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Korean news site leaks Samsung Galaxy S 2 image and specs

We still have about a day before Samsung is scheduled to unveil their new devices at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, but that has not stopped a Korean news site from accidentally publishing a news article, revealing an image and detailed specs on the Samsung Galaxy S 2. The image clearly shows a revamped UI with much larger widgets (which look eerily similar to the Live Tiles from Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7) and a front-facing-camera.

As for specs, the Samsung Galaxy S 2 is said to feature a 4.3 inch display, 1 GHz dual-core processor, HSPA+, 802.11 a/b/g/n WiFi, Bluetooth 3.0, and will be powered by Android 2.3. The Samsung Galaxy S 2 will be slightly lighter than the original, weighing in at 116 grams and may also be the worlds thinnest handset at 8.49mm thick.

The news article also confirms the 10.1 inch Galaxy Tab followup which we reported on yesterday. The Honeycomb tablet will have a 1GHz dual-core processor, surround sound speakers, and an 8 megapixel camera capable of recording video in full HD.

Many of you are still disappointed with how slow Samsung has been rolling out Android updates to the original Galaxy S, but that hasn’t had any apparent effect of Samsung’s sales numbers and the popularity of the Galaxy S line. Let’s hope this time around Samsung has a much better plan in place to deliver timely updates to their customers.

Bonus video: Samsung just uploaded another Galaxy S II teaser.

Via: Samsung Hub

Source: MovePlayer

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    Iphone 5?

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      yea, im buying the iPhone 5!

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      HAse wrote

      “Iphone 5?”

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      its iPhone 5 ,not Iphone 5

      • http://Website proud iPhone owner

        its iPhone 5 ,,not Iphone 5

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      Iphone 5?

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      IPHONE 5



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      why do you fail in life?


    What happened to 1.2 dual?hmmm and only 2.3? ill skip this since it probably wont even get 3.0 for a year

    • http://pryvateid.tumblr.com Dave

      I swear Android 3.0 is only for tabelts & the next Smartphone Android update OS is 2.4 Ice Cream Sandwich If I’m not mistaken

    • http://Website Dev1359

      Android 3.0 is for tablets only, we won’t be seeing it on smartphones unless someone makes a ROM for it…in regards to updates though I agree, people who buy this phone probably won’t get an Android 2.4 update from Samsung until Android 2.5 is released -_-

      • http://www.toysdiva.com PixelSlave

        Yea, you will get an update from Samsung by … buying a new Samsung phone.

        • http://lettersfromdave.wordpress.com daveloft

          Just buy the Canadian version. All the Galaxy S devices in Canada got updated.

    • BiGMERF

      My bad fellas , that is what i meant.. I will be waiting for a Nexus variant of a dual core. For now my Nexus S is fine, all i really wish i had is 4g capability

    • http://Website Hans

      Hm, no other phones currently have 2.3 aside from Nexus S(officially). So a phone launching with it is awesome.

    • http://Website BiGMERF

      What happened to 1.2 dual?hmmm and only 2.3? ill skip this since it probably wont even get 3.0 for a year nubs

  • http://Website Jampac

    Anything Samsung is a no go for me although the specs do sound great as usual. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice….. well you guys know the rest lol.

    • http://www.toysdiva.com PixelSlave

      At this point, I will only consider a HTC phone. Not because they are among the best when it comes up updating their phone (I don’t trust HTC neither), but because their phones are easiest to root and load a custom ROM on. Just go to CM and see the list of HTC phones receiving official CM port.

  • http://Website itrustme

    Looks like a promising phone, hardware at least. Had a vibrant sold it for the nexus s. Ill wait till they make a Nexus version

  • AceoStar

    “Many of you are still disappointed with how slow Samsung has been rolling out Android updates to the original Galaxy S, but that hasn’t had any apparent effect of Samsung’s sales numbers and the popularity of the Galaxy S line. ”

    This is the exact reason I want to stay away from Samsung phones at the moment. They have sold a massive amount of these phones despite the outcry over updates. I can’t imagine they would do it any differently next time around when they’ll expect to have a repeat. They’ll consider the timeliness of updates a low priority issue until they feel it in their sales.

    • http://Website Jampac

      I have a feeling that everytime a new Samsung product comes out all of the blog sites we love and trust will be repeating that exact same quote.

