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Motorola Atrix 4G review roundup

AT&T sent out review units for the Motorola Atrix 4G this week and the first reviews began to go live today as the embargo was lifted. I’ve been single-handedly hyping this phone (aka Terminator) since late last year, so it’s interesting to finally see what some of the larger blogs and publications think of the device. Check out what the reviewers are saying after the jump.

I’m sure we will reference this post a lot, so if you find a review that we missed please leave a comment so we can add it to our list.

  • Jonathan Geller of BoyGeniusReport: “When we picked up the ATRIX for the first time we were pleasantly surprised with how the materials felt. The device feels solid and well built, and we really love the size”… “The question is if the laptop dock – a single purpose accessory for your smartphone – is worth $300, and we’d unfortunately have to say that we don’t think it is” … “We didn’t honestly notice the phone to be that much faster than normal 1GHz-powered handsets, except under extreme circumstances, but that’s expected” … “We’d say without question that the Motorola ATRIX 4G is one of the best Android smartphones to ever be available from AT&T”
  • Bonnie Cha of CNET: “The laptop dock is a decidedly cool (and pricey) feature, but the dual-core Motorola Atrix 4G has plenty to offer on its own. The smartphone packs speed and high-end features into a sleek package and earns its place at the top of AT&T’s Android lineup” … “However, compared with the company’s other recent handsets, such as the Motorola Droid X and the Motorola Cliq 2, the Atrix doesn’t quite have the same premium feel to it. It’s still very much a solid device but just lacks some of the finer details like a soft-touch finish on back” … “Picture quality was decent. Images came out mostly sharp, but there was some graininess and colors could have been brighter. Video quality was above par.”
  • Scott Stein of CNET: “Here’s the funny part, at least to me: even though this is an Android phone, the baked-in browser on the Motorola dock is Firefox. Herein lies the sense of disconnect. In a future world where devices seamlessly sync and transform function, the top-to-bottom OS functionality here should remain Google-based. If this dock were able to run Chrome OS and Chrome apps, or at the very least a Chrome browser, and even seamlessly integrate Android and Chrome functionality, we’d really be touching the future.”
  • Joshua Topolsky of Engadget: “Right now we can say that we’re pretty impressed with the device’s blazing speed and gorgeous screen, but our experiences with the laptop dock have been hit or miss. It’s clearly a mixture that takes some getting used to” … “We didn’t think 24 hours was quite enough of a window to tell you how we really felt about this monumental device, so we’re giving ourselves the space and time we think is necessary to properly review the phone and all its features.”
  • Steve Kovach of BusinessInsider: “The phone itself is snappy. Apps launched almost instantly, much quicker than Android phones we’ve used in the past. We like that” … “Even though our demo unit said we were connected to HSPA+, we experienced speeds similar to 3G. We’ll have to wait until AT&T finally announces where and when HSPA+ speeds will be available to truly test it out” … “The laptop dock feels like a waste. We can’t think of a single practical use for it. The $500 add on is essentially a shell with a keyboard and screen that must be docked with the Atrix in order to function.”
  • Brian Oliver Bennett of LaptopMag: “Sculpted from black plastic, the Atrix feels almost weightless in your hand but lacks the expensive design treatments we’ve seen in other devices” … “The Atrix 4G boasts a fingerprint scanner that also doubles as the phone’s power button. We successfully used our finger swipe to unlock the handset, which is much easier than using a password” … “A 720p video we shot of skaters in Bryant Park was a little choppy, but the camera did an excellent job of picking up colors and adjusting to light and dark areas in the scene” … “The main thing holding the Atrix 4G back, though, is AT&T’s HSPA+ network. When you have a mobile device capable of streaming Hulu content, it’s unfortunate that low broadband speeds diminish the device’s value, not just for entertainment but productivity as well.”
  • Mark Sulivan of PCWorld: “This dual-core phone is fast and boasts solid data speeds, but the Atrix-powered laptop accessory is a good idea poorly executed” … “After using the Atrix itself for a day or so, I came away impressed with the phone–especially the power of its processor, the clarity of its display, its no-hard-edges design, and its compact shape. Frankly, it’s a phone I would buy.”
  • Sascha Segan of PCMag: “Motorola’s Atrix 4G, the unique bleeding-edge superphone that can transform itself into a PC, shows how we’ll likely be using our mobile devices in the year 2020. But to get a taste of the future, you’ll have to pay, and deal with some bugs along the way” … “AT&T’s accessory pricing discourages the use of the Atrix in laptop mode. But that’s okay. Even without turning into a desktop or laptop, the Atrix is a top-of-the-line smartphone for the techno-elite” … “The Atrix’s bugs and frustrations mean it isn’t a smartphone for beginners” … “But for the adventurous, the Atrix simply does what no other smartphone does, and that alone, is impressive.”
  • Todd Haselton of MobileBurn: “Its NVIDIA Tegra 2 chipset is certainly fast and applications load and close almost instantaneously” … “AT&T says there are some applications that allow you to use the reader to launch various applications depending on the finger you swipe, but out of the box it can only be used to unlock the device” … “My biggest issue with the ATRIX 4G so far is its MOTOBLUR user interface. Motorola’s hasn’t changed MOTOBLUR all that much since it made its debut in 2009 on the CLIQ” … “It’s expensive, but the laptop dock is freakin’ sweet.”

