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Team Android Choice Awards finalists announced!

In an epic quest to find the hottest Android app around, we present to you our list of ten finalists who will bravely take the stage in a rapid-fire competition to fight for the title of Team Android Choice Award – Best Android App SXSW 2011. Some of these apps are brand new, some are names you know and love, some have major changes planned- but they all want a spot on your home screen.

The Team Android Choice Awards are sponsored by Appolicious, who showed up in the final hour to really help make this contest happen. The show starts at 7:30pm, with each developer getting just two minutes to pitch their app to a packed house of elite Android nerds. When everyone is done, we’re going to take a live vote to name a winner. We’re also going to have a physical trophy complete with a gold Android on top making for an award ceremony you won’t want to miss.

Without further ado, we present the finalists:


Gowalla is an easy way to share places you go with friends. You can use the app to discover real-life eateries, coffeehouses, shops, landmarks, museums and more. Share your experiences through Gowalla with friends on Facebook and Twitter, then stamp your passport to earn rewards.



Foodspotting is a visual guide to good food and where to find it. Instead of reviewing restaurants, you can find and share where to find your favorite dishes using photos. When you’re out and about and hungry, you don’t want to read long, snarky reviews. You just want to see what’s good nearby. By showing you photos of nearby foods and keeping our rating system simple (If you love it, nom it!), Foodspotting aims to make decision-making easier.



Hashable helps you track and share all the great people you are meeting with and introducing. Every time you make a connection with someone – like breakfast, drinks, a meeting, or just bumping into friends on the street – you can record that interaction either privately or publicly in your Hashable profile and then (optionally) share it with your friends on Twitter.



Control and play your media whenever and however you want with Skifta. Skifta for Android is a DLNA Certified(R) software app that lets you play your digital music, photos and videos on connected devices anywhere — no wires, no downloading. Control digital media on your phone, from the Internet, or remotely from home, and stream it over WiFi to your TV, PS3 or stereo.



*Spark brings you everything you want in one place. It can be used as a home screen replacement or on its own as a killer app. *Spark offers a better way to connect to Twitter & Facebook, access news, entertainment, weather and Groupon deals.



ooVoo can make a multi-party video call with up to 6 people and offers the freedom to connect with your friends and family both from your desktop and on the go with your mobile phone. Chat mobile to mobile, mobile to desktop or mobile to web!



Makes smartphones smart by tagging nearby wireless devices & automating actions. This application is for people who are tired of looking down at their phone to see where their friends are and want to look up, live life and interact in the real world.



The core of the feedly experience are the “what’s new” and the “cover page”: they help you satisfy your appetite for learning and enjoying the web by delivering, in one place, the best content from your favorite websites and services. Feedly has yet to be released on the Android Market.

Lightbox Photos

Lightbox is working on fixing two problems: Most Android apps suck when compared to their iPhone counterparts, and most mobile apps become totally unusable when you have a slow or non-existent network (e.g. when on the subway). Lightbox Photos will bring a new level of polish to the Android platform for photo sharing and takes advantages of the ability to run background services on Android to sync data so it can work while disconnected from the network. Lightbox has yet to be released in the Android Market.


The first beta version of PTPT for Android launched at MWC 2011 and is being called the first dedicated user interface for tablets. PTPT is a user interface paradigm and application framework to converge, manage and use digital assets productively, offering value to each link of the value chain. PTPT has yet to be released on the Android Market.

Join us Sunday, March 13

I’d imagine you guys know the details by know, but if you’re new here, I’ll recap. We’re having a huge party on March 13 during SXSWi at Lustre Pearl on Rainy St at 7PM with Appolicious, Samsung, HTC, Netshelter, and NVIDIA. That sum it up?

If you want some more details, you can check the original party announcement post, the official Team Android at SXSW page, or the Eventbrite page.

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  • http://Website Brian from Texas

    I don’t care for social networking apps. It might be nice; 1) if we all lived in a 1 mile radius, 2) all visited the same places each day, 3) I had 100 people that I considered “close friends”, 4) none of us had vehicles. Actually, that sounds like Jr. high-school. Maybe it works great for them.

  • http://Website lancaster09

    This was great to learn about some. I haven’t really heard of. Y’all should definitely bring back the Staff picks of the week or at least make it month. Granted there’s apps out there to help you discover new apps but I like hearing your opinions.

  • http://Website rev2redlineguy

    ” Feedly has yet to be released on the Android Market.”

    Am I missing something? How can it make the list if it isn’t even on the Android Market yet? What happened to LauncherPro? Now that is an awesome app and should be a worthy competitor. But then again, who am I to make judgements? I’m just a simple everyday Android use since the G1.

    • Clark Wimberly

      These apps aren’t selected from the entire market, they are primarily apps that will have a physical presence at SXSW (we had an open submission and these are the tops that applied). We are tying to name a Best in Show, not a Best of Platform.

      • alireza

        clark wimberly

  • Sean the Electrofreak

    I’ve never heard of any of these. And I keep a pretty close eye on AppAware and have close to 500 megs of apps on my phone.

    Reading the descriptions, none sound terribly interesting to me, but I’m not a big social networker. I use phone to check Facebook occasionally (when I’m VERY bored) and I post restaurant reviews on Yelp every now and then, that’s it.

  • Adam

    Hmmm, bit of a disappointingly motley crew, obviously not a ‘users choice awards’ as most of them are 3/3.5* on the market and 3 aren’t even released. Not really ‘an epic quest to find the hottest Android app around’.

  • http://dam Dangerkyle


  • Paul Danger Kilw

    Lighbox Studios: change your pitch, telling your potential customers that their platform choice sucks, is not the way to impress us.

    PTPT: change your pitch, that one will win at Buzzword Bingo, but tells me little.

  • http://Website Divannia dean