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HTC unveils their 2011 Mobile World Congress handset and tablet lineup

Early this morning, HTC finally stepped up and unveiled their lineup at Mobile World Congress.  As expected, HTC delivered five new Android powered handsets and their first Android tablet.  Devices like the HTC Desire S, HTC Incredible S, and the HTC Wildfire S may look a bit familiar since we’ve seen leaked images, video, and specs on all three handsets over the past few months, but this was the first time that we’ve gotten a clear look at the HTC ChaCha and HTC Salsa, HTC’s “social phones” with a dedicated Facebook button.

HTC Flyer — the first Android tablet from HTC

While it’s exciting to see HTC refresh their lineup, the real star of HTC press event was the HTC Flyer Android Tablet.  The HTC Flyer runs on Android 2.4 and is powered by a 1.5 GHz single-core processor and features a 7-inch display, 5 megapixel camera, 1.3 megapixel front-facing camera, 1GB of RAM, and 32 GB of internal storage.  The HTC Flyer will be launching in Q2 with Android 2.4 (still being called Gingerbread) but will be updated to Honeycomb several months after launch.

The HTC Flyer also features a redesigned HTC Sense UI and the new HTC Scribe Technology which allows the Flyer to be used with a capacitive pen for taking notes, drawing, or even writing on a web page or photo.

HTC ChaCha and HTC Salsa — the first social phones from HTC

The HTC ChaCha and Salsa are the first two social phones from HTC with a dedicated Facebook button on the front of the devices.  The contextually-aware Facebook button can be used to check in, share photos, update your status, share web links, and even the music you are listening to.

The HTC ChaCha is reminiscent of the HTC Snap from a few years back and features a four row QWERTY keyboard on the front, and a 2.6-inch display. The HTC Salsa features a slightly larger 3.4-inch display, and they both are loaded up with a  5 megapixel camera on the back, and a VGA  camera on the front,  600 MHz processor, 512 MB of RAM, 512 MB ROM, Bluetooth 3.0, GPS, and Wi-Fi.  Both devices will launch with Android 2.3.3 and will be available in mid Q2.

HTC Desire S, HTC Incredible S, and HTC Wildfire S — just another rehash

The HTC Desire S, HTC Incredible S, and HTC Wildfire S should probably be considered more as product refinements rather than entirely new devices.  The three handsets take a lot of cues from the originals which launched last year with a few improvements thrown in here and there.

The HTC Desire S will be running on Android 2.4 and will features a 3.7-inch display, but its been given an upgraded aluminum unibody case,  1GHz 8255 Snapdragon processor, 8 megapixel camera, and a 1.3 megapixel front-facing camera.  The HTC Incredible S is currently running on Android 2.2 and is sticking to its rugged industrial design but does feature a few upgrades with a new 4-inch display, 1GHz 8255 Snapdragon processor, 8 megapixel rear camera, and a 1.3 megapixel camera on the front.  The HTC Wildfire S the smallest handset ever produced by HTC and rounds out the bottom of the pile with a 3.2-inch display, 600 MHz processor, and 5 megapixel camera.

Overall, HTC’s new lineup is a small step ahead of what they unveiled last year, but certainly not what many were expecting.   We still don’t see the appeal of having a phone with a dedicated Facebook button and the new devices seem to be a rehash or even inferior to the HTC Desire HD or the Desire Z which were unveiled last fall.  The HTC Flyer is certainly not in the same class as the Motorola XOOM, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, or the LG Optimus Pad, but we certainly do see that it has some potential to succeed.

Our questions to you: are any of HTC’s new devices a must-have for the first half of 2011?

HTC_Incredible_S_image6 HTC_Salsa_image2 HTC_Salsa_image5 HTC_Salsa_image6 htc_wildfire_S_image2 htc_wildfire_S_image4 htc_wildfire_S_image5 htc_wildfire_S_image6 HTC_ChaCha_image4 HTC_ChaCha_image5 HTC_ChaCha_image6 HTC_Desire_S_image3 HTC_Desire_S_image4 HTC_Desire_S_image6 HTC_flyer_image1 HTC_flyer_image2 HTC_flyer_image3 HTC_flyer_image4 HTC_flyer_image5 HTC_flyer_image6 HTC_Incredible_S_image3

Nick is a tech enthusiast who has a soft spot for HTC and its devices. Nick joined the Android and Me family in the summer of 2010.

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  • Galen20K

    I love htc but this year has been their least exciting year in a long time, sort of uninspiring.

    • http://Website Lucian Armasu

      This is because their relationship with Qualcomm is becoming very unhealthy for them, and they simply refuse to use any other chip than Qualcomm’s. HTC needs to remember that their purpose is to serve the customers first, not their partners. So if there is a more powerful chip from another chip maker, go ahead and use it! Don’t wait 6 months until your partners makes theirs.

      I hope they are already working on making Tegra 3 tablets and phones, because otherwise I won’t be buying from them next time. Oh, and they need to come up with other ideas for designs, too. They’re getting boring.

      • Nate B.

        I agree

      • incrediblecub

        Unhealthy? Listen man, Qualcomm has been in this game much longer than Nvidia, we still have yet to truly see how the Tegra2 is in the real world. Rumors are the performance for 3D games written for dual-core is amazing, battery life… not so much.

        People can dog on HTC for sticking with them, but it doesn’t change the fact that at the end of the day, they make really nice hardware, that is solid and well designed. We will see a precious and useless Dual-Core Snapdragon on an HTC device before the end of the year. You guys are being ridiculously dramatic about this whole dual-core thing, this blog in particular feels like its ran by one of those no dual-core, go home, type of attitudes.. and that is truly unfortunate because a lot of less intelligent, less knowledgeable in the mobile space read these blogs and will blindly take knowledge elsewhere. Do I want processors in mobile devices to succeed and get better? Yes! of course I do. Unfortunately software is lagging behind that technology.. just like battery technology is far FAR behind both software and hardware.

        • http://Website Mikey

          I agree I like that HTC has focused on the software here. Just that fact that these devices are shipping with 2.4 makes them really appealing. Especially when you consider phones like the atrix are still shipping 2.2.

        • DavidM

          excellent comment, I would rather have an awesome HTC single core with a great skin and a well put together phone than an unoptimized Motorola with Motoblur

        • http://www.avaqom.com HackNet

          I’m sorry, as a HTC owner I would have to disagree on the quality of their products. Cheap flimsy plastic is the quality. Please do not make assumptions. Thanks!

        • http://Website jf79

          Um, dual-core CPU’s put LESS of a strain on the battery than a single-core one. This is why there’s a lot of hoopla around them.

    • http://Website Dags

      It’s only February. It may be that the HTC Pyramid is released before some of their competitor’s previously announced dual-core phones are.

    • http://Website Anonymous

      I agree!

      HTC seems to have made 2nd generations to the similar devices of the 1st generation, minus the sometimes useful optical track device (found on the OG Droid Incredible & OG Wildfire).

      I’m not sure why HTC is not using the optical track devices anymore. Upsets me that now I will have to poke my screen to try to get my cursor to where I want it, instead of using the touch optical device, or pressing it to wake my phone rather than wearing out the power button.

      • http://Website Anonymous

        But on a positive note…

        The HTC Flyer looks to be an awesome tablet.

        If the price is $250. (contract) & the retail price is $500. or less (off contract), then it will be a hot selling item.

        Perhaps T-Mobile will carry this Quietly Brilliant tablet…

        • http://www.avaqom.com HackNet

          $799 official pricing for the Flyer for the 3G/4G. That is w/o contract. For the WiFi only w/o contract, it is priced at $600.

      • http://Website Alan

        Gingerbread totally nailed text input. Its easier to poke and drag at my screen with that sexy cursor handle thing than it is to use the d-pad on my milestone. Matias Duarte is a baller.

  • http://Website DroidCLH

    I was hoping for a dual core phone announcement

    • Dave K

      … on Sprint

    • http://lettersfromdave.wordpress.com daveloft

      The Wildfire should cost $200.

      The Desire on this list should be called the Legend and cost $300.

      The Incredible should be called the Desire and cost $400.

      Then a 4th phone should have been announced and called the Incredible. It should have a 4.3″ qHD display with a dual core CPU and 1GB of RAM and cost $500.

