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Motorola Xoom pricing gets official at $799 for 3G/4G and $600 for WiFi-only

We’ve been subjected to a real roller coaster ride with the Motorola Xoom’s pricing, but today Sanjay Jha has finally taken pity and allowed us to get off.

The $799 price which was the most consistent rumor for the 3G/4G Xoom was confirmed as the true unsubsidized price. This leaves the Xoom selling at a $70 premium to the comparable iPad (ignoring activation and other fees), but whether even the upcoming iPad 2 manages to match the Xoom spec for spec remains to be seen.

The surprise and I’m sure welcome news to all was the revelation that the WiFi-only Xoom will be coming in at $600. This matches the iPad pricing exactly and of course comes without the need for any sort of bizarre activation and/or WiFi unlocking purchase. In sad panda news we didn’t get a date out of Jha for when the WiFi-only model will be available, but hopefully just yanking that radio out of there won’t take too long.

I find the discrepancy in price between the two versions somewhat baffling as I can’t believe the actual difference in production costs is more than $50. On the plus side this leaves open the possibility for a pretty rapid discounting of the Xoom on Verizon.

I think we have all sounded off sufficiently on our feelings regarding the $799 price for the 3G/4G version, but can you find room in your budget for a $600 WiFi version?

Via: Engadget

Source: Reuters

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  • http://Website borderline.offensive

    I’m definitely ‘getting off’ to that $600 price point…

    • http://Website Tiffany88

      i agree, the iPad is so much better

      • Drew

        Sorry, I’d like for my tablets to be more than oversized phones minus the ability to make calls.

    • http://Website Tiffany88

      i agree, the iPad is so much better.

    • http://Website Tiffany88

      i agree, the iPad is so much better…

  • http://Website Andy

    There’s no way I pay even $600 for a tablet when I can get a very good laptop with a 2ghz dual core processor for $600.

    • http://Website Eric

      With that logic, you shouldn’t buy the laptop either, since you can get a good quadcore desktop for that price. At this point, you might even squeeze a hexacore. Different market segments. You can’t use a laptop everywhere you can a tablet. Of course, if you don’t find yourself in situations where a laptop isn’t feasible, or don’t have a problem with a small phone screen, a tablet may not be for you.

      • http://Website joe

        Thanks for this reply, its dead on. I’m getting sick of people saying “but i can get a laptop for that!!” … two totally different products with different aims.

    • http://www.toysdiva.com PixelSlave

      $600 is actually a relief to me. Although, I will definitely be waiting for a month or two before I open up my wallet. There’s no way the price won’t be cut in a relatively short amount of time because the competition is so fierce.

    • http://Website Vitali Banana

      <There’s no way I pay even $600 for a tablet when I can get a very good laptop with a 2ghz dual core processor for $600.

      so true!

      • http://Website sgb

        i wish it was only $600 when it gets to UK

      • http://Website Nick

        I think it’s really gay that both you and Andy are getting voted down, and I fully agree with both of you.

        I can’t see a tablet replacing a laptop until both the software and the hardware improve. I think it will be at least one more year until the software and apps for tablets are just as good as the software available for laptops and it will probably be 2 years or more until the hardware is just as good as a laptop.

        For example, laptops have iMovie/wmm, PowerPoint, the ability to root android phones, regular sized USB ports, 2ghz dual core processors, along with other stuff that tablets also don’t have.

        Plus, there’s nothing that I can do a tablet that I can’t do on an Android smartphone, besides the screen size.

        • http://Website Presto117

          I’m not sure how many times has to be said, but I’m just going to reiterate what you and a few other people seem to not understand: A laptop is practically in a completely different league than a laptop. I own a MacBook Pro and an iPad (Don’t worry, I’ll be getting the Xoom the very second the Wifi version launches!!!) and I use them very differently. My MBP is obviously for anything that I would consider “heavy duty”, like using Eclipse, or Final Cut Pro, or managing files, but I use my iPad to read my books from Kindle (Nothing like reading the same book between my tablet and my Galaxy S), read comic books, draw, browse the internet, take notes in class, play casual games to pass the time, and I buy my textbooks on it. I’m a student, so not having to carry around something that will strain my back is always welcome. Not to mention a tablet takes up a lot less space than a laptop. I use my iPad for my math textbook, which I got through Course Smart, and a couple other students in my class did the same thing, but they’re using their laptops. Their laptops take up the entire desk, and they’re trying their hardest to write in their notebooks on their lap. Not to mention they have to scroll up and down to see one full page. With my tablet, I just put it on my desk, and it takes up even less space than a regular textbook, so I can actually write on my desk like a normal person. Not to mention I can see the whole page without scrolling up and down. They are two different types of devices that both serve different purposes.

