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Best Buy will have Motorola’s Xoom tablet up for preorder this Thursday…for $1,199!?!?

We have been going back and forth on the pricing for the hotly-anticipated Motorola Xoom tablet that’s set to launch at the end of the month, with original rumors pegging the Xoom between $700 or $800. Well, Engadget found quite the doozy on Best Buy’s website this morning that suggests those initial price estimates were way off. Turns out, Best Buy will indeed begin accepting preorders this coming Thursday for the sky-high price of $1,200. Yikes!

Now, a couple of individuals on Twitter have pointed out that Best Buy has been hit or miss when it comes to preorder pricing on Best Buy’s site in the past. Though we have no reason to believe the $1,200 price point is wrong at this point, we’re all crossing our fingers that it is a mistake and the tablet will launch for the  $700 or $800 we’ve all come to know and accept.

Assuming the worst, the leak this morning could suggest that the $800 price point is to purchase the Xoom with a full 2 year service agreement with Verizon, and $1,200 is the unsubsidized price (though will still require a 1 month data-activation fee).

Anyone out there still looking to pick up a Xoom if these outlandish prices hold up, or are you considering potential alternatives (G-Slate, Nook Color, Galaxy Tab 1 or 2)?

Update: Best Buy has since removed the posting for the Xoom on their website. Here’s hoping that it’s because the $1,199.99 price was a placeholder, and we’ll see the more friendly $799.99 price come out soon.

Update 2: Motorola has debunked the $1,200 rumor in a conversation with Reuters. The Xoom will launch for $799.99 unsubsidized on Verizon, $600 for wifi-only version.

Via: Engadget

Source: Best Buy

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  • http://Website asch5885

    tooooooooooooo expensive

    • http://Website Anonymous


      $1200.00? Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaa

      Motorola & Best Buy have lost their damned minds coming up with that price!

      And I thought $799.00 was pretty steep. lmao

  • http://Website Hans

    Alternatives,please. Galaxy Tab 2? Perhaps.

  • http://Website droid.manic

    Dumbass google and moto. I can’t say anything more. I was complaining about $799, now this. Ok, maybe I should accept apple and buy an iPad! Thanks google making me wait for almost a year to see a nice tablet, and then giving me the finger!

    • http://Website AC

      don’t worry, you’ll see cheaper Honeycomb tablets, too

    • http://Website Anonymous

      Perhaps it’s not Google (at least not mostly anyway).
      It is most likely Motorola & their “BLUR”ry judgment.

      I’m pretty sure they are the ones whom set the MSRP.

  • http://Website Semper Android

    I will still buy it b/c Motorola has a proven track re cord of being worth it, BUT its a relationship make or break bet on their part. If I am not wowed then they risk losing my business permanently.

    • http://Website anon

      Yep, the cliq series is a good example of their track record.

    • •Rέŧŗħð ʁɛ•

      Motorola marketing team are being fired as we type for letting a $1,200 price point get out there and letting it stay out there… Xoom is the sound of ” the air rippin’, fillin’ the vacuum created by your departed body.”

  • http://www.teamandroid.de Hendrik

    LOL, 800 was already a lot for a tablet. More than 1000 is ridiculous!

    • http://Website NODO-GT

      it’s not even 1000
      it’s 1200 ;d

  • http://Website am123

    This is their way of getting you guys comfortable with the already ridiculous $800 price tag. Don’t fall for it. I’m going Galaxy Tab 2 or LG G Slate.

  • http://Website martin

    ….its a sad day in the android nation. I bleed android green but there is no way in Hell i would pay 1200 dollors for the xoom. Granted this may only be a rumor at the end of the day. 800 was tough to swallow but this…Simply Ludacris! Google please step up and reason with theses fools. Are we just going to hand over the entire tablet market to apple?! I hate apple with unbridled passion yet i give credit where its due. They know how to sell a product without gutting their customers. Maybe this is only a dream. Maybe verizon and motorola are just ‘punking’ us and will blow our mind with a true competetive price. Here’s hoping and me being a little naive…

  • http://Website STENDEC

    At that price they’ll be lucky if they move 100 of the stupid things. I’d happily by a Wifi only Xoom at $500 USD, but $1200?? I could buy a whole laptop for less than that! A whole laptop with far better specs than this thing’s toting.

