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All Gameloft HD games are 60% off this Valentine’s Day weekend

Starting today and running through February 15th, all Gameloft HD titles for Android are 60% off. This means you can now download some of the best games that Android has to offer for only $1.99, but you will have to do so through Gameloft’s web store. It’s unfortunate that Gameloft still does not offer their best games through the Android Market, but we have a feeling that could be changing soon.

If this is your first time purchasing a game from Gameloft, we have a few tips to share. The easiest way to complete a purchase is by visiting Gameloft.com on your Android phone. It will provide a list of games that are optimized for your device. If no games are listed for your device, you can also trick their web store to send you a download link by selecting a comparable phone on their desktop site (Example: Pick Epic 4G if you have a Nexus S).

Gameloft updated their policy to allow you to re-download the games you purchase, but they are still limited to the original device that you installed them on. Some users have reported that Gameloft allowed them to transfer their purchased game library to a new device, but you might have to contact customer service for that to occur.

If you need some suggestions on which titles to get, my favorite Gameloft games right now include Modern Combat 2, Brothers in Arms 2, Spiderman, and Fishing Kings. I haven’t had the chance to play all their new titles yet, but at only $1.99 I might have to buy a couple more before my long flight to Mobile World Congress.

Please let us know if you take advantage of this special offer. I’m curious to hear your feedback on the checkout experience. Did everything install correctly or did you run into any problems?

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Source: Gameloft

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  • Galen20K

    yea, make them available on Android Market and I “might” buy them…

  • http://Website Edwin

    When I go to their website on my vibrant the price is still set at $4.99

  • Killa

    My brothers Vibrant is kinda wiggin’ out right now and he might get it exchanged for a new one soon. If he were to buy one of the games today, and exchange his phone a couple days from now, he would (should) be able to re-download it, right?

  • SliestDragon

    It doesn’t appear that Modern Combat 2 is included in this sale. Every device I switched to didn’t show that game, only the 1st Modern Combat…

  • http://Website Carl

    I click the link in my SMS and it takes me the page I came from. I click Buy and it takes me to the form to enter my number for an SMS again.

    I am sure their sales numbers suck. I would have bought them all under this promo if it actually worked…

  • http://Website FrankTank

    No discount showing for me on my Evo 4g, all games show full price.

  • http://Website @neidlinger

    I’ll have to remember this tomorrow when the weekend is here.

    “show full price”

    correct Friday is a “weekday” not a “weekend day”.

  • http://Website JoshL

    My issues with Gameloft:

    1. Not available on Android Market
    2. When you upgrade your phone, you cannot get the game for your new phone (they will only let you re-download the game if you get your phone replaced by the same device). i.e. G2 breaks. Get a new G2, then you can download the game. However, if the HTC Pyramid proves to be glorious, I will upgrade but I cannot redownload the game I just bought for the new phone. I don’t like that. Yet this could be solved with a move to the market, in which Gameloft will not be able to enforce this bogus policy. Until then, Gameloft will not get a dime from me.

  • http://Website SpottedNigel

    All regular price on the site for me. myTouch 4g

  • http://Website Eric

    No discount, though I get a BOGO special if I check GT-i9000 for samsung.

    • http://Website TruFactzâ„¢

      Thats because that promo is for the UK, where the original GS was launched.

  • http://Website Fred L

    I went to the site on my PC and I couldn’t see the price, but up on top it said 50%, not 60%. However, I chose them to text me the download link and in that link the $1.99 price shows up on my Mytouch 4G phone.

  • http://Website Janson

    The banner advertising the promotion seems to be changing. Now it says 50% off but when you get to the purchase page, they throw out that it’s really buy one get one free. As in, they’re going to take your $5 no matter what. This article needs to be revised…

  • http://Website Janson

    A little more info: As Fred L writes, if you get them to text you a link from the desktop, the link will have buy options at $1.99.

  • Jonathan

    All of the games are showing full price and I’m not seeing Modern Combat 2. I don’t want to play that lie about your phone game because then I probably won’t be able to return it if I run into trouble.

    So the only thing I’m seeing is a buy-one-get-50%-off promotion and I can’t find the game I want. As always, when I think I’ll buy a Gameloft game the process proves to be completely confusing and excessively difficult.

    I can honestly say I hate that company. Coming from an iPhone I bought a ton of their games and while they were horribly unoriginal most of them were fun. Towards the end it was obvious that many of the games were just the one before it with a new skin, but it was fun for a while. Now I just hate them.