          Again, like I said, sorry for bringing up the iPad, it’s just what I have for now. Please forgive me. It’ll be out of my hands as soon as the wifi Xoom comes along.

          • http://Website cdpriest

            +1 That is exactly how I feel, I’m also a student.

    • http://Website Andy

      There’s no way I pay even $600 for a tablet when I can get a very good laptop with a 2ghz dual core processor for $600.

    • http://Website 4G or Not To 4G

      once again, another comment that the owner does not agree with gets hidden???Just don’t understand this, the follow up comment from Eric was a very good reply.

      I want to say I am a big Android Fanboy and one might say that I hate Apple and what it stands for, but I like to think I still have somewhat of an open mind. With that said, I am deleting this blog out of my computer and going to stop coming to it and the closed minded censorship it provides. This is one of the things I don’t like about Apple, everybody got to wear the white hoodies???

  • Nathan

    for $600 i’m good. as you said, same price as the ipad, but better specs, and android.

    now granted, the iPad 2 will be announced in a couple months and probably hurt the xoom a bit, but still at $600 i think it’s good.

    assuming it comes out next week, i’m incredibly tempted to pick it up. i could drop it down to $400 with reward zone points at best buy and then get the free buy back guaranteeing me $300 if i give it back to best buy within 6 months. and i could probably sell it for $400 by the fall making all my money back if i so wanted.

    Reasoning, well, the kalel chips are amazing. but I kinda see it like computers. any desktop computer can run basically any application you throw at it, except gaming.

    kalel will bring some boosted battery life, more performance, and better gaming, but part of me thinks that the tegra 2 will be good for at least this entire year.

    And i’m honestly hoping that google will release a nexus tablet device for ice cream sandwhich. so with that, i’m considering the wi-fi xoom.

  • http://Website Keith

    Yeah, the $600 WiFi version is getting me off as well. I am ready.

  • http://Website Eric

    Hey look, they aren’t total idiots. XOOM is back to being the top of my android tablet list. I can see shelling $600 for a XOOM, then selling it before christmas for some quad core action :p

  • http://Website Migoy Velez

    Yes, I can start to feel comfortable with the Wi-Fi option; providing that this is just a starting point. It seems reasonable to me that as the month’s progress, Verizon will lower the price of it and if it gets anywhere near the $400-$500 range, I’m on it like a shot. Meanwhile, it’s pretty much as I had envisioned all along. Reality is beginning to creep in a bit. We’ll wait though and see what other developments come around the bend.

  • Nate B.

    Sounds a lot better now

  • http://Website anon

    $600 works for me. Don’t understand $200 for 3/4g but I’m not interested anyway.

  • keridel

    Any news on a uk price?

  • http://Website EvilR3

    2 words – Locked Wifi.

    2 more words, bugger off!

    • http://www.twitter.com/DrJeckyl Dr.Jeckyl

      2 more words – READ MORE

      • http://Website Fanb0i

        Yea this is garbage. dont listen to the fanboise (french for loser) matey

    • http://Website EvilR3

      2 words — Locked Wifi.

      2 more words, bugger off!!

  • http://Website slbailey1

    Back in Oct, I budgeted $800 for a tablet and I worked overtime to save the money. I just wish that the Xoom was a 7″ tablet. Maybe the second half of the year Motorola will release a 7″ version of the Xoom. I want a 7″ Google Experience tablet with Android 3.0, dual core processor, at least 16gb of storage, weighting less than 1lb running on the Verizon 3g/LTE network.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Seriously? You may just be asking wayyy too much especially the Under 1LBs thing lol. I agree though that for me 10inches is too big…. that’s why theres the G-Slate which is 8.9inches.

  • http://www.google.com/profiles/anakin78z anakin78z

    Any idea if the wi-fi only version will have gps in it? I’m pretty sure the wi-fi only iPad does not, right?

    • http://Website Jack

      If you have a android smartphone it would be a non issue if it didn’t. Your able to download an app that lets you use your phone as a gps module. My g tablets able to do this pretty easily

    • http://www.technogasms.com Sean Riley

      I’m assuming the GPS will be dropped as with the WiFiPad, but until we see an official spec sheet for the WiFi Xoom I wouldn’t state that with certainty.

