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Best Buy circular confirms Motorola Xoom launch for February 24 at $799

Whatever your thoughts are on the Super Bowl ad the Motorola Xoom is a fantastic piece of hardware and will be the first taste of Honeycomb available to the Android faithful.

Rumors on the pricing and launch date for the Xoom have been circulating for a few weeks now and this latest ad from Best Buy finally seems to cement it at February 24th for $799. Just as with the Verizon Galaxy Tab at Best Buy you will need to activate at least one month of service in order to take home the Xoom.

The available monthly plans are as follows:

  • 1 GB for $20
  • 3 GB for $35
  • 5 GB for $50
  • 10 GB for $80

Notably those prices say that they are “3G Rate Plans” so whether that breakdown will look the same once the 4G upgrade happens remains to be seen.

The full page for the Xoom is also now live on Motorola’s site if you want to take a good hard look at what your $800 is going to get you.

I’m glad to see the Xoom will be arriving soon, but that price is going to be a tough pill to swallow for potential buyers.

Via: Engadget

Source: Motorola

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  • SphericalPuma

    The only odd thing is that it says “to activative.” I’m sorry but if I buy a device off-contract I shouldn’t have to buy a month of service. Here’s hoping for the Nexus Tab

    • http://Website Anonymous

      To think, you spend $800. to buy it outright, and then the monthly plans are way too high. Verizon needs an unlimited plan like T-Mobile if they want to be competitive. But $50.-$80.? Just for data?

      T-Mobile has nothing to fear from Verizon & Motorola at this point.

      I Agree, we need a 7″-10″ tablet, and dual core, but with the $40. unlimited 3G/4G data plan. Perhaps a Nexus Tab?

    • http://Website Ken Blazek

      The ad is a ‘shop job, probably done on a Mac because it is bad.

      Activate is spelled wrong. Lightning is spelled wrong. The $799 price tag is photoshopped as well.

      • http://Website Mark

        Denial is not a river in Egypt.

      • http://Website Ed

        Very sharp eyes there, Ken. I find it hard to believe a publicity office would fail to catch such things, especially the misspelling of “activate”. (Any spell checker would have caught that one.)

        • http://www.technogasms.com Sean Riley

          It would hardly be the first time some misspellings crept into a Best Buy ad, but I agree that it does cast some doubt on the legitimacy of the ad.

  • http://Website John

    That price is absolutely fucking ridiculous. If Motorola and Google really want to match and/or overtake the iPad sales they seriously need to drop that price by $200. This really is a fantastic alternative to the iOS side of things but Android will not gain any more steam with prices like this. We are still in a recession and money doesn’t grow on trees.

    • http://Website AdamJ

      So many people are on un-happy about this price but the most expensive iPad is still more expensive and the Xoom has way better specs. It’s a luxury device and I don’t think people should be too annoyed by the pricing of this model since it’s obvious there are going to be countless other Honeycomb tablets to choose from very soon that should suit everyones budget.

      • jjl84

        The problem is the iPad has been out for a year and undoubtedly the iPad 2 will have significantly better specs (compared to the current one) for the same price. You can’t really compare the hardware/price of the two because the iPad is almost a year old. Sure, it’s still the same price, but that’s only because Apple has zero competitors.

        I really wanted the XOOM, I was ready to stand in line to get mine at midnight, but with the price and the mandatory first month data plan, I’m going to have to pass.

        • http://Website AdamJ

          You think the iPad 2 specs are going to top the Xoom? Even if the most expensive iPad 2 matches the Xoom in specs the Xoom will still be cheaper. By the time the iPad 2 is released I think there will be at least a few Honeycomb tablets on the market to choose from anyway. Also I’ll be really surprised if the iPad 2 offers 4G.