    Open letter to Moto and Google: if you want to take on the iPad, try not to price yourselves so far out of the market that even your dedicated fans will tell you to F off.

    • http://Website Randy A

      Google has nothing to do with the price if this disaster. If it were up to Google they would hand you this tablet for $400 or $500 and cash in on the search revenue that you will generate by using the thing. They know that even if 30% of people use Bing they still win over the lifespan of that device. They could buy wholesale, buy millions of them, drive the costs down per unit and defer revenue. That’s how Google would do it.

    • http://Website Droidwolf

      Does android even have any wifi only tabs? Why the hell would I need a network when I have a smart phone?

  • http://Website Randy A

    This is downright comical at this point. This tablet needed to be 1/2 this price to be a run away success. At these numbers it will be a monumental flop. If it takes a 2 year contract to get this down to $799 they can sit and spin on it. And if I were so inclined to be sodomized by Moto and spend $1,200 on this tablet I would in no way be willing to turn around and pay VZW for the Vaseline just so I can use the built in wifi on MY tablet.

    I walked in to the Apple store last April and gave Steve $1,500 and in exchange Steve handed me back 3 (three) iPads that were in no way encumbered by a carrier that demanded a fee to unlock physical features of the device. I don’t like the limitations of my iPad but it is mine and it looks, feels and works wonderfully.

    If this is what Honeycomb tablets are going to cost I’ll take one of two routes. I’ll either stick with the iPad 2 or I will wait and see how the HP TouchPad feels in my hands. I have loved webOS for as long as I have had my Pre Plus. If the hardware is now up to snuff with the OS I would be more inclined to go with HP. Their wifi only model will come at least a month before the 3G/4G model and regardless of price that wifi only TouchPad will be MINE and unencumbered by a VZW lock in.

    • http://Website Adam of Troy

      This may be a little off topic Randy, but you touched on the Palm OS… Have you seen the Black Berry Playbook? It feels (imo) the way Palm should have… Plus I’ve heard though Dalvik is out, there are tentative plans for Android Apps to function on the Playbook as well… I don’t know, what are your feelings on the Blackberry Playbook being a contender?

  • http://Website MotoDroid

    Motorola XOOM for USD 1,000 or USD 1,200 still “worth it” than iPAD and HP TouchPad. Compare hardware and software between Motorola XOOM (Android) versus iPAD (iOS) versus HP TouchPad; off course Motorola XOOM will win. Motorola XOOM have 2 or 3 times more powerful hardware than iPAD. Motorola XOOM have 2 times capacity memory (32 GB Internal Memory and support until 32 GB External Memory).

    • http://Website Randy A

      You mean that the Xoom is faster than today’s iPad don’t you? Everyone knows that in just a few weeks Steve will announce the iPad 2 and as it always goes Apple will sell 10 to 15x the amount of those as compared to this here Xoom.

      • http://Website MotoDroid

        The war between Motorola XOOM and iPAD 2 is not begin yet. You don’t know the future. In fact, now OS Android to be the best number 1.

        • http://twitter.com/velazcod velazcod

          Hey fanboi, how much is Motorola paying you?

          If iPad 2 gets released and has a dual core processor and a similar hardware to the XOOM, well, rest assured that the iPad 2 will sell like pancakes. Also, remember this, when Apple refreshes their hardware, usually they keep the same price.

          I don’t like the iPad, I like the XOOM better, however, for this price, (thinking as a regular consumer and not a fanboy, you know, the regular people out there), I would wait for the iPad 2 because its more affordable…

          • http://Website Jay

            Even if the ipad 2 specs are far worse than the xoom it will still sell like hot cakes. The average consumer doesn’t think in specs, they think in what name they hear more people talk about. I don’t buy apple because I want the best product I can buy, my mother however would buy apple because “that’s what those people at Starbucks use”. It’s sad but apple could simply add a front facing camera and call it the ipad 2 and sell more than all other tablets combined. :(

        • •Rέŧŗħð ʁɛ•

          Yea thats a little nonsensical, lets be honest, iPad ~3 months shy of its 1 year anniversary… The Xoom should be a crusher from a hardware perspective. iPad 2 is right around the corner, it plays all my media (including digital dvd copies) and will be priced right where the original was. How can you expect a war if you cant get troops (xoom tabs) in the customers hands. Early adoption has its price but this is an arm, and a leg. I would suggest those interested wait till April, Xoom prices will be slashed, and Motorola will be kicking itself for lost market share. The greedy become the needy.

