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Now available: install the Android 3.0 SDK extract to your NOOKcolor

Deeper-blue has been teasing us with images and video of Android 3.0 on his NOOKcolor for a few days now.  In that time, he’s managed to enable support for the touchscreen, accelerometer, hardware buttons, wireless connectivity, and even graphic acceleration.  Development progress has been quick, but in an effort to speed things up a bit; Deeper-blue has decided to share the love by releasing his work to the development community. 

In its current state, the Android 3.0 SDK extract is not even close to being a fully functional build.  But now that more than one person is involved in the development process, things could soon get a lot more interesting.   If you want to get a peek at what Honeycomb could look like on their rooted NOOKcolor, we highly suggest you make a full system backup before loading up the new Android 3.0 system.

Correction:  as  agraceffa has pointed out in the comments, you do not need a rooted NOOKcolor in order to load the Honeycomb image onto your device.  Simply use a disk imager to load the extracted 4GB image file onto an SD card and insert it into your NOOKcolor.  The Android 3.0 build runs directly off of the memory card and will revert back to your previous build once you reboot your NOOKcolor after removing the microSD card.   

For detailed instructions, we suggest you check out the source link below.

Source: XDA-Developers

Nick is a tech enthusiast who has a soft spot for HTC and its devices. Nick joined the Android and Me family in the summer of 2010.

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  • http://Website agraceffa

    btw, the nook doesn’t need to be rooted. The build boots off of an sd card.

    • Nick Gray

      thanks for the tip, I have updated the post.

      • http://Website agraceffa

        not a problem, glad I could help out.

  • http://Website GizzyMe

    I donwloaded and flashed the image to my memory card over lunch today and was able to get Honeycomb loaded up on my NOOK Color. The process is simple and worked just fine on my unrooted NOOK.

    Does anyone know if the performance will get any better once Google releases the source for Android 3.0 to the public? The build works OK, but it’s simply too slow to use as an every day driver at this point.

    • Azeem

      Gizzy – The Honeycomb build is based just on the SDKs that were released. The source code hasn’t been released yet. Once the fine folks at XDA have the source code in hand, you better believe that all manner of optimizations will be headed our way.

      Things are just looking better and better of us nook users. =)

  • http://Website mfchew

    GizzyMe how and what did you use to flash the image on the SD card?

    • Azeem

      mfchew – Here’s some quick instructions. For anything beyond this, go check out the XDA forums.

      1) If you’re using Windows, go to https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Win32DiskImager and download and extract it.

      2) Download the image and extract it to your desktop.

      3) Click on the box with the 3 dots, select the image you just extracted on your desktop. Select the drive in the drop down box just to the right that represents your microSD card. Click on “Write”.

      Depending on your microSD card, this could take anywhere between 10 and 20 minutes. Go make a sandwich. =)

      4) Turn the nook off, put the microSD card in, and turn it back on.

      Presto! You should be running Honeycomb. Like the post says, this is not a finished build, so keep that in mind. Some things may be slow, others may be broken.

      Enjoy! =)


      • Azeem

        Oh, something I should mention. Before clicking “Write” in step 3, double and triple check the drive that you’re writing to. This process will wipe all the data on the drive that you select in order to write the image.

        *BE CAREFUL*

        Consider this your fair warning.

  • http://www.toysdiva.com PixelSlave

    Someone please tell B&N that they have a killer device on hand. There’s an opportunity here for them to become bigger than a book seller. Build a cheap Honeycomb tablet, B&N!

  • Branden

    Is there any way ti run android but not the factory version on the nook color WITHOUT a MICRO SD CARD??? Plz tell me if there is any way!!!

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