          • jjl84

            I never said that they would top the XOOM, I said they would top the current iPad. If anything, they’ll probably be similar to the XOOM’s specs. At launch, the XOOM won’t offer 4G either (we don’t even know how it’ll be accomplished, does it have a built in radio or do we have to buy a dongle?) so you can’t really count that as a feature. I don’t want the iPad or iPad 2, I really wanted this device, but Moto/VZW is making it really tough to keep supporting them.

            The exciting thing about the XOOM was that it finally gave us a quality tablet that matched the iPad, but they ruined it by charging so much and giving Verizon even a little control. I just want a tab other than the iPad that has nothing to do with a carrier.

          • http://Website Perspectively

            You’re getting caught up in specs as if they are the determining factor.

            Fact: the average selling price for iPads last quarter was $600, meaning Apple sold more of the $499 model than the 4 most expensive iPad models (the 64 GB wi-fi only unit plus all of the 3G models). So, despite the range of iPads, the most successful unit by far is the unit priced at $499.

            In other words, if your goal is “market share,” then you need to go to where the market is. The tablet market is strongest at $499. If you want to really compete with the iPad, you need to be at that end of the pricing spectrum. You can’t simply sit back and say “well, we have better specs than the iPads most of you aren’t buying anyway, but please buy our device nonetheless.”

          • http://Website AdamJ

            @Perspectively Specs generally determine the price of a device. There is no doubt that Apple sell more of the cheaper iPads. The XOOM is not going to be the only Android 3.0 tablet on the market. Yes it will be the first but many more will quickly follow. The same way Android gained marketshare in smartphones will most likely happen with tablets too because there will be a diverse range of hardware and like phones the ones with the better specs will usually be more expensive.

          • http://Website AdamJ

            @jjl84 I’m pretty sure you won’t have to wait long for another decent Honeycomb tablet but as unpopular as my opinion is I can still see why they (may) have priced the Xoom at $799. I really don’t know what people were expecting. I was really hoping it would be $699 but I thought that would be a stretch considering my phone cost $529.00 off contract. Obviously what everyone wants is a WIFI only version with less storage. No doubt Moto and every other manufacturer are aware of this.

          • http://Website Ge

            The iPad 2 is rumored to have a dual core CPU + dual core PowerVR 543 GPU. I have no doubt that it’ll be just as powerful as the Tegra 2. Add in all the new extras – front facing and back cams, possibly higher res screen, and even a rumored SD card slot. Then add the already huge store of high quality tablet specific apps; and the XOOM is a very hard sell at $800 when I could get all of that plus more for $500 if I get the WiFi only 16GB iPad 2.

            Getting an Android tablet will have to wait another year for me.

        • http://Website Ramshambo

          I have to agree. I was on the fence for this product for $700, but $800 + the weird data plan requirements is mildly insulting to the consumer base. This is a device for fun and consumption. It’s not a needed device like a phone or a computer, it’s an extra or a luxury. I almost look at this thing like a game console, I would never pay more then $400-$600 for a game console or new video card.

          Hopefully they come out wifi version soon thats around the $600-$700 mark, I will be all in then. Or if they would sell something equivalent from a competitor.

          • http://Website Dustin

            800 bucks is a lot of money but that is just best buy making you buy a month of service not vzw

      • http://Website JimmyS

        I would guess that Apple sells way more 499.99 ipads then they do 829.99 ipads. It seems to me that many more people would be interested in a wifi only Xoom with only 16GB priced between 499 – 599 then would be interested in a 799 device. I think I would definitely buy at that price. As it is I think I will have to just wait and see what the other manufacture can produce.

        • http://zalzalaweb.com/jens anakin78z

          I might not be the best sample, but everyone I know who has an iPad has the 3g version (which of the 3g, I don’t know). I know probably 7 people who have an iPad. Not a single wi-fi version among them.

      • http://Website Andre

        This isn’t about specs, it’s about carrier pricing. Most consumers aren’t in the market for a 3/4G tablet any more than they are for a 3/4G laptop.

