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Rumor: Samsung’s new 10 inch Galaxy Tab will be announced this Sunday

New reports have surfaced which claim that Samsung will be kicking off Mobile World congress by unveiling their new 10.1 inch Honeycomb (Android 3.0) powered tablet on Sunday night.  The new tablet is rumored to feature a dual-core Qualcomm processor, 8 mega-pixel camera, and will be trading in the Galaxy Tab’s white back panel for a black one. 

The unnamed Android tablet from Samsung will be thinner and lighter than the original Galaxy Tab and physically smaller than the Apple iPad, despite having a slightly larger display.  It’s obvious that a 10.1 inch device is aimed at competing with the Motorola XOOM, and the Apple iPad, but we’re still hoping that Samsung will be unveiling something new in the 7 inch category during Mobile World Congress.

Source: Pocket-Lint

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  • Nathan

    yeah, i honestly don’t care. I would rather buy a Moto, LG, or HTC tablet over samsung. because at least with one of those three, i have a good chance of getting any updates to honeycomb.


      ♥♥♥ iPad 2 is superior ♥♥♥

    • http://Website Danny

      Samsung belongs to the LG group…

  • http://Website ME

    ‘Honeycomb and Android’ … REALLY? Both?! ;)

    • Nick Gray

      Yup, it’s running both!

      …fixed. Thanks!

  • http://Website josh

    if they’re looking to place this around the $799 pricemark of the Xoom, i have a feeling alot of these things are going to end up on Woot

    in which case….woot!

  • http://Website anon

    Pick a Samsung mangled version of Android over a Vanilla Android Xoom? I don’t think so.

    • http://Website sammy D

      There’s no evidence to suggest that samsung will be manipulating Honeycomb in any way. Why don’t we simply wait to see what Samsung delivers before we start all the trash talk.

    • http://Website Christian B.

      It’s not vanilla, it’s stock. Ugh. Lol.

  • http://Website Christian B.

    I’m going to be awfully disappointed if every tablet unveiled at MWC is in the 9-10″ range. I’m partial to the 7″ size.

    • http://Website Cristian

      Well considering we already know the HTC Flyer is a 7″ tablet, I don’t think you have much to worry about.

    • Nathan

      i wouldn’t be too worried. they’re mostly going for the 9-10″ size to compete with the iPad, but there are a couple 7″ that are confirmed.

      Also if apple does make a 7″ ipad you can bet your ass that you’ll see all the android makers go and follow along

      originally i wanted a 7 inch and then i was looking at the g-slate for the 8.9 inch.

      but i have a feeling that the 10 inch size will be better suited for honeycombs design.

      • http://lettersfromdave.wordpress.com daveloft

        Wait what? Follow along? Their a quite a few 7″ Android tablets available now and coming. If Apple releases a 7″ tablet then I think the following is the other way around.

  • http://Website Redeye

    Having the Evo, I am glad to see the 9-10 inch tablets coming out. The 7 inch ones don’t make me want to rush out and get one.

  • http://Website Austin

    Sounds cool but I will have to say it’s going to have to be “PRICED RIGHT” …and have a wifi only….ppl want wifi only and something the average person can afford! I know companies make more with contracts but I bet they could sell more than they realize with wifi only and a good price!

  • http://Website slbailey1

    I’m 95% sure that I will get this tablet if the following is true:
    1. Works on Verizon 3g/4g network.
    2. Runs stock Android 3.0.
    3. Has a dual-core processor.
    4. Has at least 1gb of ram.
    5. Has at least 32gb of internal storage.
    6. Is physically smaller than the iPad.
    7. Is thinner and lighter than the current Galaxy Tab.
    8. Has a unified email/calendar app that supports Exchange, gMail, Hotmail, and Yahoo.
    9. Has an Agenda view widget.
    10. Cost no more than $700.

    The only thing that can beat this is an HTC tablet.

  • Kingsigel

    I think that samsung will get it right because they have no choice. The outraged and disrespected customers have made more than enough noise about the galaxy s series phones. So now they have to fix it and do better if they want to stay in the moblie market business. If morals is enough to push them that is. We know how apple treated their customers your not holding your phone right. Human arrogance is at an all time high. But there might be hope. If not I forsee samsung stock going down.

  • http://Website Maximus

    So far from what ive seen the Motorola Zoom looks like the Android Tablet to beat

    My first Android phone was the Nexus S and i couldnt imagine using any other phone

    As for the Tablet Vanilla Android is the way it needs to be and i couldnt imagine buying a Tablet that wasnt VAnilla Android

    With that Said im going to wait to see all the Tablets that launch before i make my decision

    We have the IPad 2 and 3 coming not to mention Android Tablets from Tmobile with the G Slate and other HTC Tablets aswell

    So i want to get a clear indication of which direction from all angels (Un-Bias) i take before making the move

  • Drew

    It would be swell if Samsung could upgrade the original Tab to Gingerbread as well.

    • http://Website Murphy

      I dare you to hold your breath.

  • http://Website Ììj¥ÀðzÐ33

    i want ipad 2. samsung is rubbish

  • http://gadgethub.info Latest Gadget Reviews

    wow that would be great especially for samsung fans

  • http://Website _


    • http://Website pauly

      Maybe you got 10 ” of lint in your pants!