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Angry Birds gets an update, bringing 30 new levels (and 1 hidden Superbowl level)

On the eve of one of the biggest sporting events in the world, one of the most popular Android Games on Earth, has received another update. The Angry Birds update brings a new episode entitled “Ham ‘Em High,” an old western themed section containing a total of 45 new levels, 30 of which are playable today, with another 15 labeled “coming soon.” The new version also contains a graphics toggle, which allows for better gameplay on lower-end Android devices.

Also included in the update is a hidden level, which can be unlocked during the Super Bowl with a hint given to you while watching the Rovio commercial airing sometime during the game. For a sneak peak at the hidden level, check out this preview by Entertainment Weekly.

So head on over to the market and download version 1.5.1 of the Angry Birds application. And if you aren’t already planning on it, you might want to keep your eyes glued to the TV during the Super Bowl tomorrow afternoon to unlock the hidden Angry Birds Rio level.

Source: IntoMobile

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  • http://Website Nithin Jino

    People are going ape sh!t over the permissions for SMS ( people are rating the app one star and claim that they are unstalling when we all know that they are trying to beat the new levels.). I use Google Voice so I’m not scared. I also got root access so I can just remove the SMS app. Do people not trust this developer? Could have been a mistake.

    • http://Website Nithin Jino


    • http://androidized.com Lucian Armasu

      Google needs to name their permissions better, and perhaps make them more limited, too. For example, you often see an appthat normally you’d think it shouldn’t need Internet connection at all, request for “Full Internet access”. Why is that? Either give a more specific name, saying exactly what is needed for, or if it actually gives it full Internet access just to show ads for example, why isn’t Google making a permission specifically to allow only ads to go through that permission?

      I think the permissions are either too broadly named, or they are actually too broad and they need to make more specific permissions.

    • http://Website zonk

      Removing the SMS app does not remove the possibility to send SMS, the SMS app is only one app which can send and receive SMS. So, i think other Apps with this permission can still send/receive SMS.

  • http://Website Chris

    What people need to understand is that anything you do on over internet is subject to data mining/privacy beach. Get over it people.

  • http://Website Peter

    Any game with sms read and write permissions had better explain why in its description if it expects me to install it.

  • http://Website Owain

    I like to have some control over the information I share … There is no valid reason for needing to access messages. Uninstalled and boycotted.

  • Eye9

    The SMS permissions is just a error… calm down

    @anderwebs @skcseth @sigthief @packfanjason we are not using sms, just mistake in some permission file. Will get it sorted Monday.
    half a minute ago via Twitter for iPad in reply to anderwebs
    (directly from Rovio’s Twitter [Rovio = Developers of Angry Birds] http://twitter.com/roviomobile )

    • http://Website Owain

      A weekend gathering texts of thousands of people will make them a fortune … Ill wait till Monday.

      • Eye9

        thats cool.. lets give a minus on my post just because im just telling you that its a problem

        @skcseth you can trust us, but you can also wait for Monday and we’ll have those texts fixed
        about 3 hours ago via Twitter for iPad in reply to skcseth

      • http://twitter.com/twitter UX-Guy

        Yea my SMS are a real gold mine… 50 Facebook SMS about how fucking cold it is outside and when I’m on my way home. OMG

    • http://Website Peter

      Kinda hard to add permissions by mistake. Best case scenario they planed to use them somehow and then changed their mind.

    • http://extorian.co.uk/blog/ eXtorian

      I don’t buy it.

      The permissions file they’re talking about is the manifest file. They’d have had to add some XML to that for the three new SMS related permissions it requests. It’s pretty hard to do that (especially three times) accidentally. You must do it, however, if you’ve added code to send/receive/read SMS messages. So – accident… doubt it.

      Update released soon? Why not right now? If it is just a mistake in the permissions file like they claim, all they have to do is literally just delete three lines of XML and re-publish the app. It would take me 2 minutes to do this, including exporting, signing, aligning, uploading, and changing the release notes.

      The only reason I can think of as to why this change would take too long is if there’s more to it than just the permissions file. For example, they actually DO have code in there that reads and sends SMS messages. That would explain both the fact the permissions were added to the manifest file, and why it’s taking longer to publish the update..

    • http://Website Mark

      Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. And pigs can fly. Gimme a break. “By mistake”?? Yeah, right.

  • http://Website Daniel

    No es por nada, pero evento importante del mundo? será de Estados Unidos, porque del mundo no creo..

  • http://Website joe

    I have never liked Angry Birds and I think its overhyped.

