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NVIDIA KOs the competition, quad-core CPUs in Android devices by summer

Everyone in the industry was aware that NVIDIA was working on a quad-core processor, but I doubt that any expected them to demo their next-generation Tegra at Mobile World Congress. Tonight in front of a small audience of bloggers, NVIDIA showed off the world´s first mobile quad-core CPU and revealed it would arrive in Android devices this August.

Before we dive into the details of the this chip, I wanted to point out how NVIDIA chose to reveal this information to the world. Instead of paper-launching their next-generation CPU and saying it would arrive in 2012 (like Qualcomm and Texas Instruments did just days ago), NVIDIA skipped the press release entirely and delivered a working tablet along with several jaw-dropping software demos.

The Tegra roadmap revealed

The Tegra roadmap through 2014.

The presentation started with NVIDIA announcing their Tegra roadmap through 2014. Sticking with earlier statements, NVIDIA will maintain their yearly cadence by release a new Tegra every year.

The Tegra 2 has often been referred to as a super-chip, so NVIDIA went with super-hero names for their upcoming mobile chips. Project Kal-El (assumed to become Tegra 3) will arrive in 2011 and deliver 5x the performance of Tegra 2, followed by Wayne in 2012, Logan in 2013, and Stark in 2014.

As ridiculous as this sounds, Project Stark (Tegra 6?) is expected to deliver 100x the performance of Tegra 2 in just three years from now.

Unbelievable performance

CoreMark benchmark comparing Kal-El to the Intel Core2Duo.

To demonstrate the power of their quad-core CPU, NVIDIA started with an Android tablet decoding 1440p video to an extreme HD monitor (2560 × 1600 panel). It looked simply amazing. We were later told the source video was shot with a Red digital camera and then downscaled to 1440p for the demonstration.

Next we saw a series of game demos that compared the current Tegra 2 with the upcoming Project Kal-El. We were asked not to reveal the details of several games, but we did witness about a 3x performance increase in graphics performance. Advanced games that could barely crack 20 frames per second on Tegra 2 were running at a silky smooth 60 fps on Kal-El.

One game demo we can talk about is History Channel Great Battles: Medieval from War Drums Studios. This game was released for PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 last year and it was currently being ported to Honeycomb tablets. Thomas Williamson, lead developer and CEO, had less than 24 hours to get the demo running on the quad-core Kal-El, but he was able to pull it off since NVIDIA´s new platform uses a similar GeForce GPU architecture.

Next we saw some benchmarks like CoreMark, which showed Kal-El (score of 11,354) out performing Intel´s 2 GHz Core2Duo T7200 (score of 10,136). NVIDIA said this silicon was only 12 days old, so we can only expect that performance will continue to improve as they optimize the platform.

Highlights of Project Kal-El include:

  • World´s first mobile quad-core CPU
  • New 12-core NVIDIA GPU, with support for 3D stereo
  • Extreme HD – 2560 x 1600
  • 5x Tegra 2

Overall, I was extremely impressed with that NVIDIA showed. I have the whole thing captured on video, but there is no way that will be going up tonight on my hotel´s WiFi connection.

Update: Here is a video of some of the demos courtesy of Will Park from IntoMobile.


The most shocking part of the event came when NVIDIA shared the availability for Kal-El. The chips are sampling now and we should see them in tablets by August and smartphones will arrive by Christmas (confirming an earlier prediction of mine).

Michael Rayfield, General Manager of Mobile of NVIDIA´s mobile business unit, hinted at this when we previously spoke with him at CES saying, ”It will be pretty quick. I believe I will have my next generation Tegra in production probably before my competitors have their dual-core in production. And so that talks a lot about velocity.”

NVIDIA´s aggressive release schedule is still shocking because the other semiconductor companies are not expected to have comparable chips until the second half of 2012.

Imagine the possibilities

If you thought the Atrix 4G was an innovative product, just wait till you see what the mobile device manufactures dream up for Kal-El.

I´ll go out on a limb and predict that Google will select Tegra 3 as the lead platform for the next major Android release (Jelly bean?) and slap it in their Nexus 3 this Christmas. Maybe my dream handset with Android, Chrome OS, and Google TV on a single device will actually become a reality.