    • http://Website Kj Keren

      I am not disappointed in their slow version updates. I really do not care. I am sure that the majority of their customers could not care less if they are running 2.1 2.2 or whatever.
      I am however very disappointed that they deliver products that contain a huge number of problems, deny that the problems exist and then let the fixes trickle out during a long timespan. My Galaxy S had major issues that did not get resolved until the very latest update. That is a full 8 months after release…

  • http://moredroid.blogspot.com z6

    Very nice specs. What the Nexus S should have been in my opinion.

    I doubt there is a big difference between a 1ghz and 1.2ghz dual core for quite some time. Android isn’t even optimizing dual cores at this point. Touchwiz, as always is a downer, but thankfully there is an active XDA community to dampen this otherwise major negative.

  • http://Website kc

    I wonder if they will do the same thing they did with the original galaxy s and deliver a slightly tweaked version to each US carrier.

    • http://Website UniqueNate

      I’m sure they will. I hope sprints is sexy like this and loses the home button in the middle and keep all touch buttons. I wint mind it if the lost the keyboard either.

  • http://Website myinkedspace

    Touch wiz isn’t that bad.. I like it and I mean didn’t we learn that its not Samsung that its the carriers who aren’t dropping the update in time… I love my vibrant even more so now… but still what has come out better since evo? Droid x? Droid 2? Those are mid range phones they can’t Handel what the galaxy s line can.. and when the gs2 drops I bet it’ll be top of the line… and yeah they are slow on up dates how many phones are past 2.2? I do have to say the production of all phones is going to fast they should slow down and let us enjoy what we have for atleast a year.. its becoming disposable I mean I mean the nexus is a year old and it’s already outdated?

    • http://Website UniqueNate

      That’s what I’ve been trying to tell them. Samsung is on the road to success and disregarding what carriers make of them. Their making top of the line devices and moving forward. I wish carriers would admit it and Samsung that it’s not their fault. people are blind and looking at the past. It’s the carriers now. Their is no bloatware on the original galaxy s so Samsung could simply push that out as if it was a nexus. Look past the bandwagon of hate and know it’s deeper then that. As nerds and people who no much more then the average customer I would think we would know this.

  • http://Website UniqueNate

    I know people are going to complain about updates, but what phone do you know that is out now has an official update from their carrier or google that is 2.3 right now. And somebody posted saying “only 2.3.”. Lol! What the hell! What other firmware did google let out. What expectations were you looking for!?

    Samsung makes top of the list specs. What are you going to say to that, yea, but bottom of the list updates. So old. Welcome new devices. I mean the thunderbolt is getting more love and that’s nothing we haven’t seen. That should of came with 2.3. The damn Nexus One doesn’t even have it. Root and yea you will. I want an official. Plastic talk is old. The Infuse is pretty much this & that had a soft touch back. I hope Sprint loses the big home button like the Infuse did for AT&t. I want this phone. No matter what phone you get you will be waiting a while. Thanks to fragmentation. Get over it. You chose to use Android. So select a device that’s worth the wait of an update & if it’s not for you move on. You boil your own water by crying & then complain. Smh. I personally think the carriers are the biggest thing to blame for updates. Every galaxy phone is pretty much the same inside and out. So why is the native one updated? It’s just carrier bloat that is the difference and little tweaks such as the lock screen and customizable dock. Simple things like that I doubt are the hold up. Samsung had been finished. It’s time for the carriers to finish. How else do you think we have leaked updates. It’s from the carriers. Not Samsung. Samsung is done and moving on to bigger and better things. Not going to let some lack of update from a carrier hold them down.

    Every device looks like something else. HTC devices are looking all the same. Moto is running out of creative ideas. Get over it. If it has awesome fluid performance & meets your needs as a phone then get it. I hope when US carriers get this Sprint will lose the keyboard on the Epic 2. It won’t bother me much. Otherwise they’ll be the first with a 4.3 slider. They’ll hype that like the first dual screen lol. First is important in this mobile game huh lol.

  • http://Website Matthias

    I can’t believe the hype and succesd around this phone. We have a Galaxy S at work, and from the dozens Android phones I’ve used, the Galaxy S is the worst. It is riddled with bugs in its core functionality, so bad that we keep joking about my colleague who’s using it atm getting phone calls at all, because it crashes half the time you pick up a call. Sometimes it just keeps ringing even tho you’re already speaking. Don’t even get me started about its ridiculous user interface, which is so blatantly stolen from the iPhone, that we actually had people wondering whether it’s a new apple device. Its plastic case feels cheap and underlines its overall rubbishness.

