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Twidroyd gets suspended by Twitter…new version coming soon

Update: Twidroyd has just announced via their Twitter page that a new, compliant version of their application will soon be available on the Android market shortly!

Bad news for all you Twidroyd users out there (especially if you paid for Twidroyd Pro). In an official tweet from Twitter’s support account, Twitter has confirmed that they have suspended the Twidroyd application for violation of Twitter’s rules and regulations.

This is not the first time Twidroyd has been in trouble with the folks at Twitter. Several months ago, then-Twidroid was asked to change the application’s name to something a bit further-away-sounding from the official Twitter name.

Twidroyd is still available on the Android Market as of 1:30pm CST, but users are reporting that the application is no longer updating their timeline.

No official word from Twidroyd on whether or not this suspension is permanent, or whether they plan to work on an alternative application that doesn’t violate Twitter’s terms of service. An email to the folks at Twidroyd was not immediately returned.

We will update this story as we learn more. Meanwhile, head on over to the Twitter support page for more info.

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  • http://Website Todd

    I say, in my best Homer Simpson voice, “woo-hoo!”

    UberMedia can go DIAF

  • http://Website J-Man

    So when’s Facebook going to attack their third-party apps?

  • http://Website Doug

    Gee, they block these big name twitter apps… and then they start advertising their own app right after… I think Twitter is trying to control access to their site for their own revenue producing purposes and not because someone violated their terms.

  • http://Website Christian

    “Several months ago, then-Twidroid was asked to change the application’s name to something a bit further-away-sounding from the official Twitter name.”

    Twidroid was asked to change their name because of potential issues with Lucas Arts . . .

  • http://Website :)

    I stopped using Twidroid or Twidroyd a long time ago because of all their new add on’s that just made the app worse. I am sticking to TweetDeck.

    • http://Website anon

      Plume FTW.

  • http://Website :-/

    Wow, no activity since early Wednesday and this is the only thing you guys felt was worthy of ending the week with?!

    Should have just written this week off as a bad week and started fresh on Monday. No need to end it this bad!! Lol

    • http://Website Greg

      Yeah, sometimes I think there must not be any newsworthy Android news, but then I check one of the many other Android blogs/sites and there are all kinds of things going on. I think this site is in its decline.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Am I the only one thats str8 BAFFLED by the lack of news from MWC on here? Who the fuck is running the damn site?

    • http://Website AceoStar

      My guess is that Taylor is pretty slammed coming back from Barcelona and straight into what hopefully will be one of the first in depth reviews of the Atrix.

  • http://Website Stella

    This is awful news. I used Twidroyd and TweetDeck as my go to twitter apps. I hope they resolve it with Twitter soon. I love all the features in Twidroyd.

  • http://Website John Barker

    Am I the only that likes the official Twitter application? I believe it’s also the only one to support push notifications (which means real time mention, direct messages etc. and no real hit to the battery).

    • http://Website Fishstick

      I agree. I am brand new to twitter but the official application has been great for me. I am trying Plume now but so far I like the official application on my G2 best.

      I also agree with the others that I was expecting WAY more MWC news.