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Sprint’s Samsung Epic 4G Froyo update only hours away

Froyo has finally arrived for the Sprint Samsung Epic 4G! Sprint will start rolling out the Android 2.2.1 OTA update for the Epic at exactly 9PM (PST) tonight. We know that Samsung’s had a million and one excuses why the update has taken so long and it’s been over two and a half months since we first stopped the Android update for the Epic on Google’s servers. ¬†We could talk all day about how late this update is, but at this point it’s somewhat comforting to know that Froyo is finally here.

The new update will enable some new features on the Samsung Epic 4G and fix a few bugs as well. Some of the enhancements and fixes include support for Adobe Flash 10.1, improved GPS functionality, Bluetooth voice dialing, the ability to install applications to the SD card, and data tethering over 3G and 4G. Sprint plans on rolling out the Android 2.2.1 update to the Samsung Epic 4G in waves and expects to have all devices updated within 4 days.

Now that the Android 2.2.1 update for the Epic 4G is finally here, what Froyo feature are you most excited about?

Source: Sprint

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  • http://Website panic

    Would I be wrong to switch out my Evo for the epic I have sitting in the back of my closet ? LoL now that the update is finally coming around I might give it another try.

    • http://Website Hans

      Personally, I feel the Epic is a better phone, hardware wise.

    • http://goo.gl/tQ2E wwJOSHdo

      the Epic DOES have a much better screen and a keyboard (that is a deal breaker to me) but I REALLY want an Evo because Cyanogen has CM7 (Android 2.3.2 Gingerbread) running great on the evo! http://goo.gl/ogfo5

    • Nate B.

      It would perfectly fine. I am. I men the biggest difference is Flash. Epic worked fine as a phone and performed well. Only usher I had was GPS and I don’t use much that requires that. I know were im going when I drive, & that’s why I use a real nav for that.

  • http://Website Coty

    Would it be wrong of me to update my Epic early now that it’s been leaked online?

    Nahhhhh: http://bit.ly/hGBdih

  • WickedToby741

    Whats unfortunate for the owners of Galaxy S phones is that they’ll probably never see Gingerbread. Samsung had so much trouble updating these phones to Froyo and missed so many promised deadlines, why would they potentially go through that all over again with Gingerbread? Sure, they’ll take a hit for not updating them to Gingerbread, but not as much as they would promising Gingerbread and then taking forever to update again. If they just say no Gingerbread, there won’t be thousands of customers anxiously awaiting it and being disappointed at how long it takes. Its unfortunate, but thats prob how it will go.

    • Nate B.

      Yea, carriers sure did have a hard time. Smh. Wonder why Europe was timely.

    • http://Website Derek

      Google has already said, no gingerbread for any phone. The next update for phones will be 2.4

    • http://Website Jerry

      This is true. Samsung Fascinate will not receive Gingerbread it’s just not on the important for Samsung to update their phones or this would have been done by now. As for Froyo, it sounds like the Fascinate is getting close but I wouldn’t hold my breadth. It’s a shame because it’s a great phone. This was my first experience with Android and I love the OS I doubt they’ll see me buy another samsung. The Galaxy II looks awesome but based on their reputation, they won’t see the sales they did with the first handset. They just don’t understand what it takes for customer loyalty.

  • http://Website epic 2.2.1
  • http://Website Richard

    All my friends DUMPED there Epics for the Evo 4g and have been enjoying the fruits of there labor since August 2010 with this froyo update. SAMSUNG IS late with this… TALK ABOUT OLD NEWS us current htc evo 4g owners have been awaiting GINGERBREAD and they still talking up froyo for the epic.. GIVE IT A REST… Guess you know if your an epic owner you just BARLEY recieve your LAST UP DATE ON YOUR CURRENT DEVICE.. The only way you get gingerbread is to buy a new device or root… That is why the htc evo 4g is the FLAGSHIP DEVICE FOR SPRINT made by HTC well know for supporting there devices all over the world and having a great relationship with sprint and android… You will never see an Epic2 but I bet you all current htc evo 4g owners will see the new Htc Evo 2 4g announced at CTIA IN MARCH and the evo will continue to be the FLAGSHIP DEVICE FOR SPRINT for years to come

    • Nate B.

      Sprint. Not Samsung. Get off the old hate. They have it now & people like you are still complaining?

      • http://Website Hans

        He’s like that. Anything that’s not Sprint/HTC/EVO, he disses.

