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T-Mobile providing a “Kicker Offer” to appease angry Cliq XT customers

Are you one of the Motorola Cliq XT users feeling a bit shafted by Motorola and T-Mobile’s decision not to upgrade your device to Android 2.1? David over at Tmonews has discovered that T-Mobile is working with it’s Customer Loyalty team to provide a “Kicker Offer” to Cliq XT owners to make up for them being stuck on the now-antiquated Android 1.5.

It’s still unclear at this point exactly what T-Mobile will be offering Cliq XT customers. Tmonews speculates that the incentive will revolve around either an early upgrade or potentially a free upgrade, though this is mere speculation at this point.

If you own a Cliq XT, you may want to give a call over to T-Mobile’s customer service, and ask to be transferred to the Customer Loyalty division. Who knows, you may get a free phone out of the deal!  If you do talk with customer loyalty, be sure to leave a comment below letting us know what the offer actually is.  We’ll update this post as we learn more.

Source: Tmonews

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  • http://Website watbetch

    Now that’s customer service

  • http://Website troy g

    I Love Tmo!!!! They have their faults but in the end They always seem to do something to keep us coning back for more.

  • http://Website troy g

    I Love Tmo!!!! They have their faults but in the end They always seem to do something to keep us coming back for more.

  • http://Website Uncle Paul

    I call up customer and talk dirty to the young ladies. They are always willing to help out a old Guy like me to get his rocks off.

    • http://Website lil Jimmy


      • http://Website Lyle “Chip” Chipperson

        Oh uncle paul……and lil Jimmy your so adorable.

    • http://Website jorge

      My wife and I love making fun of guys like you, I bet you have a collection of pocket pussies and you’ve named them individually.

  • http://Website PapaLos

    There is a God! When me and my wife bought the Cliq XT we were suckered into the “fact” that it’s going to get updated and be much better than what it is. Since there were no other sets we liked we went for it. And the thought of being stuck in this 2 year contract with that PoS phone was stressing us both out. So instead of hanging providers like we were planning, looks like we’ll be taking advantage of this if they do offer something sweet.

  • http://Website mikey

    Hell at least give the poor guys donut. How about G1 owners stuck on 1.6?

    • http://Website anon


      • mac08wrx

        Hahaha thats what i said i hope he is joking.

      • http://Website Mikey

        Currently using the mytouch4g. And I was joking, but only halg so, always thought it was sad the G1 was abandoned with 1.6.

        • http://Website Dford

          I had a g1 rooted and put 2.1 on it. It doesn’t handle that well after a few hours its best on 1.6 cause 2.1 is too beefy for it.

          • http://Website @neidlinger

            2.1 wasn’t “to beefy” for the Dream. You didn’t have the right applications on it to help with memory management. I had a first gen Magic and it would fly with the right apps on it helping out.

  • http://Website PapaLos

    Ha, so much for that. Just called and spoke to the Customer Loyalty Division. They guy had no idea what I was talking about and said not to believe everything I read on the internet. So pretty much the same Tmobile customer service I’ve been used to since we got these cursed phones. Said he could offer me a discount on some phones if I’m not happy with the XT but other than that, no such program exists. And then continued to not give a damn about anything I was saying.

    Guess I’ll stay glued to this post hoping for an update of some sorts.

    • http://Website @neidlinger

      did you ever read the story. They don’t even know what it is, so i may not even be official yet. Dang rookie…..

  • http://Website nobreak1970

    Same here I just got off the phone with “Customer Loyalty” and they told me that it’s not their problem but Motorola may be offering some compensation!
    I told them I was switching to Verizon and they said “sorry for the inconvenience.”


    • http://Website nobreak1970

      UPDATE: They just offered my wife the maximum discount package…and a sincere apology for the way the one rep acted towards me.

  • http://www.tmobileeatpoops.com Sinda

    Tthey updated the Cliq 1 and we’re dealing with software fails, slow response times, and I’ve literally sent back my phone every 2 weeks to get a replacement.

    If you get the upgrade you’re not doing much better than where you were before on 1.6. At least now the XT people can get a free upgrade. Lucky jerks, if you have the Cliq 1 you’re SCREWED…

    • http://Website Will

      If you’re that upset about it, look up how to root and update the phone yourself. That is what most of us with the XT had to do to get away from 1.5 in the first place. There is no need to jump of the XT owners for being “lucky jerks”. There is no guarantee that Tmo will do anything for us in the first place. I almost would prefer to stick with my rooted, flashed and over-clocked XT. It works exactly how I want it to and I haven’t had a single force close or freeze since updating.

