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Android army being prepped to invade Mobile World Congress

For anyone who’s not yet excited about Mobile World Congress, we’re hoping these images could turn the tide just a bit. The guys from BBCClick managed to sneak onto the show floor and get a behind the scenes look at the work being done on the Android stand and happened to stumble upon an army of Androids being assembled for an invasion of MWC. We’re not exactly sure what they will be using all the Androids for or why the Android stand has a slide, but we’re hoping Taylor will get a chance to stop by the Android stand once he gets to Barcelona to give us his impressions.

On a side note, how much would you pay if someone offered to sell you a four foot tall Android mascot?

android_army android_stand android_suit android_worker

Source: BBCCLICK Twitter

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  • http://Website Kat Roberts (@katshead42)

    Wow those are awesome! I can’t even imagine what they’d go for online. I have a feeling that I couldn’t afford one though.

  • Chris


  • Nathan

    i would tell you how much i’d pay, but the problem is someone might actually take me up on it. /poor lol

  • http://Website Richard

    Something like that would cost… THOUSANDS… They look great a perfect toy to have.. I have a feeling that someone is going to offer these for sale… Wish it could be me

  • http://Website itrutme

    $150 all day

  • AceoStar

    Taylor, you should post with these Status in awkward action shots :D

  • AceoStar

    Taylor, you should pose with these statues in awkward action shots (sorry for double post, I suck at words) :(

  • http://Website J-Man

    All I have to say is look at the middle one and think: “SUIT UP!”

  • http://Website jampac

    I really love android, I would buy a few and place them in front of Steve Jobs home, office and favorite restaurant with a sign on each saying “Are you prepared for the takeover?” Lol

  • http://Website protozeloz

    The world domination plans Have begun! anyone with no android phone will be… given the chance to get one… if they want to! but who doesn’t >.>

  • http://Website miki

    Wow! Looks like a droid factory from Geonosis has found a new home :-)

  • http://www.t3.com t3dotcom

    The invasion has begun in earnest! Help the Android Army out here: