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Gowalla gets revamped in version 3

Today, Gowalla announced that they have released a “rethought and reworked” version of their check-in application onto the Android market. With Gowalla 3, the Gowalla team hoped to bring an application that was uniquely Gowalla and uniquely Android, a feat they’ve largely accomplished with the new release, though you’ll still notice some overlap with its iOS counterpart.

The updated Gowalla application has been re-envisioned from the ground up, and brings the following changes/enhancements:

  • New passport view and action bar — Passport view gives you access to all the main features of Gowalla, and provides a quick glance at your recent check-ins and user profile. The action bar provides an easy way to update/refresh the Gowalla application. Most of the former features in the menu bar are now found on the action bar.
  • Updated/streamlined check-in menu — the new check-in menu allows easier check-ins and sharing options than its predecessor.
  • The friend feed is also updated to provide a clean glance at your friends’ check-ins. The friend feed has the option to incorporate Facebook places and Foursquare check-ins into a single feed.
  • Optional notifications (Android 2.2+) — Gowalla has also added opt-in notifications that will provide you with a notification-bar update when your friends check-in someplace or comment on your check-in. Though I don’t see much personal use for this, I’m sure this will please some of you out there.

Overall, the new application looks and feels awesome. Though I’m not convinced the nicely-updated application is enough to convince customers to switch from competing check-in services, it certainly will be a welcome update for those of you who already use Gowalla. If you haven’t check out Gowalla yet and aren’t tied to any one particular check-in service,  the update is certainly worth giving Gowalla another look.

Gowalla 3 is now available on the Android market for all Android 1.6+ devices.


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Via: Gowalla

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  • http://Website sct

    Definitely a great app I just wish more of my friends used it. The new version is absolutely beautiful and I wish more android devs spent the time making their apps look this good.

  • http://Website fuz

    So much prettier and more fun to use than Foursquare.

  • Ian P

    This is hopefully a sign of things to come. This, and the official Twitter client, show that developers are more willing to put the same level of thoughtful design into Android apps that they do with iOS apps.

    • Anthony Domanico

      Truth. I like and appreciate the polish it seems more and more companies are bringing to their android applications. Frankly, we need it if we’re going to compete.