      • http://Website geezagame

        Dunno about you guys but I wouldn’t want a 10 inch device sticking to my wind screen, that would create a helluva blind spot. I realise that cars in US are generally bigger than cars in EU but I can’t see why anyone would want a 10 inch satnav. If I’m missing a trick here please let me know.

        • http://Website joe

          I will require it have GPS and it won’t be going on my windshield. I.e. driving navigation is not the ONLY use for GPS. I use the GPS function often in my EVO but rarely is it for driving navigation.

  • http://Website Jim

    Sorry, it must be cheaper than the iPad.. price maching won’t do it.

    iPad wins every time.

    • keridel

      why on earth would they make a device that beats the ipad in EVERY possible measure and benchmark be cheaper?

      that makes no sense.

      a price match is spot on.

      • http://Website Keith

        Exactly… if you are only looking at price then I have some things to sell you. The specs on Xoom blow away the ipad and at the same price point for the highest end ipad. Front and rear cameras, expandable memory up to 32GB, HDMI out, etc. Things that the iPad does not have. That makes the $600 Zoom WiFi version very competitively priced.

        • http://Website Alakar

          It’s not competitively priced because Motorola is trying to break into an already established market.

          While a techie will look at the specs and see that the Xoom is way more powerful then the iPad, your average user won’t. They will see all the shiny iPad commercials, the myriad of accessories available for the iPad, etc. and go “for the same price, why wouldn’t I get and iPad, instead of this other thing”.

          Motorola should be undercutting the iPad by $50 to $100, at least until they get some momentum in the tablet market.

      • http://Website confuci0us

        Lets see… No DRM support for movies, thats worth about tree hundo. this thing will be a flop unless they price it around 4-500.

        • http://Website NotRelevent

          This why man invented methods for removing DRM. Duh.

    • http://www.google.com/profiles/anakin78z anakin78z

      Sort of like the iPhone won every time?

    • http://Website Jim

      Sorry, it must be cheaper than the iPad.. price maching won’t do it.

      iPad wins every time..

    • http://Website Jim

      Sorry, it must be cheaper than the iPad.. price maching won’t do it.

      iPad wins every time…

  • bluemarc22

    Im jumping on the $600 for sure

  • http://Website markcredsys

    I think the $600 (probably £600 in UK) represents fair value, although there is such a rash of new tablets and this isn’t going to be the only ‘Google Experience’ slab on the block that I will see what happens when LG, Samsung and others release their ‘fondleslabs’.

    A little competition may even help that poor UK price conversion…I hope.

  • keridel

    at £400 i’m all on board for it.

    i only want wi-fi cause i can tether :)

  • http://Website spidey81

    One thing keeping me from getting an android tablet…no Netflix. Until then I’ll wait.

    • http://Website Hans

      From what I’ve read, it seems like Netflix is siding with Qualcomm and is allowing devices powered by Qualcomm exclusivity to the Netflix app. Hopefully it’s temporary.

  • http://Website Mike Wong

    The biggest question is “When will the WiFi version be coming out?” If we wait two or three months after the release of Xoom, we can expect the price to drop when other tablets come out. I’m waiting for the WiFi version to drop to $500.

  • http://Website Stella

    The $600 wifi-only price tag with these specs is an awesome deal! Now, I just need a spec comparison with LG, Samsung and the other android tablets to make my final decision.

  • http://Website Maximus

    At launch the Xoom was at the Top of My list for my first Android tablet, then Samsung came with the Tab 10.1

    Spec wise they were both Similar and it would come down to Carrier not so much price

    the past few days i have been leaning towards the Xoom because of its HDMI support

    Im a little confused because as a long time TMobile customer these rumblings about Verizon charging to unlock the Wifi have my eyebrows raised

    Im assuming that this is on the 3g/4g Model Correct? if anyone can Clarify this for me thnx in advance

    I was planning on buying the 3g/4g model although i hope i dont have to be locked into a 2 year contract with Verizon and i can just opt for one of their 50-80$ dat Plans for tablets on their Site.

    • http://www.technogasms.com Sean Riley

      The WiFi unlock was absolutely related to the 3G/4G version of the Xoom, there is no reason to believe there would be any such requirement with the WiFi-only version.

  • qcom

    This just fucking amazing.

    With my Atrix and Xoom…

    I will be unstoppable.