Overall it looks like the Atrix 4G handset is receiving stellar reviews with most people calling it the best Android phone on AT&T and the fastest model available. There are a few software bugs still present, but that’s to be expected with any new Android phone (especially one that does not launch for another month).

Several people said this “4G” phone only delivered 3G speeds, but most of the reviews were conducted in San Francisco and New York, where AT&T doesn’t exactly have the best track record. Hopefully AT&T will fine tune its HSPA+ network over the coming month as this phone starts to hit stores.

The laptop dock still looks awesome, but AT&T might have killed the accessory before it even launches with their high pricing. The laptop dock will cost you $300 extra when bundled with the phone ($500 when purchased separately) and it requires AT&T Data Pro and tethering plans ($25 + $20 = $45 per month). Sascha Segan of PCMag points out that, “the bottom line is that the carrier wants to charge dock users the same as laptop users, who also get charged a $20 supplement to connect to AT&T’s network.”

I previous said I was getting the Atrix 4G and I’m still excited about picking one up. I want to experience the AT&T 4G network, report on their customer service, and the Atrix has several exclusive features (like the fingerprint scanner) that I really want. The Atrix 4G is Motorola’s flagship device so I expect it will get premium software support and timely updates.

AT&T will be selling the Atrix 4G for $199 with 2-year contract, but you might be able to find it for $149 from some discount online retailers. The official pre-sale begins February 13th and AT&T said it should be in their stores by March 6th.

If you are on AT&T, please let me know what you think of the early reviews. Is this your next phone? Does it live up to the hype? Has the high-price of the laptop dock made you reconsider your purchase?

Taylor is the founder of Android and Me. He resides in Dallas and carries the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and HTC One as his daily devices. Ask him a question on Twitter or Google+ and he is likely to respond. | Ethics statement

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  • http://Website Nate

    Hope you enjoy shitty motoBlur!!!

    I also hope you enjoy not being able to use Cyanogen’s roms on your phone, since Motorola encrypts the bootloader, making it too dificult for developers to create advanced custom roms.

    • http://Website NoIdentity

      Actually, there are cm6 and even cm7 roms for motorola milestone (with the locked bootloader).

    • http://Website Eric

      Now, I didn’t read every review, but did any of them confirm the locked boot loader? Doubt they mentioned it. Why not wait, shall we? It very well could have it, but FUD helps nobody.

      • http://www.toysdiva.com PixelSlave

        Browsing the official CyanogenMod forum is a big disappointing experience for Motorola Android phone users. The only Motorola phone supported is the original Droid. That’s it. Their forum is flooded with HTC ports.

        I think I will be getting a HTC when my Droid’s contract ends later this year if Motorola doesn’t soften its bootloader block policy.

        • http://Website Eric

          That I will not deny. My comment was merely to state that while the odds may be against a “free and open” bootloader, stating that it’s locked down at this point is mere speculation.

        • acrididae

          I’m really glad I got the original Droid, but it will probably be my last Motorola product unless they stop locking their devices down (not to mention forcing people to use Blur). CyanogenMod has made waiting for the next really good phone much easier.

      • http://Website ChaosKiller

        A motorola worker said “if you want to do custom roms, then buy elsewhere, we’ll continue with our strategy that is working thanks.” Though motorola said they’d look into the issue for developers I dont think they will unlock their devices.

    • DavidM

      Which is why my sights are set on the HTC Inspire 4G, if it has to have a skin, it better ne a good one

    • http://Website bemymonkey

      I’d be more worried about the “webtop” interface on this device. If Motorola’s locked that down similarly, well… that would make the $300/500 laptop dock more or less useless. Anyone know more?

    • http://Website General Motorola

      Welcome to Motocrap!
      Check out our locked bootloader and MotoFail UI.

  • http://Website UniqueNate

    I think any dual core won’t show it’s true power until they update to the rumored 2.4 which is also known as gingerbread and will bring dual core support. Some people said froyo and gingerbread support dual core but that is not true. how could it if it was built before dual core even came? no manufacturer future proofs that far ahead. I’m sure other features will come with 2.4 to. let’s get gingerbread now though. all these big name features and not building the hardware and OS to run together is catching up. they need to just let these damn custom UI’s go. android will never be at it’s best with these customs skins. hardware and OS actually work together for top performance. i hope you like it Taylor.