  • http://Website dakuten

    Why ? Why have they done this to us ? Last year HTC had innovated, this year, well … Has HTC heard about Dual-Core processors, or 2011 trendy technologies ? Have we been so mean last year that Peter Chou would not gave us his great yearly gifts ?

  • jayzeroeee

    HTC is becoming stagnant and boring.

    • http://Website ANDDY

      This is probably why Google picked Samsung for Nexus S

  • http://www.google.com/profiles/anakin78z anakin78z

    Some pretty decent upgrades, but nothing cutting edge. I was hoping that at least one handset would be trend setting, or keeping up with the best that Motorola, LG & Samsung have to offer.
    The stylus on the scribe looks very appealing to me. I could see myself swapping out the Galaxy Tab for this, especially if it does get upgraded to Honeycomb, and assuming that it makes it Stateside in Q2.

  • http://Website Anthony

    Wow this sucks… Looks like my hope for a dual core from HTC isn’t going to happen before April. Unfortunately I’m just going to have to pull the trigger and grab maybe an Optimus 2x or Atrix. :/

    • DavidM

      Have fun with Motoblur and AT&T

      • http://Website Anthony

        I’m not worried about motoblur since I will use a launcher and as soon as I can root the phone I will. I’ve also been on AT&T for 2 years already, sure I was looking to leave them, but it’s not like the service was unusable.

        Btw, I also mentioned the Optiums 2x… you kinda just miss that so you could take your shot at the Atrix?

        • DavidM

          no, the Optimus is pretty interesting and I am on AT&T, but lets just see how keen AT&T and Motorola are to support the Atrix say when the new dual cores come out.

  • http://Website Simon

    Now i know what the S stands for in all these models;

    S – Slightly improved!

    • Dave K

      S – Same ol’ Same ol’

  • http://Website Michael

    Yup…add me to the disappointed list. No multi-core, no Honeycomb for the tablet. Shame…

    I like the speed of some of the other devices out there, but miss HTC’s durable shells and quality feel. Not sure if I’ll settle for a Galaxy II, Atrix or Optimus for this reason, so will probably keep waiting for a fast, (relatively-)durable device. Sticking around with the Nexus One, then.

    • Scotter

      I’m in the same boat. Nexus One. Love it. But ready for bigger screen, front-facing camera, higher quality back camera, better speakers, more RAM, and dual core. Knowing HTC *can* make an awesome product. Willing to wait until Summer to see.

    • DavidM

      well, with the Atrix, you at least have a good chance of a software update within your lifetime

  • keridel

    hugly dissapointed.

    there is an article on xda devs about htc losing there innovative edge and looking at the lineup i can see why they have written it.

    i love HTC. i wont say i’m a fanboy but i am a fan. however this has put me off. i have 6 months left on this contract and 12 months on my other one.

    sorry htc. I will wait…

  • http://Website Richard

    I give credit to the NEW Htc Incredible S that device will be great for the current Droid Incredible owners i applaud that. I am a major HTC person and proud owner of my beloved htc evo 4g on the greatest carrier in the industry SPRINT. I knew not much would be shown here but I did expect the Htc Pyramid to possibly show it’s self here but instead we got the Icredible S… This all points to ONE MAJOR EVENT LEFT… CTIA IN MARCH 2011.. At which time there BEST DEVICES for 2011 will be announced. 1.The Htc Evo 2 4g and the Htc Pyramid.. They both must appear with DUALCORE SNAPDRAGON PROCESSORS, 1gb of ram, 4.3 plus screens, and anywhere from 1850 to 1950 mil amp battery, and a KICKSTAND… These spec will allow HTC to peacefully end 2011… OTHERWISE with the just released QUADCORE OF NIVIDIA coming in December 2011 Htc WILL LOSE MAJOR CURRENT CUSTOMERS AND MOST CURRENT EVO CUSTOMERS… THEY BETTER COME REAL STRONG AT CTIA

  • http://Website panic

    No Evo2? …….very disappointed

  • http://Website jd

    Can’t even begin to describe my disappointment. I have 3 htc phones and if they just continue like this i’m gonna jump ship/

  • Nate B.