      • http://Website @neidlinger

        Rooting a phone and updating it your self… what novel idea. I guess that’s why i have Gingerbread on my MyTouchHD….. whodathukit.

  • http://Website Nate

    Wow, stories like these really make me want to switch to tmo, unfortunitelly I’m stuck in a family plan with iPhone lovers. So its either at&t or vzw.

    • http://Website Tito!

      I really admire your comment. :)
      & I hope you can consider T-Mobile one day,
      because it really is a great company!
      iPhones are nice too. :)

    • http://Website Overbord

      You can jailbreak the Iphone and unlock it to work with tmo

      • http://Website sean

        that’s what i did! the only issue is that iphone’s 3g is not compatible with tmobile’s 3g

  • http://Website kretz

    both att and vzw are better than tmo.

    • http://Website Tito!

      Even if you tooted Verizon/AT&T’s horn they wont give you an incentive .
      Nice try, But T-Mobile Wins!

      • http://Website AndroidConvert

        To the Verizon Touting Comments here. They are a CDMA company and do not have SIM Cards.

        AT&T is a GSM Company and do have SIM Cards.

        Why these are mentioned in the same sentence is technically beyond me. Switching from AT&T to TMO is simple as TMO is a GSM company and has SIM Cards.

        If your phone is unlocked you can move from AT&T to TMO or TMO to AT&T at will. Moving to Verizon requires New Hardware as the GSM phones just do not work on the Verizon Network period.

        So know what you are talking about here.

        You will cost people Big Bucks in the end because they move and need to buy new hardware….

  • http://Website Tito!

    Even if you tooted Verizon/AT&T’s horn they wont give you an incentive .
    Nice try, But T-Mobile Wins!

  • http://Website Lecie

    Well I’ve called about 10 times since this crap hit the fan with Moto bawling… and my mom gave me half the money to pay for the Vibrant 4g when it comes out on the 23rd.. lets wait and see if that qualifies because I feel bad taking my moms money even though it was a birthday gift.. she felt bad because Moto wasn’t helping and I still have to pay 234 on this crap phone so we’ll see…

    • http://Website Thomas

      Two things, the Vibrant 4G sucks because the Galaxy S2 is coming out this summer, and Samsung is almost just as bad at updating their phones.

      If I was in your position, I would wait just 2 more months and then buy the HTC Pryamid when it goes to T-mobile.

      The Vibrant was a Galaxy S phone, the Vibrant 4G is the Vibrant with just small tweeks, and the Galaxy S2 hasn’t even been officially announced yet. Samsung also sucks, but if you truly want the Vibrant, you should buy the Galaxy S2 version this summer instead of the 4G version.

      • http://Website AndroidConvert

        Ok, I do not know the Samsung S any phone. I know the Nexus S. It is a Samsung S with Google Tweeks. It is a True Google Phone.

        Just for the record, Since I purchased the phone on the day of Phone Launch in the US 17 Dec 2010, I have had no fewer than 3 OS updates OVER the Air OTA… Yes 3.

        All updates on a Samsung phone that is Google Branded.

        So Check your Comments about Samsung and updating Android at the door.

        Looks like they have turned over a new leaf here.

        Oh and Gingerbread is Awesome…

        • http://Website Thomas

          Hey dumbass, did you even read my comment???

          I was talking about the Vibrant and the Galaxy S, not the Nexus S. With the Galaxy S phones, Samsung is responsible for the software updates, but with the Nexus S, Google is responible for the software updates.

  • http://Website Steve

    talk to Retention RIGHT NOW, Moto is offering a fucking free BLUETOOTH headset…. WOW

    • http://Website steve

      TalkING to retention* sorry for the typo, lol….can you believe the balls on them?

  • http://Website Islander

    Crippled CLIQ XT owner/user here. Called TMO Customer Loyalty (8 years with them) and here’s their offer: New My touch 4G for $50 each for our two lines if I go on a contract. Contract goes up from my present rate by $20 a month ($240 more a year forever). Or I can get LG Optimus (3G) for free, contract still goes up $20/month. I will probably root to 2.1 and wait it out since we paid $600 for XT phones a bit less than a year ago.

    • http://Website Islander

      Oh, yeah, and the free bluetooth headsets. Great (big) deal.

    • http://Website Michaelinaz

      Whos fault is it you pay too much for your phones? I have never and I repeat never spent that much on a phone. If you have that much to blow may I suggest some gently used offerings on ebay or craigslist? Idiot!