This is such huge breaking news that I am still trying to comprehend how it will change the mobile industry. I´m hitting publish now, but I will continue to update this post throughout the night.

For more coverage of Kal-El check out:

We would love to hear what you think in the mean time.

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  • http://Website ian

    Anyone up for some crysis?

    • http://Website Lucian Armasu

      This is why Nvidia will be the “Intel” of the ARM industry. They are basically a generation ahead of everyone else!

      • http://Website Kevin

        Uhh not really. It is taking Nvidia a quad core to get the same performance as a dual core Samsung Exynos. The dual core chip in the Moto Atrix has the same benchmarks as the single core Hummingbird that is in the first gen Galaxy S.

        • http://dxpetti.com DXPetti

          Yes but Motorola prove time and time again they are a pig fed with strawberries. They have some great tech in their phones but it goes to waste.

          Look how high the stock/barebones Nexus One is in some of those benchmarks (esp. Javascript performance).

          Also benchmarks are one thing, real world performance is another. Samsung Galaxies consistantly hang in comparsion to older phones like the HTC Desire, Incredible etc…

          • http://Website mkrmec

            Hummingbird processors don’t hang, and the Snapdragons don’t have advantage in CPU benchmarks if the phone has a proper software on it. It’s manufacturers fault that it’s not optimised.

        • http://Website ari-free

          You just forgot one key fact: The resolution of the Atrix is 960×540. Galaxy S is lower: 800 x 480

        • http://Website ari-free

          Another fact: the exynos has dual core cpu but also has a quad core GPU

    • http://www.youtube.com/emogamer Christopher Chavez

      Why does this sound better than what I have in my laptop???????? =O

      • http://Website joe

        Because it’s in your phone!

  • http://Website tornato7

    Holy crap. Just as I thought TI and Qualcomm were going to beat Nvidia with their dual cores, Nvidia comes out this this?!? UNBELIEVEABLE!

    • http://Website emu314159

      I know! Kal-el yet. We’re not in Smallville anymore;) This is beyond badass, it’s like a new generation has come to power. Pity I just bought a mytouch4g (aka tmob HTC Glacier). Well, in 2 years i’ll be able to replace both my phone and my laptop.

  • http://Wow. James Duncan

    I am awed. If they keep to this schedule they will destroy TI et al in this space.

  • Jeffroid

    World of warcraft and diablo 3 mobile version?

    • http://Website haha

      HAHAHA! This comment cracks me up!

      I want this awesome new super powerful processor…so I can play WOW! Now I can live in my fantasy world all the time!

  • http://trueacu.com acupunc

    “Maybe my dream handset with Android, Chrome OS, and Google TV on a single device will actually become a reality.” — wouldn’t that be nice!

    I was wondering what NVIDIA would be announcing since it seemed like everyone else jumped over Tegra 2. . . now we know NVIDIA isn’t going to stand for that and they sent notice to the others, time to step up!

    This is great for consumers. Time to slap a quad-core T3 into a laptop and get Android going on it–no fan, slim design, etc. . .

  • http://Website jampac

    Soooooo, all of this sounds wonderful really but I’m gonna focus on your imagine the possibilities section. Are you suggesting that we will see another member of the Nexus line? I truly hope your right. I know this article is about processors but that would be a dream come true.

    • http://Website Dragos

      Yep. Nexus Nv. 12 December 2011 (but we won’t care ’cause the world will end in 10 more days… :)

      • http://Website darksideauto

        that’s 2012.


    And the bar has yet been raised again

  • http://Website mikeyDroid

    This is terrible news. They’re going to fast. How am I ever supposed to own the best smartphone for more than a month at this pace? Damnit Nvidia, damnit.


    • http://Website joe

      I love Nvidia because they’re making the others hurry up. The others are trying to stall as much as possible so then we buy several of their phones per year.

      By releasing the quad-cores a lot sooner, we will be able to skip a generation!!!

    • http://Website ari-free

      suggestion: don’t buy a phone with a qualcomm and you’ll have a chance

    • http://Website Zac H.