    Have to wait until CTIA I guess. Even if they bring a dual core then I hope it has other functions as well. No dual core and call it a day please. That tab is….a big phone. It’s one thing to refresh in between but that’s all they’ve been doing since the Evo. Same form factor. It’s like they have their design button on repeat. A bunch of devices with sense. I like sense but it’s looking old now. I want new functionality.

    And I find it funny that some of these devices have 2.3 on it and their latest handsets aren’t upgraded yet. Google needs to take advantage of this newly announced Tegra by Xmas and ship the next Nexus across every carrier. Powerful and pure. And have it compatible with our carriers 4g.

  • http://Website Richard

    I’d like to add that all us current htc owners and fans regardless of the carrier we are ANDROID LOVERS MARRIED TO THE PLATFORM… WHICH SHOULD COME FIRST.. As a current Evo owner I trust that CTIA WILL BE BIG FOR BOTH CARRIERS TMOBILE & SPRINT… Verizon and At&t had there’s already. The current benchmark device to match is the MOTOROLA ATRIX 4G… The HTC PYRAMID for tmobile and my beloved HTC EVO 2 4G for sprint WILL MATCH THE ATRIX COME MARCH 2011… Standby HTC FANS on both carriers our DAY WILL COME 40DAYS till CTIA

    • http://Website Phonegeek

      Best comment thus far. Ladies an gentlemen give this chap a round of applause. We (t-mobile and sprint customers) are waiting for ours htc so make us proud like you’ve always done!

  • http://Website Fred

    flyer runs android 2.4?

    • http://Website anon

      Yeah, my thoughts exactly.

  • http://Website Michelle

    yeah, iPhone 5 will be better than this HTCrap

    • http://Website Hans

      These HTC phones? Yeah. The legion of dual core phones from other manufacturers? Not a chance.

      • DavidM

        Wow, it seems that you HAVE TO HAVE DUAL CORE OR THE PHONE WILL SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thought process. almost all apps out there aren’t even optimized for dual core yep. sheesh, wait for CITA

        • http://Website Hans

          How could apps be optimized for multiple cores if not enough devices have any to test them out on?

        • http://Website Alan

          Android and all its apps are multithreaded. Even on Froyo. Why do people keep sayign this?
          You see the benefits of dual core right away. It isn’t huge, but it is faster.

    • http://Website Richard

      What Apple needs to do is focus on better hardware instead of trying to bambozel people about there FLOP OF AN ANTENNA GATE that has now invaded verizon models of iphone4… Apple is GARBAGE… IPHONE5 WILL BE GARBAGE..

    • http://Website Michelle

      .yeah, iPhone 5 will be better than this HTCrap

    • http://Website Michelle

      yeah, iPhone 5 will be better than this HTCrap!

  • Scotter

    Ah thanks for pointing out CTIA is coming and the reminder about the HTC Pyramid (available for Summer purchase?). That is not too far off for me to hold on to my Nexus One a bit longer…

  • http://Website st4xor

    First manufacturer to bring a dual-core phone with a physical keyboard to Verizon gets my money.

    HTC knows how to make good keyboards (a la Touch Pro, Touch Pro 2), i’d even take something in the same vein as the G2.

    Somebody give me something already…

  • http://Website heh

    Where is the Merge? Or anything with a decent keyboard/screen.

    Looks like it’s me and you for another 3 month, DInc.

  • http://Website gad

    Honestly am disappointment.It looked like an afterthought from them.
    I was looking forward to a 10.1″ tablet with honecomb.But it never happened.I might have to consider the xoom ,tab 2 or optimus

  • http://Website Kjee

    HTC have lately seemed to be very concentrated on providing updates to their Sense “experience” rather than pushing the technical envelope. Sense is by far the best android phone skin, but that is just what it is, a skin on top of the the real stuff. I think that this positioning is a misstake. The situation where the stock skin is plain boring and featureless and all other skins are horrible (Motoblur, Touchwiz etc) will surely not last for ever and where will that leave HTC?

    The decision to launch a sense-skinned 2.4 single core tablett when everybody else are launching next generation devices is just …strange. Tablets are more like generic devices like computers rather than personalized devices like phones. People are not going to search for the odd one out. In order to compete the manufacturers will have to produce tablets that have the same look and feel as the competition, but are in some ways better. HTC is trying the oposit: launching a slightly inferior tablett with a non-standard interface. I wish them all the best luck but fear that this will be a major failure.