    As a long time nexus one user, I can only say: Hands off,

    • http://Website Matthias

      Correction: actually the worst Android phone I’ve used is the Galaxy, not the the Galaxy S. If you add poor performance and a cheap display to the bugginess of the Galaxy S, then you get the Galaxy. Just horrible.

    • DavidM

      so true, my G S has gotten buggier these last few weeks

  • http://Website Leave a dump

    LOL Samsung, the evil liar

  • http://lettersfromdave.wordpress.com daveloft

    It hasn’t affected sales numbers because Samsung sells the Galaxy S worldwide and the lack of updates is a US issue. In Canada Samsung is the best at updating their hardware.

  • http://Website Kolro

    SGS 2?

    It’s not enough good for 2011…(look at LG and their Optimus 3d and x2

    But i must say that they have way better comercials than LG XD(comm with girl and yoga =Fail)

    • http://Website UniqueNate

      Not good enough. ? What does is it missing or not have to compete with the 2x? Please tell me.

  • http://Website Snake

    Feels cheap, but they making money!gs2 as well lol.somebody on this post is going to get this phone. So please stop hating

  • http://Website hinds

    All the complaints for updates is of the American carrier variety. Every where else in the world that matters has had the update for months now. You would think that smart people would realize that sprint, Verizon, at&t and T-Mobile is to blame. If you lived outside the states you would have had froyo on your galaxy s.my point is live in Europe and see the difference if you can if you can’t be happy that you can afford a galaxy s phone.

    • http://Website UniqueNate

      Surprisingly the people that comment are to blind to see that. The manufacturer doesn’t make the OS with our carrier bloat on it. They make the native OS. It’s the carriers. People are talking about what they don’t now and probably never experienced. I wish the people who post these articles would say something about it, because they’re adding on to the bandwagon of hate. People follow these articles and taking it in all wrong. I live in the US and know the real issue (carriers). They don’t realize the no other phone has 2.3 even. smh. Samsung is doing just fine and they know that.

      • http://Website hinds

        I think they just love to whine about what they don’t know. I’ve been to the states and the bloatware on the phones there is ridiculous.

        • http://Website UniqueNate

          If they didn’t have the bloatware, the manufacturers could easily send out timely updates regardless of custom interfaces. Carriers just need to sell them. It’s a lot of extra for nothing.

      • http://Website AceoStar

        I guess I’ve always assumed incorrectly that even though certain carriers slow the process down, that its still mostly been the fault of the manufacture for not getting these releases out. Most blogs seem to perpetuate this as well. I also had no idea how much better the Galaxy S updates had been in other parts of the world. I agree that an article specifically addressing the root cause would be nice. If the manufactures were up front and told everyone that the carriers were to blame, instead of letting themselves take the brunt of the negative publicity, the carriers would be encouraged to handle these things better.

    • BiGMERF

      Tmo took care of there Galaxy S phone. Vibrant has froyo. Surprisingly

  • Cyberdan3

    Is it possible that the “home” button could also be an optical trackpad??

  • http://Website Sarah89

    really uggly, i think my brilliant iPhone 3G is much better!!!

    • http://Website Sarah89

      really uggly, i think my brilliant iPhone 3G is much better!!!!

  • http://Website Korean socialist

    Samsuck Gaylaxy Azz Too

  • qcom

    Release date anyone??

  • http://Website General Eisenhower

    Lets wait for the new star phone iPhone 5 from Apple.
    It will blow this asian ricejunk phone out of the water!!!

    • http://Website General Eisenhower

      Lets wait for the new star phone iPhone 5 from Apple.
      It will blow this asian ricejunk phone out of the water!!!

  • http://Website Ali Ahmed Ben Mohammed ibn Samiri

    im not interested in this shoddy shitfone!

  • http://Website UniqueNate

    What time does this event go down tomorrow? Easter time please.