      Keep in mind, the Tegra 2 chipset is very old now. It was in production in Q1 2010, it’s well over a year old. However, Nvidia had a very hard time marketing this chipset. The only device to have the original Tegra chipset was the Zune HD, and it didn’t sell well. With Tegra 2, Nvidia decided to focus on Android devices, and I think that was a good idea on their part.

      Nvidia has likely been sitting on Tegra 3 for a while now, and just waiting for the right moment to release it. Now that Tegra 2 devices are starting to hit the market and become mainstream, manufacturers are becoming more and more interested in the Tegra platform. However, Nvidia likely had to offload some Tegra 2 stock before moving the newer chipset.

      I’ve been waiting for Tegra hardware to catch on since at least 2008, and I’m so glad to finally see some interesting devices finally coming to market. I still haven’t gotten one yet, but I would of had the Asus Transformer if there wasn’t that supply shortage, and an Atrix if it wasn’t on AT&T’s crappy network only.

  • http://www.typhon4android.org/ Mike Leahy

    If I ever uttered something that disturbed our Tegra overlords in the past; I pledge fealty now.. ;P

  • http://Website UniqueNate

    I really don’t know what to say lol…

    Christmas will be perfect timing because 2012 will be here, so they are right. Probably mid 2012 end of 2012 they’ll have something else. Sounds like a timely update and respectable. Not to fast. I hope manufacturers will make lines of devices and not silly refreshes. If Google comes with their next device by Xmas with the insides of these, cause you know the OS will be on point, then I might have to switch.

    I hope they make one for every carrier. If they want to have a phone that shows the heart of android then they should apply it to all carriers. Please.

    Anyways, gooooooooood news.

  • mac08wrx

    AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME now if they get one of those bad boys in the ericson play phone it would be a dream come true

    • http://Website K-Os

      I would be something like a PSP =)

  • http://Website acupunc

    I just remembered. Asus’s CEO made a comment that he knew what the specs of the iPad 2 were and that they already had something in the works that would blow it out of the water. . . . who wants to bet they will have this monster in a tablet in August? I hope they put it in the Transformer–netbook & tablet in one nice package.

  • http://Website Goldni

    This was good news. With TI, Sammy and HTC dualcores coming out within weeks, Nvidia’s Tegra 2 was going to be the old guy on the block. But with this announcement..wow!

    I will say I’m cautiously optimistic though. I mean remember the Tegra 2 was supposed to be in released devices in the fall of last year. We are just now starting to see them filter out into devices. Methinks this may could slip out of ‘summer’ and a bit into late release this year. We’ll see though..it’s still early. One thing is for sure, Nvidia just upped the ante big time!

    • http://Website Dags

      It wasn’t quite fall, but Viewsonic had a Tegra 2 tablet out in early December.

      • http://Website Lucian Armasu

        Tegra 2 first shipped in September last year in that Toshiba smartbook. I also think there were other tablets shipping in October or so with Tegra 2. Nvidia kept to its promise, but it was Google who didn’t. Honeycomb wasn’t ready in time.

        We should be expecting Tegra 4 to appear around August 2012, too. My guess is it will have a quad core Cortex A15 at 2.5 Ghz *at least*. TI Omap 5 will only have a dual core 2 ghz Cortex A15 around that time, but it’s obvious Nvidia is a generation ahead everyone else.

  • http://Website Richard

    This demonstration now creates a MAJOR PROBLEM FOR ALL OF US mainly in a great way for the industry which means we CLEARLY BENEFIT.. But now as consumers this COULD TRULY CLOUD what choice we make in current purchases based on the devices that are out in the next 90 to 120 days. That choice would have to be made now looking at the future based on this. It’s now clear and offical that my beloved Qualcomm is getting it’s BUTT KICKED along with everyone else. And keeping an eye out on the future 11months down the road they are THROWING DOWN THERE CARDS ON THE TABLE AND SHOWING HOW THINGS WILL BE… NOT JUST TALKING.. This HURTS HTC and there current and future sales in the next 11months specially if any manufacturer is using Qualcomm or TI in there devices… WHAT A SPOT TO BE IN… This will make people change direction if they were in support of any other manufacturers that did not use Nividia Tegra 2…. EVERYONE HAS BEEN THROWN UNDER THE BUS AND ROLLED OVER… Wow some hard choices are ahead. Competition could be DANGEROUS CAUSE THAT MEANS YOU HAVE TO PROVE SOMETHING… SOMEBODY HAS TO FALL SHORT

  • http://Website Jon

    Just curious – won’t quad-cores require some improvement in heat dissipation? Many small computing devices (netbooks, smartphones) have retained their size because of ability to eliminate a fan due to the less bad-ass processors and gpus.

