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DatPiff Mobile: streaming mixtape heaven.

At the risk of sounding like a goober, I’m going to talk today about something I don’t totally understand: mixtape culture. I’m sure those of you in the know will poke fun at me, but for those that don’t, we’ve got nerds like me trying to make sense of it all.

The mixtape has long-since evolved past the process of throwing some tracks together for a friend. Mixtapes can be complete underground albums- featuring original music, new lyrics, or even completely different tracks. There isn’t really a single way to define a mixtape so I’ll just say it’s like the music you already know and love, just different.

Enter DatPiff, one of the largest mixtape communities online. I’ve been using the website for some time now but a few weeks ago was stoked to discover a full-blown Android app available in the market.

The app offers complete access to the DatPiff mixtape library via both streaming audio and full album downloads. The mixtapes available vary wildly in style- they’ve got brand new mixes from artists currently on the radio and they’ve got albums from years back by someone you’ve never heard of. There are mashup mixes, cramming two different artists into a single album. There are screwed and chopped mixes, altering the original audio to create new sounds. If you’re looking for something different to listen to, you’ll find it on DatPiff.

With a solid connection, the streaming audio sounds great and has worked almost perfectly in all tests. DatPiff also gives you the option of downloading MP3s straight to the SD card for playback during times with little or no data connection.

The app has an interesting persistent player interface, always keeping the currently playing album in a tab near the bottom of the screen. The UI could be a bit cleaner, but the functionality is nice. You can jump from mix to mix while maintaining play control of the original selection. Currently playing tracks are also listed in the notification bar for easy access while in other apps all together.

Some features in the DatPiff app require user registration, but overall it was a pretty painless process. Being a registered user allows you to add mixtapes to your favorites (for later listening with the app or website) and gives you five album downloads per day. It’s not exactly unlimited, but if you’re on the hunt for more than five albums per day you might want to look elsewhere for a subscription service. Without an account you can still stream all the music you want, you’ll just get some extra goodies if you take the few minutes to register.

On top of the music, DatPiff has a bunch of videos and news, neither of which I’ve investigated too far. I’ve mainly come for the music and this thing delivers big time. It quickly earned a spot on my homescreen and has steadily been contributing awesome tracks to my permanent library.


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  • http://Website RollercoasterRJ

    This is an excellent app for Android. Works just as well as I expected. I had to uninstall it a while back because it didn’t save to SD, but I miss it so I’ll have to check that out again.

  • http://Website Steffen

    How long has this existed? How did I not know about it? I love datpiff. As a fan of underground hip-hop, “mixtapes” (I refer to most of it as free albums) are pretty much all you get.

    • David Sand

      That’s good question buddy! I love datpiff as well…
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    • David Sand

      That’s good question buddy! I love datpiff as well…

  • http://Website panic

    I been using the app for a long time now its essential for anyone who is into the urban world of hip hop or music period. As far as the downloads go they are best used on a wi-fi connection. It’s a great way to stay in touch with the latest underground and mainstream music without ever turning your t.v or radio on. I LOVE IT !

  • http://Website don

    Mixtapes were orignaly just mixrecordings put together by a dj that may have included remixed tracks of popular songs. Now they have developed into full blown street albums loaded with origanal material. Some artist preffer to do mixtapes (street ablums) because they have complete creative control over the project, without influence from there record lable. So the mixtape gives u the artists true point of view and feeling toward music and everyday life

  • JTNJ

    You all should definitely listen to Kale Dreamz on there. He has great material.


  • http://Website Paul Atreides

    This app has come a long way. I love the mixtapes and now they’ve recently added the download feature which is awesome. All it’s needs now is better search/filter abilities and clear up a few sminor hiccups.

  • http://Website Storm14K

    I’m from Screwston Texas. Screwed and chopped was all I needed to hear. I’ll give it a try.

  • http://Website Stella

    This is a welcome addition to the streaming music apps on Android. I will definitely check it out and recommend this app to my family and friends.

  • http://Website Mark

    Wow! Sounds like a great app. Shall tell some of my friends about this. They will love it. It’s also good for the artists as they have an even bigger chance of getting discovered. :D

  • http://Website msgnyc

    This app has been out for a long time now. Its come along way since it was first released. Its a great app site Datpiff.com is a great site.

  • http://Website Yo

    Been using the app for months now. Best (probably only) app for listening to the best and latest mixtapes out there. Some funny videos on there too

  • http://Website myinkedspace.com

    I love love love that app!!! I’ve had it for almost a year now and I use nothing else cause rap.is my choice of music.. I don’t listen to the radio and downloading them right to my phone genius!!! Btw the i-phone dat piff app you.can’t download songs to your phone…..

  • http://Website kuntri

    Datpiff & Audiogalaxy are the best! I just installed it on my G2

  • http://Website ixD9

    Why does it need to know where I am (fine/coarse location information)?

  • http://Website rich

    @ixd9: so 50 cent can come to your house

  • http://Website Tyler

    Is it all rap? If so I dont give to fucks about this app but if they have any punk on it i guess it would be pretty useful.

  • http://Website ixD9

    @rich I don’t have any snow for him to shovel. :(

    BTW, I asked them why they need coarse and fine location information and they replied with this:

    “The advertising is geo targeted, thats why.”

    So I replied with this:

    “Hahah alright, but fine location information? Are you guys advertising my neighbors’ home businesses or something?”

  • http://Website 50cent

    i agree with idx9 in this matter.

    overloaded permissions with read phone state (phone number + imei etc) in front of all!

    p.s.: cummin to yo homes now, ya sad little mixtape downloaders!!11

    p.s.s: @androidandme support opera mobile on yo forms or ma ni’s will lay tge lead on ya! know what im sayin?

    • http://Website Lactose the Intolerant

      “or ma ni’s will lay tge lead on ya! know what im sayin?”

      No, I don’t know what you are saying… I don’t speak Gibberish.

  • http://Website J Thom

    Hey does anyone knows where the music goes after download from datpiff mobile?

  • http://Website popsicle

    am streaming from mobile using gprs as there is no open wifi where i am..are there any data charges? how many mb will it be per minute/hour?

  • http://Website markelstanton87


  • http://Website nique

    where does the music go after u download it?

  • http://datpiff cortney

    it used to work well, but now after it downloads; it doesnt let u listen.

  • david bateman

    i have a mytouch 4g and when i download the album from datpiff it dont save to the sd card i have to go to mp3 and download the song……..i need help asap…

  • Es

    Are any of the songs not free? Mainly I ask about the songs labeled “retail track.” I’ve been downloading them no problem, also if I only download several songs as opposed to downloading entire albums I find myself without a download limit.

  • Frank

    Good review. Datpiff crashes a lot and doesn’t download often. I use mix.hiphop mixtapes everyday. Thats wayyy better!

  • miles123

    Datpiff, i really love it. During my spare time, i used it to open datpiff and download music. Thank you for sharing this one.

    buy datpiff views

  • gong

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  • lavadalisa

    All it’s needs now is better search/filter abilities and clear up a few sminor hiccups. console.fm 500 startups

  • bulla

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