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AT&T to acquire T-Mobile USA, combined entity will be branded AT&T

The T-Mobile we know and love could be going away. Today AT&T and Deutsche Telekom announced they have entered into a definitive agreement in which AT&T will acquire T-Mobile USA from Deutsche Telekom for $39 billion. The acquisition is subject to regulatory approvals and the transaction is expected to close in approximately 12 months.

If approved, the combined entity would be branded AT&T and become the largest wireless carrier in the United States (estimated 130 million subscribers).

However if the merger fails to gain approval then AT&T will pay T-Mobile a $3 billion breakup fee, transfer over some AWS spectrum it doesn’t need for its LTE deployment, and grant them a roaming agreement at a value agreeable to both parties.

AT&T is promising a seamless integration of the two companies. On their transaction website it notes that AT&T has an excellent track record of integrating acquisitions, both AT&T and T-Mobile’s networks are GSM-based with HSPA+ deployed, AT&T and T-Mobile have complementary spectrum positions and operations, and AT&T will maintain a significant operational presence in Seattle/Bellevue.

The strategic rationale for the merger includes:

  • Strengthens and expands U.S. mobile broadband infrastructure
  • Enables next era of American innovation and continued growth of U.S. high tech industry
  • Addresses impending spectrum exhaust due to explosive demand for mobile broadband networks, devices, apps and content that both companies face in key U.S. markets
  • AT&T will extend its 4G LTE deployment to 95% of U.S. population, helping to achieve policymaker goals of deploying broadband to smaller, rural communities
  • Will provide access to 4G LTE service for T-Mobile’s 34 million subscribers
  • Quickly and dramatically improves network capacity and quality of service for customers of both companies
  • German-owned T-Mobile – the only major foreign-controlled U.S. telecom network – becomes part of a U.S.-based company and the only major U.S. wireless company with a union workforce

After reading the press release and checking out the transaction site, it appears the main motivation for this deal is AT&T’s impending spectrum challenges. AT&T’s mobile data traffic grew 8,000% over the past 4 years and it’s expected to grow another 8-10x by 2015. Purchasing T-Mobile USA will grant AT&T the additional spectrum it needs in the near term to complete its 4G LTE rollout.

How will this transaction affect U.S. wireless consumers?

The companies will continue to operate independently, so don’t expect many changes until the completion of the merger.

T-Mobile customers could eventually pay higher prices for service, but AT&T says that in previous transactions they “generally allowed customers to keep their current rate plans for some period of time and allowed them to choose a comparable device at no charge if their device was not compatible with the network.”

Because of the additional spectrum, AT&T expects “capacity increases of approximately 30% in some densely populated areas”. The transaction adds thousands of cell sites, addressing the soaring demand of mobile data. For example, in NYC the deal will result in increased spectrum and approximately 1,000 additional cell sites to provide customers with improved voice and data service.

AT&T also promises to expand their 4G LTE deployment to 95% of the U.S. population (or an additional 46.5 million Americans).

In addition, it would make 4G LTE available to T-Mobile’s 34 million subscribers. T-Mobile USA currently does not have a clear path to delivering LTE.

Conclusions and feedback

This could have big implications for the Android ecosystem if approved. The worst carrier for Android fans (AT&T) wants to take over the most Android-friendly carrier (T-Mobile). T-Mobile has a great Android team that brought us the G1, Nexus One, myTouch family, Nexus S, and soon the G-Slate and G2x. If AT&T lets the T-Mobile team manage their Android efforts, we could have a real winner.

If you are currently an AT&T customer, then this deal should make you happy if it goes through. AT&T will be able to quickly increase their network capacity and coverage thanks to the additional spectrum and towers from T-Mobile.

T-Mobile customers might have mixed feelings about the deal. The combined entity would be called AT&T, so the T-Mobile USA brand would be over. AT&T cannot comment about future pricing, but notes that average price for wireless services has decreased by 50% over the last 10 years. It would be great for T-Mobile customers to have access to AT&T’s LTE network, but I worry that the value-priced plans we love might be phased out.

What do you think about the proposed merger? Will it really benefit wireless consumers?

Update: T-Mobile issued a response on the proposed merger.

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Show Press Release

Provides fast, efficient and certain solution to impending spectrum exhaust challenges facing AT&T and T-Mobile USA in key markets due to explosive demand for mobile broadband

Enhances network capacity, output and quality in near term for both companies’ customers

AT&T commits to expand 4G LTE deployment to an additional 46.5 million Americans, including in rural, smaller communities, for a total of 294 million or 95% of the U.S. population

Provides 4G LTE service for T-Mobile USA’s 34 million subscribers

More than $8 billion in incremental infrastructure spend by a U.S. company over seven years, enabling nation’s high-tech industry, innovation and economic growth

Creates substantial value for AT&T shareholders through large, straightforward synergies

DALLAS, TEXAS AND BONN, GERMANY – March 20, 2011– AT&T Inc. (NYSE: T) and Deutsche Telekom AG (FWB: DTE) today announced that they have entered into a definitive agreement under which AT&T will acquire T-Mobile USA from Deutsche Telekom in a cash-and-stock transaction currently valued at approximately $39 billion. The agreement has been approved by the Boards of Directors of both companies.

AT&T’s acquisition of T-Mobile USA provides an optimal combination of network assets to add capacity sooner than any alternative, and it provides an opportunity to improve network quality in the near term for both companies’ customers. In addition, it provides a fast, efficient and certain solution to the impending exhaustion of wireless spectrum in some markets, which limits both companies’ ability to meet the ongoing explosive demand for mobile broadband.

With this transaction, AT&T commits to a significant expansion of robust 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) deployment to 95 percent of the U.S. population to reach an additional 46.5 million Americans beyond current plans — including rural communities and small towns. This helps achieve the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and President Obama’s goals to connect “every part of America to the digital age.” T-Mobile USA does not have a clear path to delivering LTE.

“This transaction represents a major commitment to strengthen and expand critical infrastructure for our nation’s future,” said Randall Stephenson, AT&T Chairman and CEO. “It will improve network quality, and it will bring advanced LTE capabilities to more than 294 million people. Mobile broadband networks drive economic opportunity everywhere, and they enable the expanding high-tech ecosystem that includes device makers, cloud and content providers, app developers, customers, and more. During the past few years, America’s high-tech industry has delivered innovation at unprecedented speed, and this combination will accelerate its continued growth.”

Stephenson continued, “This transaction delivers significant customer, shareowner and public benefits that are available at this level only from the combination of these two companies with complementary network technologies, spectrum positions and operations. We are confident in our ability to execute a seamless integration, and with additional spectrum and network capabilities, we can better meet our customers’ current demands, build for the future and help achieve the President’s goals for a high-speed, wirelessly connected America.”

Deutsche Telekom Chairman and CEO René Obermann said, “After evaluating strategic options for T-Mobile USA, I am confident that AT&T is the best partner for our customers, shareholders and the mobile broadband ecosystem. Our common network technology makes this a logical combination and provides an efficient path to gaining the spectrum and network assets needed to provide T-Mobile customers with 4G LTE and the best devices. Also, the transaction returns significant value to Deutsche Telekom shareholders and allows us to retain exposure to the U.S. market.”