    • http://Website Dags

      NVIDIA has said that Froyo itself and many apps like games are multi-threaded and take advantage of dual cores. That’s not unexpected – the Linux kernel obviously supports multiple cores. Check the LG Optimus 2X Review on phandroid.com.

    • http://Website toddddd

      um 2.3 is gingerbread not 2.4

      • http://Website Eric

        Rumor has it Gingerbread will be like eclair. Just like 2.0 and 2.1 were called eclair, 2.3 and 2.4 are supposedly both called gingerbread. Nothing confirmed obviously.

    • http://Website Eric

      “How could it if it was built before dual core even came? no manufacturer future proofs that far ahead.”

      Dual core has been out for years, and the T2 specifically for about 1 year. And yes, manufacturers do proof that far ahead. Google probably already has teams putting the finishing touches on a 3.1 OS before serious testing, and are at least sketching out 3.2 if I had to guess. Besides, it has been shown that the kernal for the Optimus 2X was compiled with SMP (multithreading) enabled. Doubt this will be different. Apps won’t be as efficient as if they were multithreaded, but there should be some boost.

      • http://Website razholio

        Just to clear a few things up:
        1. SMP=Symmetric Multi-Processing. This is a linux kernel feature that allows for the simultaneous scheduling of multiple processes on multiple CPUs. SMT is the same, but for threads which are a faster and lighter way of handling parallel workloads. android 2.2 can be compiled with an SMP kernel (as the optimus 2x was) so that both cores are utilized by the kernel, and some performance benefit will be realized. The JVM in 2.2 is multithreaded (and so is the GUI because this is beneficial even when running on a single core), so there will be some performance benefit with java apps as well. However, there are optimizations that are planned for future android releases that will make the dalvik JVM even more efficient on mutli-core procs. It will get better, but it’s not a yes/no proposition.

        2. software development is typically done in stages with the bleeding edge (feature planning) way out in front by several versions. By the time 2.0 was released, 2.2 had probably already had all of its features planned.

  • http://Website Steve

    While i have to purchase it at full price, this will be my next phone. I will warn you though Taylor, AT&T customer service can be extremely hit-or-miss.

  • http://Website Noctx

    Great phone no doubt, but I think i’ll stick with my captivate, hold off until the future

  • http://Website Rich

    Its nice and all, other then moto blur. But i feel it will be quickly outdated.

  • http://Website raj

    Sorry Taylor, I was excited about this phone until I saw the pricing of the dock. There’s no way I’m paying $300 for the privilege of using Firefox, not to mention a tethering plan that’s required, which makes the whole thing pointless, almost. Unless I see the webtop doing something cooler, its not worth it with the dock. Att have said otherwise but haven’t elaborated on why they think its worth it and they haven’t shown utterly do more than was any cheapo netbook could do.

    The phone on its own is a different story though. Top specs that wont be made use of yet, but the dual cores will be worth it in the future. My only complaints about the phone is moto blur and some of the comments in those reviews coupled with some things my friends tell me (previous Motorola owners) suggest that build quality isn’t as good as HTC, Samsung or LG.

    If you can get the phone on its own from retail for $150, its a steal.

    • http://Website T-MoAndroidExpert

      The tethering plan really does ruin it. I mean, when it first debuted, I assume that was one of the main reasons it would take off. The lack of needing two different data plans on your account. This seems to be something that wireless carriers have not caught on to yet. Yes there will always be people that will add on to their bill, but in my experience selling phones lately, people really are trying to get away from mandatory bills like that. Even if they’ve been with us for years, they don’t like to feel obligated to anything. My own father won’t get my mother a new phone because he has some irrational fear of extending the contract. I don’t understand it, but I digress.

      Handset manufacturers are eventually going to have to step in for these kind of situations and sell these kinds of things separately. There is no way I see any of the carriers missing out on any potential data plan revenue. Motorola should have sold it directly from their website.

  • http://Website T-MoAndroidExpert

    I am definitely interested in the concept, and if I was on AT&T i would definitely be getting this. I would feel more comfortable though if the handset maker was HTC though. I’m hoping the concept is popular enough for Google to maybe consider this kind of functionality in their Nexus line of phones (Even though I’m still furious my N1 STILL does not have an upgrade to 2.3. It’s really getting ridiculous at this point!

    I’m probably going to wait and see how the Pyramid rumors pan out. If it’s not the HTC 4.3 beast everyone says it should be, I’ll probably jump ship to Verizon and get a Thunderbolt or a Droid Bionic. Although since Verizon and AT&T love to copy each other, I’m wondering if a version of the Atrix on Verizon LTE will ever pop up.

