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Android’s market share depicted with a whole lot of colors

We’ve known for a while that Android was ahead of the competition, but we’ve never really seen a complete picture of what the entire smartphone market looks like.  Fortunately for us, Nielsen released a new report which depicts how each manufacturer stacks up in the various U.S. smartphone market segments from November 2010 through January 2011. 

Obviously, we always like to point out that Android’s 29% market share is a couple points ahead of Apple’s iOS, but it’s interesting to note that there are really only three major players in the Android segment.  Within the 29% share of the smartphone segment that’s owned by Android, HTC has the lead with 41.3%, followed by Motorola’s 34.5%, and Samsung’s 17.2%.  The remaining 6.9% is classified as “Other” and is made up by manufacturers like LG, SONY Ericsson, Dell, and Huawei.

The second chart in Nielson’s report shows how the smartphone segments break down by age groups.  Android and iOS age segmentation are pretty consistent with Android coming out slightly ahead in the 18-24 demographic and iOS gaining back those points in the 55-65+ grouping. 

Since the Nielson report only shows data for a specific point in time, there’s not really much else we can extrapolate from the numbers.  We’re hoping they release this same report every quarter so that we can start tracking how Android progresses over time among the different user age groups and how new handset introductions individually affect manufacturer’s Android market share.

Source: Nielsen

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  • http://Website JD

    I think a breakdown by gender will be more interesting. It’s interesting to see the age group breakdown. I also think after 2011, Samsung’s share is going to increase drastically and HTC is gonna decrease.

  • anakin78z

    I’m actually pretty surprised that HTC has such a huge share of the market in the US. Good for them.

  • http://Website Daniel

    Wait, HTC is outselling both Motorola and Samsung? I’m genuinely surprised by that. Perhaps Motorola should see now that they seriously need to rethink their strategy of releasing 2-3 variants of every throwaway idea they have. This is clearly unsustainable on the support front, they have hordes of low-end phones abandoned on 1.5 and 2.1 around the world. If these phones aren’t even selling, I don’t see much reason to keep doing this.

    • http://Website Daniel

      Wait, this is US-only, my bad. I don’t know how many crapware phones Motorola has released in the US (Samsung certainly isn’t releasing any of their throwaway crap there), so my comment could be very off the mark.

  • http://Website alex

    I’m 16 and have a mytouch 4G where am I

  • http://Website Richard

    I am definitely not surprised by HTC’s exploits they have been ruling android from day one and they have led all manufacturers in producing the best handsets for well over 3years. They also lead as far as Windows devices.. All in all HTC KICKS APPLES ASS AND MOTOROLA’S ASS AND BITCH SLAPS SAMSUNG ALL DAY LONG… And us current htc evo 4g owners are looking forward to the new Evo 2 this summer so we can pimp slap some crappy iphone5 users

    • http://Website ANDY

      Oh god….. what can we do about these manufacture fan boys……..

    • http://Website semajhan

      I’m sorry but the evo 4g was a piece of crap.
      Bought it on first day, very dissappointed, 30FPS cap, overall slowness, the battery problem, the cheap feel and more.
      Returned it a few days later for a nexus and THIS phone bitch slaps the evo.
      And honestly, IMHO the evo 4g fails compared to the iphone 4…

  • Nick Gray

    I personally love how HTC dominates the Android and Windows Phone categories. They are still not as big as Apple, but 19% of the entire U.S. smartphone market share clearly puts them in third place, well ahead of Motorola’s 11% 4th place position.

    Hopefully HTC has a few amazing handsets to announce at CTIA which will help they stay ahead of their Android competition and maybe even take a few point from RIM and Apple in the process.

    • http://Website Daniel Hedblom

      From what i can understand HTC rules Windows phone 6.5 sales but how much is nothing out of 0,000001% Windows Phone 7 sales?

  • http://Website Doug

    lol, I don’t get why the %’s in the 2nd picture do not match up in size. For example, Apple & RIM’s 4% of the youngest age group is the same size as MS Window’s 1% and definitely not 4 times the size of Palm OS’s 1%….

    • Nick Gray

      The age chart is actually messed up. The Microsoft segment should reflect 10% of the overall market rather than the 4% shown.

      The percentage numbers shown are reflective of the overall chart, not the percentage within that specific category. The 1% in the top section for Microsoft actually represents 10% of Microsoft’s entire category while the 1% in RIM’s segment represents only 3.7% of that specific segment.

      Nielsen should have done a better job at explaining the chart. Hope that helps.

  • a

    windows is crappy phone

  • Ryan F

    HTC has webOS marketshare?


  • http://Website Steve K

    Surprisingly high share for Nokia eventhough it doesnt have contracts for the high-end smartphones. N8 and E7 have been bestsellers all over the world exept in US.