As part of the transaction, Deutsche Telekom will receive an equity stake in AT&T that, based on the terms of the agreement, would give Deutsche Telekom an ownership interest in AT&T of approximately 8 percent. A Deutsche Telekom representative will join the AT&T Board of Directors.

Competition and Pricing
The U.S. wireless industry is one of the most fiercely competitive markets in the world and will remain so after this deal. The U.S. is one of the few countries in the world where a large majority of consumers can choose from five or more wireless providers in their local market. For example, in 18 of the top 20 U.S. local markets, there are five or more providers. Local market competition is escalating among larger carriers, low-cost carriers and several regional wireless players with nationwide service plans. This intense competition is only increasing with the build-out of new 4G networks and the emergence of new market entrants.

The competitiveness of the market has directly benefited consumers. A 2010 report from the U.S. General Accounting Office (GAO) states the overall average price (adjusted for inflation) for wireless services declined 50 percent from 1999 to 2009, during a period which saw five major wireless mergers.

Addresses wireless spectrum challenges facing AT&T, T-Mobile USA, their customers, and U.S. policymakers
This transaction quickly provides the spectrum and network efficiencies necessary for AT&T to address impending spectrum exhaust in key markets driven by the exponential growth in mobile broadband traffic on its network. AT&T’s mobile data traffic grew 8,000 percent over the past four years and by 2015 it is expected to be eight to 10 times what it was in 2010. Put another way, all of the mobile traffic volume AT&T carried during 2010 is estimated to be carried in just the first six to seven weeks of 2015. Because AT&T has led the U.S. in smartphones, tablets and e-readers — and as a result, mobile broadband — it requires additional spectrum before new spectrum will become available. In the long term, the entire industry will need additional spectrum to address the explosive growth in demand for mobile broadband.

Improves service quality for U.S. wireless customers
AT&T and T-Mobile USA customers will see service improvements – including improved voice quality – as a result of additional spectrum, increased cell tower density and broader network infrastructure. At closing, AT&T will immediately gain cell sites equivalent to what would have taken on average five years to build without the transaction, and double that in some markets. The combination will increase AT&T’s network density by approximately 30 percent in some of its most populated areas, while avoiding the need to construct additional cell towers. This transaction will increase spectrum efficiency to increase capacity and output, which not only improves service, but is also the best way to ensure competitive prices and services in a market where demand is extremely high and spectrum is in short supply.

Expands 4G LTE deployment to 95 percent of U.S. population — urban and rural areas
This transaction will directly benefit an additional 46.5 million Americans — equivalent to the combined populations of the states of New York and Texas — who will, as a result of this combination, have access to AT&T’s latest 4G LTE technology. In terms of area covered, the transaction enables 4G LTE deployment to an additional 1.2 million square miles, equivalent to 4.5 times the size of the state of Texas. Rural and smaller communities will substantially benefit from the expansion of 4G LTE deployment, increasing the competitiveness of the businesses and entrepreneurs in these areas.

Increases AT&T’s investment in the U.S.
The acquisition will increase AT&T’s infrastructure investment in the U.S. by more than $8 billion over seven years. Expansion of AT&T’s 4G LTE network is an important foundation for the next wave of innovation and growth in mobile broadband, ensuring the U.S. continues to lead the world in wireless technology and availability. It makes T-Mobile USA, currently a German-owned U.S. telecom network, part of a U.S.-based company.

An impressive, combined workforce
Bringing AT&T and T-Mobile USA together will create an impressive workforce that is best positioned to compete in today’s global economy. Post-closing, AT&T intends to tap into the significant knowledge and expertise held by employees of both AT&T and T-Mobile USA to succeed. AT&T is the only major U.S. wireless company with a union workforce, offering leading wages, benefits, training and development for employees. The combined company will continue to have a strong employee and operations base in the Seattle area.

Consistent with AT&T’s track record of value-enhancing acquisitions
AT&T has a strong track record of executing value-enhancing acquisitions and expects to create substantial value for shareholders through large, straightforward synergies with a run rate of more than $3 billion, three years after closing onward (excluding integration costs). The value of the synergies is expected to exceed the purchase price of $39 billion. Revenue synergies come from opportunities to increase smartphone penetration and data average revenue per user, with cost savings coming from network efficiencies, subscriber and support savings, reduced churn and avoided capital and spectrum expenditures.

The transaction will enhance margin potential and improve the company’s long-term revenue growth potential as it benefits from a more robust mobile broadband platform for new services.

Additional financial information
The $39 billion purchase price will include a cash payment of $25 billion with the balance to be paid using AT&T common stock, subject to adjustment. AT&T has the right to increase the cash portion of the purchase price by up to $4.2 billion with a corresponding reduction in the stock component, so long as Deutsche Telekom receives at least a 5 percent equity ownership interest in AT&T.

The number of AT&T shares issued will be based on the AT&T share price during the 30-day period prior to closing, subject to a 7.5 percent collar; there is a one-year lock-up period during which Deutsche Telekom cannot sell shares.

The cash portion of the purchase price will be financed with new debt and cash on AT&T’s balance sheet. AT&T has an 18-month commitment for a one-year unsecured bridge term facility underwritten by J.P. Morgan for $20 billion. AT&T assumes no debt from T-Mobile USA or Deutsche Telekom and continues to have a strong balance sheet.

The transaction is expected to be earnings (excluding non-cash amortization and integration costs) accretive in the third year after closing. Pro-forma for 2010, this transaction increases AT&T’s total wireless revenues from $58.5 billion to nearly $80 billion, and increases the percentage of AT&T’s total revenues from wireless, wireline data and managed services to approximately 80 percent.

This transaction will allow for sufficient cash flow to support AT&T’s dividend. AT&T has increased its dividend for 27 consecutive years, a matter decided by AT&T’s Board of Directors.

The acquisition is subject to regulatory approvals, a reverse breakup fee in certain circumstances, and other customary regulatory and other closing conditions. The transaction is expected to close in approximately 12 months.

Greenhill & Co., J.P. Morgan and Evercore Partners acted as financial advisors and Sullivan & Cromwell LLP, Arnold & Porter, and Crowell & Moring provided legal advice to AT&T.

Conference Call/Webcast
On Monday, March 21, 2011, at 8 a.m. ET, AT&T Inc. will host a live video and audio webcast presentation regarding its announcement to acquire T-Mobile USA. Links to the webcast and accompanying documents will be available on AT&T’s Investor Relations website. Please log in 15 minutes ahead of time to test your browser and register for the call.

For dial-in access, please dial +1 (888) 517-2464 within the U.S. or +1 (630) 827-6816 outside the U.S. after 7:30 a.m. ET. Enter passcode 8442095# to join or ask the conference call operator for the AT&T Investor Relations event.

The webcast will be available for replay on AT&T’s Investor Relations website on March 21, 2011, starting at 12:30 p.m. ET through April 21, 2011. An archive of the conference call will also be available during this time period. To access the recording, please dial +1 (877) 870-5176 within the U.S. or +1 (858) 384-5517 outside the U.S. and enter reservation code 29362481#.

Transaction Website
For more information on the transaction, including background information and factsheets, visit

Source: AT&T

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        now even t-morons can enjoy the wonderful iPhone!!!

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          now even t-morons can enjoy the wonderful iPhone!!

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            now even t-morons can enjoy the wonderful iPhone!