    • http://Website Epicownsevo

      I seem to remember the moment (which actually sucks) to get the 2.1 update a month before the hero sprints old flagship So go back to bein jealous when any decent game you try to play lags

  • http://Website Hans

    It’s going to be many more months until ANY phone aside from the Nexus S gets Gingerbread. Even the Evo will take long to get it. I bet that the International Galaxy S will get gingerbread, but the US versions will lag it because of the stupid carriers. Like I’ve said before, I feel as if the carriers are sabotaging the Galaxy S phones on purpose so they won’t steal the thunder of their flagship devices. That’s the only reason I can think about for the US Galaxy S Froyo delay.

    • http://Website Derek

      Again, Google has already said they prefer that no other phones get gingerbread. They want to wait until 2.4 for the next widespread phone update.

      • http://Website Hans

        Uh, they said no other phones aside from the Nexus S will get 2.3.

        All other phones will get 2.4 which is still Gingerbread. It’s the same with Eclair. Only the original Droid had. 2.0. All other phones went straight to 2.1.

  • http://Website EVO owner

    Some people just like to hate. Got to say I am happy for all you Epic owners. It has been way to long of a wait. Personally the only reason I did pick up the Epic is because I don’t like slide out keyboards. Other than that it is a great phone.

    • EVO owner

      Sorry I meant did not pick the Epic.

  • http://Website Anonymous

    Fuck You!!! What about the fascinate huh?

  • Prince77

    Okay, first off Each phone is different, that means the carriers have to tweak the update for their service and for each phone. I am happy that all the Epics will get FroYo, good for them. But Samsung isn’t good at updating their devices so part of the delay has to go on them as well. But is it now the best thing that Sprint is the first carrier that has the Galaxy S line to update their phones, you guys have to pay attention to that.

    • Nick Gray

      actually, T-Mobile rolled out Android 2.2 to the their Galaxy S phone about 4 weeks ago.

      • Prince77

        Okay, my bad

      • Brian

        Thats 2.2 not 2.2.1 Froyo. Besides the Vibrant 2.2 update was just to shut up the XDA crowd. Unfortunately, its rubbish. Flash video is choppy, the battery life is abysmal, and why cant I get through 14 hours of carrying my Vibrant in my pocket without the battery dying? Its ridiculous to say the least.

      • http://Website panic

        If you switch from an android to iPhone OS your a *@%#&*# idiot, have you iPhone enthusiast not realized that all of iPhone features are late and outdated ? Take your head out of Steve Jobs ass and do some research on current phones. Apple will never catch up to android its like living in a box with a shiny Apple sticker on it.

  • http://Website Richard

    @Hans…. You might have a LEGITIMATE POINT with this SABOTAGE ANGLE… I am a known htc evo 4g head yes I am but truthfully you have to wonder about all this update problems I have friends that live abroad and they never go through this issue… Makes you wonder why would SAMSUNG want to release there products in the USA…. Honestly I love the Samsung galaxy S2 this device has so much advanced technology in it as of today THIS IS THE BEST DEVICE ON THE MARKET…. I spent some time watching there past Samsung unpacked event at MWC and I am truly impressed…. This looks headed to TMOBILE….. Not to mention tmobile will also have the upcoming Htc Pyramid and now has Google’s flagship device the Nexus S……Looks like Sprint/Htc better come REAL STRONG WITH THIS EVO 2 4G….This is great.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XSHxcnDvfqw&feature=youtube_gdata_player

  • http://Website Richard

  • http://Website Anon

    G2 + CM7 = win.

  • http://Website Jay

    Its on samsungs website now in support section! yes!!! downloading now!

  • http://Website JohnP

    who cares…this like our phones is all old news. I’m not one to keep up with the Jones’ but I’d like my first ‘smartphone’ to be able to keep up with it’s own software. The open source of Android is cool but forget it. This is the reason PC users got upset and started the march to Apple in the first place. Too many hardware makers and not enough seamless integration and implementation actions from the software end. Oh this one does this but it can’t do that but it’s the same hardware but the carrier doesn’t allow it but but but SHUT UP ALREADY! Android is completely the PC of the phone world and I say screw it. I’m waiting til Iphone 5 and leaving the massive bombardment that Android and their hardware partners have pushed on the public. Sure it’s our responsibility to ignore marketing and make our own decisions, but you have to admit it’s tough not to get caught up. Screw Samsung and Screw Android. Lesson learned…enjoy sipping at the water bottle like lab mice for little bits of updates and ‘upgrades’ to improve your phones and supposedly your lives.

    • http://Website Hans

      Cool story, bro.

      Thank you, come again.

    • http://Website Epic

      Dude, you’re right. It’s crazy how worked up people (including myself) have become over this update. This is no way to enjoy a smartphone. I’ll be happy to have 2.2, but think it’s time to start making plans to get off this psycho-android train.