    • http://Website Mark

      LOL. Get over yourself and get in line like the rest of us. The N1 is a grandfather now in the Android world of fast moving tech.

      • http://Website T-MoAndroidExpert

        Um…I am aware of this. Which is why I have a G2, MyTouch 4G, and an HD7 if I want to switch it up. Primarily I like to use the G2 or MyTouch. So thank you for your suggestion, but I would say I have the “keeping up with the fast moving tech” part down, thanks.

        Regardless, if your going to release a phone with the promise or even the slightest assumption that it will be first in line to get upgrades in software and make it one of the main reasons as to why you should purchase said device, then you really need to bring it and make sure it get’s said update. More importantly, it’s even crazier because we all have seen that blurry 10 second youtube video of the N1 with Gingerbread on it.

        Certainly you saying that I should get over myself doesn’t help the situation. Mainly cause it just puts you in a position where you think manufacturers are allowed to make promises and are not required to go through on them. At the end of the day, you aren’t in my position where you have to explain this kind of reasoning to customers and your paycheck certainly doesn’t depend on it.

      • http://Website Raj

        I too have a nexus one and only recently I rooted and installed cyanogen 6. Tbh it hasn’t added much to the experience. I like being able to take screenshots and like that the FM radio is enabled. I haven’t looked St any other apps that need root, but my point is, mock the N1 all you like – I’ve had 2.2 for what feels like forever whilst everyone else had been crying about only having 2.1.

        The battery life may not be that good, it is Tue first gen snapdragon, but this is a solid phone that handles anything I’ve thrown at it. I bought it unlocked for full price and I have no regrets. I am in no rush to upgrade right now.

      • http://Website Wasim

        The Nexus One might be over a year old, but it’s STILL top 5 when it comes to current top Android devices! Btw….ive had Gingerbread on my Nexus One for weeks now thanks to a man named, Cyanogen!

  • http://Website Mark

    LOL. I love how AT&T decided to finally show some Android love now that their beloved iPhone is leaving their tight grasps. They have finally woken up to the harsh reality that the iPhone isn’t the only OS available. Fools…

  • Brandon Evo 4G

    All I need is this with Launcher Pro and I’m set for life.

  • http://Website Dilagable

    Stellar reviews? You must bee in a motoblur yourself. Those reviews looked average at best. Really disappointing from my stand point. I left AT&T for a reason. I can’t believe I even considered this phone to deal with them. I will stick to the vastly superior T-Mobile.

    • http://Website sw1ftk1t

      lol. that’s just Taylor trying to justify his purchase of the phone.

    • http://Website Eric

      The reviews I read (BGR, PCMag, PCWorld, and Mobile Burn) said it was an exceptional device, with meh attachments that were overpriced anyway, and a network that people know what they are getting into with it (it’s actually better than any others where I live). Haters gonna hate.

    • http://Website Wasim

      yea those reviews were average…..i think dual core is going to be crazy awesome, but Motoblur bogging it down is a BIGGGG turn down!

  • http://Website Reggie

    another moto blur phone that will soon and quickly be outpaced by the inevitable incoming rush of the BETTER dual core devices set to hit other networks in coming months. hold on to your wallets, fellas.

  • http://Website Miller

    I would like to see honeycomb implemented into the laptop dock mode. The processor should handle it, and it would make the $300 price well worth it.

    • http://Website Eric

      Not convinced that honeycomb is a keyboard and mouse OS. Put that sucker in a Tablet shell with honeycomb however, and that’s another story!

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      Just wait till someone hacks Chrome OS onto this device and makes it work with the laptop dock…

      • http://www.lordofgame.com PixelSlave

        Taylor, this will be pretty difficult, I think. Remember, that dock has no processor, no memory and no storage (according to PC World.)

        • http://Website Eric

          He probably meant the Atrix. Of course the Shell won’t run anything by itself. Not only would it be difficult, it would be impossible.

  • http://Website Bob G

    Currently on AT&T. Never had problems with their service here. Can’t wait to get the Atrix!

    My next phone!