    • http://Website mkrmec

      You are thinking in the wrong terms… workload sharing in dual, quad, etc. cores…

      1 core = 30 degrees C
      2 core = 25 degrees C
      4 core = 20 degrees C

      Workloads will share on newer CPUs that’s why the cpu won’t have to work as hard, that’s why it won’t heat that much.

  • http://Website Tito!

    I thought it was funny to read you dissing on Atrix 4G, when you became some weird fanboy?
    I’m Tellin’ everyone, wait ’til 2H 2011 :)

  • http://Website B

    Guess I don’t share everyone’s enthusiasm. Actual computers with powerful processors are one thing, but I can’t think of REAL world situations that would need a quad core processor in a mobile phone so soon after dual cores, which haven’t even begun shipping yet. I’m all for technology moving forward, but hasn’t this been a topic of discussion, i.e a problem for desktop computers for a while now? Competitors beefing up their processors at a rate that actually ends up wasting energy because the rest of the parts aren’t sharing the same synergy?

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      We don´t know what crazy innovative apps people will build for mobile quad-core CPUs yet. You need the platform first before the killer apps can come out.

      • http://www.typhon4android.org/ Mike Leahy

        @B games.. better / amazing GUIs, better physics simulation, creative usages of multi-core for image processing / analysis. of course multi-tasking and all that jazz and any OS related improvements in that direction. NVidia is lighting a fire under all other SoC producing companies right now.

        Even then most devs would prefer to have a framework that supports multi-core usage. Google _could_ provide such a framework, but anyone can release one and from a framework level for real time games built in Java Tegra 2 means heaven, but T3 will practically erase any major downside of doing a real time game engine or other fancy tech in Java and OpenGL ES. If T3 supports OpenCL it’ll be a knock out; I’ve not investigated much yet, but OpenCL will be on mobile devices in a year or so.

        >i.e a problem for desktop computers for a while now?

        @B Yes, I’ve been cheating for the past couple of years focusing on Android dev / re slower single core devices felt like ’99 all over again; now I gotta bust a move though.. ;P Since the developer doesn’t have to rely on Google providing “proprietary” or Android SDK specific API to handle multi-core scenarios this code can be portable between desktop (J2SE) and mobile/Android, so one only needs to solve the problem once for both platforms; there is more incentive to do so now.. I’m angling to solve or at least provide a fully streamlined multi-core architecture for Java real time app / game dev on J2SE & Android in the coming year.. I also am hoping to work on in the next year an advanced GUI API based on OpenGL ES 2 and make it cross-platform with OpenGL 4.1 on the desktop with no code rewrite. Gonna eat my pie too and release things darn soon though with a mostly single core focus though nothing stops devs from starting another NRT clock thread in TyphonRT now. A set of generic components w/ built in message passing and stateful separation of processing tasks across cores part of TyphonRT is pending though totally doable especially once I get that dang T2 in my hands (my preciousssss).. I’ll actually be building all of this functionality out from mobile/Android side extending to “back porting” it to the desktop. I digress with beer in hand, but bring it on I say… Quad core w/ OpenCL can’t get here fast enough!.. ;P

    • http://Website CactusCat

      I know what Core 2 Duo cpus cost. I can only wonder how much these bad boys are gonna cost with that kind of horsepower. Are we gonna see $1000 phones? Or $499 phones with a 3 yr contract? This stuff is not going to be given away. And in 3 years 100x faster than the Tegra 2? Oh wait, I forgot. The world ends Dec 21, 2012….