  • http://Website USS Arizona

    I refuse to buy korean republic goods, also japanese goods! Remember pearl in 41? eh? Still the same people. You cannot trust em…

    • BiGMERF

      you ever believe in forgiving? in change? we dont trade with Communist north korea. By the way good luck finding an electronic that doesnt have a component from Communist China or now long time democratic Japan

    • http://Website â—„

      <I refuse to buy korean republic goods, also japanese goods! Remember pearl in 41? eh? Still the same people. You cannot trust em…<

      Well said bro

      • http://Website jojo

        i refuse to buy american goods… remember hiroshima and nagasaki ’45?, eh?, they’re still the same people… it works both ways dude!!

  • http://Website Ragflan

    Wow, Galaxy S has a really bad name in the US I think. I’ve had Froyo for at least 4 months now. The International Galaxy S has timely updates and I also saw someone saying that HTC is the easiest to root and load custom ROMs? Hardly. If you’ve used the i9000, it’s one of the easiest phones to root and one of the hardest phones to brick. HTC phones are all NAND locked and such of late. Motorola phones have encrypted bootloaders. Nexus S was released with last year’s tech.

    Samsung may suck in the US but it’s been awesome to international users. If the US users are on GSM networks, I recommend you import your Galaxy S from UK. You’ll get much quicker updates.

  • http://Website Noctx

    it’s amazing how many people here are trolling on a phone which isn’t even out…
    and to those complaining about Samsung not bringing Froyo fast enough still, just stop. Let’s look forward to the announcement and anticipate another awesome android handset.

  • http://Website Ragflan

    People always say cheap plastic about Galaxy S. HTC has great outer body but compare everything not just the battery cover.

    Super AMOLED vs LCDs.
    Gorilla Glass vs standard ones on HTC phones.
    1500mah vs 1250-1400mah on HTC phones.
    Hummingbird vs Snapdragon.
    Compare the cameras (not megapixels but the photos and videos taken).

    To all Android users, Nexus One is the best device since it had timely updates, it was the fastest phone when released, and had HTC designing the body.

    Why, then, would Google who made Android choose Samsung over HTC? Don’t just say cheap plastic. The core of Galaxy S is way stronger than anything HTC has put out thus far.

    And trust iPhone users to have the time and nothing else to do than to come and troll on an Android site.

  • http://Website Ragflan

    I love AndroidandMe but the community is quickly becoming the same as Engadget. Filled with trolls and pseudo experts that discuss the failure of a yet-to-launch product.

    • http://Website UniqueNate

      I agree. This is my fav site to come to for info and I love the way articles are posted. I think Taylor should shed some educated light on these guys. The world goes with the crowd without ever knowing first.

      Anyways what time is this all going down tomorrow. I’m excited.

  • Chris

    I will say…those guys aren’t very good at marching in unison.

  • http://Website Kye

    Really disappointed it only has 512MB of ram and wvga screen. This is not competing with next crop of superphones.

    Its either atrix or pyramid at this point. Htc better bloody sort their battery size out. I want 1900mah +.

  • SteveStalker

    in the specs that were recently released (if they are real) it is said that the SGS 2 will have a qualcome 1ghz dual-core processors and it’s GPU :Adreno 205 Now if you google it you will see that this gpu is slightly weaker than the SGS PowerVR SGX540 which is in current galaxy s line im not a SGS hate i love it but part of it it’s because of the great team of developers from XDA which made this phone what it should be if it weren’t for them this phone would be dead a long time ago hope im wrong cause if not il stick to my current phone for some time

  • http://Website Johnny Weir

    Ugly big button in middle? Why would anyone want that? The 4 standard buttons are fine, why change it? No find button? Well, it’s useless. Guess I’ll get the LG.

    • http://Website Presto117

      Um… The original Galaxy S had the ugly big button in the middle. Only the US (and some canadian) versions had all four buttons. They’re not changing anything. Also, it’s called the “search” button.

  • Jeffroid

    Form factor that look eerily similar to that of iPhone 4
    Widgets which look eerily similar to the Live Tiles from Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7
    Operating system which look eerily similar to Android…

    oh wait… sorry about that.

  • http://Website Vibrant 2.2

    Hmm… these specs won’t coincide with the US versions.. Expect US carriers to strip away FFC or camera flash so that they can add pointless games and movies on the phone. FAIL!!!!!!

  • http://Website 12

    I refuse to buy korean republic goods, also japanese goods! Remember pearl in 41? eh? Still the same people. You cannot trust em…