    • http://Website Mark

      Until the Atrix 2 and Xoom 2 are released and then you’re left looking like a fool for the capitalist overlords….

      • qcom

        Lawl, so true!

        Except, by then it’ll be time for an upgrade!

  • http://Endgadget Gary d

    Was wondering if anyone knows if zoom can be used as a wifi hotspot? I would like to connect laptop thru zoom via wirelessly? Can this be done? I am assuming because the galaxy tab thru verizon can…

    • http://www.technogasms.com Sean Riley

      Verizon seems to have loosened the reigns on the WiFi hotspot feature of late and considering the target market for this device it would be very surprising if it did not include hotspot, but you can expect to pay an extra $20 for it unless you are rooting.

  • http://Website Matthew

    $600 is insane for a wi-fi only tablet – you can get the Viewsonic G-Tablet for $350-400 today at Sears or Office Depot housing the same Tegra 2 chip we all know and love. Obviously it doesn’t have Honeycomb yet, and its built in UI sucks so it needs rooting, but otherwise it’s a great wi-fi tablet at a great price you can have in your hands NOW!


  • http://Website Motoflopa Boom

    Too expansive for this shitablet!!!!

  • http://Website Mark

    Very funny. $600 for a tablet? They must think we shit money…

    • http://Website Cam

      The Xoom is probably going to sell out, so I guess by your definition, people do “Shit money”. I personally am going to spend the $799 in a XOOM and not really be concerned. I generally feel once the money is out of the bank account you don’t think about it, all you are left with is a awesome gadget!

      People can complain about price all they want, but $600/$799 for what you get in the Xoom is not bad at all IMHO.

  • http://Website Paul Atreides

    It’s good the higher price wasn’t real. I still won’t early adopt with so many options down the pipe. I’ll give it until May before I decide which one I’ll buy. I’m more open to it now that I see things like the Google Movie Maker and other cool tablet based apps coming to light.

  • http://Website markcredsys

    Car phone warehouse in the UK will have this on sale in April- Exclusively. http://www.reghardware.com/2011/02/17/motorola_xoom_carphone_warehouse/

    C’mon Samsung, shout out now with a better price and tempt us.

    • http://Website markcredsys

      Seems like pc world and curries will carry the wifi only version in the UK. Good news, for those that tether. :-)

  • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

    Kinda new to this site, got an account awhile back but now going to actively comment since Gizmodo sucks balls now.

    Glad to see this price point, I really would like built-in 3G/4G/LTE, but I could always tether from my EVO to a wi-fi only Xoom… mmmm delicious.

    • http://Website Lactose_The_Intolerant

      ca.gizmodo.com still has the original format that we know and love… not that abomination of a new format.

  • http://Website Ramshambo

    Going to pre-Order the wifi version as soon as it’s available.

  • http://Website Moto Duck my Sick

    -skips this bullcrap and waits for new iPad-

  • http://Website jd

    $600 is tempting, but a touch high for me. $499 I would have bought it immediately…

  • http://www.topandroidapps.co.uk Top Android Apps

    Definately wont be buying this new as i can see the prices dropping very quickly after a few months.

    Once it gets a bit cheaper i will consider this though, it looks nice.. but not quite worth that price.

  • http://Website heydyhiydyho

    So the 600 dollar version doesn’t seem to exist……. Also you pay more although it lacks Flash, something that even the ipad has through app browsers. Fail, next!

  • http://Website android1!1

    No dual core optimization makes the dual core useless. No flash. No video content on this thing then? Why is it more expensive than other tablet that can do much more for almost half the price???

  • http://Website Droid

    Vote for Android in LinkedIn poll – iPhone is leading at the moment: http://linkd.in/ePYJ59

  • http://Website shivam

    all of your oppinons SUCK
    I mean SUCK

  • http://Website shivam

    I am a comuter nerd now don’t correct me. The motorola xoom rules trust me i have it . It is sure way better than a ipad,ipad2,and laptops.

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    To make your phone easy customizable, there are some of the android features that you must add in your mobile phone. With the use of rights android apps and widgets, you can use your own aspect of user interface very customizable. So here are some of the best android apps that are must to have in your phone

  • http://www.darkjedi.org droidXuser

    i dont like the ipad because ipad (apple) does not go with droid, and im planning on getting xoom because it goes along with the droid, and also xoom should be claimed by droid users only cause its just not right to own a apple product but not an andriod product along with a apple or android prduct{ my grammer sucks}