  • http://Website techsican

    The Atrix is definitely my next smartphone. I’m disappointed in the high price of the laptop dock, but i’m sure it’s a matter of tIme before it will go down in price once they don’t sell any. ;)

  • http://Website Richard

    I wish you luck Taylor on your purchase and your switch to At&t… Myself I will wait for another MANUFACTURER to come with there version of this concept on another carrier. Maybe then it will be properly priced focusing on bringing consumers into a new world of relating with technology instead of chasing them away from a new concept with unnecessary pricing… Every day at&t distributes a side of them that they truthfully could care less about there customers… They would have a lot to do to prove to me that there worth my dollar. The same can be said about the Atrix it has alot to prove in the real world on a day to day basis so i will reserve my opinion until then. I have a proven device on a proven network now and I am sure my favorite manufacturer in the industry HTC has this concept coming and will do it much better than Motorola…. I will wait for that or my Evo 2 4g which will clearly be better than this device come june 2011

  • http://getyourgadgetsgoing.com Tristan Thomas

    Okay, while these Motorola products get me SUPER EXCITED, I simply cannot allow myself to buy them. I read this article that claims Motorola supports illegal activities and war crimes and I dont want to support a company that supports that kind of thing.

    You can check out the video here: http://getyourgadgetsgoing.com/2011/01/05/motorola-supports-war-crimes-will-you-support-themvideo/

    • http://Website Mark

      Poor Thomas…the gates are down and the lights are flashing, but the train isn’t coming.

  • http://Website Wasim

    2.4 is going to make dual-core phones more awesome than they already will be! Dual core support will be added to take full advantage of that processor! This device looks awesome, but Motoblur is a big turn off! I only can imagine what the next pure vanilla Android phone will be like with a dual-core processor and Android 2.4!?!?! And next in line for the Nexus line isssss………..Motorola! Nexus X??

  • jivemaster

    From the amount of support you’ve been giving this phone Taylor you’d think Motorola would have the decency to send you a demo unit too!!

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      Hey I’m going to buy the Atrix like everyone else hah! I enjoyed every minute of hyping this phone the last 5 months. You can’t fake excitement!

      • http://Website Greg

        This would only be true if “everyone else” was buying this phone. Hey, on the plus side, since basically all of AT&T’s data users are leaving, the network should be underutilized and your speeds might be satisfactory.

  • Bradley

    I’m taking the dive – I’ll be selling the *gasp* iPhone 4 for the Atrix since this is the first legitimately exciting Android phone for AT&T. As for my neck of the woods, I can’t wait for it. My 3G or 4G or whatever they’re calling it is consistently 3 mbps+ down. (As a matter of a fact I just did a speed test and pulled 5.11 mbps down and 1.39 mbps up!!!) I’ll enjoy being able to watch Hulu/Netflix smoothly on the amazing screen!

    I can’t wait for the power from the dual core processor, I get annoyed with iPhone’s gimmicky transitions and crap that just takes extra time to load apps in. I’m ready to move on to a real phone.

    • https://www.toysdiva.com/popular-pokemon-toys-and-games PixelSlave

      Bradley, if you could wait, I would suggest waiting for the Bionic. I am a little worried about the 512Mb RAM, but I think it should be ok. Unless you absolutely need the laptop dock, and 1Gb RAM, I see no point getting the Atrix.

      I am not sure where you live, but I am in NYC, and AT&T’s reputation here is, ha ha …

      • Bradley

        The Bionic’s specs are ok, but I’m sticking with AT&T. I also realize that I’m one of the really really lucky users lol. I live in a small college town in Ohio so I assume that’s why we have a respectable backhaul here (or at least that’s the only reasoning I can come up with…)

        Also, I’m on a family plan with an AT&T employee so the discounts are killer :-)

        • http://Website Kevin

          Bradley, which college do you go to in Ohio?

          • Bradley

            The University of Mount Union.

    • http://Website cb2000a

      Not sure this phone will ever have Netflix. They are installing Netflix mostly on HTC snapdragon phones now because of licensing/security issues.

  • http://i Hans


  • http://Website Hans

    It’s interesting how only one of those reviews mentioned MotoBlur. Seems like Blur doesn’t bog down this phone one bit! :)

  • http://Website Nate

    The issue with buying this phone, or any AT&T “4g” phone at this point is that they’re launching their LTE network midway through this year. When that happens owning an AT&T HSPA+ phone is gonna seem pretty useless.

  • http://Website jojo

    i don’t like the way motorola are pushing the various docks for this phone, seems like it’s going to have horrible battery life. the end of the “mobile” phone is nigh, long live the semi-mobile…….

  • http://Website Anthony

    I’m on AT&T right now and this phone isn’t enough to keep me here… also all the reviews that said “This is the best Android phone on AT&T”, that isn’t saying much since AT&T has the poorest selection of Android phone compared to the other main carriers.

    As soon as I can get myself an HTC Pyramid, I’m jumping ship.

  • http://Website Paul Atreides

    Taylor you’re really shamelessly hyping this device. Stellar reviews? Really? Now that it’s a 2.4 out there with dual-core support just another thing to ponder when switching to an at&t/motorola device. How they handle this device will show if they have really commited to Android finally.