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    Worst news ever for T-Mobile, hopes it fails approval. T-Mobile would be bigger winner with that breakup deal.

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    It’s getting out of control. Some firms can make a profit in the $50 a month plan arena. So how do we let them abuse us like this.?

    I don’t care if you love or hate AT&T, T Mobile, VZ, Sprint, etc….this should not be allowed to happen. We need more companies competing with each other, not less.

    If the government let’s this through, it’s a clear message that they don’t care about you, but rather the Wireless lobby’s campaign contributions and the PACs. And would just assume let them screw you.

    And I won’t look for help on a local level either. We’re so frigin’ broke, if our NJ governor could figure out how to help get the average bill from $100 up to $200 a month, he’d ask you to bend over too, for the extra $7.00 sales tax.

    Their comparative services to cost ratios are not close…..I’m quite certain the T Mobile crowd will be joining the AT&T and Verizon $130 a month club. (with added features like…no tethering, throttle adjustments, etc)

    A sample of three purchases I made in the last two weeks….one large, one medium, and one small……a Hyundai, a Samsung LED Flat Screen, and a spindle of a 100 Memorex Blank CDs.
    In each case I had the Car Dealer, Bestbuy, and Staples match or beat their competitors (Brad Benson Hyundai, WalMart, and Office Max…..

    Imagine that in Wireless (or cable TV industry for that matter)

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    currently with TMO and if this is approved, I’ll be going back to VZW

    • Snafu77

      N1 owner here and I’d been contemplating leaving T-Mo until I heard about the G2x and Pyramid. Now I may get one of those then cancel my contract once they merge and change terms (material breech of contract). Then I’ll sell that phone and move back to Sprint.

    • http://Website Gladiator_Posse

      Not my Tmo! That’s the only carrier I’ve had! Damn you at&t…now I have to subsidize another union? Screw that and the panzer you rode in on! Sprint, here I come.

    • poncious

      I switched to T-Mobile from AT&T.

      T-Mobile is better priced. They define superior customer service and for the most part their reps aren’t brain washed to believe the I Phone is superior just because.

      *sigh* I am not going back to AT&T. Been there done that; AT&T es pura mierda. I don’t like being screwed over and i don’t like AT&T. I would love to go to Verizon too but perhaps a more fiscally driven choice would be Sprint.

  • SliestDragon

    Strategically, I completely understand that this is a smart move, but I’m just upset that the least android-friendly carrier just phased out the most android-friendly carrier…

    • http://Website Name (required)

      Exact same thing I was thinking!!!

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Well maybe all the awesome product managers from T-Mobile will help AT&T improve their Android efforts.

      • SliestDragon

        I would love it if they brought all the Android people from T-Mobile over to AT&T. That would definitely turn this into a win for everyone. Still, I don’t see AT&T making an opensource theme engine anytime soon….

      • http://Website Rev. Spaminator

        And maybe I can ride to work on a flying pig… Seriously, I probably have a better chance of winning the lottery.

    • http://Website AdamJ

      Well they were the least Android friendly only because of the iPhone exclusivity. Now that it’s gone things are changing.

      • http://Website Anonymous

        Things are changing?

        Well, granted, AT&T does have 2 awesome 4G phones. However, by changing, Android devices on AT&T are throttled, especially uploading, where as their iPhone doesn’t see these throttles.

        Changing, no unlimited data plans? Thats just downright horrible.

        I have services with both T-Mobile (Even More Plus) and with Verizon. Now, I can assure you, AT&T will do away with the T-Mobile Even More Plus plans and most likely the T-Mobile unlimited data plans.

        And AT&T will lie to you saying, most people don’t even use 2GB’s of data. Even if they do have the newly added towers to support unlimited data.

        AT&T went from FAIL to EPIC FAIL! Just too bad they had to drag T-Mobile down with them.

        Those Virgin Mobile USA (Sprint) phones & plans are looking better right about now as an alternative to this AT&T merger.

        I have a feeling, T-Mobile customers will jump ship to Verizon, Sprint, & even some other pre-paid providers before being raped each month by the DeathStar.

        • http://Website AdamJ

          Trust me I am not sticking up for AT&T but like you said they just launched 2 awesome Android phones where pre iPhone exclusivity they didn’t having anything decent at all. That is change. All of your other points don’t relate directly to Android rather their plans for all smartphones.

          • http://Website Bob

            What is the point of having a smart phone that can do video when you can’t use it for video because your bandwidth is capped?

            The docked Atrix just screams “Use me for streaming… oh wait nm those you tube videos are going to cost you dearly.”

    • http://Website The_Omega_Man

      Well I suspect that with the lost of the iphone exclusivity, that at&t will invest heavily into Android and WP7 to make up the difference for any attrition. And now with t-mobiles customers that they will focus more heavily on Android based systems to help them own and retain the customers. One GSM provider in the US and Two CDMA providers. I smell a potential Verizon Sprint buyout/merger in the near future. Also I guess that the t-mobile bashing of at&t’s network with the iphone will stop now.. and the “cute” brunette will be out of a job. :(

      • poncious

        I would choose Verizon-Sprint any day over the “new” AT&T

  • http://Website James

    Congratulations America, now you’re wireless industry is EXACTLY like Canada’s! Three big players and several regional smaller ones! If the FCC is ANY better than the CRTC they will not allow this, but of course if the FCC is composed of former telco executives, consider yourselves screwed. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but be prepared to be in for bad times for your monthly bills. :(

    • http://Website dagamer34

      More like 2 major players and a minor player. I wouldn’t consider Sprint all that big. What’s even worse is that sooner or later, Verizon is going to buy Sprint. It’s only a matter of time.

      • http://Website Matthew

        Sprint is a big player in the game. Just because they don’t give ad’s that say their better then the rest doesnt mean they arn’t a factor in the business. Sprint has landed 2 of the best phones of last year. The epic in at 1st and the Evo in at 3rd. They are getting better devices later according to AndroidandMe such as the xoom, flyer, evo 3d, nexus s 4g and the attrix. Sprint has the first 4g and still considered one of the best in the market.

  • http://Website Mvarc

    Thats bad news for T-mobile customers as AT&T will now block installation of non-market android apps on additional 34 million customers.

    • http://Website ari-free

      Assuming they can keep those customers. Many will not be able to afford AT&T’s data plans.

  • http://Website kim

    This sucks…I hate Att!!! There goes unlimited plans and reasonable cost..sprint is looking good right about now…ugghhh!!!!:’(

  • http://Website jorge

    If this goes through I’m going to whatever is the cheapest for me, right now its either virgin mobile or cricket… I guess I wont have super phones any more but monthly price is the most important point to me.

    • http://Website Jerry

      Get ur HTC Evo flashed or whatever to cricket. Thats what im gonna do. Im w at&t now with an I-phone 3gs. I actually dont hate at&t as much as most ppl here do. Hate to see them buy t mobile out. I love smaller more affordable companies and the underdog. the 1 advan to me is alot of my hs or college i should say friends have t mobile phones so now I will be able to talk to them for free.. O wait im probably gonna go to cricket n e ways as I said up there^^^^ And yea

  • http://Website Thorpeland

    This is absolutely horrible. ATT is famous for spotty call quality and crappy customer service. And yes, they’re also famous for being very Anti-Android. Crippled Android phones and restrictive plans. If this goes through, big business wins… the customer loses.

