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Motorola Xoom’s full Super Bowl ad

In case you missed it during the big game you can watch the full Motorola Xoom ad below.

You all seemed to agree after the preview that you would like to see more real usage in the last 45 seconds and at least in my mind Motorola failed to deliver that. Don’t get me wrong the Xoom looks good in the commercial, but I think they needed to show people how they would use it in reality, not in the bizarre dystopian future.

The ad was seemingly designed to appeal to those that dislike Apple’s stranglehold on the tablet market and also those that are aware of Apple’s 1984 Super Bowl ad. Those seem like categories that are already likely to favor the Xoom or at least already have a strong opinion either for or against Apple and the iPad. The Super Bowl was the time to appeal to the common consumer and I just don’t see how this ad managed that.

What did you think of the ad and what if anything do you think Motorola could have done better?

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  • http://Website sphericalpuma

    Xoom 799.99 February 24th. Mandatory one month of service with Verizon according to best buy ad http://j.mp/hjCBnb

    • http://Website alexsir

      I was ok with 800 but one month of data required??? Why??

      • http://www.technogasms.com Sean Riley

        The policy with the Galaxy Tab at Best Buy is the same, but I’m not sure of the reason for the requirement.

        • http://Website alexsir

          I hope I can buy this from Amazon then. Keep killing urself bestbuy…

          • http://Website DroidCLH

            Yeah I’m sure their bleeding all over their massive pile of money

          • http://Website Joe

            Best buy sucks and I won’t buy a phone/tablet from them. I prefer to buy my phones at T-mobile store and my accessories/laptops at Amazon.

          • http://Website Craig

            No you can’t buy it from Amazon. Best Buy is a Verizon reseller, which is the only reason they have it. You’re technically buying from Verizon even if you grab it at Best Buy which is why they force the one month data on you.

            See Verizon exclusive…. duh

      • http://Website James

        To get you hooked on a subscription service so they can make money off of you. They’re probably breaking even on the cost of the tablet.

        Notice, no one is offering a WiFi only Android tablet? Just 3G with contracts and/or services.

        BTW… if you’re going to reply please cite a shipping tablet, not a “coming soon”. Samsung, still has not shipped a WiFi only version. Wonder why?

        Clue – cost. Apple bought 60% of all touch LCD displays worldwide to produce 40 million iPads this year. Leaving everyone else to fight over what’s left, which drives the prices higher due to supply constrains. Plus, Apple’s supply will not be hindered since they secured their orders with 18 billion in cash.

  • http://Website Mark

    LOL. My mom was like “What the hell is this? Motorola make iPads now??” Despite my futile attempts at trying to explain that it was the first Google attempt at a tablet, she promptly went back to seasoning her bbq wings…

    • http://Website BeN

      Because of people like your mom Apple is so successful !!!!

      • http://Website James

        Nice excuse for Motorola’s failure to communicate. If you can’t communicate your product, then you probably don’t understand your customer either. Clearly they don’t

        It’s easy to imply that her Mom’s ignorance is the reason for Apple’s success but lets face it, no one, absolutely no one was successful in the tablet market until Apple.

        Before Apple the entire industry sold less than 1 million tablets a year, all of which were pen driven Windows tablets. In 8 months Apple sold 14 times as many tablets and is projected to sell 40 million this year.

        Why? Simply a better concept of what a tablet should be. Need proof, just look at the 100′s of copycat tablets and app stores modeled after the iPad. What’s really better about the motorola tablet? Nothing. Nothing that won’t be in the next version of the iPad. Anyone can buy parts and assemble a product, but what really counts in the concept, a concept which Google copied from Apple.

  • http://Website Eric

    For us nerds, this was an awesome commercial. Sadly, the people watching the super bowl probably didn’t get it. They needed to be more clear for the masses.

  • Kingsigel

    Its was a bad commerical the playstation phone commerical was better. Who cares about flowers the could have had digitals bees playing with honeycomb. They could have went in tons of directions but they choose to go with that. How much does it cost to have an ad during the superbowl and you choose to do that. Wow

    • http://Website I9000

      Has anybody here actually read 1984?? That was a very good commercial, they just need to follow it up with adverts to show more of the functionality. Great starting point though.

      • http://Website James

        You mean like Apple does in every iPad commercial?

        Apple understands that consumers just want to use the device, not get involved in ideological battles over technology. Apple also understands that consumers don’t care about open and closed eco-systems, as long as the device is useful.

        Open can be an advantage but it can also be a disadvantage. Open can make ownership of a device more complicated and time consuming, a trait that does not sell well with consumer devices.

  • http://Website Dags

    I really liked the commercial, especially the part where she pulled out white (Apple) ear buds. That sort of imagery would appeal to people who don’t want to be iSheep. Unfortunately, being an iSheep is something that a lot of people actually aspire to.

    • http://Website James

      iSheep? v.s. WindowsSheep?