    • http://Website TruFactzâ„¢

      Well, let’s look at the graphics of most of their games except for the ones by “ubisoft”. looking pretty good on the tom clancy’s right? That’s because the same brothers who founded ubisoft…..wait for it……….FOUNDED GAMELOFT!!!!
      So any game that’s army based or part of the ubisoft or tom clancy team, they take it serious other wise its hey we made this…..hope u like it……enjoy. Except for the asphalt series.

      • Jonathan

        Did I say look or engine?

        An engine powers a game. There’s plenty of documentation of iPhone gamers requesting Gameloft update their engine since all of the games feel the same since they run on the same old engine. The same way COD MW1, MW2, [email protected] and Black Ops feel the same because they run on the same modified Quake Engine.

        I didn’t say “Why do games look like Splinter Cell? Ubisoft should be mad!” They copy off of a lot of developers but have the rights to some actual properties. That has nothing to do with the engine powering the game.

  • http://Website J-Man

    Why give Craploft free publicity, when they clearly don’t deserve it? With a broken business model, horrible purchasing experience and just general confusion, I’d think 5 times, then think again another 5 times and finally give it one last thought before giving them advertising like this.

    I sincerely hope A&M aren’t being paid by these underachievers…

    • jivemaster

      I agree. So many people have been burned by them, why give them some much exposure? I would use that energy to constantly condemn their actions for not taking Android seriously.

      Android users are treated like second class citizens compared to their iphone counterparts, and Gameloft is a prime example of this. You could buy as many idevices as you want, and the one purchase works on all with no stuffing around. Whereas on Android we pay more for the same game, can’t use it on more than one device, and have to jump through a fucking complicated online store system in order to even purchase, which is made even worse by the fact that it frankly never works.

      Gameloft can go fuck themselves.

      Gameloft’s games aren’t even that good. There are only a handful of decent titles, the majority are total rubbish, are rip-offs from AAA console games (except when they bother to pay for a license), and have no replay value. As an Android + ipad owner (waiting for a xoom), I have seen the majority of their games first hand, and have bought most during the infamous itunes store $1 sales they have. Because frankly, that’s all their games are worth. But on Android we get nothing even close to that value. Maybe a game company that actually makes good games could get away with this, but not Gameloft. They are trash.

      I think more praise should be given to developers like EA, whom are actually decent supporters of the Android market. The bad thing there are legions of fucking morons who one star their apps when they have to download an additional file after install which takes up their refund window. WTF? What do you expect EA to do exactly? If they included the entire game in the market download, it would be huge and people would whinge anyway, or you couldn’t apps2sd or whatever.

      As a side note, I think what the Android market is really missing is sales. The itunes store right now has literally hundreds of apps that have been reduced in price. Look on Android – there’s barely any, and that’s if you can find them. If a dev puts an app on sale, its impossible for people to know about it. For ios devices there are websites like appshopper that can send you personal price drop alerts. Is there anything like that for Android?

      I also think for the market to be taken more seriously, it needs to have a larger roll of highlighted apps – primarily on the web browser version. It’s the same apps every single day. No matter what people think, apple do a great amount of advertising for deserving apps, bringing something out from the depths and showcasing it to you, which helps you find great new things. And they take the same 30/70 split that Google does. Google – give the devs that are supporting the market some actual advertising and some actual value!!! Android needs that. People need to be shown what’s out there. There are great things in the market, but they are lost in a sea of stuff you’ve already seen, or trash. I constantly see Romain Guy of the Android dev team tweeting about a good app – dude – put these recommendations on the market somewhere where people can see them!!!!!!

      I love my Android, I want to put money down to buy apps, and I look daily to spend a dollar – but I have a hell of a time finding stuff (Appbrain is not a great help and is ugly as hell). I have managed to get some great stuff by trawling through the market pages, I think I have bought almost 100 applications now. Appbrain is only partially useful but has no alert features whatsoever, so its only good for searching. It’s all a bit of a waste of time really. Appbrain should really look into actually doing something about price drops and alerts. This would actually bring it ahead of the market again and make it a more useful tool than what it already is.

      PS. Have you noticed that EA is starting to experiment with the possibly of breaking away from the Market again? http://www.eamobile.com/android

  • McLovin

    Do they support T-Mobile G2 HTC Vision? I can’t find anything on their website that says they do.

    • SliestDragon

      They don’t split up the HTC Vision and HTC Desire Z into 2 devices since they are the same exact thing. Look under Desire Z for games that work on your device.

