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Amazon’s HTC Flyer pre-order page lists price at €669

This may not be half as exciting as Motorola announcing the final price of the XOOM, but if any of you were wondering how much the HTC Flyer would be selling for, Amazon.de has just posted up their pre-order page for the Android 2.4 tablet.  The HTC Flyer will be selling for €669 which includes a 19% VAT.  Subtract the tax and run the HTC Flyer’s price through a currency converter and we’re left with a rough price of $755.  It’s certainly not cheap, but it definitely looks like the 3G HTC Flyer will be priced below the Motorola XOOM.  If U.S. carriers decide to add the HTC Flyer to their lineups, we hope to see the on-contract price fall in line with that of the Dell Streak 7 or even the original Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Along with the HTC Flyer’s price, Amazon has also treated us to a few more high-res images of the HTC Flyer.  Hope you enjoy.

htc_flyer_amazon 81Ci78s0AkL__AA1500_ 81fC3fNckGL__AA1500_ 81j8GRZPsaL__AA1500_ 810br5FTPOL__AA1500_

Source: HTC Source

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  • keridel


    no way.

    not for a non honeycomb 7inch tab.

    sorry htc you’ll have to do better.

    • http://Website Ben Johnson, GA

      This is a really outrageous ripoff for such a terrible tablet!
      Glad im waiting for the new iPad 2…

      cheers, Ben
      sent from my iPhone 4
      (Note: it does NOT reboot)

      • http://Website jdog25

        You mean the iPad “Touch” 2 :P

  • Nick Gray

    You guys need to remember that the Samsung Galaxy Tab was originally priced at €730 from Vodafone and £530 from Carphone Warehouse. The prices will come down; you guys need to be patient.

    • http://Website Hatsune Miku

      of course it will, when no one buys it.

      • http://Website jjl919

        Yeah, this price is ridiculous with all of the Honeycomb tablets coming out. After having the joy of a “preview” build of Honeycomb on my Nook Color, there’s no way I’d want a tablet without Honeycomb. Even this build (shoot, I don’t even know if it qualifies as pre-alpha) runs pretty well on a $250 e-reader. I know the Flyer can probably be hacked (eventually) with Honeycomb, but if I were spending that kind of money I would want HC right out of the box…it really is that good.

        That being said, I’m hoping my Nook Color can hold me over until the quad core tablets arrive, those tablets are going to be insane.

    • http://Website Doors

      Yes – the price will come down, but by then there will be something newer and better. The price has to be right from the outset – and this is too high.

  • keridel

    its just very frustrating to be charged extra because you live in a different country. thats why we have exchange rates.

    the ipad was $500 and £500 so why are we paying $250 extra for the same product.

    it will be the same with xoom. i cant understand it

    • keridel

      i got marked down?

      does someone think its ok for us to be charged extra?


    • whalecliff

      I hope you realize that $500 and £500 are not actually worth the same amount. So even though it looks like you are paying more you are in fact paying the same amount. That is how actual exchange rates work. 1 Euro is worth roughly 1.3 U.S. dollars. so if I had to buy something that cost 20 euros then it would cost me 27 U.S. dollars. <—- that's how exchange rates work

      • keridel

        thats exactly what i have just said. the ipad in the uk is a rip off.

        $500 = £333 (1.5 xchange)

        but we paid £500 = $750

        so why are we being ripped off?

        • keridel

          i only use the icrap as an example because not many tablets are out here to compare to btw

          I am an android user. thats why i post on androidandme lol

          • http://Website Steve

            I agree 100% and have tried to mark you up.

            Also to you guys from the US, if this does launch at £550 in the UK, then it’s quite likely it’ll launch at less than $600 over State side….

  • http://www.marmalade.ca Kelly

    They’re nuts. No one is going to pay almost $900 for a 7″ tablet.

  • http://Website Mark

    Dream on, HTC. Dream on….fools.

  • http://www.worldsbestinformation.org/ Petter Smith

    The HTC tablet is good and its really has all the feature which is required for the business and personal use. but the main thing is PRICE, its price is too high and right now its very difficult to buy for middle class people. i think the company must change some feature to lower the price.

  • http://Website Linus

    Everyone is saying that ipad cost £500 but it was 16g this htc flyer will be on 32g and got adobe flash and much more things. I agree it’s much money but if you are going 2 talk shit about the price don’t talk about ipad for £500 because it’s for 16 g so try to undertstand it.

  • http://Website ROFLyer


  • http://Website Bob

    Amazon pre order prices are worthless. Even so that price is less then the Galaxy Tab started at.

    2) That’s unlocked with no carrier subsidy. Odds are various carriers will offer packages . That means the MSRP needs to be high so the carriers can claim to give you something.

    3) With the WSJ etc all reporting the Verizon Iphone is a dud you have to wonder how much Apple will have to slash prices. If Apple keeps losing Market share they’ll be merging with Nokia soon.

  • http://Website Paul Atreides

    Just another prime example that we the consumers have to stop falling for the hype. Don’t go out and buy these things on day one, NONE of them! Force these companies to drop these price or fail. We’ve made it this far without having these tablets, so I see no reason we couldn’t hold out which will force companies to sell them at lower prices and/or offer some other incentives such as free tether or what have you. In the end nobody is forcing us to buy these things at the prices offered.

  • http://Website DK

    I like HTC phones, but on their tablet, i hope they don’t blanket honeycomb with sense. no point of honeycomb then. and i dont think it needs a 5 inch clock wasting half the tablets screen space either.

    i might be waiting til the 2nd iPad comes out before deciding on a tablet. when apple pushes out an upgraded iPad for $500, then android tablet manufacturers will be forced to lower prices or flop

  • http://Website LOL

    Then you stop to realize that this model includes 3G *AND* tax..

    $500 (off contract) for any tablet is wifi only, and in the US excludes taxes… which usually boost the price to at least $550 wifi only. And how much internal memory is that? Is it 32GB?