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HTC Inspire 4G now available from AT&T with a low off-contract price of $399

Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you the HTC Inspire 4G from AT&T! If you’ve been following our coverage on the new 4G handset for AT&T you probably know almost everything about the handset already. The only new bit of information we have on launch day is the off-contract price for the HTC Inspire 4G. Since AT&T is only charging $99.99 for the HTC Inspire 4G for anyone signing up for a new two year contract, we were hoping that the off-contract price would be somewhere around $450. To our surprise, AT&T is only charging $399.99 for the HTC Inspire, which makes is one of the best deals around.

We’re still working on putting together a full review for the HTC Inspire 4G, but we’re sure most of you have already made up you mind about the phone. The HTC Inspire 4G is the first 4G handset available on AT&T’s network and since AT&T is only asking for $99 we find it really hard not to recommend the new phone to anyone who’s tied to AT&T.

Source: AT&T Wireless

Nick is a tech enthusiast who has a soft spot for HTC and its devices. Nick joined the Android and Me family in the summer of 2010.

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  • http://Website Ivan

    Bad ass phone, for the best price ever.

  • http://Website Manny

    I have this phone in Germany. over here it is called HTC Desire HD…it is an awesome phone all around…

  • http://Website Jim

    Thank you Apple and Verizon :P

    • http://Website Daniel

      I agree with you 100%.I love to see big companies dropping their pants little bit,or changing their stupid policies.
      Thanks Apple and Verizon.

  • http://Website Get_At_Me

    TMO already charges $100 for all of its current 4G smartphones(on contract)…..Though TMO’s full invoice prices for comparable devices may be $50-$100 higher, TMO allows you to finance off contract w/o interest. I don’t see an AT&T customer paying $400 for this off contract…..The Thunderbolt and Inspire are already outdated compared to what will be available in the coming months.

    • Nick Gray

      I know what you mean, but how can something be outdated when it’s currently the best device available on the market? You can always play the waiting game. The Motorola Atrix will look outdated once phones with Qualcomm’s dual-core processors arrive in late spring.

  • Get_At_Me

    The get your point as well, but Sprint had this phone last summer (EVO). TMO has the MT4G altho the screen isn’t quite as big and Verizon has the TBolt coming soon. The Inspire and Tbolt are running the second gen Snapdragon, i just feel releasing a device with that now is a bit late in the game…..the same can be said about TMO rehashing its old Vibrant with the same core specs in addition to the FFC and 4G radio……In the defense of carriers and manufacturers tho, smartphone tech evolves so quickly, it does seem impossible to keep up….I think devices that are too similar come out too quickly

  • Azeem

    I had a chance to play around with this phone at the Minneapolis meetup, and it is a very, very nice phone. However, AT&T’s data speeds are slower than molasses going uphill in winter. This is a great phone that’s just going to waste on such a lousy carrier.

  • http://Website Garet

    Nice at&t got the Evo

  • http://Website Derek

    Got this phone Wed at the launch event from HTC and its super nice. Very smooth and fast, def worth $100.

  • http://Website Kevin

    I talked to AT&T about this. It appears that if you use this phone on their network, they will automatically upgrade you to the $15 DataPlus 200MB for HSPA+/4G Smartphones plan. For Nexus One users still on the $10 Data Unlimited for Non-Smartphones, that does raise the price a bit. If you decide to go to the $25 DataPro 2GB for HSPA+/4G Smartphones, that raises the price $15 a month. You would quickly pay them back for the $399 low price.

  • http://Website NoAirplay

    I took a chance on this phone last week because of the $99 price….I’m pleasantly surprised at the performance and have already forgotten about my iPhone 3GS. My concern is will this phone be compliant with the LTE network that is planned for 2012?

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  • Jon Melcher

    I am on my third, (3rd), htc Inspire due to touch screen failure.