  • http://Website Greg

    I read the reviews and then I read Taylor’s review of the reviews. It’s sad to see him so blinded by his own misguided ambitions.

    Taylor, we know you want to stay true to your word, but don’t get locked into a 2-year deal with AT&T.

    It is, after all, AT&T.

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      Hehe I do not plan on signing a 2-year contract. I don’t do contracts.

      • http://Website Jay

        You and me both. Though isn’t it cheaper to get the contract and pay the etf? $200 + $350 = $50 shy of the ~$600 retail price.

      • http://Website Andre

        AT&T has month-to-month plans?

  • http://Website Miguel

    The phone seems fantastic, especially the fingerprint reader and the loads of memory. However, there are several big turnoffs for me.

    1. It’s exclusive to AT&T. I’m supposed to feel good about the fact that while I am signing up for AT&T for two years, there will be a long long long line of iPhone customers streaming out of the place as if it were a house of horrors? It’s sort of like boarding a sinking ship while walking past the mass of people running away from it.

    2. It runs Blur. It runs Blur. Did I mention IT RUNS BLUR? Ugh. I can’t understand how any Android enthusiast (i.e. Android blogger) could even entertain the thought of using a manufacturer skinned device, rather than vanilla Android. The Atrix will be lucky to see Gingerbread. By the time Honeycomb is released for phones, Motorola will have released the “Atrix Pro Magnus VII” with Gingerbread, promising to upgrade THAT to Honeycomb. If the bootloader were unlocked, at least this weakness could be addressed, bit it can’t.

    It’s also ironic that one of the MAIN complaints in all these reviews is the network!! Shouldn’t New York (largest city in America) and San Francisco (iPhone mecca of the World) be AT&T’s strongest coverage markets if they want to succeed? Coverage should actually be BETTER in those places, not WORST.

  • http://Website joe

    With all that added price for tethering and pro data . I have to say that i will wait again till the HTC PYRAMID comes available . The moto sounds and looks good but i know that HTC will not disappoint .

    once again i have been turn off by at&t . If this one was on sprint or verizon or tmobile i would have not heisted.

    • http://Website Mast3rShake

      Right, because the HTC Uncredible wasn’t a disappointment…

      Man you HTC fanboi’s are getting as bad as Apple fanboi’s. “If it isn’t HTC it’s crap sounds a lot like if it isn’t Apple it’s crap.”

      • http://Website Nate

        Ill admit this HTC fanboyism is getting kinda bad, but at least its justified: sense is the best of the custom skins, they make arguably the best hardware, and they have about the best upgrade history of any manufacturer.

  • http://www.ericfarley.net Eric

    I was super excited for this device and couldn’t wait to get my hands on it, but the more details that come out the less I want it. Here are the reasons why I will NOT be getting the Atrix after all and have decided to go with the Galaxy S2 pending more details on it.

    They only went with a 5MP camera when most of the dual core competition seems to be going with a 8MP which is a huge difference.

    They chose AT&T which after my experience with them I can’t wait to go over to Verizon despite them having good coverage in my area. Their network is ages behind Verizon and they corporate goals are to make as much money with as little investment as possible. I.E. It took me until 2007 to get service in my town which had full bars with Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile in 2000 because ATT didn’t want to invest in towers and would rather out source their network. It took ATT almost a year longer to bring MMS messaging to my iPhone when other carriers were offering it outside the US because ATT didn’t have a network able to support MMS and had been out sourcing MMS up until 2009/2010. Lastly for some reason the last few months my data plan has been getting hit with 30-100MB usage’s every couple days while I am on WiFi but the usage goes over 3G.. ATT’s customer support while crediting my account for the overage just tells me “it seems to be an update, we suggest you turn the phone off so it can’t download updates” Yes their solution was “just don’t use the phone you pay for and it won’t be a problem”

    They decided it would be a good idea to rip everyone off with the laptop/HD docks. $300/$500 is insane to expect anyone to pay for a monitor and keyboard. As far as I’m concerned Moto said “we think our main market is a bunch of retarded fan boys who will pay anything for something that has a “cool” factor so lets take the morons for all their worth!” plus the HD dock is a remote and dock no way it should cost almost $200 thats possibly even more of a ripoff than the laptop dock… what next they announce the GPS “Dock” for $145 when its just a suction cup and holder for the phone.. yeah sounds right.

    Lastly they didn’t release it with 1080p when they know the competition is all going 1080p moto just says “it will come with a software update” with no indication to how long after launch they will release it. I would guess it takes moto 3 months to release it and then ATT 8 more months to upgrade their network to support the update process for android.