    • http://Website Daniel Greer

      I don’t think there is any “Of course they will win” here. Essentially you are comparing three devices that have not been released yet. Xoom, iPad2 and the TouchPad. Even aside from that, if the TouchPad’s hardware is up to the job of running WebOS 2.0 then it is a serious contender. I have almost never heard someone say that they did not care for the way WebOS functioned. It is almost always a complaint that the hardware was drastically underpowered for the job. So if HP and Palm step up their game and give that thing some real guts at a competitive price point, I will definitely consider it. I am not a big fan of Apple, but they do have a proven track record producing the iPad. We all know Apple for making incremental improvements over time so the iPad2 is likely to be a step up from the iPad. Motorola on the other hand has no experience in producing tablets, they have a somewhat hit or miss track record when it comes to their phone hardware, and they have already priced themselves out of any serious competition. So, no “of course” here.

  • http://Website Hans

    Well, this is Best Buy’s price(maybe). I wonder if Verizon stores will have it for a different(lower) price. And where is the Wi-Fi only version? :(

  • http://Website Jim

    Too funny! Can’t believe Motor actually thinks people will it at that price. I looked up in the sky today and didn’t see pigs flying :P

  • http://Website Daniel Greer

    Asinine. That is really the only way to describe pricing like that. I like the look of the Xoom, but that is so far outside of realistic I wouldn’t even consider it. You can get a hot-shot gaming PC for that kind of money these days. And locked into Verizon with a WiFi only model? WTF? I’d buy a Samsung Tab before spending $1200 on a tablet, and I’d sooner go without than buy a Samsung device.

  • http://Website Dan

    Way to expensive….This isn’t the tablet you’re looking for….move along…

  • http://twitter.com/mobilejray @mobilejray

    Ok, here we go…

    1. This device WILL fail at either $1200 or even $800. The market is not ready yet to spend that kind of money on a Tablet.

    2. Even if the price drops to the more reasonable price of $500, why would you support the crippiling of features like Verizon is doing forcing one to buy at least a month of their service for the device?

    3. I agree with the commenter that this could be a leak of price at a higher amount so when the lower price of $800 is released we are all happy because it’s $400 less than we anticipated due to the ad leak from Best Buy.

    4. We are too early in the Tablet game to spend that kind of money on a device that will quickly be obsolete because of the quickly advancing tablet market. Buy the Xoom now, 6 months later you will want the latest and greatest from someone else. The re-sale of such a device will not recoup much of what you paid. An expected major cash loss with this device.

    Ok, that’s all. For now. :)

  • http://Website Wild Boar Meat

    You can get a VERY nice windows 7 laptop for 1200 (HP Envy, Dell XPS 15 loaded etc.) or an entry level macbook. I agree with the sentiment that this has to be a ploy to get people comfortable with the $800 price.

  • http://Website Lostmynuts

    1100?? people dont pay this much for a laptop and they think people are gonna buy this??

    The ipad doesn’t seem that bad considering the competition is to damn expensive.

  • http://Website MotoDroid

    Remember Motorola Droid when first week, first month and 74 days in the market have strong sales than iPhone (the original). Don’t judge the cover. Lets we see.

    • http://Website martin

      Engadget just updated to say that the 1200 price was simply a place holders price. The retail price will remain 800. So let’s breathe easy now. Also, with this being the case, we can also assume that there will indeed be a subsidized price for the xoom. So let’s calm down and have a bit of faith. Im sure verizon did indeed learn their lesson from the galaxy tab incident.