  • http://Website Oliver

    Does this mean the Atrix hardware will be outdated in just after 3 months? uggghh

  • http://Website ablkida

    Yeaahhh! Now if only HTC can put one of these chips on their phones with a physical keyboard and call it the Iron Giant! I would buy that in a heart beat! Haha

  • http://asurroca.com Alfonso Surroca

    Someone needs to make a Motorola Atrix type phone this holiday season, except instead of the Motorola Webtop, they need to find a way shove Windows 7 into that device so that you can literally replace your home computer with a superphone.

    That thing is almost as powerful as the laptop I use for work. Does this mean that Tegra 4 next year (2x faster than Tegra 3, 10x faster than Tegra 2) will outperform current i7 processors? This is mindblowing.

    • http://Website Jay

      Windows 7 can’t function on an arm processor. Windows 8 will however. My buddy and I were just talking about how windows is setting itself up now to compete with the “mobile os as a desktop” war coming in a couple years. Imagine the atrix webtop mode but running windows. When windows 8 or 9 detects the device it’s displaying is, say, around 960×540 it will change the ui to the windows phone/zune experience. When it detects the display is a larger display with mouse/keyboard or touchscreen based it will launch the normal windows desktop ui. When it detects it’s plugged into a tv/entertainment dock it will launch the media center interface. I love android more than any other os out there and would love to see it succeed, but I fear it doesn’t have the goods to win the marathon. :(

      • http://Website ari-free

        When i think of a mobile app i think of an app that uses the GPS, accelerometer, gyroscope and other sensors. That makes for completely different apps than what you’d have on a PC.
        But imagine a Microsoft tablet that had all these things plus Kinect built in.

        • http://Website Jay

          Yeah the mobile apps wouldn’t work in a pc environment but I’m sure Microsoft would code in seperate start menus for each ui. Desktop mode would hide mobile apps from the start menu (and vice versa) and I’m sure they’d allow developers to flag their application as mobile friendly to override it. Or if say a game like fable could be played normally at your desktop but when you pull your device and head to town you would be able to play a gambling minigame to add to your characters wealth. Or a workout program that works as a spreadsheet style exercise goal tracker in desktop mode, tv dock mode would use the camera to track and correct your movements (not unlike the kinect), and mobile mode could function as a pedometer and calorie tracker. I hope the atrix takes off and captures this vision of mobile computing to help take the wind out of microsoft’s sails.

          • http://Website ari-free

            I dunno…just can’t see this working. You not only need 2 UI’s but the games that were designed for x86 won’t work on ARM.

      • http://Website koss

        Have no fear…

        Do the words hot and mail mean anything to you?

        What about search and terms, or net and book.

        Sometimes I think the future might be bleak for android but then I Think of the words honey and comb.

        Android will own whatever it touches.

        • http://Website Jay

          Man I hope you’re right. I just fear google is focusing too much on the mobile side of android and not on the long term desktop market. Look at google tv, a possible media center branch of android that they’re doing absolute jack with. Hope it all works out and android emerges the victor. And I guess as long as there’s an android community and people like cyanogen, android will always go places no matter the market share.

  • Prince77

    I smell the Evo 2 about to be born. And I do not consider the Shift an Evo.

  • http://Website J

    Slow the @#^! down!!!

  • http://Website anon


  • http://Website dirdyniga

    Cant wait to see this in my new iPhone 5!
    Thanks Apple.
    iPhone5 and Tegra3 will crush android again!!!!

    • http://Website Jay

      I love how all the “complete stomping” the iphone does to android lasts for about 2 months until one of the big 3 releases a phone that makes the iphone look like an antique.

    • http://Website CactusCat

      First off, you’re a moron due to the fact this website is called Androidandme.com, not Trolling-iSheep.com. Number #2, you’ve wet your pants for no reason. These chips will be in Android devices, not iSheep toys. (Hint: read the title of the article dufus) They are just now being announced. Don’t you think Apple has already designed and bought the cpus for their next offering? I do. And when the Apple people read this, every one of the the Apple development team said in unison “Oh, sh*t”. Now, do you think they’ll have time to start all over in designing the iPhone5 and eating alt that time and money they’ve already spent? I don’t. So as the Android devices runs off and leaves Apple gasping for air, I will remember you in all your moronic glory, basking in the realization that once again, you chose poorly. And you want to know why? Your evil lord, Darth Jobs, only puts out one phone per year. So the technology is just leaving him behind more and more. They used to be in the lead. They led smartphones to the masses. But the world moves way too fast for Apple and their closed minded approach. Its Mac vs PC all over again (Mac 10% PC 90%) and that is exactly what will happen in the phone business as well. If you’d like, I could get you one of these to ease your pain…..