      If Apple users are sheepish, then the 97% of computer users in the last 15 years were sheepish slaves to Microsoft too. If you’re sitting in front of a Windows machine now criticizing iPad users, your a hypocrite.

  • http://Website midtoad

    What could be more of an appeal to the masses than “Boy meets girl” ? (the apparent theme of the ad)

    • http://www.myspace.com/hermyhalloween hermyhalloween

      bah. the masses are so boring and monotonous.

      • http://Website The_Omega_Man

        Bravo! You got it! Boring and Monotonous as told in the Orwellian Story!

        “He who controls the past, controls the future”

  • http://Website Bob

    Looks like a bunch of KKK ers

    Not going to buy.

  • http://Website Tom

    I had no problem understanding the comerical since I read the last article about the Xoom, but it wasn’t useful for those that don’t know much about Android.

    I think Motorola should of spent a little bit more time in the commerical showing the features of the Xoom, so then the average person knew at least a few reasons why it’s better than the iPad.

    That being said though, I think this commerical was a sucess, because it got people talking about the commerical online.

    • http://Website James

      So why is it better? I mean, the Xoom really can only be compared to the upcoming iPad 2 next month, not the first iPad that they’ve had 10 months to copy.

      I see nothing special. Anyone making a tablet can add processors, ram, cameras, etc,. 10 months after the fact and claim to be better, for a month, until the iPad 2 comes out in March.

      Oh then there’s the price. Why are Android tablets more expensive? Where are the WiFi versions? Why do they require contracts?

      Oh, if your going to respond, please cite a “shipping” tablet, not a “coming soon”. The iPad 2 with be out next month and the ball will move again.

  • http://Website Michael Hunter

    If you look at it as aimed at early adopters then I think it did a fine job. Otherwise it was a striking failure.

    But if you think we are past the early adopter market then he needed to be in a brighter color, be not so geeky, show something cooler then reading a magazine and sending email, and have the hot girl gush.

    Another idea is that it should have been a women. Women tend to early adopt tech as communication devices faster then men. Especially young women. Play that to the hilt. This is the thing you *need* to be socially cool.

    But then it was shown during a football game. We know football fans are mostly geeks trying to hit on girls in there cubicle worlds.

  • http://Website smartguy75

    The commercial was a major failure according to me. I was watching with 15 people. Most of the commercials we watched and laughed together. But when Motorola commercial came no one even paid attention to the commercial. People actually went to kitchen to get food, to the restrooms and just talking to each other without noticing this was a commercial to look for. They actually thought this was a break to break away from commercials and the actual game. I alone watched it as I had watched the preview before. It sounded horrible. I was like, you just spent millions of dollars on a stupid commercial which did not have any clever dialogues or any humor unlike other commercials? Really?

    The fact is people who are aware of Xoom are mostly the people who read technical android blogs. You don’t need a separate commercial to explain these people about Xoom. In order to break the Apple’s iPad lead, they have to capture the common consumer who has a mindset now that iPad is very easy to use. By throwing specs on the screen may not help either as most of the common consumer don’t understand specs. Tablet market is a very different market. First people don’t need tablet to begin with. They can survive with a smart phone and a laptop. So if Xoom has to beat iPad, it is going to be a tough job to begin with. Not only to explain why it is better than iPad but mostly how Xoom can integrate with their life. The point is to bring why tablet can be cool and why Xoom. Else no one wants to buy Xoom when there is 20 apps for Xoom available. When iPad was relased they had close to 1000 apps available during their launch.

    Motorola had success with Droid because iPhone was tied to AT&T. Their Droid commercial rocked! But this is a different battle field now. A tablet is not tied to a carrier so it gets very tough to win people’s mind over already successful iPad.

  • http://www.gsmpedia.net GSMPedia

    Android 3.0 :x, can’t wait.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hmRsfnZJh0c Do Not Disconnect Film

    This is not the first time this concept was done. I shot a short film in 2009 with a girl breaking out of a world plugged into headphones.

    I’m asking people to please take a few minutes to watch how this idea was first done. Decide for yourself if you think this is too similar.

    We’re not selling anything. We just made a fun, heartfelt short film.


    Thank you!

  • http://Website Everett

    I thought it was tremendous.

    The ending is left open enough for follow up ads to show more of the Xoom’s features and more of the couple’s break out from the oppressive utopia ala the original 1984.

    Considering the way Apple handles drm and their iPhone apps it’s only fitting that they get a taste of their medicine.


    • http://Website James

      Well said Windows user, I mean hypocrite.

  • McLovin

    I loved it!

  • http://Website James

    I love the note at the bottom of the video “all screen images simulated”, in other words, that not a functioning Xoom in the video.

  • http://www.nexsoftware.net nEx.Software

    That was the most relevant spam I’ve ever seen.

  • http://Website mikedminor

    Odd because my wife did not like this commercial but loved the Planet Motorola Mobility one with all of the in-your-face specs.