  • http://Website paul atreides

    There has been data mining concerns with angry birds for awhile now. I stopped playing in December. Just when I was tempted to give it another go this happens…

  • Killa

    Now that it has the graphics toggle, I can’t find it on the market with my original myTouch. It only comes up with Angry Birds Seasons.

    • mattcoz

      Same here on my Hero, what the hell?

    • http://Website brookmarin

      i uninstalled this a while back from my MT3G ’cause it was too slow… now i want to try it and it’s not available?! what gives? what good does adding the change to make it better for “lower end devices” if it’s not available?!

  • http://Website MOverton

    I’m also not seeing the update on my Captivate. :(

  • http://Website Silly One

    Rovio are stupid.
    They release a version which allows for graphics toggle for low-powered devices.
    And what do they do?
    They remove compatibility for QVGA devices.
    How many low-powered devices use a QVGA screen?
    Lots of them.

  • mattcoz

    Found the APK to install it, definitely better with the backgrounds turned off, but still far from being smooth.

  • http://Website Mike

    I’m willing to accept that it might be a mistake (experimental feature file added instead of correct one perhaps) but I think they should have got on top of a fresh release without the SMS permissions issue fasr faster than they have. Not installing the update until the SMS is gone.

  • http://Website Dre

    Well I was looking forward to finally updating from the original, but they’re not getting access to my SMS. No way it’s just a “mistake” when they never needed the permissions before.

  • kph3

    Here is the quote from the Rovio Blog…..

    The Android version of Angry Birds asks for SMS permission because this mobile payment capability has been added in version 1.5.1.

    Angry Birds does not use the SMS functionality of the device for any other purpose than Bad Piggy Bank payments.

    If the Bad Piggy Bank is not available for your operator, no purchases can be made, and you cannot be charged for anything.

  • http://Website SamuliHa

    I’m guessing that the sms permissions have something to do with the hidden super bowl level. Like find the number in super bowl ad send it with angry birds app(some dialog opens during the super bowl in angry birds app).

    Monday they can again delete the sms features cause they are only needed for super bowl special.

    I don’t know just guessing..

  • http://Website Kev

    Where do you enter the superbowl code anyway?

    • http://twitter.com/JasonVail UX-Guy

      You don’t enter a code… If you paused on the commercial then you saw a clue pointing out that on level 13-12 there is an easter egg.

  • http://Website fort

    I uninstalled angry bird do to advertising. Do they offer an advertising free version? I’ll pay the dollar. As Android users we should not settle for anything less.

    • http://Website DB

      amen to that. Personally i find in-game ads obnoxious, and would much rather pay the dollar or three up front.
      I’m pretty sure you won’t find a paid-for version any time soon as they make so much money off the ad revenue. Ok, so angry birds is a pretty good game (though overrated imho), but don’t be fooled – all the free updates aren’t acts of pure generosity… they need you to keep coming back to continue raking in the cash.

  • http://Website SpottedNigel

    Is the Bing search a new thing? After a three failed attempts a Bing button appears next to the reset/retry button with a little sign saying “Need Help? Find Tips!”

    I’m not exactly awesome at this game, so it’s either new or I’m oblivious to extra buttons.

  • http://Website CJ

    Wow! The “Tinfoil Hat Brigade” is out in full force. It’s always so enjoyable to watch people hooting and hollering about this permission or that permission with no idea WTF they’re talking about other than it’s the topic of the moment. Anything on your phone that uses data needs an internet connection, anything on your phone that can send info to your contacts needs to be able to read your contacts list, and surprise, surprise, Angry Birds can do each of those things and thus needs those permissions. And as a side note, the SMS functionality is for in game purchases which isn’t available in the US yet but is available overseas.

  • http://Website Eye9

    Update to the original angry birds and season is now available.

    Original removes SMS permission as promised. Now lets move on about the sms conspiracy.

    If they wanted our sms and abused it. Think about the impact that would have on their future games. Its not worth it.

    Seasons update includes the valentines levels.

  • http://Website Jared

    This Metro Pcs commercial is crazy check out Dj skee dope video http://tinyurl.com/4nbw8m4

  • http://Website Rich

    So many people complaining about advertising and SMS. So many people that need to learn how to root their phones. Of course I don’t expect laymen to understand how to properly lock their phones down.

    I’ve never seen an ad on any of my phones. And none have ever sent any data I didn’t want them to send. Nothing enters, leaves, reads, or writes to my phones without my say so.