      • DavidM

        well then, have fun with your iPhone

        • http://Website G-One to G2

          …There’s always WP7…

          So yeah, enjoy your iPhone.

  • http://Website Allen Crenshaw

    Even though SPRINT touts it’s contract as being for 2 years, the company allows any of its smart phone customers to change to the latest, greatest smart phone every 12 months, penalty-free. All you have to do is ASK. It’s one of perks of our “Premier Customer” membership. What this means is that every one of us who owns an EPIC 4-G will be able to get whatever is “HOT” as long we’ve had our Epic-4G’s for at least a year. So don’t worry if Gingerbread will be available to the EPIC. For the vast majority of us, it doesn’t really matter. And for the average Epic owner who doesn’t care about staying on the cutting-edge, Android EClair 2.1 was fine. In fact, these Epic owners might not notice any improvements after they update to Froyo 2.2. My wife is one of those casual Epic owners. She only makes/takes calls, uses Sprint Navigation and sends an occassional text message. If I don’t do the Froyo update for her, the “update available” notification will sit there forever… unless the phone updates itself eventually.

    • http://hoosiercub.tumblr.com tony

      Don’t know where you been.. Sprint nixed annual upgrades.

      • EVO owner

        I don’t think you understand Sprints policy. You are eligible after 1 year. I’ve been doing it every year for 3 years. It’s part of the contract as long as you have a plan that costs $69.99 a month.

  • http://www.gsmpedia.net GSMPedia

    Froyo? What about Gingerbread?

    • g.isreal

      Ambitious one aren’t you.

    • http://www.firmatermopane.ro Termopane

      We’ll probably have to wait another year for another upgrade, so I guess no gingerbread.

      • http://Website Hans

        Considering how the Nexus One just got 2.3(a few months after gingerbread officially released), it seems like we’ll all have to wait about half a year to a year until any other phone gets gingerbread.

  • DavidM

    I REALLY hope AT&T gives us froyo soon

  • http://Website Jorgen

    I’m sorry to say this, but it’s kind of uninteresting to get all these stories on the plethora scantily updated devices finally getting Froyo etc. Unless it’s Gingerbread is it really worth writing about right now? E.g. Nexus One, finally getting the OTA now … for those who are not already on CM7, how about that one?

    I wish you could filter out these stories from the front page, e.g. put them in a different section and run their headlines in a sidebar for example. That’d keep the cool stuff up front uncluttered. Thanks for your consideration; I’m a longtime reader.

    • http://Website Hans

      I’m sorry to say this(not really), but while these stories may be uninteresting to you, they are quite important /interesting to others who own these devices. So why not instead of whining about what’s on the front page of the site, just ignore these posts and wait for posts that YOU find interesting?

  • http://Website Toph

    Where’s my fascinate update Verizon? >:(

  • http://www.thezrohour.com EDAYE

    I received the update OTA this morning for my Epic 4g and it completely ruined my user experience. The email (not gmail) app freezes constantly, the touch interface is noticeably slower and buggy. Its sometimes sticks or lags. Many of the other apps have occasional crashes or take several seconds to initialize before loading. I have not done a hard reset but I did reboot several times and even removed the battery. When I called Sprint, they suggested I take the phone to the store for repair. I informed them that the phone worked perfectly for me before the update (the GPS is another issue) and why after waiting for so many months to get this update is my phone’s OS now in subpar shape?

    I then said that I was very disappointed in Sprint for this situation and was told that its an issue with Samsung not them. The operator then stated “Well what do you want Sprint to do?” Offended, I said that I pay a premium expecting better, reliable service after waiting for something that turns out being a buggy product. I am working on installing the update linked on the Samsung site to see if it will be a better install than the OTA one.

    • http://www.thezrohour.com EDAYE

      OK..All is good right now after performing a hard reset and wiping all settings and the few apps that I downloaded. I didn’t have many apps but tried to move them to my SD card before the reset and it didn’t work. I downloaded them again and resetting the phone back to the way I liked took about 30 minutes. Its flowing the same way as before with a bit more speed in some areas like app loading and GUI. The only gripe and is the pinch/zooming within the browser is not as refined. Originally I could zoom in/out and the image of the page would remain static. Now when I zoom the page works to redraw the image and it doesn’t appear as seamless. That’s the best way I can explain..

  • http://Website Smurf503

    Fukin aye godd dammit :D

  • http://Website Droid

    Vote for Android in LinkedIn poll – iPhone is leading at the moment: http://linkd.in/ePYJ59

  • http://Website Zeke

    I would’ve thought they’d have rolled out Android 2.2.2 at least so that pesky SMS bug would be fixed.

  • http://Website Brock

    how long does it take to download over 3g because my phone stared automatically like 2 hours ago and still isnt done