      • http://Website dagamer34

        How is $800 even acceptable? Why is the placeholder price so ludicrous? They might as well stick it at $9,999 so that no one can even take it 1/2 seriously.

        Best Buy/Motorola/Verizon/Google fail.

        At least with the HP TouchPad, HP is the one controlling the pricing and hopefully won’t price it to fail.

        • •Rέŧŗħð ʁɛ•

          Motorola is trying to make up for lost revenue for the years between the RAZR and DROID. Just when you thought they would make a solid comeback they go all IBM on you, they keep this up I hope they get Nokia pangs.

  • http://pryvateid.tumblr.com Dave

    *looks @ price tag, then immediately quietly makes exist from post*

  • http://Website Eric

    This makes me appreciate my $250 Nook Color running Honeycomb so much more.

    • http://Website young carter15

      god i cant wait to get mines :-) id much rather enjoy the hacking and work i can put into making something my own and making it how I see fit then paying for sum crazy shit like this….$1200 for a damn tablet..lmao dat shit better come with a free week of dinners from red lobster! lol

  • http://Website WHAP!

    Looking at the ad where it says financing available…….i wonder if this is a financed price and not out right purchase price. In which case this would make sense. I think we are getting up in arms about nothing. My prediction it releases at $799!

  • http://Website zarac

    Even $700 is already too much, budget notebooks start at that price.
    $1200?!?!? Come on…… One word – LOOOOOL
    Good luck Motorola and BestBuy, I think you just made Apple a happy puppy.

    I’m all excited about honeycomb tablets, but not going to pay over $500, period.

    • http://Website counsel

      Too expensive for me. Is LOL one word now? Really? :)

  • http://Website marlene

    Umm…think I will wait for ipad2-xoom too expensive,although a nice tablet.plus I plan on buying an ipad for my sister so 2ipads for the price of one zoom :-(….

  • SphericalPuma

    Here’s what’s really alarming: The fact that Motorola has not commented on these leaked prices. You would think that if they were wrong and turning off potential sales, Motorola would at least say “Those prices are incorrect, stay tuned for more,” instead of letting people believe that the tablet is 799 or 1,199. I’m more inclined to believe that the 799 price is right, since it says you need at least a month of data to walk out the store with it, but I suppose only time will tell. Still, it’s irresponsible of Motorola to not at least issue some kind of comment, after all they’re the ones that are currently losing sales because of this whole pricing debacle.

  • http://Website RockinEvo

    Wtf is this the prototype price I will never pay that price for a damn tablet, moto remember ur not the only one making a tablet even if this is a rumor I wont even look at the xoom.

  • http://Website gad

    Galaxy Tab2 and optimus where are u?

  • http://Website tornato7

    I’m going to buy the Acer iconia tab. It has a ******* USB port! and 10 multitouch points! and aluminum case! it will probably be cheaper too

  • http://Website Droidwolf

    Think all just get the archos 10 for 500$ less.

  • •Rέŧŗħð ʁɛ•

    Just when you thought that Android would have a cool tablet…. BooM! 1200 fagioles… Well as the Galaxy Tab was discounted quickly, lets hope this will be as well. At 1200 dollars and this economy I see a failure… Incredibly enough, you still don’t have real multimedia capabilities when it comes to movie formats as its not itunes or wmp DRM compliant. This thing should not exceed 500 bucks if it wants to become adopted by the masses… iPad2 just lost its competition. And I lost my gadget to look forward to.

    • •Rέŧŗħð ʁɛ•

      Oh and you still have that crappy motoblur to take away from your true experience.

  • http://Website Steverino

    I am guessing that Best Buy leaked that $1200 price so that when it actually goes on sale later this month for $800, some consumers will consider $800 a “bargain” because their mind unconsciously compares it with $1200. This is consumer psychology, sadly.

  • http://Website treefq

    rofl!!! good one…wait it’s not April 1st!

  • http://Website DQdroid

    $1200 let alone $800 for netbook performance? I don’t care if we get free insurance and a hardware refresh in 18 months. May as well buy the Atrix phone with the laptop dock. At least you’ll still be using part of it in 6 months.