        Based on US iPad sales figures in Q4 (3.8m) and AT&T iPad 3G activations (442k), over 88% of iPads sold were either wifi-only or unactivated 3G units. Sanjay Jha has already lamented to investors that the Xoom would be less profitable for Moto than their phones, because they would ultimately have to sell directly to the consumer. OEMs make their highest margins by selling to carriers with exclusivity.

        Unlike the iPad, which launched wifi-only, the top-tier manufacturers will insist on delaying wifi Android tablets for at least three months, which means that the iPad will always dominate in market share. Most people can’t afford to pay for a second contract, and most 3/4G versions are only purchased if the customer’s company is picking of the tab (no pun intended).

        • http://Website J.

          Good grief.
          As long as companies make their decisions based only on short-term profitability instead of sustained market share and growth we’re going to continue to be completely screwed.

          So what if they don’t make as much per-unit going consumer direct? If they priced this at $599 wi-fi only and had it ready to launch instead of snuggling with Verizon they would suck the wind right out of Apple’s sails (and sales).

          I’m done with Moto. They are not on our team. The more they cradle Big Red’s sack, the less likely we are to break the back of the telco BS and get to a European dumb-pipe model.

          Please, everyone, please. Consider carefully the implications of your purchase.

          • carydc


            You are Exactly Correct.

            Companies need to be in this Game / War for Market Share for the Long Haul, NOT Short TERM Gain.

            Short TERM Gain leads to Long TERM LOSS!!! Expenses Mount. Losses Mount. Market Share Falls. They Go Away.

            The Japanese have it Right. They look at Years and Products are Planned over Years Not Quarter over Quarter and The I want Mine Now Crowd.

            These folks (MOTO) and others in the Android Game need to see this and take heed.

            Apple is doing this. Releasing Incremental Improvements over time. Instead of trying for a Knock Out Blow that never comes like many including (MOTO) are trying for.

            This means in the game of specifications, Long Term Gain over Short Term Loss needs to be considered. Sacrifice will gain Market Share. Once you Gain the Market then you can release more and more and more and continue sustained growth.


  • Galen20K

    Getting the G-Slate, but this looks nice too.

  • http://www.xoomout.com Jordan Smith

    The one month payment to activate Wi-Fi functionality is ridiculous. Also $800 is quite steep. 2011 is now the year of the iPad 2.

    • http://Website ArK

      Really, you’re ready to dismiss all the other Android tablets coming out, huh.

      Many people are willing to shell out an extra $100 for USB/HDMI/no shiTunes and the ability to expand storage via miniSD instead of buying a bullshit price 32gb version.
      The confusion stems from the idea that because this has 3g, that it’s supposed to be priced with the 3g+wifi 32gb iPad. I cannot fathom why they wouldn’t just make it for 600 bucks and completely annihilate the iPad. Jesus Christ, does motorola have zero people who can do simple market projections instead of just jumping at the sight of a dollar?

      • carydc

        (MOTO) does not understand Short Term Loss and Gain of Market Share….

        Lower Price and Move more units and increase market as you are more popular then you can market more products in the same style with either lower and higher price and further increase your market shares.

  • http://Website Terrormaster

    Forget this noise Motorola and Verizon. Not even a contract subsidy discount (not that I want another contract or anything)?! This price is insulting. Gonna just grab a Nook Color then root it and load Honeycomb. I MIGHT have paid $600 off contract. But $800 plus another $20 bucks to activate a feature which should just work out the gate?! NO WAY!

    • http://Website AdamJ

      Aren’t smartphones around $600 off contract? You were expecting a tablet with specs like the Xoom for the same price?

      • http://Website ArK

        You’re confused because the iPad is just a crappier iPhone, but bigger. This isn’t the rule. Phones are not smaller tablets. They are phones. If you wanted to compare pure specs, I can easily find a notebook with an i5 processor, 4gb DDR3 and a 15 inch screen for around 500 bucks. Does that mean the Xoom should cost 300 bucks?

