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Amazon App Store is now open for business, including Angry Birds Rio

As of late last night, Amazon has officially launched their app store for Android devices. Amazon’s app store includes several of the more popular applications on the Android market, many of which are either priced similarly or slightly below the price listed on the Android market. Additionally, Amazon has landed a couple of exclusive applications, including the hotly-anticipated Angry Birds Rio application, which happens to be their “free app of the day” for today (normally $0.99).

The launch of the Amazon App Store marks the first big competitor to the Android Market. It will be interesting to see how the application market changes over the next 6-12 months with Android users now having another big-name choice when it comes to consuming applications. Time will tell if having more market choices benefits or harms the Android platform as a whole. I hope to see a way to integrate the two markets somehow so that downloading applications you already own isn’t a pain in the arse when it comes time to upgrade our devices.

Regardless of how it all plays out, Amazon’s App Store is here and ready to play. The user experience is just as awesome as you’ve come to expect from Amazon, and landing a massive exclusive application for their launch was a great move on their part to ensure the App Store takes off. Not only that, they went ahead and offered this application free of charge to all willing to give their App Store a chance.

I’m still undecided on whether or not having multiple app markets is a good thing or not, so I want to hear from you. Let us know what you all think about it by sounding off in the comments below.

Update: Since the Amazon App Store comes across as an apk file that you must download and install (or “Sideload”), it is not currently available to AT&T users. I have an email out to AT&T for an update, and will update if I hear back from them.

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  • http://Website kegansb

    Can’t install apps with ATT Inspire 4g

  • Ryan Cullen

    Was hoping that this App Store would be global, widening the reach of paid apps to markets outside of those supported by Google. Turns out that even those of us in the UK can’t get it. :(

    • daveloft

      Doesn’t work in Canada either. I don’t know what developers are thinking signing on to be exclusive is Amazon’s Appstore if it’s only available in the US.

  • http://Website Alistair

    Any news on availability in the UK?


    @kegansb you should switch to another network. Att doesn’t allow non-market apps to be installed.

  • http://Website Frank

    Yes it’s free, but only if you have a credit card. Forcing actions like that for free apps, completely ignoring a major cellular carrier, this is a complete mess.

    Rio is nice tho. Completely revamped..

  • http://Website Pmiller

    Works fine on my rooted Inspire 4G

  • http://Website Michael C.

    “Not available in your region.”

    You know, even though I hate region restrictions, I can understand the reasons why they exist. I only wish you’d get some sort of warning at a stage earlier than AFTER you’ve given them your payment information.

    Kinda like Hulu used to do (still does? I never go there anymore…) with pre-show ads – they’d make you sit through the ad, and only then do the region check and refuse you service. Bull**** service. Perform the region checks BEFORE you start promising me things, you ugly bags of mostly water!

  • http://Website Christer

    Oh what a failed release
    - No emails to developers about releasedate of the appstore before it suddenly launched
    - Limited to the US without communicating this before the launch. No official plans for other countries.
    - A lot of people just get an error downloading the appstore (including me)

    They are just getting a lot of negative press here, and it’s frustrating for developers like me that they can’t handle this better. Add that to the lack of some of Android APIs like push notifications and you have a marketplace that is far from finished.

    I hope can only go the Android Marketplace route so that we as developers don’t have to maintain multiple codebases pr. marketplace due to differences in functionality and appstore links.

  • http://Website mvp

    I got Angry Birds, but i dont see myself buying anything from here. The android market is good enough for me.

  • http://Website Paul Atreides

    Downloading Angry Birds Rio now! Think I’ll grab the free apps of the day and exclusives I like until they discontinue that deal. All other apps I will continue to get from the official market.

  • http://Website My Galaxy

    Not even available in the uk, not a great start…..

  • http://androidandme Tony omer

    Not a big fan of the requirement to have a credit card on file…not required on android market…you got one shot amazon. Mess up a charge and your done.

  • catt4u

    Finaly, at 1:45 pm (in The Netherlands, Europe) the AppStore is up at Amazon .
    After receiving an email with the link to install the Amazon AppStore app I got the app on my Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000 16GB.

    Because I saw that Angry Birds Rio was the free app for today I wanted to download it as it’s not yet available in the Android Market :(

    What a great disappointment as I got the message that the app isn’t available to “my region” !!
    I also tried a couple of other apps but you guessed it: Also not available to my region :(
    Shame on Amazon to launch an AppStore that can only be used by US customers.
    Looks like Windows with their store for WP7 apps.

    I am a customer from Amazon since year 2000 and didn’t expect this kind of behavior.