  • http://Website v8dreaming

    I would much rather this not happen. At&t is large enough as is. T-mobile/Sprint would make more sense even though they have different network types.

  • http://Website elarella

    I left AT&T 7 years ago for T-Mobile and now the nightmare is rearing it’s ugly head again. I would love to jump ship, but at the same time, I love the convenience of buying unlocked phones and swapping sim cards between them. I just have one question …. I wonder if there’ll be another Nexus phone in the future???

  • http://Website anon

    Has a Nexus phone come out on any carrier besides T-Mobile? I hope this isn’t the end of vanilla Android.

    • http://Website mase007

      sprint nexus s 4g

    • http://Website jf79

      The N1 is available on ATT. This is what I’m using atm.

  • http://Website Joel

    Noooo!!! AT&T can suck it! I can’t believe T-Mobile would do such a thing, I really hope it doesn’t pass and they get the money. Today is a sad day

    • http://Website Droideka

      T-mobile had 39billion reasons to do it. F**K the consumers.

  • http://Website CJ

    What AT&T LTE network are you speaking of? AT&T barely has 3G and their faux 4G network is just sad!

  • http://Website Kimbo

    Oh well, so much for tethering for free…

  • http://Website AdamJ

    I was so happy to finally leave AT&T and I can’t believe I am going to be their customer again!!

  • http://Website nate957

    I’m switching to Sprint next month when my contract ends.

    How likely/unlikely is it that this merger will get blocked?

    • http://Website Anonymous

      Not likely. It will most likely pass.

      Why? Because in a similar merger, Comcast was approved to buy out NBC/Universal just a month ago. The FCC could care less about the consumers/Americans, even when they protest.

      I’m hearing “Cha-ching” in those offices of our government.

    • http://Website Matthew H

      I think the chance of it passing is 50/50. The FTC uses the HHI calculation and when a market goes from 4 relavant players to 3 players, the jump in the HHI index is pretty substancial. The market is already considered “concentrated” when two current players (ATT & Verison) have half the market share.
      The Obama administration is more strict than the Bush administration on FTC mergers. They blocked one in my industry (healthcare) when Bush employees would have approved it. I am hoping they take the input from American consumers and block it, because believe me that they will absolutely raise rates and use reduced competition to charge more.

      If the FTC approves, at least I hope they require large divestments so another carrier can grow. Maybe spectrum could go to Sprint/Crickett or Sprints virtual partners (VIrgin,Boost) etc. so we can at least have some competition and not oligology price gouging.

  • http://Website AT&T-Mobile



    wow i am shocked.. all this on a sunday? only positive i see for me is being able to call some more people for free with free mobile to mobile.. but I am afraid of the anti android hammer that may fall after the acquisition is complete along with possible rise in prices, monthly gb restrictions, etc

  • http://Website HTC

    So what’s gonna happen to Simple Mobile?? They use T-Mobile network as MVNO. Use Simple Mobile for my N1… if Simple Mobile goes…. uggghhhh!!!!!

    • http://Website G-one to G-2

      I agree. I use a local carrier that piggybacks on the t-mobile network. I love having a cheap rate with nationwide coverage with an unlocked GSM phone(G2). I am in your boat. I am wondering where I am going to paddle to if “At&Tmobile” decide to lock down the extra branches of the carriers as well.

      Lots of ifs. Lots of speculation. Not enough facts.

      I want vanilla Android…and I want elves to give it to me. But more importantly, I want vanilla Android.

  • http://Website Robert

    No, cause its just a matter of time until is Sprint is done, too. Now Sprint has to fight TWO giants, i think they stand no chance for long.

    • http://Website panic

      That won’t happen because then it would be considered a monopoly and I doubt it would be allowed

      • http://Website DaveC

        @panic It wouldn’t be a monopoly (mono = one). You’d have AT&T and VZW as the big nationals, and you still have several regional carriers. We’d certainly have less competition tho!

        • poncious

          Isn’t it called a Du-opoly or something? Those can be just as bad as any Monopoly.

        • txhoudini

          It would be a monopoly on GSM. I don’t see this passing either the FTC or the FCC.

          • http://Website ari-free

            Unfortunately the pro-union Obama admin would probably go along with it because
            “German-owned T-Mobile – the only major foreign-controlled U.S. telecom network – becomes part of a U.S.-based company and the only major U.S. wireless company with a union workforce”

          • Queen Laqueefa

            Wow. Most ignorant thing I’ve ever read. Congrats.

          • http://Website The Dude

            Not everyone voted down here Ari…Some of us get it.

          • http://Website Andre

            Having a monopoly isn’t illegal. Anticompetitive behavior is illegal–e.g. using your dominance in one market to establish dominance in another market. The DOJ’s case against MS, for instance, wasn’t about having a 90% OS market share, but leveraging that OS share to achieve similar dominance in the browser market (I thought it was a weak case, since Netscape was as free as IE, but that’s beside the point). Until AT&T actually does something that can be argued as an antitrust issue, like deprecating AWS, creating onerous terms for regional carriers, violating net neutrality regulations (if the current carrier exemption is rescinded), than AT&T’s GSM monopoly becomes grounds for litigation. I don’t doubt it will happen at some point. After all, AT&T was already broken up once.

          • RonWeez

            wouldnt be a monopoly because there are plenty of regional GSM carrier, though there not big they do exist

    • http://Website Derek

      You’re right, I wouldnt be surprised to see verizon gobble them up, so that all we have to choose from are the two biggest crooks in the game, Verizon and AT&T.

    • http://Website Andre

      Unless the admittedly optimistic speculation of G buying Sprint out comes to pass. It would be the first time I’d consider an acquisition of true value add.

  • http://Website Trev186

    Ha. I am on Verizon…

    • http://Website gladiator_posse

      I don’t consider verizon that much better than ATbackstabbingT. Get ready to take a backseat to the iphone you verizon chumps!

      Follow me Tmo’s…Sprint to Sprint!

    • poncious

      Good for you, laughing at other peoples tragedies. You’ll never get to talk to a T-mobile customer rep over the phone and actually have a conversation about the phones and exchange stories. You wont get to talk to them and realize that they actually want the best for you, even if its to cancel you account*

      *I cancelled my even more plus plan to open a 2yr contract. Didn’t tell them that but even so they didn’t make a big deal. When i cancelled my AT&T account they pestered me till no end.

  • http://Website juan

    NOOOOOOOOO! I hate at&t

  • http://Website Nathan

    We’re screwed! Att has been rated worst carrier two years in a row by consumer reports…. there’s a reason for that. This blows!

  • http://Website UniqueNate

    I think people should wait and see how this turns out before they assume.

    • poncious

      It could turn out for the best but for the most part AT&T and T-Mobile earned their reputations. I’ve been with both carriers and I feel that I can safely assume this blows.

      AT&T has earned my scorn and they better offer me a Nexus 3000 with a quadrillion core processor and 1Tb of ram along with chocolates and flowers. Its going to cost AT&T to win me over.

      For the time being I’ll bid my time till my contract runs out by plotting my escape to Sprint.

  • http://Website Mista2x

    Verizon here I come.

