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Inspire 4G up for preorder at Radioshack tomorrow for $99.99

Last week, Amazon leaked that the HTC Inspire 4G on AT&T would launch February 13th for $99.99. Today, we received another tip, this time from Radioshack confirming that the Inspire 4G would indeed be launching on the 13th at the $99.99 price point.

In addition to this news, Radioshack has indicated that the Inspire 4G will be available for preorder tomorrow, February 4th, at all Radioshack locations. The Shack will also be adding a $30 accessory credit in an effort to convince customers to preorder the Inspire 4G from Radioshack instead of other retailers. If you do decide to preorder the Inspire 4G from Radioshack, you will need to shell out $50 for a non-refundable Radioshack gift card, to be applied to the final purchase on the 13th.

It looks like everything we’ve been learning about the launch of the Inspire 4G is coming true. Anyone out there planning to drop by Radioshack tomorrow to preorder the beefy Inspire 4G, or do you have your eyes set on other upcoming AT&T devices?

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  • http://Website Richard

    Yes I have my eyes set on another device….. And it is not on At&t… It is the FLAGSHIP DEVICE FOR SPRINT THE NEW HTC EVO 2 4G ON A TRUE 4G NETWORK… The one that started it all in june 2010.. SPRINT RULES OVER ALL CARRIERS

    • http://Website Jay

      On at&t but want to use a t-mobile phone? No problem, just unlock if necessary and toss your sim card in. On sprint and want to use any other carriers phone? …too bad. On at&t and want to upgrade to a smartphone? No problem, just snag a data plan and you’re good to go. On sprint and want to upgrade to a smartphone? Just grab a data plan, but also make sure you give us an extra ten dollars a month just because. On at&t and want faster data speeds? No problem, your current 3g phone will surf a little faster without you doing anything and any hsdpa+ phone will get 4g speeds wherever there’s a 3g signal. On sprint and want faster data speeds? Buy one of our 4g phones and move to one of the few cities that has wimax. Also make sure to buy a larger battery as wimax consumes more power.

      • http://Website Jay

        My name is Jay I think and dream iphone4.. I am an giant Ass hole of an at&t customer and I don’t care

        • http://Website Jay

          Actually I hate apple’s iphone and own a nexus one. Cdma is pretty much the apple of cell phone tech. Gsm is freedom. My at&t sim is sitting in my t-mobile nexus. If you’re on sprint go ahead and give them a call to try and activate any verizon phone. It absolutely will not happen. If you’re quick enough you can chant “I’m sorry, this is not a sprint branded phone” along with them. Same with verizon. The only exception I’ve found is cricket mobile will at least try to flash and activate your device but they don’t make any promises. But enjoy your cdma based carrier, just don’t expect to do things your way. It’s their way or the highway.

      • http://Website Canterrain

        All of this is just dumb. Until an evo2 gets announced there’s no such thing. Prop up sprint when the facts are there to prop it up.

        Speaking of propping up, pushing ATT like it’s better than Sprint for not having a $10 fee is pretty dumb too. Let’s do a quick comparison.

        3G phone like the optimus on Sprint:
        $79 plus taxes.
        Features: Unlimited cell phone calling to any cell phone (no carrier requirement), unlimited texting, unlimited web, 450 land line minutes (anything that’s not a cell phone), free nights and weekends on said landline minutes starting at 7pm.

        3G phone like the aria on ATT:
        $85 dollars plus taxes
        Features: Unlimited calls only to other att phones (carrier requirement, unlike Sprint), unlimited texting, 2 gigs of web (not limited like Sprint), 450 minutes for anything that’s not an att cell phone, 5000 nights and weekends minutes (not unlimited like sprint), starting at 9pm (two hours later than sprint).

        So you spend more, get less data, and less minutes per month. Sprint just announces the $10 fee, ATT’s fees are less obvious.

        On the other hand, on ATT you are getting a faster network thanks to their technology.

        So that’s what you should compare. Not add on fees, but final costs and final results.

        Sprint = cheaper rates, more minutes and data usage.

        ATT = faster 3G network (if you aren’t bogged down in New York, etc.)

        And THEN you should figure out which has better service where you are. Because if doesn’t matter how much money it would save you, or faster its network can potentially perform if they don’t offer service where you live.

        • http://Website Jay

          Yeah you got me there. There is a limit of data and minutes on at&t while sprint is unlimited. In my defense most people don’t come close to 2 gigs but the thought of unlimited is still pretty sweet. My best friend uses sprint actually and likes the evo he got, he also pulled his girlfriend over from at&t. Considering I have unlimited data through at&t and have used sprint before he wont get me to cross over though. The dude I responded to was being a prick so I thought i’d be a dick right back, if you have sprint and love it then more power to you. Not my cup of tea but different strokes for different folks.

    • http://Website Richard


  • http://Website Joe

    Being required to buy a $50 gift card is gay. If I was buying this phone, I would just go to an actual AT&T store.

    • http://Website Canterrain

      That $50 gift card goes towards the actual purchase of the phone. So you would have spent the 50 dollars no matter what. What’s the difference? It’s essentially reserve ticket.

  • http://Website Drake Paulsen

    JUST SAYING: The Motorola REP for my ATT store said the Atrix 4G launch date might be held for unitll june, for the “iPhone5″.

    We already know its going to sell, it dosent need “healthy competition”.


  • http://Website talkingbird

    I’m really considering this phone, now that the Atrix prices are sky high. I don’t know about picking the inspire up at radio shack, since I may switch over to the Atrix later on. The Inspire looks great for now, but I’m worried about upgrading to it now when dualcore (and more) is on the horizon..

    • http://adomanico01.blogspot.com/ Anthony Domanico

      Especially when it’s the VERY NEAR horizon for dual-core.

    • http://Website Jay

      Yeah I’d skip radioshack as well. You know amazon will offer preorders and tend to ship a tad early. Plus when I was checking out phones at radioshack they were on average $30-$50 above msrp. Before the atrix was announced I was looking at the backflip successor and they had it for $50 more than the official at&t store across the parking lot. Although the instant rebates at radioshack are pretty nice…no filling out forms and waiting for a prepaid card.

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