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Zynga Poker brings Texas Hold ‘Em action to your Android phone

Long before I owned an Android phone, I was rocking an iPod touch. Before you start getting out the torches and pitchforks, realize that this was a temporary lapse of judgement, and I’ve obviously come to see the error of my ways.

Anyway, the most treasured application I had on my previous device was Zynga poker. I fondly remember having the iPod on my desk hidden from plain sight, and would joyfully sneak in a hand or two of poker with the Zynga poker application while I was working on some Excel project or other.

Imagine my delight when Zynga was made available for Android back in December. But does the Android application live up to my high expectations from previous experience?

General Setup

In order to play Zynga poker, you will need a Facebook account (fortunately, more than 500 million of you have one, and if you don’t, chances are you’ve stopped reading this after that last statement anyway). If for whatever reason you don’t have a facebook account, the Zynga app will take you to the Facebook page so that you can create an account to start playing. One of the major benefits of requiring a Facebook account is that your chip total follows you wherever you go,  whether you’re playing on Android, iOS, webOS, or from your personal computer.


Assuming you’ve read this far into the review, I’ll assume you know what Texas Hold ‘Em is, so I won’t bore you with the actual “how to play Hold ‘Em” drudgery. Most of you simply want to know “Does Zynga get hold em’ right, and is it decent to play.” Fortunately, Zynga does indeed get the gameplay mechanics right (honestly, it’d be hard to screw up Hold ‘Em too bad), and everything in the application seems to work without a hitch, from the flow of the game itself to the way it matches players’ skill sets based on total chip count.

Since hold ‘em is a multiplayer game, you can play with up to 8 other opponents at a tablet, with higher stakes games available as you rack up more chips by winning at lower tables.


If you’re a poker addict like me, you probably have noticed by now that most poker applications currently on the market suffer from very basic and simplistic graphics and animations (though there are a few exceptions). The folks at Zynga very obviously put time and effort into graphic development, which makes the Zynga poker application  head and shoulders above the competition when it comes to the graphical experience.


  • Graphics are well done, far exceeding any other free application out there (and many paid ones too)
  • Facebook connection allows for true multi-platform gameplay. You don’t lose your amassed chips when you play on a different platform.


  • Though not necessarily a con, users who actively choose not to have a Facebook account can’t play Zynga poker.
  • Difficult to view chats within the application; launching the chat window blocks the game, so you have to do one or the other. (Come on! I want to talk some smack!).

Final Verdict

If you love hold ‘em, Zynga Poker is by far one of the best Hold ‘Em applications available today. Zynga poker is easy to pick up and play, the graphics are great, and it touts one of the (if not the) largest user bases for any hold ‘em game on Android. These traits make it a must-have if you love poker.

Zynga Poker is currently available on the Android Market for all 1.6+ devices (I hope to God that’s 95+% of you by now).

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  • http://Website Chris

    F*** facebook.

    • http://adomanico01.blogspot.com/ Anthony Domanico

      Eloquent. I don’t necessarily disagree regarding Facebook, but I have one (mainly for games and family lol)

    • Jackie

      Apparently my phone doesn’t have zygna poker on the market, I’ve been trying to find it through the web when I found this forum.

      • Vezira Musiic

        hi hit it on open to play main zynga poker phone,+46739922162,on it social nötverk only open thank you

  • http://Website Antwan

    I strongly recommend not playing this in a low signal area. If you do don’t place any large bets!

  • http://Website 513

    No link to the web version of the android market ?

    • http://adomanico01.blogspot.com/ Anthony Domanico

      Clark is working on a way to amazingly incorporate tons of content from the new market. We’ll have those features ironed out very soon, so stay tuned!

  • http://Website B2L

    I really enjoy this poker. Although I prefer live hold em poker pro. Just because I love the layout and prefer 5 person tables.

    The thing I can’t wait for is when zynga comes out with a cityville app. Or optimizes their website versionversion to work with phones that have flash enabled. I would love to play it on my Nexus S.