  • http://Website AM123

    My biggest concern is software UPGRADES! What heppens to the coming LG G2X a year from now? Will it be stuck forever on android 2.2 or 2.3? I wish it were Sprint and not Att. I hate them.

  • http://Website paul atreides

    Ooh that has to butt hurt a lot of people if this happens. You were better off with Sprint old Magenta…

  • http://Website Zer0-9

    Well now in a couple weeks Verizon should announce they are buying Sprint. Verizon always follows AT&T’s lead right?

  • http://Website yen

    I will let them merge only under one condition: All phone are sold unlock and all wireless carriers operate on the same frequencies and no more roaming charges in the US.

  • http://Website BIG RED

    verizon is so much better….

  • http://Website mglj

    History repeats…AT&T bought up smaller companies and had a monopoly, then it forced to break up…and now it’s buying up companies again.

    No more competition. I left AT&T because of terrible customer service, plans, and crappy phones.

    I hope this fails.

    • http://Website panic

      YES ! That’s exactly what they want to do but back then they did it with landlines now they are trying to monopolize on wireless !

  • http://Website Matt

    im a tmobile customer and this might be good imo. They can benifit from eachother, tmobile can have iphone and att can have tmobiles great selection of android phones.

    • Markinct

      Great selection of android phones? Which T-Mobile are you talking about? It’s not T-Mo USA….

  • coyotejbob

    Only good I see from this is rollover minutes… if they keep unlimited data and add rollover minutes then I might be ok.. if not have at least a 5GB data plan reasonably priced with roll over data. That would be kind of cool. Oh and if they keep T Mobbile android policy.. I do the android over iPhone for freedom, not to be sucked down to corporate drone..

  • http://Website bad news

    now sprint gets bullied around

  • http://Website Anonymous

    Well, I suppose this is AT&T’s only way to keep T-Mobile from making those awesome “I’m a myTouch 4G” commercials that slaughtered AT&T. Now AT&T will run the commercials and keep on lying to the people.

    Sprint is also becoming a leader in Android phones. And with their restructuring of their network to enable Push-To-Talk on their Sprint handsets, phasing out Nextel (Boost should be all CDMA soon) & taking advantage of their abilities to make WiMax into LTE, they might do alright.

    And 1 way of looking at Sprints new $10. data add on is, dumbphones don’t pay the extra $10. but still pay the $69.99 plan, using nowhere near as much data as those with the $10. add on. And Sprint is about $20.00 per month cheaper than Verizon & AT&T. Sprint is announcing some awesome Android devices this month, including the Moto Xoom, and the Nexus S 4G.

    Verizon has 7 more Android phones rolling out this year, 2 of which are dual core phones.

    Sadly, poor AT&T is behind the curve, not many more, if any more, Android phones planned to be released this year to be throttled & abused.

    AT&T buyout of T-Mobile = Disastrous Epic Fail!

  • http://Website Ramayana
  • http://Website AME


    I have had each of the big carriers and T-Mobile has BY FAR been the most friendly, helpful, and professional out of all of them. Not to mention, they have offered the best service in the areas where I am located (Los Angeles). AT&T was the WORST.

    I was on Cingular when AT&T absorbed it 10 years ago, but I can’t remember how they handled the contracts. Is there any word on if they will continue to honor T-Mobile contracts or if they will be renegotiated as soon as the merger is complete?

    • poncious

      AT&T was born out of Cingular.

      SBC Global and some other east coast baby bell company decided to cooperate to share their wireless network and name it Cingular. Cingular was the cell phone company with the largest coverage AND it was owned evenly by both parent companies.

      Eventually that relationship blossomed into something more like love. They married and re-branded the combined company AT&T (SBC had bought out what was left of AT&T and owned the rights I think.)

      SInce AT&T was Cingular the name Cingular was dropped. I don’t think there was a tough transition because it was so natural.

      But AT&T + T-Mobile has got to equal epic fail.

      • http://Website AME

        I agree with the epic fail. I really don’t see how this can turn out well for anyone. The AT&T network will get bogged down (which was my original technical issue with them) and annoy their already annoyed customers and the T-Mobile customers are going to be unhappy because they are forced into an alliance with an Evil Empire.

        Even the iTards will be unhappy because they will have one less network to gloat over.

  • JohnnyACEâ™  GRAND MASTER SEN$Ei {{-_-}}â„¢

    Next up, Verizon buys Sprint.


    • http://Website hey

      Sprint buys verizon

  • http://Website Maximus

    There goes My Unlimited Plan by those NAzis over @ AT&T

  • http://Website Hank Yeomans

    HHahahahaha att is not going to let any part of tmobile be autonomous. That just doesn’t happen.

  • http://Website Mocha K

    Not the news I wanted to hear…wtf…..

  • http://Website bentover

    Fuck me in the goat ass.

  • http://Website Jampac

    Ok so that’s the end of my relationship with T-Mobile, question I live in new Orleans and I love the super phones, which network and service is better/faster between Sprint and Verizon? Both have attractive phones coming out soon but I wanna know how they treat those phones with speeds and service availability.

  • http://Website AceoStar

    This could do a lot to help boost AT&T’s android offerings. If they got the pyramid on AT&T I would be pretty impressed.

  • http://Website panic

    ROFLMAO @ tmobile customers , anyone wanna brag about t-mobile now?

  • http://Website Tim

    If it goes through I am leaving T-mobile.

  • http://Website Anthony

    I hope Sprint buys T-mobile.

    • Markinct

      Ummm… did you even read the post?

  • http://Website revs


  • http://Website Face

    If this goes through I guess sprint or metro pcs might be looking real good

  • http://Website Jack C

    I really hope regulators opt to cool down big consolidation after Comcast. This merger would be awful for consumers in the long run. Cellular carriers in the U.S. already have too much power.

  • http://Website very happy verizon customer

    this is for all the tmo vzw haters HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • http://Website snowbdr89

    im curious to see how the tmo customers are feeling on this fine sunday!! : )

  • http://Website hector

    Way to kill the best android carrier douchebags. Something tells me apple was behind this :)

  • http://Website rev2redlineguy

    Oh, this is such a sad sad day for us T-Mobile customers. This certainly caught me off guard and I wasn’t even expecting this at all. Back in the day, I used to be a Cingular customer and when AT&T bought them out, I jumped ship to Sprint (another bad choice again I made) and after several horrible years with them, I made the switch to T-Mobile. Our relationship has never been the best with T-Mobile and I am so upset and worried to see what the future brings once this deal is done. I can predict higher prices, crappy customer service, no unlimited data (like I currently have for $20) and Android going down hill because of the limitations AT&T has put on their Android phones. Overall, it’s a TOTAL EPIC FAIL!!!!!!!

  • http://Website pop goes the wezzle

    i wonder what will happen to the costumers that just sign another two year contract. they say it might take 12 month to be mergered that minus one year off their contract what about the other year? im just wondering because im very much gonna buy the lg optimus g2x. ha i just hope their plans would be like tmobile because im only paying 86 dollars that include unlimited data & text and 500 minutes.
    the closest thing on att for unlimited is 4gb and that’s already 45 dollars plus unlimited text 20 dollars, and 900 minutes 59.99 that’s pretty expensive

  • http://Website joey

    does anyone else realize that this means the end of wireless freedom? T-mob was the only company to not cooperate with NSA wire tapping, and does nto charge extra fees for high data usage or tethering. Verizon and AT&T will work together to raise mobiel prices. This is bad news. im going to go prepaid.