    Oh yeah not to mention I’m sure ATT will have failed to prepare their network for Android and will leave the early adapters hanging without updates and crappy services for the first year while they update their hardware to catch up to where Verizon was in 2000 and claim “good enough for now”

    • http://Website Chris

      Let me just reply Eric,

      1) I think they went with AT&T because it is GSM based, as are 85% of the worldwide carriers. So afterwards when they want to sell it outside US, much easier. They could have gone T-Mobile as well I guess, in principle. But both CDMA-based (Verizon) and WiMAX (Sprint) is a bad idea for a phone they want to sell globally.
      2) It seems to me that between 5MP and 8MP on the phone there is not THAT much difference – as opposed to an actual camera! Reason being the tininess of the camera in a phone ;)
      3) Have to agree 100% with the pricing unhappiness here. $500 for the dock by itself seems VERY overpriced. You can almost get a whole Nexus S for that! Or a decent netbook!
      4) Agreed. But it should come with SW update, and again I think videos taken with phone cameras rarely deserve full HD…
      5) Again, I believe GSM is the reason it’s AT&T. I feel for you guys in the US that have to put up with crappy AT&T network… I experienced it first hand when I was in NY recently.

      I, for one, will be getting the phone as soon as possible, but may wait for the dock price to come down a bit.

  • kegansb

    I think this is my next phone. I am curious to see what comes out of MWC though… I am going to be a ship changer from the iOS to Android and am very excited about it. The laptop dock, Outragously priced, and if I understand correctly I need a tethering plan?!? I have an unlimited data plan, is that not enough? $500 plus you want and extra $20 on top of what I pay you anyway? No laptop dock in my future. If I also understand correctly the HD dock can hook to a moniter and keyboard, I can do that for much less and the portability is not a deal breaker for me… Flatscreen TV/monitor+wireless keyboard and mouse=portable

  • http://Website Mikey

    If everyone would please take two steps back, talyor and motoblur are crashing and burning.

  • http://Website Shaundizzle

    I was originally psyched about the phone, unfortunately I am slowly being dissatisfied. I decided I’m getting the htc inspire outright and then getting a dual core latest and greatest phone when my contract is over in june

  • http://Website Maximus

    The Idea is Great in terms of incorporating your phone and laptop as ONE.

    The fact that this is going to Hindered by MOTOBLUR is what will be the ultimate Failure of this product

    Also what gets me is your Fascination with being THUMB SCANNED i guess you like the idea of living in a 1984 type existence

    I expect that feature to be in most High End phones with Motoblur testing the waters to See the response

    So far they have a FAn in you TAylor

    Next they will Put Bionic Eye Retina Scans on the Phones and everyone will think thats cool too smh

    Anything with Motoblur should be thrown on a High-speed Freeway

  • http://Website jorge

    Where is the full review for the optimus x2?

  • http://Website Ben Johnson, GA

    What a disappointment, but i have no regrets because i already have the better phone (iPhone 4)!!!
    Im upgrading to iPhone 5 very soon.
    Be happy with your obsolete phones folks…

    cheers, Ben
    sent from my iPhone 4

    (Note: it does NOT reboot)

    • http://Website Meh

      Have fun with your iPhone since it does EVERYTHING for you and it’s so closed it won’t let you modify anything so you don’t ruin it!

      I’m sure it so perfect it shouldn’t need OS updates or need to root it, oops i mean jailbreak it.

    • http://Website Meh

      Have fun with your iPhone since it does EVERYTHING for you and it’s so closed it won’t let you modify anything so you don’t ruin it!

      I’m sure it so perfect it shouldn’t need OS updates or need to root it, oops i mean jailbreak it.

  • http://Website Fishstick

    Taylor, any updates on the LG Optimus 2X?

  • AceoStar

    I gotta say, its disappointing that a site like MobileBurn gets a demo unit and the article gets like 4 facebook likes, and LaptopMag.com only gets 18 comments. While androidandme doesn’t get a review unit and still gets a lot more hits and publicity drummed up for the Atrix. Maybe next time!

  • http://Website Sean

    ATRIX 4G up for Pre-Order on ATT Site! No date visible yet. Has anyone pre-ordered and seen the delivery date yet?

    • http://Website Jesse E

      I went and pre-orded my Atrix at an AT&T store yesterday. I had to let go of my Samsung Captivate, though I was still under the 30 day rerutn deal.

      However, when I went to pre-order not a single rep at the store knew about the pre-sale, nor did they know the price or the date they would ship.

      Very frustrating. They finally got their info together and pre-ordered it for me ($199 w/ 2 yr.) But they still were lacking much information for me.

  • http://Website Jesse E

    I went and pre-orded my Atrix at an AT&T store yesterday. I had to let go of my Samsung Captivate, though I was still under the 30 day rerutn deal.

    However, when I went to pre-order not a single rep at the store knew about the pre-sale, nor did they know the price or the date they would ship.