      • http://Website koss

        Send him a used one to go with his used iPhone…

    • http://Website ari-free

      Apple doesn’t use nvidia. They use their own and will be left behind. But HTC will also be left behind since they decided to be stuck with qualcomm (I think it’s because they like the modem integration).
      nvidia knows hard core gaming. PC gamers choose nvidia so that they could play Crysis and Modern Warfare. This is not a cpu for people who only want to play Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja.

      • http://Website CactusCat

        Actually Apple does not use “their own” cpus. They use the cpus manufactured for them by Samsung. Sammy uses the same cpus in the Samsung line of phones as well. And I agree, these chips are made for serious gaming and video.

        • http://Website stever

          Apple designs own chips, and has Samsung produce them.

        • http://Website ari-free

          samsung used to use hummingbird. Apple bought the company that designed hummingbird cpu (Intrinsity) and Samsung moved on with exynos. It doesn’t have a powerVR gpu, either. it uses the ARM Mali GPU. So it will be completely different than Apple.
          Samsung manufactures A4′s for Apple but it is not their design.

      • http://Website Stever

        Qualcomm owns part of HTC.

    • http://Website dirdyniga

      Cant wait to see this in my new iPhone 5!
      Thanks Apple.
      iPhone5 and Tegra3 will crush android again!!!!!

  • http://Website Quasar

    I’m a bit confused by the whole ‘first mobile quad core’. I mean we’ve already seen one in Sony’s ‘Codenamed NGP’. Or is that not mobile enough?

  • http://Website Mike

    What’s hilarious is that this is faster than a 13″ Macbook Pro and Air. That just shows how much Apple is way behind in technology.

  • http://Website ANDDY

    KAL-EL : Superman

    WAYNE : Batman (Bruce Wayne)

    Logan : X-men (Wolverine)

    Stark : Iron Man (Tony Stark)

    oh wow

    • http://Website ANDDY

      oh wait,…


      Iron Man > Wolverine > Bat man > Superman ??????

      That would make sense if Tony Stark poisoned Superman with Kryptonite

      • http://Website Jay

        Kind of hard to arrange a sequential list like that. Tony Stark, Wolverine, and Batman are all incredibly genius; and Wolverine and Batman both have formal combat training. Superman could best all but Batman. I think it would go Batman>Superman>Wolverine>Tony Stark. Sorry, couldn’t resist nerding out.

        • http://Website jjank

          Mr. Anderson would pwn them all. Sorry, had to throw in my Matrix fanboyism

          • http://Website ANDDDYY

            my….name…is… Neo….!!

  • http://Website SV

    I can’t wait to see the battery that powets quad core phones…i’m still waiting to see one that can adequately power singlr core and Tegra 2 (lg 2x allegedly has not veru good battery life)

  • incrediblecub

    Look mom, MORE cores that our devices can’t take advantage of even still.. I think its great that these leaps in mobile processing technology are being taken, but it makes it kind of silly if all the software, save for Honeycomb, that is out right now, does not allow for multiple cores to be used in the OS for fluid multitasking and power management.

  • http://Website Ban

    I love this site but you clearly have a bias towards nvidia. Did anyone see this?

  • http://pinoydroid.net PinoyDROID

    I hope that this kind of technology will be affordable to the masses…

    and Stark is the ultimate? the same processor that powers Jarvis? :D

  • http://Website ML

    Do you know if the new quad core chips will be asynchronous? Qualcomm made a big deal about their dual core processors being asynchronous, so that both cores are not firing at the same time, even though only one core is needed to complete the task. This should improve battery life, whereas it sounds like the Tegra 2 chips are not and will cause a huge drain on the battery. Interested in hearing any thoughts on this.