  • http://Website Juno

    This must be a nightmare..

  • http://Website DaveC

    As an owner of a Nexus One and a Nexus S on a family Even More Plus plan, I’m not a happy camper. If you read the T-Mobile Q&A, they insinuate that contracts entered prior to the merger will be honored. But EMP isn’t a contract. I guess I’ll have to just take a “wait and see” approach for now until we get a better picture on how they are going to manage the frequencies.

  • http://Website Tito!

    I haven’t commented in this site yet, but this is bad news.
    I hope FCC puts a stop to this.

    Deutsche Telekom needs to stop rushing things, being sissys, and actually maintain a buisness.
    they can’t carry a load, sell the name, and leave it here.
    but don’t sell to AT&T.
    Sprint is the best Merger if they want to Merge.
    (They are transitioning to LTE aren’t they?)

    I truly hope, an end is put to this. (FCC?)
    Because the T-Mobile shouldn’t go anywhere in the Americas.
    T-Mobile, FTW! :)

  • http://Website Albert

    I know that att has a terrible track record with android and data speeds but I’m going to hope for the best. As of today they arguably have the 2 best phones in the U.S. Hopefully tmobile’s android team can improve the current att android policies. Att coverage will be greatly appreciated and their 4g lte network is showing signs of promise. The only thing that really worries me is that I will eventually lose my current plan and rates. We’ll see, only time will tell.

  • http://Website Jordan

    the closer it is to a monopoly the better it is for customers right?! oh’s the opposite…

  • http://Website tornato7

    The combined companies should be called AT&T&T

  • Queen Laqueefa


  • http://Website ari-free

    “German-owned T-Mobile – the only major foreign-controlled U.S. telecom network – becomes part of a U.S.-based company and the only major U.S. wireless company with a union workforce”

    ughh not good at all!

  • http://Website revs

    seriouslyy this is a very sad
    no more free tethering no more wifi calling
    unlimited data
    4g speed
    costomer service
    all goneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • http://Website T-mobile-lover

    More laid-off, more small businesses close ………..

    I need the phone that is using sim-card. Now we have no choice.

  • http://Website Da Beast

    Anybody notice this part of the post “However if the merger fails to gain approval then AT&T will pay T-Mobile a $3 billion breakup fee, transfer over some AWS spectrum it doesn’t need for its LTE deployment, and grant them a roaming agreement at a value agreeable to both parties.”? This could be a money grab for Duetche if they think the FCC wont approve the deal because they get paid whether the deal goes through or not.

    Just my $0.02.

    • http://Website T-mobile Customer

      Why would they gamble a 40 billion dollar plus company on a 3 billion dollar bet? Trust me that statement only paints half the picture. What would T-mobile be giving up for that $3B + the value of the other consessions… because they will have to give AT&T something!!

      The only way I see AT&T accepting this one-sided opt-out clause is if DT purposely severely undervalued T-mobile & this $3B+ was for agreeing to sell T-mo at below it’s market value. In that way if it gets approved AT&T gets a great network to cannibalize/strip for parts for cheap but if it doesn’t get approved they are only out $3B.

  • http://Website Jable

    Worst fuc*ing news ever. AT&T is one of the worst companies in America and who cares about iphone? I’m purchasing simcards.

  • http://Website BIGG

    Ok so T-mobile had Google and Att had Apple so WTF is gonna happen to my Android now that AT&T is gonna take over..NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • http://Website TREV


    why wouldnt they want t mobile im sooo outraged im losing sleep over this how sad it that lol
    im looking at my mt4g ab to cry what a nightmare !
    no more not market apps
    no more 4Gspeeds
    no more unlimited data
    no more wifi hot spot !
    no more GOOD PHONES !
    im so lost

  • http://Website mmalakai10

    noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fuc* at&t. tmobile dont need then and there iphone. keep that paper weight over there. i dont want at&t they oonly care about there iphone users. i wish there was a way to get in touch with all the ppl that uses tmobile. i would tell them all 130 million of them if this merger happens then jump ship to another carrier. at&t will lose out on money from the t-mobile company. why would tmobile want to merge with at&t ewwwww. at&t will not honor and grandfather over plans from tmobile. no more nexus brand fffffffffffffffuuuuuuu*****************kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. pulling my hair out this sucks
    getting on my knees praying please dont let this deal a happen

    • http://Website revs

      WE MUST NOT LETS THIS MERGER GO FORTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • http://Website trev186

    Well looks like it is Vzw or Sprint. I hate ATT with a burning passion.

  • http://Website Mikey

    Make no mistake today marks the end of the Original Android era that began in oct 08 with the G1. As more of us bail on tmob in the coming year we will fade into other carriers. Atnt won’t care because they don’t want us android users anyways. This is all about atnt getting their hands on tmobs spectrum for the iphone. Android won the battle to be the lead platform but lost the war.

  • http://Website zedklind

    im about to start development on an android game… how the hell am i going to test it on a locked sideloading phone? WTF. this merger screams death. tmobile says theyll keep your old plans and prices.. but when lte goes in they will make u change your plan and steal all of our money. if we want to progress to lte and better data plans we will be forced to lose our old data plans. at&t is terrible in my area, dropped calls and txt msg lags are 2-3 times a month with each lag taking 3 hours until a flood of txts all at once.. maybe we’ll get lucky and the fcc wont approve because of the anti-trust act and lack of competition. tmo gets 5mil, some 4g towers and a reworked roaming plan. maybe it will go through and if we buy phones now subsudized and when it goes through in a year sprint and verizon will offer up deals to us because of a breach of contract. we’ll see. i just hope tmobile still announces some good phones this week at ctia. this g1 is SOO SLOW.

  • http://Website revs


  • http://Website dude

    This really sucks major _ss. AT&T really sucks.

  • http://Website DB

    Well, now my thoughts of getting a G2X are being muddled, might just keep my original MT3G until this pans out and I decided to go to Sprint next year. Maybe this is what the Mayans were warning us about, Dec 2012 AT&T destroys the world…

  • RonWeez
  • http://Website Maximus

    I suspect Google will announce their own network in the near Future

    Theres No way they will allow Mobile Carriers to bring down Android

    Especially the Fan Boy that is AT&T

    Not to mention Google hasnt bee all that Happy with Carriers customizing their OS

    Which is why Honeycomb Tablets are Pure Android

    That actually would be a Great development for a niche Market of Android Purest

    I welcome it!!!

  • http://Website T-mobile Customer

    Not good news at all. I do not trust AT&T or their brand!

    This deal pretty much sounds like it’s all to the benefit of AT&T, with little or no benefit to T-Mobile customers. Why should we have to join their notoriously congested network, put up with their limiting pricing plans and options and give up the great customer service we have enjoyed only to join the 90 million or so chumps that AT&T anally rapes already?? I for one am done with this if regulators approve the deal.

    Reducing customer choice to just 3 big carrier options sucks.

    • http://Website Tito!

      Amen. You summed this all up! Nicely stated. :)
      “Innovation” sucks right?