  • http://Website Trace

    Nope, nothing so far….am on the phone with them now and am getting the run around. This rep seems clueless about the “Cliq XT” and keeps calling it the “Cliq”. Way to go. “It isn’t really our call on what Motorola does.” I GET THAT. Their final offer: the LG Optimus T for $64.99. Not a horrible offer, but I think they could have done much better. We passed.

  • shasta824

    I got NOTHING!

    A big offer to bump up a month to 12 month pricing where I can get a $250 Cliq2! or $299 MT4G.


    Told them about waiting for the 2.1 update and about my phone rebooting itself three times a day and she offered to try and help with that.

    But I have already rooted and upgraded. Well at least the phone is working now and I have 2.1. Actually kinda miss some of the Motoblur stuff. Just not what it did to performance.

    Tweetdeck is a fair replacement.

    Guess I am not loyal enough for kicker deal, just a kicker in the junk.

  • http://Website David

    Just got off the phone w/ tmobile customer service. You have to list your problems repeatedly, it helps if you have already had several warranty replacements (I did 5 replacements and my wife did 3). You also have to raise enough heck that the Customer Service person sends you to Android Tech Support and then that tech will need all the problems listed as well. Eventually you should be able to either ask for or just get transferred to the Customer Loyalty department. This is where the “magic” can happen. All of the deals are based amount of time till your upgrade and type of service and type of phone that you would like. We were able to get the MT4G for the same price as opening an initial account with them ($199.99) but not everyone will get this. I balked at first, however, I would have had to pay $400 to cancel my contract, $400 dollars to get two new phones at another carrier, AND pay more for data service and monthly contracts. I need a cell phone for work and this deal just made sense so we went for it. Basically the key to this is raising heck in a polite manner and telling them exactly what you want. Hope this helps!

  • http://Website montrey

    I called T-Mobile on Feb. 8 and told them I wanted to cancel one of my lines that is a Cliq XT. They offered me an early upgrade discount on the phone of my choice. So I asked the rep if I do it for one line can I get the same for my line which I also have a rooted Cliq XT running 2.1 they said sure. I have the G2 for myself and the mytouch slide for my fiancee on the way. Both at the two year discounted rate.

  • http://Website Scott

    I have a cliq xt and am disgusted with mtorola. I called t-mobile they offered me any phone on their network for the upgrade price. I picked the samsung galaxy s and got it for 199.00. Seems like a good deal we’ll see in,a few days. Hope samsung delivers better than Motorola. T – mobile also lowered my bill and credited my account 75.00 for the inconvenience. It did take some time but once I got the right customer service rep it was easy.

  • http://Website frank chavez

    tmobile customer for 7 yrs always satisfied, then upgraded to cliq xt first weeks it came out was happy i got it for free with 2yr ext first android phone looking to see what can do… was getting getting a bit upset about all these new apps on tv and when i went to dl myself was unable cause of os dug a lil deeper thru t mobile form and read a post that said to call tmobile and get strait to point no bs make sure u now what ur talking about and yes unless u have been a customer for a while (not sure how long) and have kept ur account good it should work… i had an ext warrenty and kept saying that everytime i did a recomended update but not official upgrade frm 1.5 something stoped working bluetooth, touchscreen delay, ext got 3 warrnety exhchanges in 2 months even if it was fine and finally said that i was about to just pay for early term( i had 3 lines i was bluffing) and go to another carrier cause was angry that i wasted my upgrade on an outdated phone that they still have r selling as of today and would reconsider staying if only was given a similar phone not with 1.5 of course or with a full upgrade disc and would accept 2 yr ext they and they did.. upgraded to optimus t cause of course u still pay something even with deal and was within my budget…. only thing is u have to call cust care and cant do it online… i never was gonna leave tmobile friends fam with other carries are always complaining about how the problems with their carries mostly cust service… i had cingular now at then and hated dealing wit cust care… tmobile best in my book in helping suck for them cause its technically not there fault they are not the ones that develop the android os they just offer ther service for phone makers products

  • http://AMR SAJ

    The best they could do for me was to offer me the LG Optimus T for $89.99. That was ridiculous to me. The T-Mobile sales rep advised me that the Cliq XT WOULD be upgraded, not that it could be upgraded, at the time of the sales pitch for a cell phone contract with T-Mobile. Therefore, I find it appauling that I even have to pay for a new phone, but they wouldn’t even offer me the one that I wanted, the MyTouch 4G, at $99.99 in order to possibly keep a lifelong customer. They would rather not take a $100 hit per phone, for three phones, than to have me shell out at least $200 per month for at least another three years and possibly longer if I stayed with them due to my satisfaction. What weird type of thinking is that?