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HTC Thunderbolt might be delayed, Wirefly provides another unboxing to hold us over

Verizon’s first 4G handset, the HTC Thunderbolt, was rumored to launch February 14th but now reports are surfacing that the launch might have been pushed back. Our friends at Droid Life have obtained an internal memo that clearly says the “launch from 2/14 has been delayed, no ETA at this time.” Amazon had also previously listed the Thunderbolt with an estimated ETA of 2/14, but now that date has been removed.

We don’t know for sure what the hold up is, but the guys at Wirefly just posted another unboxing video for everyone out there waiting on this phone. They went on to say that Wirefly will be selling the Thunderbolt soon and that Best Buy does not have a “national retail exclusive.”

Update: A representative of Wirelfly has informed us that they were incorrect. Best Buy has a national retail exclusive, but they do not have an online exclusive.

Most of the details about the Thunderbolt have already been revealed, but there is still something mesmerizing about watching a brand new phone get unboxed. Check out the clip below and let us know if you plan on picking up the Verizon Thunderbolt in the coming weeks. I really hope they get this phone out soon, because all these dual-core superphones that get announced at Mobile World Congress next week are going to be very tempting.

Via: Droid Life

Source: YouTube

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  • http://Website Mek

    It has a Super LCD screen not a regular LCD.

  • http://Website Jon

    He wasn’t sure it would have a kickstand? Between that flub and his horrific radio-guy voice, that’s the last time I watch a Wirefly video.

  • http://Website A7xcky

    Comes as no surprise to me. The evo stole much of the iphone4s thunder when it came out last year. Apple doesn’t want that happening again with the thunderbolt.

  • http://Website Stang68

    I really am not a fan of the aspect ratios on HTC devices like the TBolt and the Evo. They seem too wide. I like the Droid X sizing more.

  • http://www.wirefly.com Jeff Gregory

    Please publishing the following correction in the post:

    Best Buy does have a “national retail exclusive” – but not an online exclusive.

    Jeff Gregory

  • http://Website mancini

    I just pre ordered the thunderbolt today at best buy and they said they should have it buy the 14th and they would call me.

  • http://Website thisisjnn

    I know that the Skype integration is the big push. But, anyone know if Google Talk w/ video will be supported on this device?

  • http://Website commentguy1234

    I hear its not a problem with the device but that Verizon feels that was too close of a launch date to the Iphone

  • Vinnyj

    Why no speed test??? That to me is the test we all want to see. I am very curious about Verizon’s new 4G network, how will it do in areas without the LTE capabilities? How fast will the phone DL data on the regular 3G when the LTE isn’t available in their area??? Verizon has the slowest, I mean real slow DL speeds on their 3G Network, it is very embarrassing IMO for the nations largest carrier to have such a pathetic Network. Wirefly must have had strict instructions, NO SPEED TEST OR NO PHONE.

  • http://Website Dufus

    No speed test because Verizon isn’t activating 4G SIMs yet. Duh. Why do you think the launch is delayed?