    Very frustrating. They finally got their info together and pre-ordered it for me ($199 w/ 2 yr.) But they still were lacking much information for me. Hopefully I will be able to tag on insurance and all of that good stuff when it ships in.

  • http://Website Andrés

    Not *one* mention of the pixelated PenTile display on the Atrix 4g? Check out the closeups on Anandtech: http://www.anandtech.com/show/4165/the-motorola-atrix-4g-preview/4

  • jheayahr

    –u know wat guys…u’re all arguing about the MOTOBLUR thing on motorola…i have a motoblur phone my own and I LOVE THE PHONE VERY MUCH…..i don’t care about doing a master reset on the device or maybe transferring to another motoblur phone coz my CONTACTS ARE STILL INTACT and I CAN TRANSFER THEM ALWAYS….thanks to MOTOBLUR, that is..


  • http://Website GABRIEL

    CHICAGO – 4G World – Everyone knows that AT&T Inc. (NYSE: T) is planning to move to Long Term Evolution (LTE) later this year, but is the operator also planning a further upgrade of its 3G network in 2011.

    In his keynote here, David Haight, VP of business development at AT&T’s Emerging Devices Organization, said that if users roam off LTE, they would go to faster 3G in 2011. “The good news is that you’re going to fall back to HSPA+, so you’re falling back to 14.4 megabits, not 7.2 or 3.6,” Haight told the crowd. (See 4G World: AT&T Learns Lessons From iPad.)

    So far, AT&T has only said that it will deploy the earlier 14.4Mbit/s upgrade by the end of 2010, revealing nothing about a 21Mbit/s upgrade in 2011. So we asked AT&T what the official word on this was.

    “HSPA+ technology has a theoretical maximum speed of 21Mbps,” a spokeswoman said, in an email reply to questions. “WE HAVE NOT BEGUN DEPLOYING THE TECHNOLOGY AT THIS TIME”,she said that ONLY last October — then now magically they are 4G (See AT&T Plots Widescale HSPA+ Rollout .)

    Nonetheless, if AT&T is interested in keeping up with GSM rival T-Mobile then HSPA+ is a logical progression. T-Mobile is currently rolling out a 21Mbit/s upgrade for over 100 cities now; it currently has the speed boost running in 100+ cities in the US. They proud of announcing every city that they lit up for 21 hspa+ but AT&T cannot do that because they are just putting 7.2 & 14.4…

    The average download speeds offered on 21Mbit/s HSPA+ are in the 5 to 8 Mbit/s range, but we seen Max. of 12.5Mbps in Samsung Galaxy S 4G in some city with 3Mbps upload. (See T-Mobile’s HSPA+ Rivals Clearwire, US LTE Speeds.)

    When we are in Austin,Texas for ANDROID FESTIVAL, TMobile executives said that 42Mbps hspa+ will be available by last week of MARCH or 1st week of APRIL – 2011 then AT&T will start to deploy 21Mbps hspa+ that time… LATE IN THE GAME!!!

    I called a friend who is engineer in AT&T MOBILITY DEPT. (15 years) & he said to me that THEY STILL USE THE 7.2Mbps & SOME city with 14.4Mbps HSPA, NOT YET THE 21 HSPA+ (maybe they will start last week of February or 1st week of March, he said in SOME CITIES NOT 100+ LIKE TMOBILE) So the hspa that AT&T saying that will cover more is the 7.2 & 14.4 NOT THE 21 HSPA+…

    SPRINT has WIMAX & VERIZON has LTE then TMOBILE has 21hspa+ then 42hspa+ this April, how about AT&T – 7.2 then 14.4 selected cities – the slowest… & FAKE 4G…


  • http://www.motorolaatrixforum.com Motorola Atrix 4G

    Excellent analysis LS. I agree. IF (and it’s a big ‘if’) ‘data buckets’ become the norm (as they should), a lap-dock is not a huge game changer. And I wouldn’t buy one for $500, either way. Especially if there’s no video-out, unless I buy the OTHER dock. That’s a non-starter for me.

    It’s disappointing, but you may be right about the public in general. It’s sad though, because a reasonably priced package that lets you get a lot more out of your smartphone-cum-pocket-computer, helps justify the cost of a top-tier smartphone.
    I have read below article that explain very deeply about Motorola Atrix 4G..
    Motorola Atrix 4G Review!

  • http://Website Kavin
  • http://Website darcy

    Does anybody have a work around for the Bell network to send an email other than using gmail?

    How about the power up button pushing the 2 halves apart – anybody seen that. Happened to me the first day

  • http://www.rearthusa.com [email protected]

    I think Apple has some major competition now when it come phones. Unless they can do something amazing with the iphone once again.

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