  • http://Website Mark

    LMFAO! Anthony, you’re a HOOT! Torches and pitchforks…haha!

  • http://Website michael

    What is with all of these apps lately? I have little money right now so I am using a tmo comet because it was free. Due to the low resolution, half of the new apps don’t work or even show up on the market. This one included. Why am i screwed because I don’t have a bigger screen? Also I love the size of my phone.

  • http://Website gmf

    I’ve been playing Live Holdem Pro (and now Live Holdem Tour) for a few months & tried to move to zynga, but it just doesn’t hold up against Live Holdem – they’ve tried to make the interface too pretty & it’s horribly slow on any device I’ve tried it on. Live Holdem also gives you a 5k daily bonus plus a chance at some more money through a “lottery”.

    • http://www.tergaptek.com/ Gaptek

      We HAve same problem :)

  • http://Website aasa

    bullshit, i cant login, always stacked at facebook menu login

  • Umair

    samsung Galaxy i9000
    I have downloaded he application and also have a facebook account but keeping getting an error messageCOULD NOT PROCESS FACEBOOK USERS PLEASE TRY AGAIN. i have troed different versions but nothing seems to work… plz advise i want poker on my android

  • http://zyngapoker david

    i have an htc wildfire and i have been playing zynga poker on it for quite a while now and as of the last few days i cant log into it through my facebook account.it just keeps on saying could not process facebook user.please try again.why is this happening.and i dunno why i cant download zynga poker from the android market.it says it isnt compatible for my htc.its and android fone so why does it not work.

    can someone help me pease…thanks

  • joanne

    HELP PLEASE a have managed to download zynga poker app onto my lg gt540 phone and it worked fine, all of a sudden 2 days ago it just stopped loading up, gets so far loading details up and then it comes up cant access facebook user. i have tryed everything to sort this including deleting facebook and zynga poker app and re installing them but this has not helped either. PLEASE HELP a dont know what to do

  • Eric L (@Fury556)

    I have played this on facebook and also my iPod touch for a while now. It worked quite well with my wifi connection on my iPod but it seems to freeze up on my HTC Sensation. I am new to the world of Andriod and am loving it. Maybe I just have some of my settings wrong? I have a VERY strong wifi connection.

  • urang

    My apk zynga poker to galaxy s COULD NOT USERS FACEBOOK.. Why like that?

  • http://idontnow lara ben

    plz zynga poker they have been blocked my acount so plz zynga send to me maseg on my email to open it

  • sumanth

    error.could not process facebook user please try again. I am not able to login from my id. but I am able to login from different id. I am using a Android phone. I tried different version. cleared cache but still the same. please help me.

  • Ker

    I love playing Zynga. It was the poker app that got me into playing poker but after a few months I got a little tired of playing without any risk. Since then I’ve gotton into playing a variety of real money poker apps for Androids. Bwin is my favourite but the Terminal Poker and mFortune Android apps are also pretty awesome. http://www.androidpokerapps.com have screenshots of all the cash game andorid apps.

  • kingkojek


  • sumit stephen purification


  • Naveen

    I have downloaded the application and also have a facebook account but keeping getting an error messageCOULD NOT PROCESS FACEBOOK USERS PLEASE TRY AGAIN while playing poker. i have tried with different facebook account and its working but getting error with my original account… plz advise i want poker on my android

  • jay

    Same problem as naveen I used to play regularly but yesterday when I try to login I keep getting this error could not process fb user I’ve search all the web I haven’t a found a solution. This sucks really :(

  • jay

    Same cud not login error ..wats going on zynga sort this out

  • Robert John Rowley

    Keeps going into cannot process Facebook user, for some reason, how do i Fox this problem.

  • Guillerno

    Hello.. Im on my andrioid phone.. Im trying to connect to facebook but it dosent work.. I have the same problem with Candy crush help thx :)