    • http://Website Goldni

      Alhough it’s early, the dualcore Snappy’s will have several advantages over the Tegra 2′s. Nvidia will find out there are advantages and indeed disadvantages for being the first out of the gate. Also it’s likely that the same can be said about the first quadcore chipsets too.

  • http://Website Miguel

    This tech makes me drool. However, until defer judgement on a “KO” until I see when Nvidia compares their processors to the ACTUAL COMPETITION, instead of to their own products.

    It’s sort of like GM in the eighties comparing a Chevy, to a Buick, to an Oldsmobile…. all crap anyway. Not saying Nvidia is crap, but it would be helpful to see their product performance compared to a competitor’s product performance.

    Whatever happened to ATI anyway? They were Nvidia’s biggest rival.. and now they have disappeared….

    • http://www.typhon4android.org/ Mike Leahy

      >Whatever happened to ATI anyway? They were Nvidia’s biggest rival.. and now they have disappeared….

      @Miguel – AMD bought ATI and sold the ATI mobile division to Qualcomm a couple years ago and thus that is why Qualcomm has in house integrated SoC offerings. The reason the original snapdragon sucked so much on the GPU side is that Qualcomm used a rebranded older ATI mobile GPU in 1st gen snapdragon before improving things with their fully rebranded Adreno line. AMD kept the ATI desktop division and still releases a desktop GPU line which you’ll now see branded as AMD Radeon instead of ATI Radeon.

  • http://Website UniqueNate


    The rumor about Samsung building a suerphone with Nvidia has turned into it being a quad core by Xmas. What do you think about that? It’s said to be on a US carrier. Hopefully all.

  • http://Website karimi

    KAL-EL is alqaida taliban .muslim is terrorists
    nvidia terrorist?

  • http://Website nvidia engineer (retired)

    It will fail just like Nexus S and all ogf these buzz crap that turned into epic desasters!
    What happened to gingerbread? Nobody cares about it now, nobody talks about it. But before the launch everybody expected magic and told their stupid rumors.

    You stupid nuubs take everything for granted thats why you are so easy to manipulate.

    • http://Website I KOed my mum

      <It will fail just like Nexus S and all ogf these buzz crap that turned into epic desasters!
      What happened to gingerbread? Nobody cares about it now, nobody talks about it. But before the launch everybody expected magic and told their stupid rumors.

      You stupid nuubs take everything for granted thats why you are so easy to manipulate.<


  • http://Website joe

    dam it not i have to wait till christmas to get a great phone……

    worth the wait in my opinion .

    Im hoping HTC dumps snapdragon and get on nvidia good side . NOW

  • http://Website Will

    Ok, our phones are going to start developing feelings and become sentient, taking over our lives and communicating with each other at this point! :)
    It’s great to see this type of innovation in mobile technology. Let’s hope future updates to Android will be able to take full advantage of these powerful new processors. Now, all that’s left is for the nation’s networks to step up their game and give us the “4G speeds” they’re promising. Without the 4G data, these are just really fast handheld touchscreen mini-tablets that can run apps and games better than their predecessors.

  • http://Website Soni

    The problem is, that it’s still android, and it’s hard to do an os, that runs optimised on every mobile phone. Unless they improve it radically, interface will still remain slow and sluggish after a using the new phone for a while. Apple and Microsoft realised this on their mobile os, and took the right choice, it’s up to android now.

  • http://Website what about OMAP in RIM PLAYBOOK

    I heard that Blackberry Playbook is using TI OMAP which is a dual core CPU.. hope that will be first and last tablet with Dual CORE CPUs :)

  • http://Website Nil Einne

    A while time later but as with others, I’ll prefer to defer judgement until we actually get to see and test products with this chip. For starters as some have pointed out, quad cores aren’t magic. You need to know how to design your apps to be able to take advantage of that many threads. And in PC and console gaming, developers are only just beginning to know how to people able to take advantage of quad cores. More importantly you could perhaps dump some sort of low power core I3 in a tablet if you wanted to (I think the heat management is probably doable). That may sound great until you realise you only have a 1 hour battery life…

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    Unbelievable Progression.