  • http://Website Justin

    Looks like all those Samsung-haters are going to have to eat their words if they want a dual-core phone in the near future……

  • http://Website Sleepthieves

    Well I am as disappointed as anyone else as Id prefer to buy HTC, BUT really in a shitty economy year what does anyone expect. They are trying to sell phones to all the people who dont already have smartphones and younger people who will be getting their first one, thus Facefuck phones. I think people forget the early adopters are one of the smallest concerns of most phone manufacturers, as most people don’t buy the best new phone every 6 monthes. Im probably gonna get voted down out of existence but Im just throwin out the reality check.

    • Nick Gray

      As much as it hurts to say this, I completely agree with you. Everyone here wants a dual-core phone, but most people are still on flip phones or Blackberries. I work with teens through a volunteer program and I can say most of them will ditch their Blackberrier in a heartbeat once they hear about the HTC ChaCha. Facebook is their life and having a phone that does what the ChaCha or the Salsa do will completely change the way they interact with their phones.

      The HTC Flyer is definitely NOT in the same category of the Tab 10.1, XOOM, or Optimus Pad but it does fill the 7-inch void that everyone else seems to be ignoring. Most people who have used the original galaxy Tab agree that 7 inches is the perfect size since it makes the device portable.

      We’ll have to see how this plays out, but since I’m a huge HTC fan I’m hoping for the best.

      P.S. I’m really hoping for some dual-core action at CTIA. We’ll have to wait another month to see HTC’s true next generation devices.

  • http://Website Paul Atreides

    The Flyer has a cool look to it, and I’m sure it will get Honeycomb. The phones shown I could do without. Enter HTC Pyramid and Revolver why don’t you?! I also read that HTC may start to incorporate some cool new features into Sense like a Gaming experience. I’m in no rush for the fact my upgrade isn’t available until the summer, but I’d like to see some more offerings immediately.

  • http://Website Gladiator_posse

    My Flyer Questions…does it have HDMI out? Does it have SDcard support? How much will it cost? When is it available? & Is there a Wifi only version confirmed?

  • http://Website awss

    Calm down people. HTC has more up their sleeves. This is a solid line up of mid range phones, which can only be good for android as a whole. The more people that have access to an android phone, the bigger android gets, which means more devs making apps and more manufacturers making android phones. For the average consumer these phones are plenty powerful and contrary to what others have said about their designs being stale, I love the HTC style and build quality. Only us geeks care about having a top spec’d device. And rest assured HTC will not let us down.

    • keridel

      i completly agree that HTC will bring out some amazing stuff. being the first to do something doesnt make you best at it. and when htc do bring out their 10 inch tablet it will be a work of art..

      i also agree that this is a solid lineup of android phones to put in the market…


      This is the Mobile World Congress.. it is THE place to announce MOBILE devices. and this selection of “mid range phones” is not the right thing to show at the most important event of the year.

      thats just my opinion.

    • http://Website Linus

      Sure hope so because for now the Atrix does look really compelling to me even with a totally locked down bootloader…

  • http://Website joshua

    no hint of an Evo2?
    oh well. you and i had a nice run, Sprint

  • http://Website KAMALA

    Is it me or does the Cha Cha looks just like the legend..

  • http://Website taco

    are people so addicted to facebook that they need a phone dedicated to it? Thats sad in my opinion

  • http://Website Guy Incognito

    I find it amusing that all you HTC owners complaining about them not being cutting edge are threatening to jump over to Samsung, who has proven to be the antithesis of current.

    Good luck with that – the grass is always greener on the other manufacturer.

  • http://Website ablkida

    All I can say is WTF? Pretty boring, but maybe just maybe they will surprise us with some bad ass phone in the fall. I’m not worried because I am not thinking of purchasing a phone right now haha… I’m still hoping they get any quad core chip and put a physical keyboard on it and call it the Iron Giant (maybe it can be a 4.3 inch display thus giant?) Shoot! I think I will just wait for the G3…

  • http://Website Linus

    All I’m asking for is a better resolution (at least qhd) with dense ppi and some other groundbreaking hardware. How hard can it be? The lineup at MWC feels so last year I’m almost crying…

  • http://www.avaqom.com HackNet

    HTC needs to improve their lineup that for sure. I’m not sure what they are planning for the future, but it looks like they’re still busy shipping out EVO’s. Maybe they haven’t read the news about dual-cores and soon to be quad-cores(Q4 2011). Their PR is probably on a vacation using the ever lasting $$$ they are still receiving for the Evo 4Gs.