  • SphericalPuma

    The sad thing is, I’ll still buy this. The even sadder thing is when you figure in a case, dock, one month of service, and tax, you could be up to 1000 dollars. I don’t even want to know what the 4g upgrade will cost when that’s available.

  • http://Website Dre

    $800? Sorry but that’s just a dealbreaker

  • http://Website anon

    So $20 extra gets you a wifi only tablet after the first month?

    • http://zalzalaweb.com/jens anakin78z

      Keep in mind registration fees. Your first month will cost you close to $100.

  • http://Website Craig

    This news is making me look forwards to HP’s presentation Wednesday…

    WebOS here I come….

  • http://Website james

    Even worse for the uk they will sell it for 800 pounds. That’s 1200 dollars.!! They won’t sell any.

  • http://Website Antonio

    I hate to say that but I’m thinking I’m just gonna go with iPad or wait for iPad2. All the Apple hate we as Android fans throw around but at least they release a wifi only option.

    • http://Website AdamJ

      There is going to be so many WIFI only honeycomb tablets once the code is released. The market is going to be flooded.

      • http://Website AdamJ

        So Android fans are now buying iPads because they aren’t happy with the price of ONE Android tablet. Yeah I know it’s the first decent one and everyone wants it but c’mon, how many Android tablets were shown at CES? Just like the the smartphone market the tablet market is going to saturated by Android. This is going to happen very quickly. Moto know they have a very desirable product now and they are taking advantage of that. But this is going to change very quickly and the market will become a lot more competitive.

  • http://Website joe

    ouch. guess i’ll be getting a g-slate

  • http://www.twitter.com/DrJeckyl Dr.Jeckyl

    Is it just me or are manufacturers and service providers getting a bit greedy with the popularity of smart phones and tablets as of late? The prices seem to be getting higher.

    • http://www.technogasms.com Sean Riley

      I’ve been surprised by this as well. It feel like the manufacturers are taking Apple’s pricing as a baseline whereas in laptops and desktops they are viewed by most as the ceiling.

  • http://Website Steffen

    I can’t imagine this is accurate. They are already going to have a hard time competing with the iPad without this ridiculous price and mandatory one month Verizon service.

  • http://Website Seph

    the price is frigging ridiculous. i sure hope they release a wifi version or this wont be an ipad killer.
    when will this be available in Asia???

  • http://Website Jade

    I think Motorola made a great decision when they switched to Android for the Milestone, and it really paid off for them, as it saved them from bankruptcy.
    This thing though is NOT going to sell anywhere near as well as the Milestone (or the Droid, as US Residents would call it).

    The Galaxy Tab did not do well because it was way too expensive for a 7″ tablet and this here will not do well either because you are forced to at least buy one month of service with it.

    Interested people should wait for other devices, wait for a cheaper version with Wi-Fi only or wait til the price of this one drops significantly.
    Although the latter of which I deem highly unlikely as there are still retailers here in Germany that want you to shell out almost €700 for a Galaxy Tab.

  • http://Website Jimmy

    Either Best Buy doesn’t know how to spell big time or this XOOM ad is fake: http://i.imgur.com/dLPQc.png

    Courtesy of AndroidPolice

    • qcom

      Fingers crossed it’s a fake!

  • http://Website XOOM-Blew-It

    thank you for making the decision between G-slate and Moto Xooom for me. MOtards.

  • http://Website AM

    Motorola is out of their fucking minds!!! F you motorola with that price tag! How dare you!?! LG G-Slate, here I come!

  • qcom

    So, is that a no on the Wi-Fi only model?

  • http://Website joe

    Not only is $800 too expensive for me, but I think $80 for 10gb through a 3G connection is fucking gay.

    I’m currently not interested in buying a tablet since the current laptops have better specs, but the $800 just makes me wanna stay from tablets even more.