      Sadly, that’s the card AT&T is pulling. They’re calling this “innovation”.
      I’ve had it! I don’t need it. Why break what is not broken?
      There’s a reason LTE is called Long Term. /:

      T-Mobile, FTW!
      Please respond DOJ & FCC, with a big fat NO! :)
      Thank you & Goodnight.

  • mac08wrx

    Att ruined Cingular and now t-mobile. WTF this cant be happening.

  • Android Jet

    Is it a good news? Will services and cellphones’ price drop?

  • http://Website Rayyan

    AT&T is like Unicron, and T-Mobile is like Cybertron!

    That makes Verizon Megatron, and Sprint Optimus Prime! (read: Sprint will die and Verizon will turn into Galvatron; Galvizon if you will)

  • Moschops

    Just when I thought I’d seen the best illustration of this merger at Engadget. Trust me, this is the news no T-Mobile customer wants to hear – their entire customer base seems to consist of people who wanted to be with anyone but AT&T, just read the customer comments on T-Mo’s Facebook page and forums, they are (like me) LIVID!!! The last laughs will be with Deutsche Telecom who pulled this off and got a huge pile of cash in the deal and Verizon who will see over half of T-Mobile’s customer base come running to them. At the end of the day Verizon will probably still have more customers than AT&T. In the next 12 months you can watch T-Mo hemorrhage customers, and in 2 years time most of them will be gone elsewhere. Plus there is NO WAY T-Mobile will be kept separate for anything but a token amount of time, AT&T just does not do that – it makes no sense to have a company that is competing with them and we can watch as they slash and burn through T-Mobile employees. As usual this will be another big corporate merger that is wasteful and ultimately bad for everyone except a few big investors, executives and bankers.

  • http://Website Mitchell

    I just hope they don’t get rid of that super sexy chick from the T-Mobile TV ads. She’s hot.

  • http://Website T-Mo employee

    the CUSTOMERS forced this deal, because they were LEAVING T-Mo.
    Now you are complaining.

    But its all yours fault!!!

  • http://Website anal.yst

    good news for europeans, bad news for americans!
    money is shifting back to the european t-mo networks!



    All I want to know is if my nexus s will function as it does today.. Free hotspot and at the off contract price I pay now. Should I run and sign a two year deal now? With the hopes that AT&T has to honor it and I am grandfathered in?

  • http://Website Ahmed ben Mahmut

    This is good for iPhone
    (i have iPhone)

  • http://Website sean mfb

    Doesn’t the money I and 34 million other ppl spend each month mean anything to telco market. We want open source, competition, a choice, unlimited.

    I don’t want to be rape victim. I don’t know what to do. I have to pick the lesser evil. I not sure which carrier that is. Boost?

  • http://Website DaveC

    Decision is made. I’m switching to Sprint as soon as the Nexus S4G is available. Sprint is offering a $150 credit for switching another carrier’s line to them if you get a smart phone. I’m switching five lines and that credit will more than pay for expense of buying new phones. The plan (Everything Data Family 1500) will cost me $30-$40 more than my T-Mo plan but that’s for unlimited everything. I checked another co-workers phone at my desk, and I get a decent 3G signal. This is actually turning out ok!!! :-) Now I just hope Sprint stays in business for awhile.

  • http://Website Louis

    What happened to all the T-mobile ads about AT&T?? I guess they were just blowing steaming huh?? After all that they are still gonna go join them. T-mobile just sold us all to the dark side, bunch of fegs. I hope Verizon and Sprint come up with some good ways to win all the T-mobile customers.

  • McLovin

    I (currently TMO subscriber) was not happy when I heard about this on the news today.

  • Uncemister

    I would go with Cricket or Boost before AT&T, now I’ve gotta sell all my phones…who wants a Mytouch 4G?

  • Drew

    I’m pissed. I’ve been with T-Mobile since they bought Voicestream (aka the beginning). Now, I’m going to be forced to pay more money when I want to buy a new phone (they aren’t going to honor my original plan when buying a new phone, like T-Mobile does for me currently). My 3G speeds will decrease, because I’m not an iPhone user. Hell, even my Android selection will be lackluster as AT&T still only cares about the iPhone.

  • http://Website Shhon75

    If this merger doesn’t go through. I would hope google would purchase t-mobile. It would make sense, t-mobile was the first cartier to go out on a limb for google with android. It would be a prefect world. Customers would get pure android/google experience our mins would probably be very cheap with the use of google voice. I dunno about data rates but knowing google it would be fair. This would be win for google and customers. We wouldn’t have to worry about one large gsm network, who will want to put bloat ware on your phone and raise the prices whenever they want to because the lack of a gsm Competitor.

  • http://Website Derek

    How can AT&T say prices for mobile services have decreased 50%?? Thats a bunch of bullshit. When I first went to AT&T for the iphone, I got an unlimited data plan and 200 text messages for $20/month. Then my 450 minutes were $39.99. Now my unlimited data plan is $30 and doesnt even include text messages. So for what I used to pay $20/month for, I now pay $35/month. Thats almost a 100% increase, not a 50% decrease. I fucking hate mobile carriers, they’re all crooks. When one raises their price, they all do. There’s no free market competition when there’s such limited selection. Like gasoline, when one station raises its price, they all do.

  • http://Website gladitator_posse

    Hey fellow Tmo’s…since our days of third party apps are numbered, if you have a Vibrant, check out Gameloft’s store…all games are on Sale at $2.99 and buy one get one free…get them while you can!
    Guess I don’t need to look forward to the Amazon market anymore either…STUPID AT&T…

  • http://Website kenny

    I hate getting screwd and not feeling nuthin….

  • http://Website Andre

    Not to make light of such dreadful news (I’m on Sprint, thank heaven, but sympathize with T-Mo subscribers), but the Death Star image is priceless!

  • http://Website DB

    Save T-Mobile facebook page:!/SaveTMobile

  • http://Website Jessica

    Tmo has the best customer service I have seen with a communications company. I have had to deal with Sprint, AT&T, T mobile, and Verizon. I don’t want to have to switch to another company but if this happens I’m afraid I have no other choice. AT&T seems to care the least about it’s customers.

  • http://Website God bless Apple

    I think this a another most-ingenious move by beloved APPLE.
    Gotta love Apple!!!

  • http://Website toothpaste

    I never liked AT&T as a service provider or an employer. So I’m not really happy about this merger, I for one as a t-mobile customer hope that the government does not approve this merger.

    I don’t really know what I am going to do for my phone service. :(

  • http://Website perry

    when I heard the news I priced out a similar plan on ATT to what I have now with T-mo. Would cost me over $50 more for the plan and ATT caps the data at 2GB while Tmo was unlimited.

    For most t-mo fans price was always a big reason to stay with magenta. Verizon is by far the most expensive of all the carriers. So it will be a toss up between staying/moving to ATT or going with sprint. Not a good prospect either way. Sprint plans are not as flexible as t-mo’s plans are.

    Oh and by the way CNET today posted results of their testing of 4G service and guess who came in dead last…yup our new overlord ATT. Verizon was first and t-mo was second.

