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Swiftkey bringing tablet-specific keyboard to Honeycomb

The folks over at Swiftkey are hard at work developing a version of their popular keyboard application specifically for tablets to launch alongside Honeycomb later this month.

The awesome looking tron-esque keyboard is shaking things up a bit by placing a full numeric keypad in the middle of the letter keys when in landscape mode. Though strange at first glance, this move actually makes sense when you think about it. The letters will be close to where your hands will naturally be placed when holding a tablet in landscape mode, which has the potential typing much easier.

We’ll have a more hands-on review of the tablet version of Swiftkey once it launches, but this is certainly one keyboard replacement I’m eagerly looking forward to testing out on whatever Honeycomb tablet I pick up in coming months.

For those who have yet to hear about Swiftkey, check out our impressions of the initial app release here. In short, Swiftkey’s insanely accurate text-prediction make typing much faster than the stock keyboard, though still slower than Swype. All in all, there’s much to get excited about for the Swiftkey tablet application due out in coming weeks.

Via: Chuck Falzone

Source: Swiftkey

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  • Nathan

    oh man this looks so perfect. can’t wait to get a tablet, and this to show it off at my school

  • http://Website UniqueNate

    That is a sexy UI for the Swiftkey app. At first I was like, why did he split the keyboard in half? It still has the natural order of the letters so it’s cool. I like the animation of the selected word. Tron thing going on . Quality is definitely showing more and more in Android. We need it.

    • http://adomanico01.blogspot.com/ Anthony Domanico

      I’m loving the UI. Seriously. This thing is sexy.

    • http://Website marc

      I kind of disagree with the “natural” arrangement of the qwerty keyboard for the tablet. It’s already bad enough that the qwerty keyboard has prevented progress for so long, but applying the layout to a tablet is approaching, if not crossing, the line of diminishing returns. Shouldn’t the most used letters be closest to the edge, or better yet, centered around a point right below the position of the thumb?

      • http://Goodcomment Ray

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  • http://Website TechnoSTIG

    After using swiftkey for a day or two, it is actually faster than swype. Because it predicts what your next word is, you just have to press the space button to auto populate it, instead of swyping letter by letter. I use a lot of common phrases when I text my friends so it makes it more efficient.

  • Gone


  • http://Website Dev1359

    This is slightly off topic, but what ever happened to the “BlindType” keyboard that Google had acquired and were supposed to be integrating into Gingerbread? The keyboard I’ve been using in Cyanogen 7 is a decent improvement over the Froyo keyboard…but I still feel that it has a long way to go before it catches up to the iPhone in terms of accuracy and responsiveness

  • http://trueacu.com acupunc

    finally someone puts out a decent keyboard for tablets! It looks brilliant!

  • http://Website Paul Atreides

    What?! Now that’s slick! Seeing more cool tablet specific apps will definitely tempt me to grab a table a bit earlier than I see myself doing at this point.

  • http://Website JazzHands

    Thumb Keyboard of Beansoft has a Tablet keyboard. It is in the market for months now. Looks like swift key just copied it.

  • http://Website James

    The iPad wont stand a chance against this!

  • http://ImprovedTabletkeyboarddesign Ray

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  • Ray

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