    Fuck Verizon and Motorola.
    Hello T-mobile and HTC!!!

    • http://Website J.

      Don’t do that.

      Don’t refer to something bad as gay. It’s really not acceptable in any way shape or form.

      • http://Website Joe

        And who the fuck are you???

        Paying $800 for a dumbed down laptop with fewer features is just GAY. There’s nothing wrong with saying gay.

        Or maybe you were offended by my comment because you’re gay yourself???

        • http://Website J.

          “Paying $800 for a dumbed down laptop with fewer features is just BLACK.”
          “Paying $800 for a dumbed down laptop with fewer features is just ASIAN.”
          “Paying $800 for a dumbed down laptop with fewer features is just MEXICAN.”
          “Paying $800 for a dumbed down laptop with fewer features is just CRACKER.”
          “Paying $800 for a dumbed down laptop with fewer features is just HONKEY.”
          “Paying $800 for a dumbed down laptop with fewer features is just ALL SOUTHERNERS ARE RACISTS.”
          “Paying $800 for a dumbed down laptop with fewer features is just ALL NORTHERNERS ARE ELITIST LIBERALS.”
          “Paying $800 for a dumbed down laptop with fewer features is just WHITE SUPREMACIST.”

          Do you fucking get it yet?
          Do you understand how using gay as an epithet for something negative reinforces the ignorant and utterly untrue idea that there is something inherently wrong with being gay?
          And, yeah, maybe your comment does offend me because I’m gay, or maybe it’s because I have friends and family who are gay, or maybe it’s because *you* have friends or family who are gay but they can’t tell you because every time you open your ignorant, bigoted mouth you reinforce to them that they are somehow flawed or wrong for being the person they are.

          Frankly, I’m just going to go ahead and confirm your stereotype, you cretinous homophobe. Yes, I’m gay. I prance around like a Village People concert on amyl nitrate, wearing assless chaps and a dog collar. Does that play to your worstest fears (and maybe get you a little hot?)

          Truth be told, I’m not gay, and I only know one gay person well, and he’s out and proud. But I have a condition known as COMPASSION. You might want to look into it, you fucking jackass.

          • http://Website ArK

            How boring is your life that you decide to go on a crusade for equality on the comment session of a story about a new tablet?

  • http://Website VincibleAndy

    Way. Too. Expensive. To. Compete.

  • http://Website kevin

    Already have an Ipad, was thinking about waiting for the XOOM, but boom didn’t and glad I didn’t Ipad is the standard and pushes in the envelope in technology, If Moto$$ was smart they would charge $499.00 to compete with Ipad. no XOOM for me. I have apple TV as well and so now soon I will be able to stream my 3rd party apps and info to my TV! xoom can’t do that!

  • http://Website Kindroid

    HOLD ON. This is a 3g/4g when available device. And a kick ass piece of hardware to boot. Its $30 buck less than the top iPad right now. If the iPad2 has comparable specs the XOOM will still be competitive. If you want a wifi device, wait a couple of months for the $500 to $600 wifi model.
    A 4g dongle is $250 retail. Deduct that from $ 800….$550.

    • http://Website AdamJ

      I’ve tried using that logic above but it seems you are only allowed to hate on the Xoom in this post. Prepare to be downranked.

    • http://Website aeon

      There is no 4g included?

      • http://www.technogasms.com Sean Riley

        They will somehow upgrade you to 4G at a later date. There will be no charge for the upgrade, but how and when it will be rolling out are still unknown.

    • http://Website Andre

      “This is a 3g/4g when available device.”

      Therein lies the problem. The market demand is for wifi-only tablets (see my other comment in this thread about iPad sales of wifi vs. 3G).

      When you’re shopping for a laptop, do you look for 3/4G versions? If you’re like most of use, you get a wifi-only laptop. The same logic applies to tablets.

  • http://Website dezvous

    I think it’s safe to say this price just won’t last. Stupid of them to even think this would work.