    Anyways, good luck to all of them. As long as the consumer is happy. Who cares what the manufacturers do. We are the consumers, so if HTC decides to wait too long to throw us a bone, we will move on to another company.

  • http://Website Richard

    It looks so UGLY AND BLAND compared to the shiny iPhone 4…MEH..im waiting for the new superphone iPhone 5 FAGS

  • http://Website sgb

    love the FB button on the chacha and salsa. now when at all night parties it will be easier and quicker to ‘facebook rape’ .

    o more stumbling thoughthe phone for the app.

    on a serious note, sense have friend stream, so the button isnt needed, stupid idea HTC.

    my wife would like it tho.

  • http://Website metzger

    what people don’t seem to understand is that the products presented at the mwc are created mainly for the more or less modest european market. or did any of the manufacturers show any cdma only devices?

  • http://Website tednelson83

    hell, i am still in love with my HTC HD2 especially now that it is running Android 2.2 Froyo.

    i am excited as hell to find out about an HTC tab. i hope T-mo picks it up. i have been waiting to get a tablet until HTC came out with one.

  • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

    I am totally disappointed in HTC.

    Will most likely be jumping ship to Motorola by the end of the year. Evo, you have served me well.

  • http://Website noimnotx

    Wow, the internet is full of crybabies.

    Most of us weren’t even aware of dual-core processors for mobile devices until a couple of months ago, and now it’s like the current buzz word.
    “WTF no dual corez???!! SUCKS!!!!”

    Oh, shut up.

    I love technology and gadgets as much as the next guy and I’m sure I’ll buy a new phone to replace my HTC Desire within a few months, but the whining I see online is ridiculous.

    What we have now is already amazing and the speed in which this industry makes progress is insane.
    Sit back and enjoy the ride instead of constantly going boo-hoo.

    • http://Website CRYBABY


      • http://Website noimnotx

        You’re 13, right?
        Ask your mommy to show you how to release the Caps Lock, ok?
        Or just keep crying with your crybaby friends.

  • Jeffroid

    sorry for asking about this.. but what are the changes from 2.3 to 2.4?

  • Uncemister

    Really, that just looks like a Dash, a bunch of forbidden fruits, and an iTampon to me… I’m starting to lose respect for HTC not because of the lack of dual core (believe me we dont need worse battery life) but because they are all starting to look the same.

    • http://Website ANDYYY

      Dual core processor uses less battery

  • http://Website cristal

    I was expecting better looking phones.. the tablet looks awesome though.

  • http://Website Rogue

    Love the sleek designs, but only one with a real keyboard? no thanks..

  • http://gadgethub.info Latest Gadget Reviews

    great phone by HTC once again. Now with 2.4 update and front facing camera :)

  • http://Website huicebag

    Soooo this is pretty simple. Qualcomm isn’t ready to ship ten million dual core chips today. No dual core qualcomm phone has been announced. The “summer” HP touchpad has been announced.

    Conclusion : summer and fall will have many dual core qualcomm launches. So quit panicking because a phone coming out in April isn’t top of the line.

  • http://Website Omar Crux

    Ahh… was hoping the unveil of the Pyramid would be here. Hopefully it’ll appear at the CTIA event. I really need a new handset…. I have a rooted; get ready for this, G1 running android 2.2 Cyanogen rom. Haha. I really need something new, if the Pyramid isn’t out too soon then I may settle for the Samsung Galaxy S 4G; also interested in the upcoming Android Sidekick 4G Samsung is taking on. But honestly so far the best qwerty keyboard I’ve seen is the G1′s, sidekick’s keyboards are usually nice too so that will be interesting, but I just really want the Pyramid, by the sound of it’s specs sounds awesome.

  • http://htc-desires.dk/ Frank

    Maybe the specs are not the most exiciting to look at, but HTC phones always perform very well overall..