  • http://roughridergames.blogspot.com/ ColdFusion71

    So for some reason it keeps directing me to the iPhone download instead of an Android one. Just goes to show you that they need to be using the marketplace instead of their stupid front end thing. It just makes everything that much more difficult and annoying for everyone.

    • http://roughridergames.blogspot.com/ ColdFusion71

      So um… Ignore the last thing I just said because for whatever reason the new rom I installed had the browser to default as an iPhone one. Why? We may never know.

      That said I still stand by the whole thing about Gameloft needing to use the Android Market.

  • http://Website Buster Man

    Has worked for me. directly from my HTC HD2 (running Froyo)… £1 I am in the UK… no problems so far, infact was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to buy.

    • http://Website koreanninja

      Don’t worry they are really good at taking your money, but having the file download and actually work is another story. Take a look at their “Refund” policy: http://www.gameloft.com/faq/#3 yeah doesn’t make you feel too confident about buying a game from them. They are essentially saying that they will take your money and not refund it regardless of whether or not they actually provide the service you pay for. To put it simply…they suck.

      • http://Website ihatefanboys

        i disagree. i recently took part in a “buy one game, get one free” i bought hawx and tried to get modern combat 2 free..the page for the free purchase never came up and i just paid the $5 for modern combat…it downloaded and never worked. i just sent a message to gameloft and within 48hrs i got an email back with a fresh link to the game with instructions and my FREE game as promised. so i have no problems with gameloft.. i now have 4 or 5 on my G2 right now. im not into trading in my phone for every next big thing and my next phone purchase wont be till oct 2012…i think the games then will be much btter that i wont care about transferring them to a new phone.

    • http://Website BUster Man

      How ironic… install a new ROM on my HD2… wipes everything (not normally a problem)… try to download the game from Gameloft again and they don’t recognise my email address, nor telephone number or username…

      I also can’t find any payment being taken… perhaps I should have been a little more organised but I only have so many email addresses and payment methods I could use….

      So not impressed and wont be buying from them again.

  • http://Website Buster Man

    Sorry should add the game I downloaded was Modern Combat 2

  • http://Website ihatefanboys

    for a bunch of tech guys, u collectively sound like a bunch of girls at that time of the month. ive bought several games from the gameloft site, unless ur stoned, retarded, or just born stupid the site is NOT confusing or hard to use. and if u seriously need to switch phones more than once every two years i say its your own problem with the price tag for re-buying a game.

    • http://Website Eric

      Since you seem too think because youve never had problems, nobody can, let me recount my experiences. The fact that they have different games listed at different locations is the first horrid thing. I can’t see the same games under Galaxy S or Captivate. It’s not good. Second, I cannot tell you the amount of times I’ve clicked the link in the SMS to download, and it says game not available for my phone, that I just put in to order! Then, when you finally download the .apk, half the time it says invalid liscence.

      Needless to say, your trolling comments are worse than useless. I applaud your lack of issues, I really do. That said, people no more or less intellegant have issues by the boatload with gameloft due to their atrocious policies. That’s what stopped me once again with this sale. I put in quite a bit of effort to buy, and I still couldn’t. Fail.

    • Jonathan

      It says to put in your number and click the link in the text.

      I do that and it brings me to a page where every game is 4.99 and not on sale. There are no 1.99 priced games anywhere. It’s Gameloft’s fault, not ours.

  • http://Website Jae

    This sale only applies to “select” titles. Your article implies that all games are available at promo pricing.

  • http://Website DB

    Yawn – someone let me know when they release a game that isn’t a blatant and mediocre ripoff of a 5-10 year old console title.

  • http://androidjet.com Android Jet

    Love Gameloft Games, I will buy some games for my girlfriend.

  • TheHunterOfShadows

    I won’t be like ihatefanboys, but I have to admit. I am the owner of 4 gameloft games thus far and no issues. I will say that I do not like the fact they are not on the market place and will only buy their games on sale because of that fact. Their games are not the most polished, but they are some of the most ambitious. But all of that said, if any of your were really tech folk you would root your device and back your game up with Titanium backup. Using this method you can transfer your game from one device to another. I picked up dungeon hunter on my droid1 and restored it on my fascinate and it works fine.

    But, if you do not consider your self a tech person than I completely understand how you would feel that you should not have to do that to keep your game.

  • Jonathan

    Games still showing up as 4.99, even when sms-ed from the Gameloft site.

  • http://Website Confused

    In the UK, I can’t even make a purchase. Price isn’t discounting. Grrrrrrrrr.

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