  • http://Website Ryan McKay

    Well that’s another device from motorola out the window for me. First the Atrix was lost once they announed the dock price. And now here’s this. Had really high hopes for this. I guess I’ll just have to wait a few more months and see what else is out by then.

    • http://Website Ryan McKay

      Announced not announed. Missed a letter :S

  • http://Website hector

    800$? HA HA

  • http://Website watbetch

    The G-Slate better not cost $799! $599 is my limit for anything like this. After that it’s just not worth the expensive price.

  • http://Website Ken Blazek

    Photoshop job.

    “activative” instead of activate and “lighting” instead of lightening. Also, the “799″ price tag is oddly colored on the “7″ “9″ and half of the second “9″.

    Some Crapple fan did this on their Mac, that is why it is half a**ed. Surprised engadget didn’t catch this before trying to break a big story.

    • http://www.technogasms.com Sean Riley

      It may be my monitor, but I’m not seeing the weird coloring you are talking about on the price tag.

      Two misspellings seem somewhat unlikely, but if this is a fake they definitely took some time to get the specs, the data pricing, and even the previously leaked Best Buy SKU correct.

  • http://Website Paul Atreides

    I seen it coming miles away. If the wee little G-tab was selling for what $500? I knew Motorola would try to go for the killshot. This is where we the consumers must take control, and let this device flop. If other manufacturers see that we won’t pay these outrageous prices or accept these weak data plans, we’ll have better prices soon enough.

  • http://Website flcowboi20

    For that price there better not be any software or hardware bugs after launch !!!!

  • http://Website adryan

    We should just all buy nook colors.

    • http://Website NotRelevent

      But the nook color doesn’t have a dual core chip or a 10″ screen.

      • http://Website J.

        But it does have a huge support community, plenty of ROMs, an awesome set of reader features, a Proof-Of-Concept Honeycomb port and a price point that makes it semi-disposable compared to the XOOM. I can get 3! NCs (with tax) for less than the XOOM. And it runs Honeycomb. Once the source is in the wild for 3.0, I promise you there will be ROM ports that run smooth and easy on our little NCs.

  • http://Website UniqueNate

    Forget a low plan, they need to make it wifi only. No plans period. That’s one thing with android, we get an awesome designed device and specs, but carriers or manufactures can’t deliver in other areas. I wish it was optional.

  • http://Website CodeMonk

    The tablet has had me excited and I was hoping the price was just for the 3G/4G version. Unfortunately, that high price is the same reason I avoided the iPad initially. Yes, it’s an amazing device (both of them), but I’m not sure I can justify buying a tablet for the same price as a decent laptop when a tablet, while providing more portability, provides (ultimately) less power and flexibility (most applications are still for the desktop computer and require the power of such).

    The Xoom had me excited enough that if it were equal to the iPad price for a WiFi only model, I would have shelled it out in a heartbeat but $800 is about what I paid for my quad core laptop. As exciting as honeycomb is, I think I will wait until someone comes out with something more reasonably priced.

    • Galen20K

      Very well said. *nods***

  • http://Website Daniel

    These sort of news make love my little netbook and my Dell Streak 5″.

  • http://Website JJ

    I don’t care if it comes with a free blowjob, $800 is absurd. Not even close to the right price point on this.

  • http://Website BigJermZ

    first samsung f’s there customers by releasing crap (dozens), then carriers claim “4g” and charge more for a faster version of 3G, carriers now changed plans to fit there needs, moto creates locked bootloaders which destroyed the “DROID” name, and now this.

    I SAY BOYCOTT THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    we as the consumer make the decision,
    we the consumer have the power to make or break companies,
    we the consumer are why these companies are around.

    • http://Website J.

      Fist in the Air, sir.

