alb

    Not ideal, and you probably already know this, but you can use the “Movies” app to access and arrange your netflix queue…

    • http://Website Futureboy

      “Movies” works quite well actually, and is quite convenient. What I really love about “Movies” is that, not only can you watch trailers of movies you may not have heard of, but you can browse any of the lists (Box Office, Upcoming or DVD) and easily add movies to your Netflix cue right from the app rather than having to do a search for each in Netflix. And it even has Rotten Tomatoes ratings which has a percentage rating (0-100) which is much more telling than the 5 star rating system on Netflix where just about everything is 2.5-3.5 stars. Adding and removing films through “Movies” is easy, but you can’t reorder your cue (at least I didn’t see a way to do this). Hopefully a Netflix app would allow this. However, in the meantime, Movies has been great and has even helped in those times where I was wanting to rent from Redbox for the evening, but didn’t exactly remember what Netflix was in the process of sending to my house.

  • http://Website swr

    There used to be a really awesome redbox app that worked just fine, way back when. I think they disabled its features though so the developer gave up on it. I’ll have to try this one out I guess.

  • http://Website a finn

    Hey, their logo looks like this:


    I see a lawsuit coming already.

  • http://Website scotter

    I would be more excited if we could actually use the app to watch movies…