  • http://Website duff

    Wow… Makes me happy I’m with verizon now! I cancelled my contract with ATT and paid the 300 bucks to get out. It was the best thing I’ve ever done. The customer service was the worst thing I’ve ever experienced. (I was trying to activate my phone online, but the woman I was chatting with told me she couldn’t help me and quit the chat.) When I got my phone activated, (Had to drive to an ATT store to get it done), I had constant dropped calls, no 3g except when I drove 45 minutes to the nearest city. I feel bad for the T-Moblers! Just hope they can find a good alternative. It wouldn’t hurt my feelings if ATT went out of business. Switch to VZW or Sprint! And do it nooowwww!

  • http://Website Ben Johnson, GA

    gosh, T-Mofus are such a bunch of crybabies and whiners!
    Get over it. Get a life. Get an iPhone.

    cheers, Ben
    sent from my iPhone 4
    Note: it does NOT reboot

  • http://Website booo

    man i dont know what to do lol i was looking forward for the lg optimus g2x or the htc prymid and not this happen. tmobile say just buy the cellphone u want and live with it. they say its gonna take time before anything will happen with att. but i’ll still be sign on a 2 year contract when and if the merger would happen and i hope it doesnt but only the fcc and ftc can say when they review this and decide the outcome. ohhhh plz i hope not i love tmobile.

  • http://Website elarella

    All you guys are jumping the gun with bailing out of Tmo before the deal is done. I am waiting to see what happens. Those clever Germans have a thing up their sleeve, not to mention that their economy is a lot more stable than ours at the moment. If you look at the total subscribers for T-mobile in Europe, it’s about the same as the amount here in the US, so it seems that they are not too badly. They understand that the competition here is fierce for wireless providers and they seem to understand American business, so they are risk takers which usually ends up good for them in the long run. Besides, with their break up clause, they will win either way. I have a feeling T-Mobile isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

  • http://Website elarella

    All you guys are jumping the gun with bailing out of Tmo before the deal is done. I am waiting to see what happens. Those clever Germans have a thing up their sleeve, not to mention that their economy is a lot more stable than ours at the moment. If you look at the total subscribers for T-mobile in Europe, it’s about the same as the amount here in the US, so it seems that they are not too badly. They understand that the competition here is fierce for wireless providers and they seem to understand American business, so they are risk takers which usually ends up good for them in the long run. Besides, with their break up clause, they will win either way. I have a feeling T-Mobile isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

  • http://Website jf79

    I hope it passes. More bandwidth and better reception for us att people.

  • http://Website brian

    this sucks, att needs more towers because of all the dumbasses that have iphones, att will neglect android and google. hopefully they give current tmo customers an opt out so I can go elsewhere

  • http://Website kimberly

    now even t-morons can enjoy the wonderful iPhone!!!!

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  • http://Website [email protected]

    Is it true what I am reading/hearing, AT&T-Mobile merger? Cuz AT&T not only very expensive,no unlimited & capping data,incompetent customer service reps/tech support, but also not cooperating,if not providing subsidy unlock codes for their locked phones.Even after fulfilling terms&conditions,and paid yours & my bills on time each month. These phones are our property. We want the unlock codes. Specially for competition reason, and for someone who goes overseas often and can’t stand using AT&T Mobility expensive roaming fees,surcharges when outside USA. It is not providing solutions. Very Uncooperative.Lets hope for the best (this merger deal does not go through), And plan for the worst (abandon AT&T GSM,GPRS,EDGE,UMTS/HSDPA technology)! AND go with Verizon, Sprint (CDMA,EV-DO,LTE,non-sim technology) instead. I hate AT&T monopolizing GSM (sim phone) technology in the USA.

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    I hate this

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    Tmobile and At&T are getting married but there will be no reception

  • http://Website Smurphy

    Yer Mom

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    Please sign my petition to stop the AT&T/ T-Mobile merger:

  • http://Website Trip

    Its all good as long as they keep the T-Mobile babe… Carly Foulkes

  • http://Website Lili Cooper

    I am very concerned about the proposed merger of T-Mobile with A T&T. I have been a satisfied customer of T-Mobile for over a decade and though my mobile phone bill is over $300 per month for 4 lines, the service has been very good. A T&T has a reputation for lots of dropped calls and regardless of what the press release indicates, combining the 2nd and 4th largest carriers will certainly reduce competition. It may result in Sprint going under! I don’t belive that the public’s interest is served by this merger and the asserted benefits are greatly overstated. I strongly oppose this merger and will likely switch my family to Verizon if it goes through.Oo

  • http://Website steveo

    Ain’t pleased and definately not happy… but jus goes to show u we pay more today to have less options and higher rates….. I hate that I need my cell phone….I’m happy where I’m at….I rep’d for at&t for years…. and never was happy with them as an employer or service provider…. been with TMobile from day day 1 … and have been happy as hell….

  • http://Website steveo

    N ur only claim to fame is tha goddamn I phone??? Really….fuckin homo’s….gay piece of shit for inbred chicken fokkkers…..pathetic…. at&t ur rates are too high… you f’n service blows as bad as ur mom….. n ur customer service needs relearnin….. and some americanization…… if I wanted to call a third world turd I would…. NOW U CAN ALL GO FUCK YOURSELVES

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    What i don’t realize is actually how you’re no longer really much more smartly-preferred than you might be now. You are so intelligent. You know thus considerably in the case of this subject, made me individually believe it from a lot of numerous angles. Its like women and men don’t seem to be involved until it is one thing to do with Woman gaga! Your individual stuffs outstanding. Always deal with it up!

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    Grandfathered Plan? Not with ATT

    Been a ATT customer for over five decades, last month, I opted to call and request FREE mobile to mobile calling. When I made the request, there was no recorded message on our account.

    Today I receive my bill and notice a charge for $20.00 for mobile to mobile to mobile service. I call the same 800 number about this and I am greeted by a recorded message stating that they need to speak to me about our “Data Plan”. Hearing this, of course I ask what the message is about.

    Keep in mind that we ARE grandfathered into an unlimited data plan I thought that this was odd. I just did not know how ODD it would become.

    I am told “sorry it is too late, the change has already been made”. You have been put into “another” plan which is NOT UNLIMITED because we did not respond to these imaginary letters, texts and emails sent to a bogus email address. According to them this started in May and they claim we are tethering. I request copies of these supposed letters, texts and emails, they cannot produce ANYTHING! So I ask for them to send something showing that we had broken this UNLIMITED plan. Again, they have nothing other than to say its too late? At this point I am scratching my head thinking to myself “UNLIMITED”.

    I tell them that I am protesting this decision and I point to the call made last month, which they have record of and I ask why did you NOT tell me at that time, if this was the case. They have NO ANSWERS, they only want to argue and be rude.

    Amazing, we have absolutely no say!! They just make the decision to change us to some BS plan? We have been grandfathered in the “unlimited” plan, I do not get it, if you PAY for unlimited, how now can they put a limit on it??????

    I am reporting ATT to every alphabet I can, BBB, FTC, etc. I CAN AND WILL CANCEL my account with ATT and move my business to Sprint, at least they are UNLIMITED, what I paid for in the first place.

    This is absurd and a GREAT reason for them not to buy T-Mobile! no wonder the government is intervening! They do not deserve to be that big.

    A Disgusted ATT Customer of 50 years!! Way To Go ATT, you lost my business.

  • Gloria

    if they merge.. i”ll move to sprint, We are the consumers and we should decide who grows based on service and who does not!
    tmobile in my own experience beats att by far. in price-costumer service.

  • mario_1603