      Dumb pipe or bust. No more phones on contract. WiFi only tablets. Tether and root and a la carte if we have to but no more walled gardens! everybody on a single portable standard. Tuneable carrier radios (having to build a different radio for different carrier bands is absurd)

      I buy data from the carriers. Period. What I do with it and where I put it and how I get it from the pipe is NONE OF THEIR DAMN BUSINESS!

      Here’s your $50, there’s my 10GB. This is the end of our transaction. Have a nice day.

    • http://Website Pags

      I hear ya man! This price is absolutely LUDICROUS! Motorola’s business tactics are insane and we as consumers need to band together to boycott them.

      In fact, it’s sad that people are so tied to their twittering and the like that they justify the high-price data plans in play on all of these mobile devices. You would think that after the initial fad wears off the prices would go down…but the jarheads that are the consumer public will not let the fad die! Get a life people! WE can dictate the prices! WE can make the decision! DO the right thing and stop playing with your toys like brainless teenagers!

  • http://tripleventi.com JayMonster

    While, I am a bit disappointed with the pricing of this tablet, I am in no way surprised, shocked or angered by it.

    Motorola is going after the high end of the market. Period. There will be other tablets that will take up the mediocre middle ground if that is what you desire.

    It is funny how angry people get, even so to rate down the comments of others that actually realize that a smart phone off contract is in the mid to upper $500 range, and yet somehow they want a tablet with much better specs and larger screen to somehow come in at a cheaper price (without subsidy), just because… they want it to be so.

    No, the Xoom may not compete with the iFad at all price points, but just as the Droid does not fit everyone’s desires and yet Andrroid is now overtaking iPhone, and so as different tablets fill in the different niches, so will Android defeat iOS on this front… it is not (despite what Apple likes to think), a one device race. If you can’t afford a Xoom, then fine,, wait for one in your price range.

    I (for one) am glad that this time Android is getting shown off first with a major no compromises product, rather than some mediocre placeholder like the G1 and then the real contender (Droid) later.

    • http://Website J.

      Average cost of components for the high-end Android phones is $150.
      It is estimated that HTC/Foxconn/Moto assembly plants can crank out 50 phones an hour. Meaning that the labor cost per unit is pretty negligible. Let’s say $25 to be generous. So at $175 buying an off-contract phone at $500 means that unless the marketing dept. put an ad on during the super bowl, there’s a metric shitload of profit in every unit.

      Exactly how different do you think the guts of the XOOM and the Atrix are? Are you familiar with the concept of tech trickle-down?

      It’s not that we want it to be cheaper because we’re poor. Most of us want it to be cheaper because we don’t want to pay twice for the privilege of Verizon blessing us with the wi-fi that should be standard on a device like this. And we know that the COG for this and other devices is grossly inflated, and that we want this device to be successful and we know that this price point ensures it won’t be.

      And for a few of us, it’s because we want the companies making these things to be more focused on actually *making things* and not using things they make only as a vehicle for short-term stock performance.

      • http://Website Ryan McKay

        ” …and that we want this device to be successful and we know that this price point ensures it won’t be.”

        This is the best comment here.

    • http://Website Andre

      “Motorola is going after the high end of the market. Period. There will be other tablets that will take up the mediocre middle ground if that is what you desire.”

      False. They’re going after the carrier market rather than the direct-to-consumer market to get an upfront subsidy for one fiscal quarter. This won’t work in the long run. By the time Verizon’s exclusivity runs out (probably three months), the Xoom will old news, sacrificing the consumer market. The G-Slate, mark my words, won’t be any different.

      85-90% of tablets sold are wifi-only, but carriers are treating them as large cell phones and making OEMs offers they can’t refuse. Again, this is only effective in the short term. If the 15-16% return rates on the Galaxy Tab are true, then consumers are beginning to realize they’re simply buying data plans disguised as devices.

      Apple will retain the lion’s share of the tablet market until manufacturers stop drinking the carrier Kool-Aid.

