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Cool App Concept: Qonqr to be like mobile, real-life Risk

A team of Minnesota-based developers submitted an awesome idea to the Twin Cities Startup Weekend, a local competition that challenges budding entrepreneurs to build a prototype business over the course of a single weekend.

The team ended up winning the competition with Qonqr (pronounced Conquer), a check-in-based game that has been likened to playing a real-live version of Risk with other players in your community. The actual gameplay for Qonqr is a bit strange; users build teams of “nanobots”, your tiny, invisible robot army that can conquer entire cities.

Qonqr will require you to be at or near the city’s center in order to send your nanobots to conquer the city, unless of course you want to shell out some real dough. If you’re not close to the city you want to conquer, you can use real money to buy a “virtual missle” to send nanobots remotely to conquer cities far and wide.

What happens if your city is already taken over by another player? It’s simple, really; the player with the most nanobots wins the battle for the city.

Overall, Qonqr has the potential to be a pretty cool spin on location-based games that are currently available on Android. Qonqr is not available on any mobile platforms just yet, but they plan on releasing apps for Android, Windows Phone 7, and iPhone sometime in 2011. They did say that Android will probably be the last platform they develop for, but their company is based out of my hometown, so perhaps I’ll be able to convince them to change their mind.

Anyone else think this is a cool idea, or do you think the whole location-based games/check-in services are a bit played out?  Sound off in the comments.

Via: Star Tribune

Source: Qonqr

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  • http://Website James King

    This sounds so amazing. I’ve always wondered how a game like this would work in real life, and as a concept this looks like it could be amazing!

    • sanjeev

      you are correct…we need much more updates regarding it..and we are waiting..

  • http://Website Splendor

    That sounds amazing! But why would they develop for the largest mobile OS last?

    • http://Website st3v3

      Because iPhone sucks. Android is going to win in the end,

      • http://Website Don Boogie

        I would think that Android is the most difficult platform to develop for due to the different OS versions and wide variation of handsets and specs.

  • Jason

    Sounds like there is finally a reason for location-based apps. I don’t really care about being Mayor or getting badges, however, for a game… I would definitely play and try it out.

  • http://Website lancaster09

    Awesome idea… I would totally play it. However one problem I see is that late comers to the game will have to move to Death Valley to start building their armies to release on big cities later

  • http://Website Nicholas

    As soon as they release it I’m my army will be marching on NYC. Oh wait…

  • Scott Scanlon

    I was at this start up weekend and saw the app in action… sort of anyway. We got a run through and could access it via the browser. Pretty cool concept and great to see these guys taking it to the next level.

  • Robert Dempsey

    I was at Startup Weekend when the team launched Qonqr. I never play these types of games but couldn’t stop releasing the nanobots so my team could win! It was a lot of fun and great to see their running with it.


    We’re so pumped to hear that you guys are excited about QONQR! Just to clarify, the beta version of the application that we’ll be launching at SXSW will be HTML5, so it will be playable from all platforms, including Android.

    Native apps for Android, iPhone, and WP7 are being developed in parallel. In fact, Android development guru, Donn Felker, recently joined the QONQR team because we love the Android platform and community!

    Thanks again for your interest! It’s great to hear that you guys are as excited about the game as we are!

  • http://Website qonqorer

    nice idea, anyone knows any release dates?? or Beta date?? hope it gets famous to compete…

  • Jason

    Who wouldn’t want to launch nanobots? I can’t wait. I hope they do some sort of cool force directed animation when they spread through the city.

  • http://Website Cameron

    I can’t get QONQR to work. Even though my Gps is on and working, QONQR keeps telling me I need geo-location to launch nanobots. Anyone else have this problem?

  • http://Website Anthony

    I’ve been playing it today and while it’s a neat concept, I think there’s a pretty big flaw. It’s pretty, well, boring. You’re forced to play it from your physical location which means if you’re the only person playing boooring. You can’t attack remote locations and you have to wait X time to get more nanobots, it appears to me to be approx 1 every 10 secs. You ‘launch’ them in 100 or more batches.

    The thing is, the person who wins will just be the most persistent person. The strategy will hardly matter. With higher levels you will pool more units, but no matter what the only real strategy here is to physically live near people you can play with, and then spend more time online than them. Presto, you win.

    This thing will never do well.