    Lesson for EU Android users (which are many btw):
    Don’t look for apps in the Amazon AppStore. Just stick to or the Android Market ;)

  • http://Website Ragflan

    I hate this. US only. Google Voice US only. Some of the best things about Android are US only. Please Google. Don’t punish me based on geographical preference.

  • http://Website Miguel

    So let me get this straight. AT&T doesn’t allow non-market apps to be installed easily. AT&T bought T-Mobile and will soon control over 40% of wireless subscribers in the U.S, who will in-turn be unable to install non-Market apps such as those from the Amazon app store.

    Does Amazon think they have a chance here? Have they developed a side-loading app themselves? This is going to work out poorly for everyone I fear…

  • Nick

    Personally.. i think this is a great thing for Android users.

    Give the Android market some competition, make them earn their customers.

    • daveloft

      If it was available world wide then I would agree, but as it currently stands being a US only venture it’s no good for Android as a whole.

  • http://Website Anthony

    I wish they stop making Android app stores. We only need one place for a App market. This will only confuse consumers when picking up Android devices.

  • http://Website person X7k

    Downloading angry birds rio now and it is taking FOREVER! I know i have a good connection so WTF apps in the android market take 1 min max. Its been like 5 min and its only 3/4 done. WTF

  • http://Website John

    Hey Amazon, upset Apple is suing you for that “APP Store” name?

    Flex your buying power and BAN the sale of all Apple products on Amazon. Trust me it will work. Walmart does it and even Costco did it by banning the sale of Coke products. I think Apple will think twice about the lawsuit once you stop selling ipods and itouches and ipads.

  • http://Website GeauxLSU

    Do they really need to email a receipt for every free app you download? That’s getting annoying.

  • DonChinga

    It doesnt say what apps are accessing what on your phone. Privacy can be an issue possibly.

  • http://Website p0upoune

    This is just a big piece of shit. I don’t want to have to enter my credit card number to get a FREE app. ><

  • DyingRobot

    At&t, you suck.

  • http://Website hurric

    Gave up on downloading… Enabled 1-click and chose my CC as the thing still couldn’t download from Canada. oh well.

  • http://Website GeekWife

    App store downloaded and runs fine on Droid 2…. BUT Rio won’t install! No matter what I try, I get the stupid “application not installed” error EVERY TIME. It’s frustrating. I’m thinking this was a poorly planned roll-out.

  • http://Website Tamara

    The first major competitor to the Android market? There are several competitors already, but at least they’re available worldwide, and don’t restrict their use to only 1 of the 200 odd countries in the world. As discussed on Australian radio this morning – the Amazon appstore is a worldwide laughing stock. They’re so incompetent they can’t launch a worldwide app market, when small companies can launch app stores (that take paid apps) available worldwide? The US only Amazon appstore is incredibly minor and will continue to be until they allow the other 199 countries to download apps. And shame on developers that make their apps available only in the Amazon store.

  • Daniel Tiriba

    Ironically, the APP STORE AMAZON is not available for use in Rio de Janeiro. People from Rio can not play Angry Birds Rio.

    • daveloft

      It’s also ironic that friends of the developers of Angry Birds Rio in Finland can’t play the game either.

  • http://Website Bianca

    Its great for tablet users that dont want to / cant root! My 14 y o daughter has a COBY tablet, and I am going to put this on there for her tonight.

    • http://Website chaos

      Appslib is available, although you need to associate the account with paypal. I suggest you should just do a google search for market .Apk. you can either download it to your computer and place it on the device or you can just download it to the device directly and install it with the help of download crutch or something similiar. Android police have a copy and so do xda developers. You will then have the full ‘google experience’ on your tablet.

  • http://Website chaos

    I tried the Amazon appstore. It was a hassle to setup and use. Go to amazon, click link, sign in, email link, email, install, go back to amazon to change settings, then to app, look through apps and decide to get one, just to find out you have to go back to amazon to change more stuff. It was at this point I realized it wasn’t worth the hassle for A striped down version of the market place. Heck the only app I saw on there I wanted was Angry Birds Rio, and I am betting that will hit the market soon. It wants you to associate your account with something called 1-click and use a phone number. Even if your not using a phone device. You have to setup seperate billing info than what you already have in your amazon account. It wont allow you to download even free apps without going through all of these steps. At this time it is not for me. Perhaps in the future that could change if they create a niche for themselves and manage to get some high quality apps no one else has. Only time will tell.

  • http://Website Josh

    I’m in the us and I get the region error also. Whats it based on?

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  • http://Website Miguel

    If you make it available worldwide would you please release it in the Philippines because i made an account and it wasn’t even available for my region, now i want to delete my amazon account because of this.

  • Steven

    I want every thinks was free