      • http://Website ArK

        It’s not supposed to “work in the long run”. Stop saying “80-90% of tablets”, there is only one tablet. Apple knows it. Now, Motorola and Verizon knows the market for a good Android tablet is wide open, and that a LOT of us looked at the iPad and said “Are you kidding me? No camera, crappy specs and I need a computer with iTunes to do ANYTHING? Google, deliver us from evil!”

        The people with serious money who are waiting will buy this. It will be a successful product, because it’s the first of it’s kind. When there’s ten other Android tablets around, the price will be lowered to rational levels, but if you’re desperate for a tablet that works like a computer, like I am, you’re seriously tempted by this, even with the stupidly high price.

  • http://www.bestandroiddeals.com Paul Paulson

    The price isn’t that bad when compared to the iPad considering the Xoom is a much more impressive piece of hardware. Too much for most but it’s about time an Android tablet took on Apple head to head.

  • http://Website Louis

    $800, hell no!! First It was the Atrix 4 duck station, now this?? You know what that means right?? You’re paying for their 30 seconds super bowl commercial.

  • http://Website Jared

    This Metro Pcs commercial is crazy check out Dj skee dope video http://tinyurl.com/4nbw8m4

  • http://Website Pags

    I was looking forward to buying this thing, but was unaware of the high price and the extortion tactics to make me buy 1 month of 3g service. No thanks Motorola, I’m moving on.

  • http://Website Derek

    They are getting ridiculous with that pricing. Thats more than an Apple. Apple’s are always overpriced for what they offer though. No way I spend $800 on a tablet running a crappy java OS when I can buy an extremely good laptop running a full blown OS for that kind of money.

  • http://Website Dennis P

    Theres no way this tablet is worth 800 bucks and then 10gb of data = 80 a month. Are you serious?
    This tablet will flop worse than the galaxy tab. They better cut that price in half with those data prices.

    300-400 bucks for tab and 30 a month unlimited data is the only way they will sell this thing.

  • http://www.droidweb.com Droidweb

    I’m going to wait on the ASUS tablets before I enter the world of tablets. Hopefully their price point will be a lot better. No way in hell I’m anteing up 800 bucks for a tablet, especially when we’ve got a decent model coming down from canada at the $250 price point range in a few months.

  • http://Website ArK

    To people saying that this has way better specs than an unlocked $600 phone:
    Yes, it’s supposed to. It’s bigger, so you can put more stuff into it. That’s the reason 14′ laptops are WAY more expensive than their 17′ counterparts, even with slightly worse specs. If phones were this big, we’d have dual core phones for a while now. Hell, apparently we’re going to have quad core phones by December of this year.

    This will sell, because it’s running Honeycomb with good specs, and it beats the living hell out of an iPad. Even if the iPad 2 matches it’s specs, it will NOT have upgradeable storage, hdmi/usb ports and the ability to do anything without iTunes, so I’d still buy this even for $100 more.
    Not for $300 more though. But I’m sure a lot of people have the money and will buy their way out of iPrison.

  • http://Website Fred

    I am an Android and Xoom fan like many around here, and the $800 pricetag at first might look steep compared to the iPad. However you have to understand that they have different business models. The iPad model looks a lot like a game console, where the manufacturer can sell it at a very low price pont. They make their money later when you buy games. Same model for Apple, they make money on iTunes and Apps. So they can artificially lower the price of the device to create market share.
    Will Motorola or Verizon make money from the Android market?

    • http://www.technogasms.com Sean Riley

      I’m sure Verizon will have the VCast App Store on there somewhere and of course they’ll be collecting the activation fees and data charges.

      I’ll grant you Motorola’s case is a little more compelling, but they are foolish for not making a 16GB version available as well to at least provide something with at a more tolerable price point.

      People heading out to buy an iPad can tell themselves they are only going to spend $499 and maybe get upsold to the higher capacity or 3G version, but as things stand with the Xoom you need a buyer to set out to spend $800+ and that is a much more difficult proposition.